Mrs. Gibbs!

Billy Solomon | February 22, 2018

We all know her, sitting in 114, watching over study hall., ut how much do you really know about Mrs. Gibbs?

To start, she didn’t go to college to be a study hall teacher. Mrs. Gibbs has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Rutgers University, and she used that degree to be a math teacher for 16 years at Wallenpaupack High School. Five years ago, she came to Lakeland.

But she’s not only the study hall teacher. When she’s not in 114, she’s spending time at home with her family. Mrs. Gibbs has three daughters, a son, and her wiener dog, Chilly Bean! Neither Chilly Bean or Mrs. Gibbs likes the cold, and she says they both are excited for summer. Her favorite hobby is reading mystery novels with the windows open and a warm breeze blowing through the house.

The bell rang and my interview with Mrs. Gibbs was sadly over, but next time you see her in the hallway, ask her about her favorite mystery novel or maybe how Chilly Bean is doing.


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