Using Electronics in Schools

Holly Gibbs | February 4, 2020

Does using electronics in school really help students in their studies?

I asked some students about how they believe electronics benefit them in school. One Student said, “They can expand ways you teach and learn. They make it more interesting especially for newer generations who are more focused and interested in technology. For example, instead of making a class read a book that they might think is boring, you can use electronics to play games to learn a subject. I have also seen that some schools have virtual reality headsets for students to use. That way of learning makes it more fun and interesting.” Another student stated, “I think electronics are good for schools because if someone is absent from class, the teacher can post what they missed. Then the student won’t be behind or confused when they go back to school.”

Articles on the subject state that technology is evolving quickly. By allowing students to work with electronics in school, they get a better idea of how to work everything and feel more comfortable around it. When students are able to work with technology and pick what topic to learn, and how to learn it, they are more willing to memorize the information as well. Some studies have also found that using technology in the classroom may help improve reading and comprehension skills in some students. So, whether you agree that electronics are helpful in schools or not, technology is evolving and becoming the main focus for the future in more ways than one.


Photo Credits: The Tech Edvocate