Back to School Recipe

9/1/16 - Elisa Piraino

Now that school is back in session, mornings seem to be just a bit more hectic, and fitting in a healthy breakfast seems nearly impossible! A healthy breakfast can play a key role in a student's ability to focus and succeed in school.“Overnight Oats” can help you cure your first period hunger and fit into any mornin=g routine with just little bit of preparation the night before and some ingredients around your kitchen! With this simple overnight recipe you will have no excuse to skip breakfast on a busy school morning!


1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 nonfat Greek-style yogurt(or yogurt of choice)
1/2 cup rolled oats, raw
1 teaspoon honey, brown rice syrup, agave nectar or maple syrup (optional)
1 tablespoon almonds, coarsley chopped
1 tablespoon of your favorite dried or fresh fruit


In a small bowl, stir together the yogurt, oats, cinnamon and honey. Fill a mason jar (or any small airtight container) with the mixture. Top with fruit and nuts of choice. Tighten lid and refrigerate for 1 hour or up to 3days. Serve chilled.

Overnight Oats

National Guard Gym Class

5/23/16 - Isabella Muncie

On April 27th it wasn’t just any ordinary gym class. This activity they had wasn’t your average dodgeball game. During gym class there was a rock wall. The National Guard brought in a 20 ft.high rock wall. Students were allowed to climb the wall with permission slips signed by their parents. The rock wall had different levels of difficulty, there was a extremely hard part, partially difficult, and then an easy level. Climbing a rock wall benefits you by working your core, arms, chest, back, shoulders, and lower body. But the main part you’re working out the most is your arms. To climb the rock wall the national guards strap you in a harness and then you begin to climb at the pace you’re comfortable. As you climb and reach the top, you may hit a button.After reaching the top, you let go and slowly let yourself drop back to the pavement. If you weren’t in a gym class and didn’t have a chance to climb the wall, it will be at the next Powwow (5/24) and you may have a chance to climb it then.

Marley's Mission

5/23/16 - Dana Beecroft

Helping out in the community is a common thing Lakeland students do, especially for Lakeland’s FBLA Club. On Friday, May 6th, Mrs. Pietryka took the FBLA Club to a place called Marley's Mission in Clarks Summit. Marley's Mission is a non-profit organization that provides equine-based therapy free of charge to children, and their families, who have experienced trauma. At Marley’s Mission they use horses within their therapy treatments. They work with the children and horses on ground rather than riding them on back. This helps the children gain trust, develop solutions to their own lives, and this helps them break barriers within their own healing.

For the past few years, with the exception of last, the FBLA Club went to the Marley’s Mission in Clarks Summit and helped them take care of their little farm and horses. This year they helped clean the horse stalls and equipment. To clean the stalls they got to move the horses into other stalls to be able to clean it out for them. They also organized and cleaned all of this equipment used with the horses. When they were done cleaning, they had the opportunity to feed the horses some nice, fresh hay.

It is great to see Lakeland students going out to help those who serve a great part in our community. More clubs should take these types of opportunities to help the community, but for now keep up the great work FBLA!

JV Softball

5/23/16 - McKensie Shiner

Softball is an incredibly competitive sport here at Lakeland Junior/Senior High School. The junior varsity, better known as the “JV” team, has five returning members: Jordyn Flynn, Mia Bomba, Meghan Fawcett, Tiffini Kalt, and Jennifer Bjork. Lauren Cunningham, the former left fielder of the junior varsity team, suffered various knee injuries and had to receive surgery. Because of this, she is unable to play during this season.

The returning members to the junior varsity team witnessed excellent competition last season and is expecting another tough season. During the last season, Mid Valley was the biggest rival of the junior varsity team, being that Mid Valley was the only loss the junior varsity team suffered. “I believe our toughest opponent this year will be Mid Valley once again,” says centerfielder, Jordyn Flynn, “They have many strong defensive players and they have fantastic hitting abilities.”

The junior varsity team is also stepping back out onto the field for the first time after a nine and one season, losing once to Mid Valley. “The expectations for this year are very high, considering we had such a great season last year” says right fielder, Jennifer Bjork. “I expect to have an undefeated season and for everyone on the team to play their best at all times.”

It looks as though the junior varsity team will play a total of eight games this season, facing teams Mid Valley, Old Forge, Carbondale, Forest City, Holy Cross, and Riverside. Third baseman, Mia Bomba states, “I believe that our team will perform extremely well this season. We all get along well with each other and practice as hard as we can. I think we will be good enough to beat any team this season as long as everyone is playing to their full potential.”

Although the junior varsity team lost a few members for this upcoming season, like former pitcher, Haley Clauss-Walton and former second baseman, Kaycie Gavin, the team received new freshmen talents as well. Kassidy Chuff will replace Haley Clauss-Walton, filling the pitcher position. Riley Arthur, the new starting second baseman, Gianna Telesco, the new starting first baseman, Kayleigh Becker, the new starting right fielder, Lindsay Rupp, left fielder, Jessie Cunningham, the new starting shortstop, and Abby Uzialko. The team also received a new sophomore talent as well, Kyrsten Chandler. “All of these new girls will definitely benefit the team because they all bring spirit and determination to the team. The girls always put as much effort in as they can when playing,” says starting left fielder, Tiffini Kalt.

The junior varsity team has already had four games, facing Riverside and Carbondale twice. The girls defeated both teams, and are looking forward to play their next game with determination and passion, and strive to keep winning for the rest of the season.

French Class Teaches Elementary

5/23/16 - Dana Beecroft

The French 4 class took it upon themselves to begin a new tradition with the Scott Elementary School. This year's French 4 consists of Georgia Verrastro, Marina Contorno, Tony Harding, Sean Pittack, Sarah Mihalick, Caela Collins, Christine Anzelmi, Armen Rissmiller, Lindsay Jones, and their teacher, Ms. Castrogiovanni. These students decided they wanted to start something new with the Scott Elementary 2nd graders. When asked why they started this, Georgia Verrastro answered “this is the prime time for kids to learn a new language, so we wanted to show them what other cultures there are in the world.”

The French class visited the kids four times, once on a Monday and three other times on Fridays. There are three 2nd grade classes at the Elementary School that they visited. The French class split up into the three classes each day and taught them lessons. They were taught French greetings, numbers, colors, and days of the week. To go along with their lessons, they also played French learning games. One of the games they played was Fly Swatter, where they had two kids stand at the chalk board with fly swatters and whenever someone would call out a color they would have to swat the French word of it that matched up on the board.

On their last day with the kids, they decided to play a bunch of review games with the kids to see if they remembered what they learned. To congratulate the kids on how well they have done, the students brought in mini chocolate filled croissants to share with the kids, which they enjoyed. The French 4 class enjoyed getting to interact with the younger kids and they hope to see the classes next year keep their new tradition going!

Cheer Tryouts

5/23/16 - Isabella Muncie

Cheer tryouts will be held May 18th, 19th, & 20th. You have the option to try out to be a football cheerleader or a basketball cheerleader or try out to be on both cheer teams. To become a cheerleader, you will be judged based off a few categories; you’ll have to know a dance, cheers, cheer jumps, & be flexible. Throughout those specific days you will be taught the things you need to know in order to try out. Then you will be judged by three professional cheerleaders. There is a certain amount of spots to be replaced on each cheer squad, so girls with the highest score will be chosen first and will make the team. Trying out can be very nerve racking but if you do plan on trying out, try your best and good luck!

Bring Your Kid to Work Day

5/23/16 - Adrianna Vilgos

Thursday, April 28th was the date for this year’s “Bring Your Child to Work Day”. This day is exactly what it sounds like. Being that the Lakeland School District doesn’t require any sort of “top secret” information in a day’s work, anyone who was a parent and was willing had a chance to bring their beloved child/(ren) with them to work to give them a glimpse of what it is that “mommy” or “daddy” does on the regular. Parents such as Mrs. Hauenstein, Mr. Wasilchak, Mrs. Shingler, and even R. Scott Jeffrey brought a child (or two in Mrs. Hauenstein’s case) with them and gave them an opportunity to see the chaos that is “high school”. Students of Lakeland High were mostly friendly to the young ones and tried their best to be respectful that day to set fantastic examples. It's safe to say that “Bring Your Child to Work Day” was a fun and safe experience for everyone.

A few ways to not be stressed during an AP exam

5/23/16 - Isabella Muncie

Any student will be stressed before a big test, but students may experience severe stress when it comes time for that big test. Here are a few tips to staying calm during the test.

First off just BREATHE! Breathing may sound too easy to be used to calm yourself down but taking a deep breath will relax your muscles and encourage them to work normally again, and increased flow of oxygen helps you energize your brain. This technique takes only a moment and you can do it anywhere. Set aside time for yourself. You might feel the need to dedicate every moment to study, but it is still important for you to rest and reconnect with people. But this isn’t giving you the permission to procrastinate; researches said your brain requires time to integrate knowledge. Exercising helps as well. Studies have proven that physical exercise helps you focus on your body rather than worrying. Many students carry stress in their bodies and exercising moves your muscles and increases blood flow, and is a healthy way to reduce stress. Another thing that helps is sleep. Studying before you sleep is the worst possible response to anxiety, not only is it nearly impossible to remember material at 3 AM, but a lack of sleep will blur your mind the next day and into the week. So, make sure you get the amount of rest you need and study at reasonable times. Take control of preparing for your test; stress comes from feeling lack of control over the situation, so create a schedule on how you want to study and prepare for the test. With these few tips I hope you learn to relax and not stress as much , good luck on your exams and remember to always try your best no matter what!

Blood Drive

5/20/16 - Madison Harding

On Wednesday, April 27th 2016, Lakeland High School hosted its biannual blood drive. Organized by Mr. Phelps and sponsored by the National Honor Society, the blood drive was opened to anyone above the age of 16. Many students came out to help The American Red Cross and people in need. Students who signed up were able to go the gym at their time of choice to donate. Afterwards they were encouraged to eat some of the complimentary snacks. Mr. Phelps will be organizing another blood drive in the fall of next school year for anyone interested.

Senior Walk 2016

5/18/16 - Kaela Jennette

As the year winds down, finals and graduation are upon us. This year, the class of 2016 is starting the “Senior Walk.” This walk gives the senior class an opportunity to walk the halls of both Mayfield Elementary on June 1st, and Scott Elementary on May 31st following graduation practice. This idea is meant to not only look back at where your schooling started, but to also inspire the younger students. One day, the class of 2028 will be walking down the hallways of their old elementary school, thinking about all the years spent there. In your senior e-mails you should find permission slips for our Senior Walk. Please fill them out and return them to Mrs. DeQuevedo by May 26th. Forms can be returned in traditional form to the guidance office, faxed to 570-254-7085 or scanned (cell phone pic will suffice ) and emailed to

JV Softball

5/13/16 - Meghan Fawcett

Softball is an incredibly competitive sport here at Lakeland Junior/Senior High School. The junior varsity, better known as the “JV” team, has five returning members: Jordyn Flynn, Mia Bomba, Meghan Fawcett, Tiffini Kalt, and Jennifer Bjork. Lauren Cunningham, the former left fielder of the junior varsity team is unable to play during this season, as she had to undergo surgery for her various knee injuries.

The junior varsity team is stepping back out onto the field for the first time after a nine and one season, losing once to Mid Valley. “The expectations for this year are very high, considering we had such a great season last year,” says right fielder, Jennifer Bjork. “I expect to have an undefeated season and for everyone on the team to play their best at all times.”

During the last season, Mid Valley was the biggest rival of the junior varsity team, “I believe our toughest opponent this year will be Mid Valley once again,” says centerfielder, Jordyn Flynn, “They have many strong defensive players and they have fantastic hitting abilities.”

It looks as though the junior varsity team will play a total of eight games this season, facing teams Mid Valley, Old Forge, Carbondale, Forest City, Holy Cross, and Riverside. Third baseman Mia Bomba states, “I believe that our team will perform extremely well this season. We all get along well with each other and practice as hard as we can. I think we will be good enough to beat any team this season as long as everyone is playing to their full potential.”

Although the junior varsity team lost a few members for this upcoming season, like former pitcher, Haley Clauss-Walton and former second baseman, Kaycie Gavin, the team received new freshmen talents as well. Kassidy Chuff will replace Haley Clauss-Walton, filling the pitcher position. Riley Arthur, the new second baseman position, Gianna Telesco, the new first baseman position, Kayleigh Becker, the new starting right fielder, Lindsay Rupp, the new left fielder, Jessie Cunningham, the new shortstop, and Abby Uzialko. The team also received a new sophomore talent as well, Kyrsten Chandler. “All of these new girls will definitely benefit the team because they all bring spirit and determination to the team. The girls always put as much effort in as they can when playing,” says left fielder, Tiffini Kalt.

The junior varsity team has already had four games, facing Riverside and Carbondale twice. The girls defeated both teams, and are looking forward to play their next game with determination and passion, and strive to keep winning for the rest of the season.

Class Officers

5/13/16 - Kyle Hallisky

As you looked around the halls the last couple of weeks you may have seen ads and signs requesting you to vote for a member of your class. These people were promoting themselves because they were running to be part of your class office. On May 3, the candidates from each grade gave speeches on what they plan to do and what changes they plan to make. Voting then took place on May 4. These new officers will run the class they represent and they also organize and plan class events like meetings and field trips.

The class officers consist of four main positions; the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Class President acts as the chief executive and takes part in determining the objectives of the class. Vice President of a class helps out the class President with different activities. The Secretary keeps records of the activities performed by the class and helps to keep the class organized. The Treasurer maintains all financial records and works with budgeting the classes money. Mrs Sledzinski announced who won the end of the day on May 4th and the results are below.

Class of 2017
President- Katie Retzbach
Vice President- David Hudak
Secretary- Phillip Podhyski
Treasurer- Lucas Snedeker

Class of 2018
President- Meghan Fawcett
Vice President- Rodney LaBorde
Secretary- Nate Uher
Treasurer- Mia Bomba

Class of 2019
President- Adam Retzbach
Vice President- Mason Erdmann
Secretary- Riley Arthur
Treasurer- Kayla Koslowski

Class of 2020
President- Izabella Chmil
Vice President- Jonathan Nowak
Secretary- Michael Nowak
Treasurer- Shayne Witko

White Coat Ceremony

5/4/16 - Kyle Hallisky

The PLTW Biomedical Science courses are relatively new courses here at Lakeland. They were introduced to the upcoming freshmen during the 2013-2014 school year. With the course selection, it was promised students would investigate the roles of biomedical professionals as they study concepts of human medicine, microbiology, and public health. As students stuck through the rigorous courses, they were rewarded a white coat, symbolizing the achievement of hard work and dedication to the class. The white coats were given to the 10 students who are enrolled in the Medical Interventions class. This tradition will continue for years to come and allows students to remain confident as they continue their medical studies throughout college.

The ceremony began with Ms. Mayer, the Lakeland Biomed teacher, introducing the students receiving their white coats. Guest speaker, Mary Retzbach went into the importance of the white coat and why it is an accomplishment to receive one. She informed students about different oaths they will have to take upon entering graduate school. One of these being the world-famous Hippocratic Oath. Students then received their white coats, and recited their own oath which required them to promise to remain completing scholarly work and to remain completing ethical and honest work throughout college and their careers. Students then shared their future ideas on what they plan to major in, some being: pediatric medicine, biotechnology, and cardiology. To end the ceremony, students took pictures in their white coats and enjoyed light refreshments.
The 2016 MI students receiving their white coats

From left to right- Katie Retzbach, Alyssa Meta, Stephen Liuzzo, Kyle Hallisky, Cameron Bullet, and Hannah Amico. Students absent from ceremony- Abby Samuelsen, Madison Harding, Kerri Armstrong, and Sadie Morgan.

Battle-tested Chiefs Beat Bucks

5/4/16 - Joseph Wanat

The undefeated Lakeland varsity track teams visited the Dunmore Bucks on April 27th. On the boys’ side, several athletes were out of their comfort zones and competing in events they would not regularly compete in. Sophomore, Cyril Babcanec switched to sprinting events and won the 100, 200, and 400 meter dashes. Senior, Collin Cooper braved the open 800 for the first time in his career and came out on top against one of the best runners in the District, Dunmore’s Matt Murray. Fellow senior, Garth Estadt, won the long and high jumps as well as the 300 hurdles for the Chiefs. Lakeland won the meet 110 to 40.

The girls’ team faced a well matched opponent in the Dunmore Bucks. Junior, Madison Harding won the 100 and 300 meter hurdles on the track. Where the Lady Chiefs really came through and secured their lead was in the jumping and throwing events, outscoring Dunmore 49 to 5. Senior, Taylor Flynn won the discus and javelin while placing second in the shot put. Junior, Brooke Estadt swept the triple and high jumps while breaking her own school record in the long jump. The Lady Chiefs came out with a nail biting victory, 82 to 68.

Boys Lakeland 110, Dunmore 40 3200 Relay: Lakeland (Morgan, Noldy, Paulino, Setta) 9:39.8. 110 Hurdles: Caleb Morgan (LAK) 15.1, Rinaldi (DUN), Bednash (LAK). 100: Cyril Babcanec (LAK) 11.3, Cooper (LAK), Lorilla (DUN). 1600: Matt Murray (DUN) 4:36.8, Arzie (LAK), Fangio (DUN). 400 Relay: Lakeland (Paulino, J. Pidgeon, Swartztrauber, M. Pidgeon) 46.1. 400: Cyril Babcanec (LAK) 51.4, Setta (LAK), Mesko (DUN). 300 Hurdles: Garth Estadt (LAK) 40.1, C.Morgan (LAK), Lorilla (DUN). 800: Colin Cooper (LAK) 1:58.1, Murray (DUN), Paulino (LAK). 200: Cyril Babcanec (LAK) 23.4, M. Pidgeon (LAK), Swartztrauber (LAK). 3200: Mike Arzie (LAK) 10:33.9, Diehl (LAK), Lopatka (DUN). 1600 Relay: Lakeland (J. Pidgeon, Setta, Paulino, M. Pidgeon) 3:49.2. Shot: Collin Sohns (DUN) 39-7, Luizzo (LAK), Bednash (LAK). Discus:Stephen Luizzo (LAK) 130-7, Frick (DUN), Strong (LAK). Javelin: Gavin Darcy (DUN) 188-9 (school record), Dipple (LAK), Ruddy (DUN). Long: Garth Estadt (LAK) 20-9¼, Cooper (LAK), Heller (LAK). Triple: Nick Maceyko (DUN) 36-0, Heller (LAK), J. Pidgeon (LAK). High: Garth Estadt (LAK) 6-2, Morgan (LAK), Heller (LAK). Pole: Kyle Cruser (DUN) 9-6, Heller (LAK), Morgan (LAK). Records: LAK 6-0, 4-0, DUN 1-5, 0-4.

Girls Lakeland 82, Dunmore 68 3200 Relay: Dunmore (Pavlowski, K. Coar, McCafferty, Fangio) 11:24.0. 100 Hurdles: Madison Harding (L) 15.2, G. Coar (D), Rivera (D). 100: Gillian Coar (D) 12.7 (tied school record), E. Coar (D), Krantz (L). 1600: Nicole Marzzacco (D) 5:58.6, Longstreet (L), Delfino (D). 400 Relay: Lakeland (Krantz, Calachino, Sashko, Longstreet) 53.8. 400: Gillian Coar (D) 59.8 (school record), Estadt (L), Stracham (L). 300 Hurdles: Madison Harding (L) 47.1, Pavlowski (D), Sashko (L). 800: Lexi Fangio (D) 2:41.3, Marzzacoo (D), Paul (L). 200: Emma Coar (D) 27.0, Harding (L), G. Coar (D).3200: Gianna Delfino (D) 14:42.8, Lucas (D), Marzzacco (D). 1600 Relay: Dunmore (Pavlowski, Fangio, K. Coar, E. Coar) 4:21.8. Shot: Mikayla Marino (L) 34-8, Flynn (L), Yadlosky (L). Discus: Taylor Flynn (L) 95-4½, Marino (L), Contorno (L). Javelin: Taylor Flynn (L) 93-0, Harding (L), Czekaj (D). Long: Brooke Estadt (L) 17-2 (school record), Wanat (L), Domzalski (D). Triple: Brooke Estadt (L) 34-4½, E. Coar (D), Wanat (L). High: Brooke Estadt (L) 5-2, Wanat (L), Dippri (L). Pole: Corah Krantz (L) 9-6, Barone (D), Lim (D). Records: LAK 6-0, 4-0, DUN 4-2, 3-1.

Spirit Week Olympics

5/4/16 - Kyle Hallisky

Every year at LHS, we hold our annual Olympic Games to conclude spirit week. In hand with the Olympics, the final dress up day for spirit week is Color Day. This year, students dressed up in their assigned color for their grade and met up in the gymnasium for a friendly battle between grades. Different seas of colors flooded the stands to cheer on their grade. The assigned colors were seventh grade in orange, eighth grade in white, freshman in blue, sophomores in black, juniors in green, and seniors in red.

A lot of pressure is put upon each grade participating in the Olympics. Some of the games that took place were, the awkward orange, beach ball pass, tug of war, knockout, toilet paper roll, and a hula hoop competition. The games started off by junior, David Fazio winning the hula hoop competition for the boys, and eight grader, Kayla Grzech winning it for the girls. The games continued and the freshman began to become confident with their performance. Going into the last day of Spirit week, the Freshman were in the lead with 72 points and the Seniors and Seventh grade trailed behind with 64 and 63 points. After a long hard fight Mrs. Valonis announced that the freshman had won the Olympics! They stormed the court and collected their trophy, signaling the end of another great spirit week.

Final Standing:

6th place- Sophomores

5th place- Eighth grade

4th place- Juniors

2nd place- Seventh grade and Seniors

1st place- Freshman

Paige Parchinski ATHLETE OF THE WEEK

5/4/16 - Alyssa Meta

If you haven’t already heard about her, Paige Parchinski is a sophomore at Lakeland who is starting her second year as a member of the varsity softball team. With a starting position at third base, Paige makes her presence known on the field and at the plate. Her impressive cat-like reflexes at third base and her hot-wheels running around the bases astound her teammates time and time again. She is a clutch hitter and a reliable third baseman with a vacuum-like glove. Maria Knutelski, the Lady Chiefs shortstop, who is privileged to be able to play right next to Paige says, “Knowing that I have Paige playing right next to me makes me feel more relaxed in games because I know she will always have my back. I never have to worry when something is hit to her because I have no doubt that she will make the play and get the out everytime.” That sums up Paige as a Lady Chief, a great teammate and a great player, but her teammates and her coaches are not the only ones who think that her outstanding athletic ability is something to be recognized.

At the age of 15, Paige Parchinski has been named Athlete of the Week by the Times-Tribune. After Paige contributed to the Lady Chiefs’ win over Dunmore with 3 doubles, 3 RBIs, and 2 runs scored, the Times reached out to her. When Paige found out, she was excited and surprised, but more nervous than anything. Her mind was reeling all day long worrying about how she would answer the questions they were going to ask her. She looked up all possible questions she might get asked and practiced answering them to her teammates. One question in particular that she was worried about was, “Three people you’d like to have dinner with,” which, of course, they asked her. Paige answered with, “My softball team, my grandpa Eugene who passed away, and Zac Efron.” As previously mentioned, that just goes to show how dedicated Paige is to her team and how much of a team player she really is.

Last year having been a great year for the Lady Chiefs, making it all the way to the District Championship, Paige has made it her goal this year for the team to make this season as great, if not better, than last year. To ensure that Paige plays her best every game, she has to do the same things before every game. When asked about her rituals, Paige responded with, “Before every game, I have to sit with the same person, I have to listen to the same music, and I have to wear my softball bow.” Paige has expressed on countless occasions how much confidence she has in her team at the plate and in the field. When Paige gets on base, she “knows that Maria Knutelski and Georgia Verrastro, who are behind her, will most likely hit her in.” To finish her interview and to foreshadow on the rest of the season, Paige said “I feel that we’re going to go really far. I hope that we go back to districts and win it this time, and for myself, I hope I just keep up my confidence and just keep doing what I’m doing. My personal goal was to just hit the ball better because I struggled last year so I’ve been working really hard to make that adjustment.”

To say that Paige deserves this title of “Athlete of the Week” would be an understatement. She is constantly working hard to make her and her team better. To read the wonderful interview Paige gave, click here. Don’t forget to congratulate Paige on her outstanding achievement and make sure to go out and support the Lady Chiefs softball team!!

DUI Assembly

5/4/16 - McKensie Shiner

Two days before prom, and a few days after the recent tragedy of losing 2015 class member Shane Rivenburgh, in a car crash, Lakeland’s SADD Club put together an assembly on April 21st to inform students about the dangers of driving under the influence in lieu of the annual mock car crash. The guest speaker was Lakeland alum, Dave Humphreys, now a current Assistant District Attorney for Lackawanna County. Attorney Humphreys works specifically with juveniles in the criminal justice field and has years of experience prosecuting youth involved in these types of crimes.

Throughout his two hour message, Attorney Humphreys used a PowerPoint presentation to review with sophomores, juniors, and seniors in attendance the law, local statistics about accidents involving alcohol and narcotics, and pictures of scenes related to driving under the influence. A short video made by the DA’s office titled “The Cost Of Two Beers” was also shown to students to paint a more clear picture of the severe consequences of consuming alcohol and/or controlled substances and getting behind the wheel.

The assembly was timely and very relevant to students this year. No incidents involving drinking and driving, with Lakeland students, were reported following the prom this past weekend. At prom, which was held at the Radisson, the Scott Township and Dickson City Police Departments allowed the SADD Club to borrow their breathalyzers to promote safe and sober fun. Students voluntarily waited in line to show their sobriety by blowing a 0.00; and therefore, having a chance to win some of the prizes donated by SADD and the junior class. These prizes included $15 gift cards to popular local restaurants and coffee shops, as well as the grand prize of Kalahari tickets. Of the 208 students in attendance at prom, 169 were Lakeland students. Of the 169, 70% volunteered to participate and 100% passed. Students have Mr. Humphreys to thank for advising them of the realities of driving under the influence and showing them that a safe prom can also be a good prom.

Special thanks to Mrs. Valonis for contributing to this article!

Choose-a-Fruit Fools

4/28/16 - Elisa Piraino

Our school year is quickly coming to an end and summer is soon approaching. There is no better way to get into the summer mood than with some tasty refreshing treats! This sweet simple snack is great for summer because not only is it quick to prepare but it can simple be altered to what is in your refrigerator! Today’s recipe is called “Choose-a-Fruit Fools”. No one knows how fools got their playful name. Maybe it's because, with just 4 ingredients, you'd be foolish not to make one!


Choose-a-Fruit Fools

  • 1 1/2 cups fruit (raspberries; blackberries; blueberries; thinly sliced strawberries; finely chopped apricots; or finely chopped, peeled peach, mango, or kiwi fruit)
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • Additional fruit (optional)
  • Cookies (optional)


  • For fruit: In a large mixing bowl, combine the fruit and 1 to 2 tablespoons sugar. Let mixture stand for 10 minutes. Place 1 cup of the fruit mixture in a food processor or blender. Cover and process or blend until pureed. Stir pureed fruit back into fruit in bowl. Cover and chill about 2 hours or until cold.
  • For whipped cream: In a chilled medium mixing bowl, combine whipping cream, 2 tablespoons sugar and the vanilla. Beat with an electric mixer using chilled beaters on medium speed until almost-stiff peaks form.
  • With a rubber spatula gently fold the pureed fruit into the whipped cream mixture, leaving visible swirls. To serve, divide the swirled fool among four to six small dessert glasses or dishes. Serve immediately or cover and chill up to 2 hours before serving.

SH: Zach Setzer

4/28/16 - Dana Beecroft

There is a new outlook on all of the students at Lakeland this year because of TRIBE. Students have been showing all aspects of TRIBE, especially by getting “involved” in a lot of new activities. Zach Setzer, a junior at Lakeland, not only follows TRIBE here at Lakeland, but also at CTC.

Zach Setzer attends the Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County (CTC), every weekday for the second half of the school day, where he studies plumbing. Zach was awarded for having the highest grade in his class by being put in the newspaper. The Times Tribune stated that Zach’s plumbing instructor, John Dishong, acknowledged Zach for being an “outstanding plumbing student with his exceptional work ethic and being a positive role model.”

Zach plans to keep studying plumbing at CTC for the rest of highschool, then hopes to further his studies at certain colleges afterwards. For more information on Zach’s newspaper article check it out on the website right here.

Senior Solids #7

4/28/16 - Ami Yanochik and Kaela Jennette

With graduation being only four and a half weeks away, and graduation projects having to be presented in order to graduate, it is important to schedule a day to present with Mrs.DeQuevedo. Any student who has not yet presented their graduation project, and has not spoken with Mrs. DeQuevedo about it MUST present on the day before graduation: Thursday, June 2nd. If you do not present on the second, you will not receive a diploma. The year is slowly winding down, but quickly coming to a close. Be sure to check your senior emails for more updates on the end of the year, and good luck on the rest of your journey after Lakeland High!

Salvation Army Clothing Drive

4/28/16 - Ami Yanochik

For their senior project, Kaela Jennette, Lizz Albanesi, Karleigh Lukasik, and Kaelyn Slangan held a Salvation Army clothing drive. They put boxes in the commons area for students and staff to donate clothing. The project ran from April 6th-12th.

The Salvation Army is part of the Christian Church. Its object is “the advancement of the Christian religion… of education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objects beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole.” ( Their mission is based on the bible and was established to help anyone in need. Kaela Jennette said that “We just kept it in the community but regardless, we were happy to give back.”

Mock Trial: Lakeland vs. Holy Cross

4/28/16 - Isabella Demyan

On February 24th, trial was in session. Lakeland Mock Trial went against Holy Cross for the district semi-final. At this level in the competition, both teams showed great knowledge of the case materials and the rules of evidence. Much of the trial depended on the performance of both teams, and ultimately, which one performed better.

In this round, Lakeland was once again the Plaintiff, Lilienthal Insurance Company, and Holy Cross was the Defendant, the Natural Habitat Preserve. It was a compelling trial, with many objections with unexpected rulings on both sides. Both Holy Cross and Lakeland knew the rules of evidence, which was made clear to the jury throughout the trial.

Isabella Demyan, Dylan Smith, and Annie Yurgosky represented Lilienthal Insurance Company. Testifying on its behalf was Taylor O’Leary as Charlie Yeager, Elisa Piraino as Finley Lindbergh, and Anthony Whitelavich as Val Coleman. Charlie Yeager was Lilienthal’s insurance investigator, in charge of reviewing claims and determining whether that risk is a risk that Lilienthal is willing to take. As the insurance investigator, Charlie Yeager testified that Stacey Earhart’s actions were not covered by the insurance. Finley Lindbergh serves as an eyewitness, as she was one of the two witnesses who saw what happened on the day in question. Finley Lindbergh testified that Stacey Earhart intentionally flew her drone too close to Steven Yeager, the injured victim in this case. Val Coleman was the expert witness, qualified in materials engineering and aviation crash investigation. He testified, in his expert opinion, that Stacey materially modified her drone, meaning she added things to it that changed the way it flew.

The Defense also called three witnesses played by Holy Cross students: Stacey Earhart, Preserve property manager and the person flying the drone, Quincy Wright, chairman of the board at the Natural Habitat Preserve, and Emory Wagstaff, expert witness. These three witnesses testified that Stacey Earhart did not intentionally fly the drone that close to Steven Yeager, and that she did not make material modifications to the drone. The jury was not convinced. They ruled in favor of the Plaintiff, Lilienthal Insurance Company; Lakeland Mock Trial was going to finals.

Minute to Win It

4/28/16 - Dana Beecroft

Spirit week, the most intense week of the school year, does not merely consist of dressing up and competing in the Olympic games. Spirit week was the second week of April, the 4th - 8th. On that Tuesday, the 5th, there was an assembly at the end of the day with an opportunity to gain some spirit week points through a few games. These games were some of the ones showed on the TV show Minute To Win It.

All of the students were called into the auditorium Tuesday afternoon. Once there, they had a screen set up for all of the students to watch the How-To videos on the games that would be played. Then, a few teachers were to go around and pick one student from each grade to participate.

A few of the games that are played each year are cookie face, junk in the trunk, caddy stack, and nose dive. There were many more games played but these are Lakeland's traditional games. The most competitive games were between the seniors, juniors, and sophomores. Then the freshmen, 8th grade, and 7th grade competed against each other. Whichever grade won the competition received points that got totalled in with the rest of the spirit week points earned that week by dressing up.

Bracelets to Benefit Shane Rivenburg Baseball Fund

4/27/16 - Maria Good

This past week the Lakeland community suffered the loss of a former student and star baseball player, Shane Rivenburgh in a car accident. The driver was later arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. Shane was only 18 years old, fresh out of high school, and currently attending Lackawanna College where he played on the baseball team. Anybody who knew Shane will tell you that he had a contagious smile, a great sense of humor, was a great friend, and loved the game of baseball. As stated in his obituary, “Shane did not wish for flowers, but instead a fund set up where money would be donated.” After hearing of the creation of the Shane Rivenburgh Baseball Fund with prom right around the corner, Lakeland’s SADD club decided it would be a great idea to sell $1 orange bracelets with the saying “I PLDG 2 NT TXT N DRV TeensAgainstDistractedDriving,” reminding students not to be distracted at the wheel. All proceeds will be donated to the Shane Rivenburgh Baseball Fund. Bracelets will be sold during the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior lunches Wednesday through Friday.

Spring Blood Drive

4/26/16 - Madison Harding

Spring has sprung and Mr. Phelps has organized another blood drive for the American Red Cross. The blood drive will be held on Wednesday, April 27 from 8AM to 1PM. Students ages 16 and older are able to sign up; although, students who are 16 will need parental consent. If you would like to sign up, you can schedule your time through Mr. Phelps.

Before signing up you will need to consider the requirements such as height and weight. This year there will be a double red cell machine at the drive which has higher weight requirements than usual. This machine does not take as much blood from the body so people often feel better afterwards. If you are questioning whether or not you are eligible to donate, requirements and restrictions can be found on the Red Cross’ website.

Prom 2016

4/27/16 - Maria Knutelski

On Saturday, April 23rd Lakeland students attended Prom at the Radisson in Scranton. This was a night that many people had been looking forward to. The junior class was responsible for organizing the dance and chose this year's theme to be “Hollywood.” Glass water bottles filled with red and black tissue paper lined the tables along with name cards that had a big gold star in the middle. The centerpiece which was a Hollywood director's clip completed the table.

To start the night, students had the opportunity to blow into the breathalyzers that were provided. Students who participated in this would be put in a drawing to win a gift card to various restaurants and places throughout the community. Oaktree Photography was there to snap pictures before students entered the ballroom. The first hour was filled with taking pictures with friends and capturing moments that students will remember forever. Around 7:00p.m, everyone took their seat and tables were called to go to the buffet to receive their dinner. Some of the food offered included: mixed greens salad, mixed vegetables, roasted potatoes, pasta, lemon chicken, and roast beef. Cheesecake was offered for dessert and the best part of the night was the chocolate fountain.

After dinner was finished, students got right to dancing. The DJ played music that many students enjoyed. Some of the popular songs played were Livin’ on a Prayer, Get Low, Sweet Caroline, and many more traditional dance songs. Students danced until 9:15 and then the winners were picked for the gift cards and the prom courts were announced. The junior princes were Kyle Hallisky, Jordan Art, John Wanas, and Taylor Hoinsky. Lucas Snedeker was crowned junior prom king. The junior princesses were Abby Samuelsen, Elizabeth Golosky, Isabella Demyan, and Connie Taylor. Kiana Anuszewski was crowned junior prom queen. The senior princes were Adam Urda, Lane Kochmer, Joe Pidgeon, and Collin Cooper. Senior prom king was Conner Albino. Senior princesses included Abby Aniska, Sara Roscioli, Mary Rzucidlo, and Kaela Jennette. The senior prom queen was Lindsay Jones.

Prom was certainly a night that many people will remember forever. It was a big success and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of all the chaperones, students of the prom committees, and Mrs. Marino, the junior class advisor.

Mrs. Davis' Cool Globes

4/26/16 - Nicholas Cicio

Throughout the month of April, Mrs. Davis has been incorporating global warming and environmental issues into her 8th grade English classes. Her students were assigned a research project that highlighted the problems and solutions of global warming. A large portion of the project consisted of creating a globe made entirely from recycled material and foam. Students were encouraged to be as creative as possible and used the website to find some inspiration. Some of the globes featured household objects, artificial plants, and stickers. The globes will be shown off at the Lakeland Earth Day Fair on April 22nd. Lakeland students are encouraged to attend and check out the bedazzled globes!
The cool globes

PLTW at Lakeland

4/20/16 - Elisa Piraino

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is a non-profit organization that develops STEM curriculum for elementary, middle, and high schools across the country. Through the pathways of engineering and biomedical sciences, PLTW is designed to shape the future leaders of our country by providing a hands on learning experience different than any other.

Here at Lakeland we are lucky enough to offer both the engineering and biomedical sections of PLTW. Currently we offer three of the biomedical courses taught by Mrs. Graham and Miss Mayer and five of the engineering courses taught by Mr. Freeman and Mr. Phelps.

These courses are a favorite of many students because they get the unique experience of working hands on in the fields they wish to one day pursue as a career path further down the road by building and coding machines or diagnosing and researching human diseases. Biomedical and engineering student Jordyn Flynn says “I absolutely love PLTW, it really has helped me in deciding what field I would like to study in college.” Meghan Fawcett, another biomedical student, says “ I would definitely recommend the course to new students, it is really fun and Mrs. Graham and Miss Mayer do a great job teaching the courses.” The courses have received an overall positive reaction from both students and teachers at Lakeland as well as those who have graduated and carried their knowledge with them to further their education at various Universities. PLTW is a great way for students to sample some of today’s most popular career fields and give them a good idea of whether or not they would be interested in those career fields.

Language Fair

4/20/16 - Ami Yanochik

On April 8th, Lakland Students celebrated cultures from around the world by presenting the annual language fair in the commons. The Spanish, French, and Home Economics classes participated. The commons area was filled with different topics of countries, activities, and food.

The topics the Spanish classes did were different countries and regions, such as: Spain, Mexico, Central America, South America, and The Caribbean. They discussed the food, flavors, origins, and characteristics of the different foods, and some students made food pertaining to their topic, too. They also discussed popular artists. The students had a biography, time period, sample of their artist’s work, style of artwork and a picture of the artist. The students also talked about the writers of their country and gave information on them. Not to mention, some of them had to pick a country/region and create a travel brochure on their poster board, which included many tourist attractions. Another topic on their poster boards were important people and groups in history that impacted their specific country. Lastly, the students had to talk about the holidays celebrated in their country. In Mrs, Owen’s class, they are discussing Italy, China, and Mexico. For the Language Fair, these students also created a poster board. They talked about the different types of food, what they eat, and their main dishes. Also, they gave 25 fun facts about each country and the different celebrations of each country. In French class, they made boards and their topics were Mardi Gras and Louisiana. For their food, they made crepes.

The language fair was a huge success and anyone who attended it left with their stomachs full of food and their minds full of knowledge.

Preview to Prom

4/19/16 - McKensie Shiner

With warmer weather approaching, a long-time Lakeland tradition does as well: Prom. This year’s Prom is set to be on April 23rd. For some, preparation has begun since the date was set. But as a high school junior or senior, procrastination is undeniable, especially this close to the end of the school year. Fear not, upperclassmen! Here’s a list of tips to ensure you are ready for prom.

1.) The Dress

So, you want to look radiant at Prom. How do you do that? A dress, of course! There are many shops in and around the Scranton area that take your name and school once your purchase a dress to make sure no one wears the same one as you! Awesome, right? Another option is to go to a consignment shop. Consignment shops have high end dresses at a fraction of the store-bought price. Neither of those options excite you? Well, head on over to instagram and check it out - One of your friends has a gorgeous dress for you to borrow! Borrowing dresses from a relative or friend is a cost-efficient way to conquer prom. No worries ladies, whether you choose to buy or borrow I promise you will still look amazing!

2.) The Date

At Lakeland’s prom, it is not necessary to bring a date. However, there is a trend called a “promposal” where you ask someone to prom in a super cute, over-the-top way. Whether you buy them donuts with “Prom?” on the frosting, or order a pizza with “Prom?” spelled out in pepperoni, your date is sure to say yes! Another way to find a date is to ask your friends! A large group of friends is a popular prom couple. After all, there is nothing better than getting dressed up and spending the night with someone you care about.

3.) The Look

A big part of prom is your overall look. While I already touched on what to wear, you are probably wondering, “what about my hair and makeup?” Salons all over specialize in makeup. Call ahead and make an appointment to assure you get a pretty, professional makeover. Another way to make sure you are the “belle of the ball” is to do it yourself! All over YouTube, you can find super easy prom makeup tutorials by beauty gurus themselves. After all, you know yourself the best. Don’t forget to practice your makeup and hair beforehand, that way you know how much time to give yourself on the day of! If you are really lost, get together with friends beforehand and have them help you! In every friend group there is always at least one great makeup artist.

4.) The Night

When all of the pre-prom stuff is over it creeps up on you: Prom Night. Start by waking up in the morning, and if you are like me, go for breakfast with your friends! There is no better way to start the day than grabbing some food with your friends. Next, make sure you have everything you are going to need for the day. Do you have your foundation? Bobby pins? A change of clothes for after? Makeup removing wipes? Double check that you have everything you will need to get ready. Then triple check. You do not want to show up with prom without your trusty mascara! Find out what time prom is, and plan your day around that. You will want time to pick up your friends, complete your hair and makeup, have a few minutes to get your dress, heels, accessories, and jewelry on, and have at least a half hour for pictures. The last part of the day is to have fun at Prom! For seniors, this is your last high school dance! Enjoy it!

Business is Booming

4/19/16 - Aleah Snedeker

The FBLA team at states

With the outstanding success of participants for the FBLA State Conference, Lakeland brought their largest amount of students to States ever. Fourteen future business leaders competed against thousands of students on April 10th through April 13th. These competitors include Cameron Bullet, Isabella Demyan, Maria Merrigan, Anthony Whitelavich, Michael Goerlitz, Molly Fawcett, Brooke Estadt, Silas Stearns, Aleah Snedeker, Danae Bertholf, Dylan Smith, Joe Wanat, Lindsay Jones, and Matt Pidgeon. Each competitor will either present or test in their specialized event category, which was chosen at the beginning of the school year. These events include topics varying from Agribusiness to Website Design to Public Speaking. The students traveled to Hershey, Pennsylvania for three days to not only compete, but participate in various workshops offered on a wide range of business and personal improvement topics.

The video group The applciation group The leader group
As a result of their hard work and determination, a total of five students placed at the State Conference. Danae Bertholf, Molly Fawcett, Cameron Bullet, Joe Wanat, and Anthony Whitelavich did an exceptional job of representing Lakeland School District by being recognized at a state level for their performance in their respective events. Together, Danae Bertholf and Molly Fawcett produced a quirky video about FBLA for their event, Digital Video Production, and were awarded seventh in the state. Cameron Bullet won 9th in the state for her event of Future Business Leader. Joe Wanat and Anthony Whitelavich worked together for their event, Mobile Application Development, and won fourth in the state. Wanat and Whitelavich qualified to compete at the FBLA National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. In their event, they were required to create an app and presentation about what they created. The two friends started preparing for this competition months ago, “Back when we started working on our presentation at Dunkin Donuts, I never would have guessed we would make it this far” says Joe Wanat. They chose FBLA fashion, creating an application which allows users to post a picture of an outfit to get input and make sure it corresponds with the FBLA dress code. Whitelavich says, “I honestly didn’t think we would do as well as we did. However, when we arrived and began our presentation I knew we would be in the top five.” Their hard work paid off with well deserved recognition on a local, district, state, and now to a national level. Good Luck at Nationals!
The FBLA team at states

Preview to Baseball

4/19/16 - McKensie Shiner

After losing two key players to graduation, the Chief’s baseball team’s theme this season is reconstruction. With rivalries like Holy Cross, Carbondale, and Mid Valley the boys will encounter a problem with lack of pitchers. “Our pitching will have to limit the opposition to a couple runs a game to ease some of the pressure on our offense,” said junior Brad Richards. He also states, “This season we are trying to be balanced as we usually are, by being able to score runs consistently. We need to look at other areas of the game to score runs. We will need to run the bases well, bunt, and put the ball in play more often. We will also need to play well defensively.” Literally on the bright side, though, the boys got an early start to practicing this year due to the prominent spring weather. This season, the majority of players are sophomores and freshman, under the lead of few juniors and seniors leaving the upperclassmen with the responsibility to lead the team on and off the field even more than usual. Since the team consists of many “team players” who have been playing together since their childhood and acquired much skill in the game, the boys are ready to renew their district championship title.

Kayla A and Tony H Named MVP in All Star Game

4/26/16 - Maria Good

For seniors, Kayla Agentowicz and Tony Harding, basketball has always been a sport that has come naturally to them. Both four year starters and 1,000 point holders, it is easy to say that both players have had an unbelievable high school career. Based on their incredible performance throughout the 2015-2016 season and their ability to lead their teams to victories, both players were picked to play in the 2016 All-Star game held at Valley View High School this past month. Not only did they play in the all-star game, but both Kayla and Tony were named MVP of the game. Both looking forward to continuing their basketball careers at their desired colleges, what better way to end their reign as a Chief. Tony and Kayla act as a role models to many younger players in the school, and even throughout the region. Both Kayla and Tony took the time to share with me some of their favorite moments from the all-star game, their struggles as a player, and what they will miss most about playing for the Chiefs.

For years Tony and Kayla have been playing against some of the toughest players in the league from all different school districts. Both Tony and Kayla have similar insights about competing and playing with the top local players from each school district. “Playing with kids from different teams was definitely a blast” revealed Tony. After playing with the same kids for over 4 years, jumping into game with players unaware of their strengths and weaknesses is a tough adjustment. However after speaking with Kayla and Tony they explained that playing with different players was not a struggle. “We had an easy click on the floor” said Kayla. For both players getting to play with, and against the best players in the league was the perfect way to end their high school basketball careers. Not only were they given the opportunity to play in the all-star game, but both Tony and Kayla were awarded MVP of the game. “I was surprised, numerous of the kids on the team were deserving of the award” revealed Tony. However, after speaking with both players each expressed that not only was it an opportunity to play in the all-star game, but being awarded MVP was the icing on the cake. It was the best way to end their high school basketball careers. Many of the younger players look up to Tony and Kayla and consider them role models, hoping to one day be as great of a player as they are. Although they are each thousand point holders and are arguably two of the best players in the league, like any athlete they both still struggle with parts of their game. Tony explained that he still struggles with the defensive side of the game, while Kayla admits that her three-point shot is still not perfect to this day. When faced with the question of what they will miss the most about playing for the Chiefs, both players responded that they will miss all the little things like the lifelong friendships, the hard practices, and even the enjoyable team breakfast outings. “It was one of the best times of my life,” says Tony. Although their days of playing at LHS are over and both are looking forward to furthering their basketball careers at their desired colleges, they will never forget the games they played, the friendships they made, and most importantly the memories they made playing the sport they love here at LHS.

Junior Parent Info Night 4/7

4/14/16 - Maria Knutelski

Attention all juniors and their parents! We are now just one short quarter away from being seniors and it is important that you start your college search. On Thursday April 7th, there was a Junior Parent Night meeting in the library led by Mrs. Valonis and Mrs. DeQuevedo. It was an important night for parents and students because reality is starting to set in that we will be seniors in just 2 months.Mrs. Valonis was very happy with the turnout, about 50+ people attended! A few of the important subjects that Mrs. Valonis discussed are listed below in case you did not get a chance to attend.

Some important things that you should start doing/thinking about junior year range from college visits to standardized tests and everything in between. Attending open houses is a great way to experience the college life on the campus and get a feel for things you like or don't like about it. During this upcoming summer would be a great time to explore different colleges and help you to narrow down your choices. If you are attending an open house or taking a college visit during the school day, you can get an educational request field trip form in the office. It will be considered an excused absence.

One of the most important things that you should be doing at this point in junior year is taking the SAT test. There are 2 more test days for the end of the 2016 school year. On May 7th, our school will be administering the test. The deadline to sign up is Friday April 8th. The last option for this year is on June 4th. Test locations include Scranton High School, Valley View, and Abington. The deadline to sign up is May 11th. When in doubt about not knowing/not being able to attend the test at a certain school, always remember Scranton High School has every test on every day. If you are not happy with your scores or did not decide to take the SAT this year, you still have some options. As a senior you can take the SAT that is offered in October. Mrs. Valonis recommends that this is the last date that you should take your SAT. If needed, you can take the November test. The ABSOLUTE LAST time to take it would be in December 2016.

Another test you can take is the ACT. There is one more date offered for this year which is June 11th. The registration deadline is on May 6th and it is held at Scranton High School. If you would like to take the ACT as a senior, there are 3 more dates. The September test would be Mrs. Valonis’s recommended last time to take the test. There is also a test in October and December. December would be the ABSOLUTE LAST time to take it. If you are looking to highlight a strength or if the school you are looking at requires it, you should take the SAT subject test in the fall of Senior year.

On May 1st you can start talking to teachers, counselors, or coaches about writing your letter of recommendation. By the end of junior year you should have about 2-3 people who you are interested in having write it. You have to put in a request through Naviance to ask the teacher of your choice. If it is not someone that is a teacher, make sure to see Mrs. Valonis to tell her who it is. Another important thing to remember is to talk to the teachers face-to-face and let them know that you would like them to write your letter. In the fall of the 2016-2017 school year the financial aid process will begin. A major change is that FAFSA is moving from January of senior year to October of senior year.

During the summer if you need to talk with Mrs. Valonis, she will be in school on the following days: June 6,7,8,14, July 12 and 26, and August 3,4,5,16,17. Senior year will be here before you know it and then we will be graduated and moving on in our lives. Don't waste time and start to get a jump start on the college process now!

Tribe Madness

4/13/16 - Kyle Hallisky

This year's NCAA yearly March Madness tournament is in full effect and students have been keeping up on the daily games. The Tribe team thought it would be awesome to incorporate March Madness into the fourth Pow Wow, so the theme for the Pow Wow was “Tribe Madness” and took place on March 11th. The Pow Wow offered sports games and foods to eat.

The idea of a basketball tournament was an obvious decision since the theme is based off basketball, so a 3 on 3 basketball tournament was available for students to participate in. Overall, 33 teams signed up and teams included students from the senior and junior high. Even a couple of teachers decided to join and play for fun. The end of the tournament left the Maddogs (Mr. Serniak, Mr. Bennett, and CJ Dippre) against JTB (John Wanas, Tony Harding and Billy Lavelle). Through a hard fought game, JTB won the tournament. For the students that weren't participating in the basketball tournament, other games were available like mini golf, hockey, and ping pong. Ms. Vitz, aka DJ Vitz, played some awesome tunes for the students to enjoy and dance too. Along with all this entertainment, Xbox and Playstation were set up and students played games like NBA and Madden. TRIBE also decided to change the lunch to a schoolwide favorite; Chicken Caesar Salad! Many other snacks were available like nachos and gatorade.

Mock Trial: Lakeland vs. Carbondale

4/6/16 - Isabella Demyan

On February 2, 2016, the mock trial teams of Region 10: District 1 participated in their first round of the district competition. At 6:00 PM, in courtroom number four of the County Courthouse, trial was in session. Lakeland mock trial went against Carbondale in the case of Lilienthal Insurance, Inc. vs. Natural Habitat Preserve.

In the first trial of the season, Lakeland was the Plaintiff, Lilienthal Insurance Company against the Natural Habitat Preserve. In a case about a drone, both sides fought over the responsibility of the insurance company to indemnify the Preserve for Stacey Earhart’s actions on September 27th. Stacey flew the drone too close to Steven Yeager, causing his horse to rear in fight and throw him to the ground. The Natural Habitat Preserve settled with the Yeager family for $2.5 million in a previous trial. During this trial, the jury had to decide whether or not Lilienthal should indemnify the Preserve. As the Plaintiff, Lilienthal must prove one of two things in order to get a verdict that they are not obligated to indemnify the Natural Habitat Preserve: that Stacey Earhart intended to fly the drone close enough to Steven to cause him fear of contact with the drone, or that she modified the drone in a way that materially affected the drone’s airworthiness. In the trial of Lakeland vs. Carbondale, the jury found in favor of Lilienthal Insurance Company.

The trial was the first of many for the Lakeland Mock Trial team. Each team was well prepared. Representing Lilienthal Insurance was Dylan Smith, Anthony Whitelavich, and Isabella Demyan. The witnesses were played by Taylor OLeary, Elisa Piraino, and Nick Catanzaro. At the end of the trial, each team was awarded a best witness and best advocate award by the opposing team. Carbondale awarded Dylan Smith with the best advocate award, and Elisa Piraino with the best witness award.

Tech Week Tests Drama Club Members

4/7/16 - Adrianna Vilgos

Lakeland’s Curtain Club put on four fabulous performances of the well known musical “Annie”. Being that the audience is only exposed to what is brought to the stage, unless you were involved in a musical production before, there's hardly any way of understanding the difficulty of dealing with set exchanges, light cues, curtain pulls, microphone malfunctions, costume changes and more. However, with the help of a cooperative cast and backstage crew, things typically work out in the end.

Tech Week takes place the week before a show’s opening night. Tech week requires a lot of dedication to the art of putting on a show. You have to run the show with all of your lines and stage directions memorized by heart, do your makeup dramatically to avoid stage lights washing your face out, and pretend it's all the real deal for the first time with lights, the pit and mics. Tech week is directly after school until around 10 o'clock at night, which causes students to be at school for almost 14 hours. And let me tell you, it takes a special type of energy to work on stage after a long school day for a week straight! They start the practice by getting ready as soon as school is over. This involves a lot of hairspray, eyeliner, and blush (and yes, the guys wear makeup also). Then, the cast and crew eat a dinner made by fellow drama clubber’s volunteered parents. Once dinner is done, they know it's time to get in the swing of things so they quickly clean up their dinner and return to the auditorium to do mic checks. After mic checks are over with, the incredible crew sets up for the scene with caution and when they finish, it's go time. The cast continuously runs the show and at the end, their hard working director, Catherine Carter, gives notes on things certain people can do better. She also compliments the cast when they do a sufficient job. When 10 o'clock or a little past has arrived, the cast and crew clean up and pack up to go to do it all again the next day. By the fifth night, between keeping up with school and staying awake to act, those involved usually are running on only their adrenaline. All of the long days are worth it for the great experience of being on stage for four shows. It is surely exhausting, very rewarding, but over before you know it. The Lakeland Curtain Club gives it their all and loves what they do.

Positive Youth Tour

4/6/16 - Madison Harding

A local country music rising star, Dani-elle Kleha, has been on a mission to send positive vibes to the teens of her surrounding community. As a Mayfield native, and Lakeland student until 6th grade, she came to our High School as part of her Positive Youth Tour, a musical tour intended to warn kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol while preaching a happy, healthy lifestyle. The Positive Youth Tour sponsored by the Lackawanna and Susquehanna county alcohol and drug boards. The presentation begins with Dani-elle talking about her life, the good choices she has made, anecdotes about dealing with bullies and peer pressure, and the negative impact of drugs and alcohol. She ends the presentation with a musical performance, accompanied by her band. .

Dani-elle has always lived as positive of a life as she could. She was contacted by the drug boards last year to be a spokesperson for the program because she is a young woman who followed her dreams and became successful without getting caught up in negative activities. She has become a role model for teens who are looking to reach their personal goals in a similar way. “I’m proof that if you stay on the right track, surround yourself with the right people, and work hard any dream is possible.” says Dani-elle.

During the presentation students had the opportunity to win some of the young singer’s merchandise, including her debut album ELEVEN, if they answer a question about drugs and alcohol. Dani-elle is hoping to continue spreading her message throughout our area!

Lakeland Swim Team

4/6/16 - Adrianna Vilgos

There's a fish in Lakeland High, and it isn't in Mr. McArdle’s room! Antonio Spataro now holds all of the records for Lakeland’s swim team. “How did this happen?”, you might ask. Well, it's quite simple. Lakeland has never had it’s own swim team before, and now they do. A team of 1!

Antonio started swimming when he was around 10 years old on a team called the “Barra-Cougars”. He just thought it would be something he could try and, being the fish that he is, he was HOOKED *slaps knee*. For this high school winter sport, though it's the part he enjoys the least, Antonio practices everyday after school until 5:30 with Valley View. Luckily, he already knew most of the people he began practicing with because they were all on the same team when he was younger, so they make practice a little less painful. At practice, Antonio does drills, kicks, sprints, turns, and starts. The practice helps him become a stronger athlete for when it comes down to competing at events. At the events, he does the 200 I.M. and the 100 freestyle. The 200 I.M. Involves two laps of every stroke (butterfly, back stroke, great stroke, and then freestyle). For the 100 freestyle, he swims four laps in freestyle form. All of this is done in goggles, a swim cap, and a jammer. With the help of his coaches, Coach Valonis and Coach Evans, Antonio stays on track and on top!

Spirit Week Preview

4/1/16 - Kaela Jennette

The sounds of shouts and cheers is almost deafening when you walk into the gym during spirit week. All that can be seen is a sea of different colors representing each grade. Tension runs high today, the most exciting Friday of the year. It’s the Spirit Week olympics, and the most cutthroat day for all students. Who will come out on top?

Spirit week of 2016 is approaching quickly, and this year is a whole new beast. Last year we all had fun with ‘Murica Day, Character Day, Wealthy Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and of course Color Day on Friday. This year the days are, Monday: ‘Merica Day, and a spirit week kick off ;Tuesday: Tacky Tourist Day and Minute to Win it; Wednesday: Brains vs. Brawns and the Scholastic Competition; Thursday: Disney Day and the talent show; and last but not least, Friday: Color Day and the olympics in the afternoon. The grades colors for Friday are as follows: Seniors: Red, Juniors: Green, Sophomores: Black, Freshman: Royal Blue, 8th grade: White, 7th grade: Orange. The stakes are high this year. Who do you think will win the Spirit Week trophy on Friday? Good luck to everyone!

Softball Preview

4/1/16 - McKensie Shiner

As almost all students know, March is the kickoff to softball season. This year instead of the usual snow shovels the players would have in hand, they are holding their bats and gloves. A relief to all the softball players is the warm weather NEPA has been accustomed to early this year. The Lady Chiefs admit that the field is a little rough, but anything is better than practicing inside. With about three weeks until their first game (April 4th), the girls are acknowledging a major change - losing two starters due to graduation last year: a pitcher and a centerfielder. For the younger girls, this is a great opportunity to fill the spots and directly face a challenge. With a theme this year “150% always,” there’s no doubt that the girls are ready to bring their all. But with the older girls, it is more than just playing. “I am mostly looking forward to being able to play with the girls that I have grown up playing softball with, the girls that have grown to be my best friends and also, to end the seniors’ last softball season with a district championship win,” said junior all-star, Maria Knutelski. “We have great chemistry on and off the field which makes it so much easier to work together.” Maria holds a high authority on the team. “I feel like my role as a teammate is that I am always positive and I step up when I need to. Everyone else on our team does that, too. If someone makes a mistake or strikes out, the next person is always there to pick them up. We are all there for each other and that's what makes us a great team!” This season they will face Dunmore, Forest City, Riverside, Old Forge, Holy Cross, Carbondale and Mid Valley. All of these teams always bring good and tough competition, but the strongest teams they will face this year are Dunmore, Riverside, and Holy Cross. They all have a starting lineup that has a lot of talent and they are all well rounded players. Maria feels that “Everyone always underestimates Lakeland, but we are just as good as every other team [in the league].”

Elementary SADD Lessons

4/1/16 - Ami Yanochik

S.A.D.D stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions. S.A.D.D. is a club that provides lessons for younger children that will guide them to make the right decisions when they are older. S.A.D.D. also teaches high school students about the possible outcomes when making destructive decisions and how to prevent them.

On Friday, January 29th a few members of S.A.D.D. traveled to the two elementary schools, Mayfield and Scott Elementary, to promote what S.A.D.D. represents - making healthy life decisions. It was National Drug and Alcohol Fact Week. Lakeland’s S.A.D.D. club coordinated with the American Lung Association to provide hands-on lessons for each grade level. At Mayfield Elementary, they taught grade levels 1,2, and 6. At Scott Elementary grade levels 3 and 4 were taught.

The students involved were Kerri Armstrong, Nic Cicio, Morgan Ruddy, Karlee Vaverchak, Connie Taylor, Bella Tratthen, Abby Samuelsen, Kayla Agentowicz,Taylor Flynn, Silas Stearns, Paul Sokoloski, Annie Yurgosky, Dana Beecroft, Georgia Verrastro, Danae Bertholf, Sarah Mihalick, Haley Clauss-Walton, Tiffini Kalt, Emily Chervanka, Molly Fawcett, Christine Anzelmi, Emily Chervanka, Sam Calachino, Emily Sashko, Jared Leri, Mariah Loughney, Kristen Hlavaty, Brooke Longstreet, Joe Wanat, Marina Contorno, and Sadie Morgan.

At Mayfield Elementary, a group talked to the 6th grade class and taught what was specifically in a cigarette. The group showed a model of a cigarette and then handed out a crossword puzzle that pertained to the lesson. A short Q&A was given at the end. At the end of the lesson, the students went into the hallway with other S.A.D.D. members and learned about the physical and mental tolls of smoking a cigarette. A different group taught the 2nd grade class about what kind of adults to trust and talk to about such topics. At the Scott Elementary, a group presented to the 3rd grade class about peer pressure. The group handed out crossword puzzles regarding the lesson. Another group taught the 4th grade class and specifically talked about peer pressure and how alcohol affects your body.

Mu Alpha Theta Induction

4/1/16 - Maria Knutelski

On Monday, March 14th, the Mu Alpha Theta Induction took place. The club is led by president Graeme Nichols. Other senior officers include: Taylor Flynn (Vice President), Dylan Smith (Secretary), and Collin Cooper (Treasurer). Ty Nichols is the junior representative. In order to qualify for this club, you have to have above a 95 average in your math classes and it is recommended that you take Advanced Geometry and Advanced Algebra II. If interested members do not meet those requirements, then officers can vote them in. Students still have the opportunity to attend meetings if they are not a member of Mu Alpha Theta, but you will not be on the roster or allowed to vote. Meetings take place after school in Mr. Leschak’s room and usually end around 3:30. During a normal Mu Alpha Theta meeting, members work on solving challenging math problems. Sometimes they participate in math competitions run by other organizations. This year, the club participated in a contest that was spread out over three weekends.There are about 45 total members and just recently about 20 new members were inducted. Most were sophomores but there were a few juniors. The initiation ceremony consists of reading a short history of math and congratulatory statements. It took less than ten minutes to finish. In the future, they hope to make the induction a more important matter. Five members of the club will be taking a test at Marywood University on Saturday, March 19th. Voting for the new officers for the 2016-2017 school year will take place during the last meeting of this year around the end of May. There are many different ways to be recognized for being in Mu Alpha Theta. The club will appear on your transcript and at graduation you will receive a light blue and gold cord.

Lance Shirts Fundraiser


The Lakeland Lance is an extracurricular activity at Lakeland where students write for the school's online newspaper. The Lance includes staff writers of all grade levels who are constantly typing away at their computers and updating their fellow students on what is happening around the community and the school. They write about events going on within the school, student highlights, sports, and even topics such as book reviews and TV suggestions. These staff writers work diligently day in and day out to inform their peers, teachers, and other community members. Because they work so tirelessly, their Lance advisors decided they should be rewarded in some way so they provided each of the Lance staff writers with t-shirts.

These long sleeved t-shirts, first offered in black, were handed out to each of the Lance members and advisors for free as a reward for all of their hard work. More recently, the Lance staff has started an ongoing fundraiser by selling these t-shirts, but now, in red and blue (pictured below). These shirts are available to all of Lakeland High School for $15. They can be purchased through any Lance member or advisor or by filling out this form, which was emailed to every student and teacher in the school. Please consider buying one of these Lakeland Lance t-shirts to help reward the staff writers for their dynamic work, contribute to Lance activities, and to help improve the Lance website.

NOTE: Shirts will be Long Sleeve

The Lakeland Lance Shirts, shown here in a shortsleeved version.

CRISPR Discussion

4/1/16 - Kyle Hallisky

Members of Lakeland’s Genetic and Biomedical Sciences classes took part in an educated discussion on CRISPR. CRISPR also known as, Clustered Regularly-Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, is a new gene editing tool which could transform the field of microbiology. Ms. Mayer thought it would be an awesome idea for students to learn about the newly introduced topic. The discussion was led by Dr. Cyrus Olsen, and did not only included ideas on CRISPR, but also included the idea of transhumanism, an international movement that aims to transform the human condition by creating widely available sophisticated technology to greatly enhance human intellectual capacities. Students were able to question the representatives ideas and discover more about what CRISPR has to offer. Some interesting things that CRISPR can accomplish is to cure diseases like cancer, hepatitis, and other deadly diseases. CRISPR is an awesome idea that the microbiology field has to offer; it has the capability to extinguish malaria and the Zika virus! It can also revive past extinct species to once roam the planet again. Lakeland would want to thank Dr. Cyrus Olsen and his colleagues on educating our students on a very important topic in Biology.

CRISPR's Potential

How Does Coffee Affect You?

4/1/16 - Meghan Fawcett

According to a recent survey, students at Lakeland High School typically drink up to two cups of caffeinated coffee everyday in order to wake up in the morning. But, these amounts of coffee could affect your bodies in many negative ways.

Studies show that if a high school student is drinking coffee for energy in order to start the day, it could release the hormones in your body that are associated with stress. These hormones could increase a person’s heart rate and blood pressure. When released through the consumption of coffee, these hormones could also interfere with your digestive process if you drink coffee with your breakfast. Since hormones send your body into a “fight-or-flight” response, your body will convert your internal resources so that it can be ready for potential danger and/or risk factors.

Another negative way that an average high school student’s body could be affected by coffee is by abruptly putting a stop to their coffee-drinking. If a student consistently drinks a cup of coffee on a day-to-day basis, abruptly stopping the consumption of coffee could cause frequent migraines or headaches, muscle aches and pains, and irritability. It could also cause irregular sleeping patterns, trouble waking up, and could heighten the risk of heart, blood, and nervous system disorders.

Since many students have AP classes, honors classes, and extracurricular activities to worry about, they have very little time to get everything finished for the next day. This causes students to stay up all hours of the night trying to complete their assignments, which in turn leads them to be sleepy and tired in the mornings. Students then turn to coffee in order to wake up in the morning, but are not aware of the negative effects coffee could have on their bodies.

Perfect Attendance: Teacher Edition

3/17/16 - Alyssa Meta

We make it our focus to ensure that students attend school every day in order to receive the proper education that they need to be successful. But, attendance is not the only essential. Students receive their education from the most important people in their lives during those school years; their teachers. How well or how poorly a teacher instructs has a huge impact on the education these students receive. As important as it is for students to attend school every day, it is just as, if not more, important for teachers to attend school every day.

Having had 68 students with perfect attendance for the first half of the school year, Lakeland has also seen 7 teachers who have achieved perfect attendance. These teachers include: Mr, Bennett, Ms. Kobrick, Mr. Leschak, Ms. Lewis, Mrs. Owen, Mr. Vadala, and Mr. Piwowarczyk. When asked why they think it is important to be present in their classrooms every day, all of the teachers responded with the same 2 reasons. They think that consistency is one of the most important parts of the job. It models to their students that being in school is important as well as helping to keep them on track. Also, the group of teachers as a whole agreed that not being in school and leaving lessons for a substitute leads to falling behind for the students and their teachers. Students receive better instruction when the teacher is present to facilitate activities, teach lessons, and assist with questions. When asked what motivates them to come to school every day, all of the teachers came to the same consensus; they love their jobs. Some of them feel that it is easier to wake up every morning if you love your job and doing what you do every day is effortless. Also, they agreed that there is something new and different happening each day at Lakeland. Every day provides challenges, whether it be from students or coworkers, making work interesting for them, Because they attend school every day and every one deserves a break once in awhile, the teachers were asked what they would do on their perfect day off. Some of the activities they responded with include; sleeping in, spending time with family, lifting, reading, going camping, going shopping, and attending concerts. Even though these all seem like very enticing activities, each of these teachers would prefer being in school. If you see Mr. Bennett, Ms. Kobrick, Mr. Leschak, Ms. Lewis, Mrs. Owen, Mr. Vadala, or Mr. Piwowarczyk, give them the recognition they deserve for their dedication and commitment to their jobs and their students.

Exempt from Senior Projects

3/17/16 - Isabella Muncie

Along with Juniors being exempt from their dreaded senior projects, they are also exempt from Keystones. Why were students exempt from Keystones? According to Kathy Boccella,this decision was made later this year due to the fact many students were not passing these standardized tests. When you did not pass these tests you would have to do a project which was too expensive for most school districts to afford. Despite the cost of the project, it was also too difficult for students to complete the project they would need to do in order to graduate. With all this conflict, The Pennsylvania State Senate decided that they would delay the Keystones for two years. Another decision was made to do away with the senior projects and replace it with 20 hours of community service in order to graduate.

Science vs Religion Lecture

3/15/16 - Madison Harding

What is the universe? Some may refer to it as an enigma, or something that is inexplicable. When it comes to science versus religion, the universe and everything about it, is often a topic of debate. Students in various science classes at Lakeland were recently probed with questions and ideas about this phenomenon.

Ms. Mayer brought two professors from the University of Scranton into our school to give an involved lecture to some of her students. The first professor to speak was Dr. Eric Plumer. His portion of the lecture was about his belief that science and religion should work together as “friends.”Dr. Plumer talked about the precise measurements of our universe and that if anything was skewed even the slightest amount, life would be impossible. He challenged students to propose questions about how these ideas are possible.

The next professor to speak was Dr. Cyrus Olsen. His Lecture was based more primarily on the science behind our universe. He told students of the long standing speculations of there being an alternate or parallel universe. He brought up that the basis of our universe could be quantum physics, religion, or a number of different things working together. There were a few students who got very involved in the discussion, one being junior, Lanie Sarnoski. Lainie said “I mainly use religion and science to help my understanding of the world.” She really enjoyed the lecture and and how the environment in the room was very open. She stated “The rom was buzzing with ideas. It was almost enough to make you question perception, life, time, and energy.” From all the interest in the lecture, Dr. Olsen plans to speak again on March 8th about CRISPR technology.

Mock Trial: Lakeland vs. Scranton Prep

3/15/16 - Isabella Demyan

In the second round of the district competition on February 10th, things were heating up in federal courtroom number four. The Lakeland Mock Trial team’s next opponent was none other than Scranton Prep. Scranton Prep has always been successful in Mock Trial, and so has Lakeland. Lakeland beat Scranton Prep last year during the district competition, so this was bound to be a good trial.

Lakeland had to switch sides this time, performing as the defendant, the Natural Habitat Preserve, against Prep as Lilienthal Insurance Company. Lakeland did not have the burden of proof, so they did not have to prove anything. However, Lakeland fought for the win by trying to establish that Stacey Earhart’s actions on September 27th. They were covered under the insurance contract because it was an accident and because she did not make any material modifications to the drone that nearly hit Steven Yeager. Representing the Natural Habitat Preserve was Dylan Smith, Isabella Demyan, and Annie Yurgosky. The witnesses were Stacey Earhart, Quincy Wright, and Emory Wagstaff, played by Cameron Bullet, Michael Goerlitz, and Dylan Reeves. It was a close trial, but unfortunately for the Defense, the jury found in favor of the Plaintiff, Lilienthal Insurance. Isabella Demyan was awarded the best advocate award, and her witness, Dylan Reeves, was awarded the best witness award. Usually, teams that have two wins advance to the semi-finals, so the Lakeland Mock Trial team should have been out of the competition. However, because there were not four teams with two wins, the highest scoring team with one win and one loss was going to move on to the semi-finals. Which team was that? The Lakeland Mock Trial team.

April Fools Day

3/15/16 - Maria Good

April 1st is quickly approaching which means you may be the victim of an April Fool's Day prank this year. A tradition that has been around for several centuries, Americans celebrate April 1st by pulling pranks or practical jokes on one another. Although historians are not certain when or where the tradition originated, some speculate that April Fool’s Day dates back to 1582 when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. Back in 1582, cell phones, social media, and television did not exist, making it hard to spread news throughout towns and cities. Most people who were slow to get the news failed to recognize that New Years had moved to January 1st, and continued to celebrate it from the last week of March to April 21st, “fooling” the people who were not following the new Gregorian calendar. Jokes such as taping paper fish on the backs of the people who continued to follow the Julian Calendar symbolized the “easily caught” fish or the gullible people. Today, April Fools Day pranks have been brought to new heights. News stations, teachers, and even companies participate in the harmless fun that comes from the start of the new month. In 1957, BBC broadcasted a “rare spaghetti crop” growing from trees in Switzerland, fooling many viewers. In 1987 Sports Illustrated tricked many readers into believing that a rookie pitcher named Sidd Finch could throw an 168 mph fastball. As you can see, our traditions aren’t much different than those that were celebrated almost 500 years ago. Remember, there's nothing wrong with a little harmless fun!

Career Fair

3/8/16 - Kyle Hallisky

Lakeland High school is hosting its third annual college & career fair on March 16! Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors will be able to have the opportunity to explore the fields of different careers. Also, students will be able to get an inside look of colleges and universities attending this year’s event. In order to have another successful fair, Mrs. Valonis needs your help! If you want a specific college to attend the event please let her know. As a student of the senior high, it is important to start thinking about your future plans like attending college or joining the workforce. The plan is to offer a wide-variety of post secondary schools, two and four year, and technical schools. Representatives from specific industry/ career fields will also attend the fair. The college and career fair is a good opportunity to build students college and career awareness.

There are some great colleges and universities this area has to offer, so remember; a college fair is a great way to introduce a student to a wide variety of post high school education. Let Lakeland be a platform for you to achieve great things in your future endeavours.

NHS Donates to Meals on Wheels

2/24/16 - Aleah Snedeker

Meals on Wheels of Northeastern PA is a nonprofit organization that provides nutritional services for homebound elderly and disabled people throughout Lackawanna County. For the past thirty-nine years Meals on Wheels has donated one hot meal to all recipients, the only meal for most citizens. As of recently, the state government has not agreed on a budget, so Meals on Wheels has not been properly funded. For the 800 clients who struggle due to this disagreement, students in the National Honor Society have generously decided to donate a fraction of their money to Meals on Wheels. NHS attributed a $250 donation to enable this organization, taken from the profit from fundraisers. This altruistic donation will aid the organization to keep providing these citizens with bounteous meals. The Meals on Wheels organization always appreciates any volunteers and donations given by anyone. Get involved with the Meals on Wheels organization by visiting

Tribe Review

2/18/16 - Dana Beecroft

Powwow’s here at Lakeland have turned out to be a big hit. Each of the three powwows had great turnouts, especially since they included spirit week points. To make these powwows possible, Lakeland’s Tribe Leadership Team plans them during their meetings. Our Tribe Team includes the following teachers here at Lakeland: Mrs.Valonis, Mr. Pivirotto, Mrs .Sledzinski, Mrs. Marino, Mrs. Longstreet, Officer Rapoch, Mrs.Scanlon, and Ms. Mayer. They have regular meetings every month and just attended a mid year review meeting.

On Thursday, January 21st our school’s Tribe Team got together for an all day meeting. Their goal was to review all of the tribe data they had. They reviewed the surveys the students took during homeroom, which included questions about tribe and which part of tribe you believed is hardest to follow. They also looked at the survey that was emailed to all of Lakeland’s students that asked if they remembered what Tribe stood for; Trustworthy, Respectful, Involved, Brave, Excellent.

Other than looking at the surveys, they reviewed the discipline data so far for this year. They compared this data to last year’s data. Compared to last year’s discipline data, we’ve only had half of the discipline this year. Eventually, someone from the state will come in to check if TRIBE is making our school improve; they may even go around to students and ask them questions about it. Soon the data will be out for the public to see how well our school is improving.

David Hudak PMEA orchestra festival

2/18/16 - Maria Knutelski

PMEA stands for Pennsylvania Music Educators Association, and is a nonprofit organization consisting of over 4,500 members. The organization includes people starting in preschool through college who are committed to music. This group supports quality music education and performance. The PMEA Orchestra Festival consists of string instruments such as the violin, cello, and bass. On January 13th, 14th, and 15th Junior David Hudak participated in this event. In order to qualify, you have to make the requirements at the pre-auditions. David, along with the rest of District 9, prepared for the festival by receiving the 3 songs they give you and practicing them. Every Monday he would go for private lessons with the Director from Blue Ridge. David plays the tuba and has been playing for 2 years. He chose this instrument because no one plays it. If you ask David what music he normally listens to, he says “Swing, but not jazz. Sometimes classical.” This was a great accomplishment and even better since David will also be participating in the PMEA Band Festival!

Buzzer Beater Lifts Chiefs

2/7/16 - Joseph Wanat

VIdeo credit: Errol Morgan
On Friday, February 5th, Lakeland celebrated their senior boys’ basketball players and cheerleaders on a very special night. After the pre-game festivities, the Chiefs went on to play their game against number three ranked Mid Valley (who had one loss on the year). Though the Chiefs had only compiled six wins up to this point in the season, the Bleacher Creatures rallied behind them against their rival in blue and white.

The Chiefs got ahead early with their four seniors (Estadt, Harding, Kondrat, Rupp) starting the game. Most of their points came from running the floor on fast breaks after rebounding misses by the Spartans. The seniors played a majority of the first half, while subbing out to catch a breather in the fast paced game. Lakeland led by eight at the half.

In the third quarter, Mid Valley rallied back, leading by multiple possessions at times. However, junior Jordan Art came back with multiple key three point shots (totaling five in the game) in order to keep the Chiefs within reach of victory.

With 10.4 seconds left in regulation, freshman Jake Curnow tied the game up at 64 on a floater, taking advantage of the gaps of the defence in the paint. Mid Valley called a timeout to draw up a potential game-winner for the Spartans. On the pursuing play, the Spartans rolled the ball inbounds to avoid having the game clock from starting. When approached by a Lakeland player, the ball was picked up and passed to Mid Valley player under the rim. The shot was contested, blocked, and controversially called a shooting foul. Mid Valley sank both free throws to put them up 66-64.

This time, the Chiefs took a timeout of their own. After the short break, Cody Rupp, who played quarterback for the football team, stood along the baseline to inbound the ball. Coach Jeff Evans drew up a play which sent Garth Estadt and Tony Harding down the sidelines of the court. Rupp launched the ball towards Harding. Resembling more of a football play, Harding, covered by two Spartan defenders, caught the ball with an outstretched arm. He took one dribble backwards into the corner where he faded with his fifth and most important three point shot of the game with 1.8 seconds left on the clock - and he sunk it. The buzzer sounded. After what was seemingly a buzzer beating winning shot, Lakeland’s student section stormed the court, surround Harding in the middle.

Nonetheless, an official determined the Mid Valley coach had called a timeout immediately as the shot had gone in, resulting in time being put back on the clock. In the 1.8 seconds, the Spartans inbounded and heaved up a half-court shot in desperation to somehow win. When the attempt had failed to score and the game had officially ended this time, the court was stormed a second time. The Chiefs had upset the third best team in the area on Senior Night. Harding led the way, finishing with 37 while Art contributed 17 of his own.
The boys' basketball team
The student section
During the game
The final scoreboard
The boys' team celebrating

Images Credit: Brian Sledzinski

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Garth Estadt 1 0 1 0 2
Cody Rupp 3 0 0 0 6
Rodney LaBorde 0 0 0 0 0
Jake Curnow 2 0 1 0 4
Jordan Art 5 2 2 5 17
Ian Kondrat 0 1 2 0 1
Logan Clauss-Walton 0 0 0 0 0
Tony Harding 14 4 6 5 37

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 16 13 17 21 67
Mid Valley 11 11 26 18 66

Penn State Acceptees

2/7/16 - McKensie Shiner

During senior year, many students panic - the thought of college is a stressful yet rewarding opportunity that many students endure. A group of Lakeland students have decided to further their education by applying to the Pennsylvania State University - some at main campus (about a 2 ½ - 3 hour drive) and some at the closer Worthington campus (about a 20 minute drive.) To give insight about their road to college, these students were interviewed about their recent accomplishment of being accepted.

First off, Morgan Shiner:

Morgan Shiner had always wanted to go to Penn State. To her, it was the only option. She decided to apply after her visit to Main campus last summer. “It was such a nice school and I didn’t have any other [school] in mind,” she stated. When Morgan first found out, after logging into her MyPennState page; she was speechless. She actually locked her phone and did not open it until later, hitting her friend’s injured knee at the realization of her acceptance. Her decision was influenced by her mom, who also attended PSU. Since sports are a major part of Morgan’s life before college, she chose to study Kinesiology. She said, “I want to stay around athletes as much as possible. Sports have always been a big part of my life and I’m not ready to let it all go yet.” Upon being accepted, Morgan is most excited to spend life at a college campus. In ten years, she sees herself working as a recreational therapist with ten dogs. When asked about her biggest accomplishment, she said, “I like to think that all the little things I've done throughout high school add up to a big accomplishment. It's been a good six years.”

Secondly, Joe Wanat:

Joe Wanat knew off the bat that Penn State was for him, because it is one of the only colleges he knows of, with his intended major. When Joe was notified about his acceptance, he didn’t say much. “I didn't expect it. I knew I'd get into Worthington for sure, but in no way did I anticipate University Park. I sort of just stared at the acceptance letter for a little while to let it sink in.” Joe grew up in a family that always rooted for Penn State football and used to watch every game on TV. If anything influenced his decision - it was that. Joe said, “In sophomore year, I was concurrently taking biology with Mrs. Graham and already in my third year with the PLTW engineering classes. For biology, we had this one group assignment to research a cutting-edge development in biology to present to the class and my group chose to demonstrate the 3D printing of organs and I thought it was extremely cool.” He said, “That really got me looking into what kind of professions would do that type of work. Then I found biomedical engineering which combined what I was learning in both classes at the time.” Joe thinks meeting new people will be pretty cool, although It's going to stink leaving all his friends back home. When asked where he sees himself in ten years, he responded, “Not really sure; I could see maybe some city working for a big company, but I forgot my crystal ball at home.” Joe’s biggest accomplishment is being able to have the chance to attend and participate in multiple statewide events while making new friends along the way, whether it was cross country or student council, and now just finding out he qualified with FBLA.

Lindsay Jones:

When Lindsay Jones was accepted, she yelled out “I got in!” Lindsay’s decision to apply was highly influenced by family members - “I was pretty much raised to love Penn State.” Not to mention, she has been dreaming about going there since she was seven. Lindsay plans on studying Communications and Journalism in honor of her love for writing. Lindsay is most excited to meet new people and attend football games. After being accepted, she has been able to relax a little. In ten years, Lindsay will be “(hopefully) writing stories for a news firm about sports.”

Lindsey Domonoski:

Lindsey has frequently visited the Penn State campus and the faculty were always kind and helpful. The atmosphere of the campus was very nice, causing her to deeply consider applying. “When I got accepted I was so happy. All I really said was ‘wow, I did it!’” Lindsey’s decision was mostly her own, but some of her family members went there, making it an easier decision. Lindsey wants to study forensics because she thinks its very interesting and she’s always loved the idea of handling evidence and solving crimes. Lindsey is most excited to experience new things. Coming out of a small neighborhood and emerging into a new college will give her the opportunity to meet new people. Lindsey said, “I feel like I changed a little. I got into the college I wanted to, so now, this is it. I’m moving onto college and figuring out my life, I’m not going to be in high school anymore, things are going to get tougher and I’m going to have to be more responsible.” In ten years, she sees herself graduated from Penn State with her dream job. Lindsey’s biggest accomplishment is getting into the school she has wanted to go to since freshman year.

Katie Walsh, another senior, was accepted into Penn State Worthington Campus. Katie’s initial reaction to being accepted was “OMG, thank god!” Katie’s brother attended Penn State, so her decision was partially influenced by him. She plans on going into the nursing program because she thinks it will be very rewarding being able to help people everyday. Katie is most excited about being in a new environment filled with new people. After being accepted, Katie’s self confidence boosted majorly. “In ten years, I see myself out of college as a nurse practitioner in mental health,” Katie said. Katie’s biggest accomplishment is being accepted into Penn State.

Conner Albino is another student accepted into Worthington. Conner decided he wanted to apply when he figured out what he wanted to major in - Architectural Engineering. Upon being accepted, Conner’s reaction was “Woah, that’s cool!” His decision to apply was influenced by his mother, who was also accepted (and committed) to going there. Conner is most excited to be on his own and to be responsible. In ten years, Conner sees himself “rich, somewhere in South Carolina.” Conner’s biggest accomplishment is becoming as good as a golfer as he currently is.

Although these students are going on different paths, they all had one thing in common. When asked the statewide popular question “We Are?,” they each responded “Penn State!”

Senior Solids #6

2/4/16 - Ami Yanochik and Kaela Jennette

A great option for students who do not want to go to college, is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching, and running a new business or startup company that offers a new product. This may seem like a tough idea, but it is a bit easier than it sounds. If you are a creative person, or have always dreamed of starting your own business; this choice could be for you. You don’t have to be Bill Gates to make money starting your own business!

There are always new things to be invented and customers waiting to spend their money on something great. If entrepreneurship is the right choice for you, you can find all your information online. Adults in your life that may have pursued a business career can be a great resource. Although talking to the people around you is a nice way to find out information, these websites will take it a step further. is a great resource to find materials so that you can create your own ideas. The website also shares all aspects of starting and growing your own business. Another great website is This website has great tips for the young entrepreneur to be successful. has tips for first time entrepreneurs.

New Student Luncheon

2/4/16 - Maria Good

For many students, high school can be very stressful. Transitioning into high school can be very intimidating and scary, especially here at Lakeland where the 7th and 8th graders walk the same halls as the juniors and seniors. Friend groups, as well as, your interests can change in high school, and you are required to become more responsible as an individual. But imagine walking into high school, whether it be your freshman or senior year, not knowing anybody or anything about the school, your classes, or even your teachers names? Student council took this into consideration and decided to have a luncheon for all the new students attending Lakeland for the 2015-2016 school year. The luncheon took place this past November where the students were greeted by student council members and a homestyle meal. Here, Mrs. Valonis discussed what life is like here at Lakeland as well as the different sports and clubs the students could get involved in. The students also had the opportunity to ask any questions about their classes or worries they had coming into the school year. Thanks to student council, the new students here at Lakeland already feel like a part of the tribe. Keep up the good work!!

Student Highlight- Nic Cicio

2/1/16 - McKensie Shiner

On July 10th 2015, senior, Nic Cicio was pondering. At 1:04 PM it hit him - “I want to go to Temple University.” When Nic Cicio was accepted into Temple recently, his initial reaction was “holy moly!” (He also dropped his phone.) Nic’s decision was influenced on the uniqueness of the city and the variety of the individuals that scatter the University. Nic said, “I intend to excel in Architecture because I love the design aspect of the major and how it correlates with Calculus and Physics.” Nic is excited about meeting new people and trying new things. In his own words, “I am a young bird leaving the nest, soaring through the skies and flying towards the sunset.” After being accepted, a wave of “no longer caring” trickled over him. Nic understands Temple checks his final grades, but he is more than happy being an average student in all Honors and AP classes because he has worked hard this year. In ten years, Nic will either be living in San Francisco, Philadelphia, or Miami (depending on the state of global warming in the future.) Nic will be unmarried but will have a Great Dane (named Poseidon), that will accompany him in his small apartment with modern amenities. Nic also admits he will be drowning in student loans at that point of time. Nic’s biggest accomplishment is one he has worked at for a long while - rapping every single Nicki Minaj song word-for-word (Yo B, they ready? Let’s go!) Since Nic enjoys hooting in his free time (especially in coffee shops, more specifically; Starbucks,) it only seemed fitting that he attend Temple University, where the mascot is the Owl. Nic was also accepted into the Philadelphia University and the University of the Sciences.

Student Highlight- Kayla Agentowicz

2/1/16 - Madison Harding

From the day she was able to stand on two feet, senior basketball star and Division I commit Kayla Agentowicz, was sprinting to success, literally. At a young age everyone could tell that basketball came naturally to her. She was destined to succeed in the sport. Her love for the game, the long standing Lakeland girl’s scoring record, and her determination to be the best she could allowed her to recently reach an exciting mile marker in her career.

On Saturday, January 16th, Kayla surpassed the Lakeland girl’s all time leading scorer record in the Lady Chiefs’ game at Forest City. Lee Mosley recently held the record with 1351 points. Her record breaking basket was off a steal. She rushed past defenders and went straight to the basket for a lay up. As soon as the ball cleared through the basket, the buzzer went off and all of her teammates ran on the court to congratulate her. Mr. Rosenkrans presented her with a basketball to commend her accomplishment.

Kayla felt very accomplished and somewhat relieved when she broke the record. Since starting high school basketball in 9th grade, she has been aware of the long-standing record, and set out to make it hers. Knowing that she now owns the record is one of the biggest goals she has achieved. She said she owes a lot of thanks to all of her teammates and coaches throughout the years that have done so much to help her be the best she could.

Before the Lady Chiefs recent game against Dunmore, a small ceremony was held to recognize the past record holder and Kayla. Lee Mosely and Kayla stood at half court while a history of both of their high school careers was read. Mosley was excited to see someone break her record. She congratulated Kayla with a hug. Kayla’s basketball legacy will go down in history at Lakeland and hopefully her success will carry with her as she continues to play the sport she loves at Mount Saint Mary’s University.

SH- Miyah Pliska National Guard

1/28/16 - Kyle Hallisky

The National Guard is a part of the army reserves and is made up of citizens soldiers who train part time and close to home, until needed. The Guard protects the U.S. in times of natural disaster and war. It takes courage and bravery to join any part of the U.S. military. Recently, a junior at Lakeland, Miyah Pliska, enlisted in the national guard.

Miyah is very excited about her decision to enlist. She said “It's something I've always thought about and I've always kept it in the back of my mind. I think it's going to be a great opportunity”. With enlisting, all members must go through basic training. Miyah will attend a 10 week training camp in the summer. Also, once a month she has to go to drill camp.

If any student is interested in joining the military she has some advice:take the ASVAB test. The ASVAB is a test that is offered free once a year at Lakeland. She said she is absolutely confident in her decision to enlist. She is also thrilled that the National Guard will help pay for college tuition. Miyah is committed to serve for eight years and if she likes it, she will be able to retire from her future job in 20 years. Congratulations Miyah on your brave decision to enlist!’

Perfect Attendance

1/28/16 - Alyssa Meta

Wright State University has conducted research demonstrating the strong relationship between student attendance and achievement. Their research shows that students with highest test average also had the highest reported attendance averages, while students who suffer from “chronic absenteeism,” or are absent for 10% of the school year, have significantly lower test scores. While many students, upperclassmen in particular, may consider school attendance insignificant, it is clear that coming to school every day is crucial to academic achievement. Because it is difficult to keep an unblemished attendance record for an entire 180 day school year, those who come every day deserve to be recognized for their dedication to their studies.

At the halfway mark of the 2015-2016 school year, 68 students from Lakeland have maintained perfect attendance. Of these students, eight are seniors, five are juniors, nine are sophomores, fifteen are freshmen, eleven are in 8th grade, and twenty are in 7th grade. Not only do these outstanding students deserve recognition, but their success can be credited to the teachers who have encouraged them to attend school and have implemented the TRIBE standards everyday, as well. The teachers who have students with perfect attendance in their homerooms include Mrs. Riddell, Ms. Allan, Mr. Vadala, Mr. Bennett, Mrs. Sanderson, Ms. Love, Ms. Lewis, Mr. Beautz, Ms. Davis, Mrs. Mensky, Mr. Piccini, Mrs. Sledzinski, Mr. Rosenkrans, Mr. Soltus, Mrs. Castrogiovanni, Ms. Flanagan, Ms. Owen, Ms. Gibbs, Mr. Yagelski, Mr. Wasilchak, Mrs. Washenko, Mr. Leschak, Mr. Brophy, Ms. Mayer, and Ms. Keen. Lakeland is impressed with the amount of dedication shown in our school. Congratulations to all of these students and their teachers on their massive achievements.

Mock Trial Tournament

1/28/16 - Isabella Demyan

The Logo of the 6th annual Blue and Gold Mock trial Tournament
On January 15th, the Lakeland Mock Trial team headed off to LaSalle University to compete in the sixth annual Blue and Gold competition. Mock Trial consists of several people putting on a “mock” trial in front of a jury, judge, and spectators. In this case, the judges were also acting as the jury. Each team prepares both sides of the case. Then, teams go against each other, one team as the Defense and one as the Plaintiff/Prosecution. This year is a civil case, which means the sides are either Defense or Plaintiff. The case is about a contract dispute between Lilienthal Insurance Company, the Plaintiff, and the Natural Habitat Preserve, the Defense.

On Saturday, the LaSalle annual Blue and Gold Tournament started off bright and early with the opening ceremony. From there, each team entered into the first round of the competition. Each team has a code name, and the codenames usually follow a theme. This year, each code name was a famous wrestler. The Lakeland Mock Trial Team was known as The Rock from then on. For the first round, Isabella Demyan, Dylan Smith, and Anthony Whitelavich represented Lilienthal Insurance Company as the Plaintiff. They had to try to prove that the Natural Habitat Preserve violated their contract with Lilienthal, and they did this through three witness. These three witnesses were Charlie Yeager, Finley Lindbergh, and Val Coleman, played by Taylor O’Leary, Molly Fawcett, and Nick Catanzaro. At the end of the trial, each team was scored and ranked. Unfortunately, The Rock lost the first round, but this did not deter the team. The team’s second trial went better than the first, with Demyan, Smith, and Annie Yurgosky representing the Natural Habitat Preserve as the defense. To testify on behalf of the Preserve were witnesses Stacey Earhart, Quincy Wright, and Emory Wagstaff, played by Cameron Bullet, Michael Goerlitz, and Dylan Reeves. The Rock secured the win from both judges.

With a well deserved break, The Rock came back the next day ready to finish with the third and fourth rounds of the competition. Representing Lilienthal as the Plaintiff, Demyan, Smith, Whitelavich, O’Leary, Elisa Piraino, and Catanzaro took the win from both judges against a strong, competitive team. The Rock had one more trial to go. Representing the defense, the team finished strong. Although they did not win the fourth round, they finished with a record of four wins and four losses.

Lindsay Jones- acceptance into Penn State Main

1/28/16 - Maria Good

As the seniors’ final months at Lakeland are drawing to a close, many students are preparing for their future and are applying to colleges to further their education. Senior Lindsay Jones recently applied and got accepted into Penn State University Park where she will be majoring in communications.

Lindsay has always had an interest in journalism - last year she was a writer for the school newspaper The Lakeland Lance and this year - an editor. Lindsay went to a five day journalism camp at Penn State where she studied all different types of Journalism including broadcast, photo, and print. While at Penn State, Lindsay stayed in one of the dorm rooms on campus where she got a feel of how college life would be if she decided to go away. This past summer Lindsay also attended a summer study at Penn State where she studied business in Sports Marketing and Management (a minor is required for communication majors at PSU). She spent 2 weeks listening to educated guest speakers and making friends with kids from all over US and other countries including Spain, Italy, Canada and Dubai - some of which she still keeps in touch with today. Lindsay is beyond excited to be living out her dream and becoming a Nittany Lion this summer semester. For anyone interested in majoring in communications at Penn State, Lindsay would recommend the camp and summer session to anyone. She is Penn State!

Girl Scouts- Mary Rzucildo

1/28/16 - Isabella Muncie

Senior Mary Rzucildo is very committed to be a part of the Girl Scouts. When being a Girl Scout, you promote good character, good citizenship, and service to others. Mary said, “ I’m a Girl Scout because I enjoy serving my community and strive each day to be a better version of myself than last.” It makes her feel welcomed not only because there are girls out there that are like her in this world, but also because she’s a part of something special - she feels like she can change the world. Mary has been a girl scout for 13 years, which means she was each stage of a girl scout; daisies, brownies, a junior, an ambassador - you name it. Mary said that she's very dedicated because it’s been apart of her life since she was 5 years old and it wouldn’t make sense if she were to give it up. She also included that she's not the type to give up, even when things tell her to. Mary said, “When I have a dream I chase after it.” Each Monday, Mary and the other members of her troop meet for a girl scout meeting. Mary is an ambassador, which is the highest ranking in Girl Scouts. She is responsible for planning field trips for her troop, which she does to earn badges. Mary said “ I can’t imagine my life without Girl Scouts, so I hope to become a leader someday.”

Mrs. Valonis Intern

1/27/16 - Maria Knutelski

A new face in the guidance office for the 2015-2016 school year is Marisa McTernan. Her internship at Lakeland will be her final step before she completes her master's program in May. Ms. Marisa is currently a school counseling graduate student and a graduate assistant at The University of Scranton. She earned her bachelor’s degree at The University of Scranton in Counseling and Human Services. Before coming to LHS, Ms. Marisa completed a practicum requirement at Valley View High School. Being an intern in the guidance department means that she will be able to take on all the roles that Mrs. Valonis and Mrs. DeQuevedo have throughout the year. Some things include: meeting individually with students, running classroom guidance lessons, and all other roles a high school guidance counselor has. If you want to meet Ms. Marisa for yourself, stop in guidance and welcome her to our TRIBE!

Senior Solids #5

12/15/15 - Ami Yanochik and Kaela Jennette

If college, trade schools or the military isn’t for you, there are always other options out there. Anyone can make good money and have a good job without a college degree. Just because you don’t go to college doesn’t mean you have to work at McDonald’s! If you’re going this route, a civil service, or non-civil service job might be for you.

The Bureau of State Employment fills non-civil service jobs. Generally, there is no exam needed, and you don’t even have to be a Pennsylvania resident to work in PA in a non-civil service job - a list of non-civil service jobs can be found here.

For civil service jobs, you must be a current or former PA resident, and there is an exam required to make sure you have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform this job. The application for the civil service test is online, but the exam is taken at one of their testing centers. You may be given an online, oral, or performance test. When availability of a job occurs, a survey will be sent out to people with the highest test scores in that category. The people that respond to the survey will be contacted for interviews. A list of civil service jobs can be found here.

All of this information ( and more) is found at the Bureau of State Employment website and the SCSC Commonwealth of Pennslyvania website

Lakeland FCCLA Valentines Cards

1/27/16 - Ami Yanochik

Lakeland’s FCCLA Program (Family Career Community Leaders of America) is an extracurricular activity that involves students in FCS (Family Consumer Science), better known as “Home Ec.”. They do various community service projects and organize school events - one specifically - Winter Wonderland. They donate their profits to the community or families that are in need.

Lakeland’s FCCLA Program is having an event at the Scranton Health Center on February 8th, 2016. It is a volunteer project where they are making Valentine’s Day cards and baking cookies and other Valentine’s Day treats for the nursing home. At the event, the members who are on FCCLA, will be playing games and activities.

The members who are a part of this event are: the advisor, Mrs. Owen, Officers; President, Amanda Imbalzano, Vice President; Brooke Grover, Treasurer; Maiya Bautista, and Secretary; Bella Tratthen. Other members include: Emily Chervanka, Julia Taylor, Emily Pollits, and Mary Rzucidlo.

When asked about her opinion of the event, Amanda Imbalzano said, “the event is a great idea and it will hopefully bring a smile to the women and men at the nursing home who possibly don’t have anyone.” She also said, “I am very excited to volunteer there with the FCCLA students. Hopefully this will become a tradition with the FCCLA at Lakeland. If this event is successful we will continue to go back to that same nursing facility.”

Music Festivals

1/22/16 - Brooke Stearns

In January and February, there are a couple music festivals that offer great experiences for students with a special musical talent. Lakeland has several high school students that auditioned, competed against other students in this district, and qualified for the festivals.

David Hudak, a junior, attended district orchestra to play his tuba, and will be attending district band on January 27-29. Taylor Morgan, a senior, will also be a part of the district band festival, playing alto saxophone. Brooke Stearns will be attending district chorus on February 3-5.

The district jazz festival, which will occur on February 19-20, involves both band and chorus members. The Lakeland students that are a part of the jazz band are Taylor Morgan, Tyler Jones, seniors, and Liam Osborne, a freshman. Chorus members attending include three juniors, Kayla Burns, Molly Fawcett, and Brooke Thomas. These festivals are valuable because they allow students to spend several days with other talented and dedicated students that share their passion as them for for music. They spend these couple days rehearsing, learning new music techniques, and discovering ways to work together, an effort that culminates in an amazing jazz concert .

What is even more exciting for the students is the opportunity to forge new relationships with talented individuals from other schools. Friendships that start at these festivals have the potential to last throughout a student’s high school career and beyond. These festivals are just one of the many local music programs that help students develop their passion and become well rounded people.

Ty Nichols perfect score

1/21/16 - Kyle Hallisky

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a standardized test given to high school students in order to assess your college readiness. If a student's score is high enough, he or she can apply for multiple scholarships. According to College Board statistics on math and critical reading, about 2,000 people in each grade get a perfect score on these two sections. This year, a junior at Lakeland, Ty Nichols, received one of these perfect scores on the math and critical reading sections! This does not only show his intelligence - it shows his hard work and dedication to his school work.

The SAT is composed of a writing section, a critical reading section, and a math section. Math is a very large and challenging section on the SAT. Ty claims he is a “math nerd” and loves to read. He said he didn't do a whole lot of prep for the exam, but practicing math and reading for fun helped him. Some advice he would give to students trying to well on the SAT is to do your own math homework and do it for fun. The SAT is made to test a set of reasoning skills, so practicing will only be beneficial. He added, “ SAT prep classes are a good way to develop these skills.” Finally, he said he feels great about what he accomplished.

Christmas Sweater Day

1/21/16 - Adrianna Vilgos

We may not of had enough winter-like weather to help us prepare for Christmas break, but we certainly had the Christmas spirit here at Lakeland High to make up for it! With the Winter Pow-Wow and the halt of school work as winter break approached us, students could feel that same Christmassy spirit they've felt for several years in a row. To top this off, there was a set date to wear CHRISTMAS SWEATERS on December 22nd! How exciting is that?

Basically, faculty and students were encouraged to gear up in their best, grandmother inspired sweater wear for the holidays. Teachers of all grades and subjects spruced up this fine day in a variety of different types of Christmas apparel! Specifically, Mrs. Shayka and Mrs. Sledzinski stood out by going hardcore. They had matching outfits which included accessories such as elf slippers and the obvious elf hats. You had to be there to see it, but believe me when I say our Spanish teachers were looking muy bien with their shades of rojo and verde! There were many others who participated in this event, including myself. I'm not even the cheery type to even get into holiday mode! I have this whole “bahumbug” appeal to me, and by getting #involved (shout out to tribe-like behavior), and simply wearing the ugliest Christmas sweater I own that day, just went to show that ANYBODY can participate in something like this! And that's the beauty of it.

The only downfall to Christmas Sweater Day was the lack of students wearing sweaters. Many students were not informed of this sweater wearing date, but this only means we are definitely going to be totally DECKED (the halls with boughs of holly fa la la la la la la la la) OUT next year! Overall, you get the idea and everyone who did know about it wore something festive and bright. The joyous spirit was surely only amped up by cheesy sweaters walking through the halls, and I can't wait for next holiday season when we can do it all over again with more people aware of its existence!

Chiefs BB Loses in Pizza Town

1/21/16 - Joseph Wanat

On a Saturday at Old Forge, a very close game ensued from beginning to end. Both the Chiefs and Blue Devils scored an identical number of points in each of the first two quarters, scoring 17 in the half. Although scoring from Old Forge was limited to only three players, it was too much for Lakeland; The Lackawanna League Division III’s second ranked scorer, (in average points per game), Nick Pelosi, scored 31 points. Tony Harding, who is the top scorer in Division III, led the way for the Chiefs with 28 while Jordan Art, Logan Clauss-Walton, and Rodney LaBorde contributed 5 points in the game.

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 8 9 15 13 45
Old Forge 8 9 13 19 49

Chiefs Tumble at Turonis; Harding Takes 1000th

1/20/16 - Joseph Wanat

The Chiefs team and cheerleaders at Turonis
The Lakeland boys’ basketball team participated in the annual Peter Turonis Memorial/NBT Bank Classic Tournament during holiday break on the 27th and 29th of December. Additionally, the cheerleading team performed their routine between the two games played each night at Carbondale Area High School.

The Chiefs competed in their first game of the tournament against the Cougars of Valley View. The game was a shootout from the beginning and the Lakeland boys pulled ahead to a 11-point lead by the fourth quarter. Tony Harding and Jordan Art finished with a total of four 3-point field goals apiece and 24 and 15 points respectively. Despite their efforts, the Cougars pulled a major comeback scoring 28 in the final quarter of play.

The Chiefs team and cheerleaders at Turonis
In the consolation game, Lakeland faced the hosts - The Carbondale Area Chargers. Again the 3-point shot was essential to the Chiefs’ quick start, scoring nine of their first 12 points in the manner. Just 10 seconds into the second quarter, Tony Harding scored his 10th point on the game and the 1,000th in his career. Going into the half, the odds were up in the air with no team pulling a clear advantage. However, momentum fell off in the second half for the Chiefs, causing them to put a loss in the books. Harding finished the game with 26 total.

The Chiefs team and cheerleaders at Turonis
During the cheerleading competiton, the Lakeland Cheerleading squad enthusiastically performed their cheer and dance portions of the competition. Nonetheless, the panel of independent judges determined the Chiefs to be the third best in the competition after the champions of Mid Valley and runner up in Valley View.

Game 1

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 16 20 15 10 61
Valley View 16 13 11 28 68

Game 2

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 16 8 11 10 45
Carbondale 13 10 17 20 60

Chiefs Fall Short VS Holy Cross

1/20/16 - Joseph Wanat

The Lakeland boys took a trip to Dunmore recently to face the Holy Cross Crusaders. The game, like many others this season, was highly contested through the first half. Tony Harding scored on a deep three-point shot to put the Chiefs in the lead going into the second half. The Chiefs performed as though they didn’t leave the locker room in the third quarter as they were outscored 18 to 3. With the large deficit that followed, the Chiefs took on the challenge headfirst in the fourth to close the gap. The defence’s intense pressure force many turnovers and transition points to bring Lakeland to within two points. The final minutes of the game crawled to the finish as fouls led to the eventual double bonus After the back and forth making of free throws, the Chiefs failed to convert a field goal which made winning, if not forcing the game into overtime impossible. Harding finished with 31 points, (coincidentally Harding plays as #31 for Lakeland) and sophomore Rodney LaBorde contributed eight in the loss.

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 16 11 3 19 49
Holy Cross 11 13 18 11 53

Track and Field Conditioning

1/15/16 - Madison Harding

It’s that time of the year again! The track and field team and the rest of the spring sports are preparing for their warm weather seasons to begin. Sports teams have already started working hard to make sure they are in peak condition when their competitions begin. Since the season starts and ends as quick as the 100 meter dash, the track and field coaches are looking for students who are ready to come to conditioning and be a member of the team.

The track and field teams at Lakeland are widely known for being very successful. They can thank all of their success to the runner’s and thrower’s hard work and dedication before the season starts. Track and field offers a variety of events so everyone can find an event they love. If you are interested in trying out the sport, conditioning is currently being held Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school.

Senior Santa Giftshop

1/15/16 - Ami Yanochik

It is important to give back to the community, but especially during the holiday season. Some families cannot afford to get presents for their children during Christmas and we should help those families who cannot. It is a great way to give back to the community and it would make some families day to have their children open up gifts on Christmas morning. Seniors at Lakeland High School achieved that and helped out families who really needed it this holiday season.

For their senior project, Katie Walsh, Marina Contorno, Conner Albino, and Jared Leri had a Christmas present drive for families in the community that could not afford gifts. The donations consisted of clothing and toys. The drive ran from November 18th to December 18th. Katie Walsh said, “We wanted to help families from our own community and school district have a great Christmas because some are not as fortunate as others.” The group ended up helping ten families, which totaled twenty-five children. The two teachers who assisted them throughout their process were Mr. Wagner and Ms. Allan. Mr. Wagner assisted in the elementary school by collecting money and donations, while Ms. Allan did the same in the high school. When asked how she felt about helping the families, Katie Walsh said, “It felt good to make these young kids’ Christmas wishes come true because if we did not do this project the children would not believe in Santa and would lose the magic in Christmas at such a young age.”

Holiday Powwow

1/15/16 - Kyle Hallisky

As the students of Lakeland were cheerful and happy for the upcoming holidays, Lakeland TRIBE team announced its first ever Holiday Pow Wow. The Pow Wow was on December 23rd, the half day before winter break. It a very nice way to start the holiday season for the Chiefs.

This Pow Wow was full of games and fun holiday themed activities. Aside from the Pow Wow, there was an NHS sponsored dodgeball tournament and a QR scavenger hunt. This year, the scavenger hunt had a little twist on it. Every time a student found a hint, they had to go to the area and compete in a “minute to win it” game. There was also activities for people who were not participating in dodgeball, including a hockey rink that was set up for the students enjoyment, which seemed to be a big hit! Many other games were also available for the students to play like festive bingo and gingerbread house building . Additionally, a holiday movie was available for the students to watch and many treats were served like hot chocolate and popcorn. The holiday pow wow was a fun and exciting way to welcome the holidays into Lakeland High School.

Help Desk

1/15/16 - Elisa Piraino

Today, technology is a huge component in the classroom. Using technology has many benefits, but like anything it has it has its’ downfalls. We are all familiar with computers and devices breaking down and glitching. Luckily we have a fix to this problem right in our own backyard! Mr. Phelps and his students run the Lakeland help desk. The help desk is a class where members of the Lakeland community can call in to have their broken devices repaired, and the students work together to fix them. Students like Seth Dippel love both the challenge of a new project and the feeling of helping somebody out. Seth said, “The best project we did, so far, was helping Mrs. Owen move her computer and upgrade her setup. She was very happy that we upgraded her monitor to a new one, it was really great.” The help desk is a very hands-on way for students to learn about the operations of computers and discover open doors for potential careers. You can contact the help desk by emailing Mr. Phelps with your computer needs!

Girl’s Basketball Pre-Season

1/15/16 - Madison Harding

The Lady Chiefs Basketball team recently opened up their pre-season with an exhibition game against Bethlehem Catholic High School. The girls got off to a shaky start during their first game of the year; there were many turnovers and easy points for the other team during the first half. After halftime the team exited the locker room with a look of determination. They were ready to persevere and prove that they could stay in the game. The game ended with a final score of 56-44 with Bethlehem Catholic winning. Kayla Agentowicz was the leading scorer with 20 points.

After their first tough loss, the Lady Chiefs prevailed with a victory against Tunkhannock. Scorers were Kayla Agentowicz, Brooke Estadt, Lindsay Jones, Haley Clauss-Walton, and Madison Harding. The score was 57-36. The team also traveled to Mountain View for their annual pre-season shootout. Each team at the shootout played two other teams. The Lady Chiefs had outstanding victories against Susquehanna and Northeast Bradford. They beat the teams by margins of 20 and 30. Keeping with their trend of huge victories, They beat The Honesdale Lady Hornets with a score 67-47. No one could get the ball past Brooke Estadt or Kayla Agentowicz. They had a combined total of 10 steals and 43 points. All of the wins were keeping the girls pumped up and ready to bring back the banner in the annual Lou Camoni Christmas tournament.

The Lou Camoni Christmas tournament is a battle of four hometown rivalries, the same weekend as all the boys and girls teams in the areas are fighting for victory in their rightful tournaments. Teams involved are Lakeland, Valley View, Carbondale, and Mid Valley. Last year the Lady Chiefs won and brought home the banner with pride, and had no trouble bringing it home again this year. In the opening game the Lady Chiefs brought down Valley View beating them 57-32 and sending them quickly to the losers bracket. Madison Harding and Brooke Estadt each had 12 points and Kayla Agentowicz led the team with 19 points. The championship game undoubtedly ended the same as the previous game. Lindsay Jones was a standout player with 8 points, 5 rebounds, and stayed aggressive on defense. The Lady Chiefs defended their title and plan to keep on the winning streak as they head into regular season play.

Lakeland Elementary School DARE Program

1/15/16 - Kaela Jennette

In elementary schools all across the United States, the D.A.R.E program has a mission and a vision to “teach students good decision making skills to help them lead safe, and healthy lives, and to live in a world in which students everywhere are empowered to respect others and choose to lead lives free from violence, substance abuse, and other dangerous behaviors.” D.A.R.E stands for “ Drug Abuse Resistance Education” (program), and is partnered with schools police officers and parents, in order to keep kids safe.

In our Lakeland Elementary Schools, students in grades five and six participate in the program. Students participating in the program learn about school and internet safety, drug legalization and use, community safety, bullying awareness, education, and prevention. Mrs. Hosie, a fifth grade teacher at Mayfield Elementary, who is formerly known as Ms. Case, was asked a multitude of questions about the program, and how it is run at the school.

During a D.A.R.E meeting, many different activities take place, such as; role playing, anonymous questions or advice or help with D.A.R.E related issues, open discussion with Chief Joe, real life examples, and a visit from high school peer mentors. When asked what she does for her students to get them involved in the program, Mrs. Hosie said that for as long as she can remember, Mayfield’s students have always participated in the program with police chief Joe Perechinsky of Mayfield. The teachers give their students permission slips that are sent home at the start of the school year to ensure parent approval for their children to take part in the classes. Mrs, Hosie also said that thankfully drugs and alcohol are not an issue amongst the fifth grade students, but it is important to teach them the dangers of using these substances.

Mrs. Hosie, and Mr. Tochelli, the other fifth grade teacher at Mayfield Elementary, appreciate the opportunity their students are given to take part in the D.A.R.E program. It gives their students a great foundation, and they hope it will continue to help them make healthy choices in the future, and throughout their lives.


1/15/16 - Maria Knutelski

Annie the musical was first performed on stage on August 10, 1976. Annie is a young orphan who lives in a terrible orphanage run by Miss Hannigan. Her life dramatically changes when she is picked to spend some time in the wealthy home of Oliver Warbucks. Molly Fawcett will be playing the lead role of Annie. Other roles are: Oliver Warbucks - Caleb Morgan, Miss Hannigan - Corey Davis, Grace Farrell - Brooke Stearns, Rooster Hannigan - Anthony Whitelavich, Lily St. Regis - Kayla Burns, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt - Lucas Osburn. The Lakeland Drama Club choose to perform Annie this year and it will take place on the following dates: Thursday March 3rd, Friday March 4th, and two performances on Saturday March 5th. The schedule is different this year than it was in past years to allow the cast to have an opportunity to attend other schools plays, such as Valley View and Mountain View. The Thursday performance was added and the Sunday performance was taken away so other schools students can attend our play also. Mrs. Carter, Drama Club Advisor, is waiting to hear back from two set design companies who will bid on the construction of the set. If anyone is interested in designing and constructing the set, you can contact Mrs. Carter at Come out and support our drama club as they put on another fantastic performance this year!

It's Time to Climb!

1/6/16 - Joseph Wanat

On November 12th, four Lakeland students (Danae Bertholf, Meghan Fawcett, Stephen Liuzzo, and Joseph Wanat) and their new advisor, Mrs. Valonis, took a trip down to the state capitol for the 79th annual PASC State Conference. The Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils chose Halifax Area High School to host this year. Due to renovations at the school, however, Halifax held the gathering at the nearby Harrisburg Hilton and Crowne Plaza Hotels.

The conference theme, “It's time to CLIMB”, challenges student leaders statewide to care, lead, improve, motivate, and build. Consequently, two of three speakers at the event have completed the inspiring accomplishment of summiting Mount Everest. In addition to the keynote speeches, delegates participated in student-organized workshops on various leadership skills, vendor sessions, and a multitude of presentations. Attendees were treated on the second day of the conference when Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf unexpectedly appeared during a second general session to speak. After a long day of collaboration and learning, a banquet dinner was held and followed by a dance. The Lakeland delegation, due to other commitments, returned Friday night, missing out on closing ceremonies. These student council members, nonetheless, were empowered with new ideas and ready to listen and act on behalf of their peers upon returning to LHS.

Our Resource officer went to great extremes to save a child's life.

1/6/16 - Isabella Muncie

Lakeland High School’s resource officer, Officer Rapoch, monitors each lunch everyday along with other teachers, but during the 7th and 8th grade lunch there was a scare. While students were socializing with their friends and enjoying their lunch, an 8th grade boy began to choke on a chicken nugget. As the boy ran to Officer Rapoch, he was grasping his neck; his face was a bright blue, and his eyes were watering. As a cop, he is trained to handle these type of situations, he ran over to the boy and gave him the heimlich maneuver, shortly after, the boy was fine and breathing well. The nurse then ran in and checked to make sure the student was okay. When asked about the situation Officer Rapoch said, “ That's my job; that's what I’m expected to do.”

Senior Solids 4

1/8/16 - Ami Yanochik and Kaela Jennette

Depending on your situation, career choice, grades, and future goals, a trade school or vocational school might be the right choice for you. Trades are always in high demand such as welders, hair stylists, chefs, etc. The steps needed to get into a trade school are similar to college, but it tends to be easier, and less financially damaging.

1.) Find a trade school with the programs you want. In addition, find a school that can meet your financial aid needs, and has a job placement program for after you graduate.

2.) Graduate from high school with your diploma or GED. An accredited trade school will require you to have your diploma or GED, and if you graduate with a low GPA, you may need to take remedial courses to be accepted into the school you choose.

3.) Complete the application. Trade schools have applications just like universities and colleges, but this application may ask you about previous jobs and education, and what field you are choosing.

4.) After your application is submitted and reviewed, you will most likely have an interview with an admission representative from that school. In this interview, the representative will help you figure out what program meets your needs and is best for you, along with helping you understand what their school is like and helping you with financial aid needs. Be sure to ask plenty of questions in this interview!

5.) In order to get into the trade school of your choosing, along with the application some schools require you take a standardized admissions test. It may be necessary to have a certain score in order to be accepted. Some common tests that are given are the COMPASS assessment, found here: ACT Compass and the Wonderlic, which can be found here: Wonderlic Admissions Assessments . Be sure to contact the school you want to go to, to see which test they require.

6.) Some trade schools require prior schooling, and an associate's or bachelor's degree in order to be accepted, especially if you’re going for advanced certification. Do thorough research and investigation on the school of your choosing to ensure it’s the right choice for you and your major.

Some more tips on trade schools, and what to do after high school can be found at and

Senior Solids 3

1/6/16 - Ami Yanochik and Kaela Jennette

If you don’t plan on going to college and want to join any branch of military,these are the steps you should take. is a great source to use to look at what to do.

1.) You should learn about the military. You should find out where you would go, what they do, and who they are.

2.) It’s a very important decision, so be sure that you are ready to dedicate yourself to your country.

3.) Be sure to look out for your career path. Decide what is the best way to go for you.

4.) Meet with a recruiter and find out what kind of information you would need before you go and meet him/her.

5.) Pass the ASVAB, which is a test you need to take to be in the military.

6.) Find the best job for you. When you join, make sure you are doing what you like. Look up overviews, tips to finding the right job, and try and find an interest matcher to find what you are interested in.

7.) Complete your process. MEPS: Find out about medical conditions, waivers, how to handle legal problems and more. MEPS determines the applicant’s qualifications.

8.) When you raise your right hand, which means you are swearing in, find out about the oaths you will be taking, the general orders you need to learn, military ranks and more.

9.) Get ready for bootcamp. Learn to prepare yourself mentally and physically for a challenge.

10.) Make the most of this experience. You are doing something great for your country and we thank you for that.

If you do decide to join any branch of the military, we would like to thank you.

Senior Solids 2: College Fast Facts

1/6/16 - Ami Yanochik and Kaela Jennette

So, you’ve chosen to go to college after high school. These are the things you should know, and things you should do leading up to your departure from high school.

1.) You should take the SAT’s or the ACTs - or even both.

2.) Be aware of deadlines.

3.) Be prepared for college applications and what each college requires.

4.) Once accepted, don’t let your grades drop. Some colleges might continue to check grades throughout the year.

5.) Make sure to come to school and to be on time; in other words, don’t let senioritis win.

How to take the SAT’s , ACT’s can be found at the College Board website. You can check the deadlines and other information of the college you choose either on that college’s website or on Naviance.

Senior Financial Aid Night #2

1/6/16 - Dana Beecroft

On December 21st, Mrs. DeQuevedo held a second information night for the seniors and their parents, on financial aid. Mrs. DeQuevedo brought in Linda Pacewicz, a representative from the PHEAA to host the information night for Lakeland. Pacewicz gave many seniors and their parents a wonderful opportunity to learn about FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and the rest of the financial aid process.

Pacewicz prepared a powerpoint to present to the seniors and their families. She explained how financial aid is important because it will help the students and their families to pay for their postsecondary expenses. There are two different types of financial aid you can sign up for, the gift aid and self help aid, Pacewicz explained what each of these aids were and how you could apply for them.

She also went over school applications, financial aid, and other scholarship deadlines. Each college has a different deadline, she suggested to watch out for deadlines so you do not miss any important ones, especially some federal deadlines that started on January 1st, 2016.

If you did not get to attend this financial aid night Mrs. DeQuevedo has updated the Naviance system so you can get a better look at what was reviewed. Listed below is the link to read Linda Pacewicz’s powerpoint.
Financial Aid 101


1/6/16 - Kyle Hallisky

On November 14, 2015 Lakeland Senior High School had their annual Semi-Formal dance. The theme this year was “A Night in Paris.” Lakeland’s sophomore class was responsible for setting up this year's semi, which took place at Genetti’s Manor in Dickson City.

To begin the night, Oaktree photography snapped pictures of the students in front of a star lit night containing a figure of the Eiffel Tower. After the photos were finished, students sat down and got ready to eat dinner. There was a wide variety of food ranging from different types of meats and side dishes including pasta, mashed potatoes and assorted desserts. After the dinner was finished , students took the floor to dance for the rest of the night. EJ the DJ was in charge of music and many of the students were satisfied with his playlist. Along with a great DJ, there was a photobooth for the student’s entertainment. It included funny props like crazy hats, sunglasses, and signs. Also, if you partake in any extracurricular, you and your team were allowed a group picture. As promised, semi also included a candy bar with assortments of candies and chocolates. Overall, this year's Semi was a big success and many seemed to enjoy the night.

Anatomy- Pig Heart Transplant

1/6/16 - Ami Yanochik

On December 10th, Ms. Mayer’s 7th period class performed a heart transplant on a pig. The class has been working extremely hard on the procedure; going through the steps throughout the transplant, learning how to tie knots, and learning how to suture.

The students first started out by setting up their work areas which consisted of; getting their pan for their pig, getting the pig, and assembling their dissection kits. The procedure started out by the students cutting the pig from the Adam’s apple to the umbilical cord. The pig had to be stretched out in order to see the heart and get to the vessels around it. The groups had to find out where the aorta, and the vena cavas were. When they found out where they were, they had to tie them off with a string to stop blood supply. The students were running out of time and didn’t have time to switch the hearts with another group, so the students finished the project on Monday.

On Monday the 14th, students finished getting their pig heart out and cutting the vessels to replace the heart with a new one. The students continued the heart transplant on Tuesday the 15th. They switched hearts with their assigned groups and began to place the new heart into the pig. The students had to line up the correct vessels and begin suturing them back together. When they were finished, the students had to suture the pig back up from the Adam's apple to the umbilical cord.

The students got to take a look at the heart and the different parts of the heart. It was a great experience for students to look at the inside organs of a pig and identify them.

Mock Trial Preview

1/6/16 - Dylan Smith

Longtime mock trial advisor at Lakeland, Mr. Barlow, has decided to step down from his position and reduce his involvement with the team in order to spend more time with his family. Even though this does not mean Mr. Barlow is gone for good, his surprising departure left the Lakeland Mock Trialers in a state of limbo, as for the first time an integral part of the team would not be returning to help in the same capacity he had in years previous. Advisors in the past include esteemed Lakeland High teachers like Mrs. Burke and Mr. Soltus, and of course Mr. Barlow; whoever decided to become Mock Trial advisor had large shoes to fill. Louise Ofcharsky, a teacher at Scott Elementary, has decided to take the position this year. Working alongside the team’s longtime attorney advisor, local family attorney Patti Rieder, and with assistance from Mr. Barlow, Ms. Ofcharsky will help the team prepare a case to compete in the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s annual Mock Trial Competition.

In addition to losing their respected advisor, Lakeland Mock Trial lost three veteran members of the team since last season as well. Curtis Reeves and Tyler Burns, who had been part of Mock Trial since their freshman year, and Daniel Brown, who had been playing a witness since his sophomore year, all graduated last year, leaving the team with two lawyer slots and a witness slot to fill. Returning lawyers Isabella Demyan and Dylan Smith plan to add two or three members to the lawyer team from the existing field of returning witnesses, members of the team who will need to learn the rules of evidence and reimagine the trial from a counsellor’s perspective. This will leave a few returning witnesses in their old positions, but for the most part the team will have to rely on newcomers to step up and play witnesses important to the case. Each side of the case has three witness roles as well as three advocate roles. Lawyers may either advocate for both sides of the case, or be exclusive to either the plaintiff or defense.

The PA Bar released the case materials to participating schools on Friday, November 6th. The “Mock” team, as they charmingly call themselves, has been meeting since then, and is eager to begin preparing the case for trial. The 2016 case is entitled Lilienthal Insurance, Inc. v. Natural Habitat Preserve, and revolves around a settlement paid to a young man injured on a fictional nature preserve located in the Pocono Mountains. Lilienthal Insurance is refusing to indemnify, or pay on behalf of, the settlement for the Natural Habit Preserve on grounds that the Preserve violated their policy with Lilienthal Insurance by modifying a drone that caused the injury, or intentionally used the drone to cause the injury. The team will prepare both sides of the case, and will be ready to advocate for either Lilienthal Insurance or the Natural Habitat Preserve.

Before the official competition in January, the team plans to attend the annual Blue and Gold tournament at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, where teams from around Pennsylvania will meet and compete over the course of two days in January.

Movie Review of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

1/6/16 - McKensie Shiner

The popular movie series The Hunger Games debuted in 2012. Around the globe word quickly spread, and movie tickets were immediately reserved. If you read the book series or have seen the previous movies, you would understand the anticipation of this movie, which was based on the second half of the the final book, Mockingjay. Mockingjay Part 2 was intended to be released November 16th, but at the Regal Cinemas in Dickson City, they do pre-release date shows. For this particular movie, they had showings on the Wednesday and Thursday nights of that week. Of course, no one can pass an opportunity to stay out late on a school night and see the latest movie of your favorite series, so a group of friends and I went, and let me say, it was AMAZING. For those of you not caught up on the three year series of events - it all started in Panem. Panem is the future version of North America. In Panem, there are 12 districts and the capitol. Each district, some bigger than others, has a specific resource they provided to the capitol and the entire population of Panem. The series is based on the Everdeen family, consisting of Katniss, her younger sister Primrose, and their mom. They live in District 12, which has the highest poverty of all districts. If you have disobeyed the capitol, (taking something that is offered to you that you didn’t earn yourself or any type of misbehaving), your name was put in a big jar and was mixed up with everyone who has also done so. If your name was one of the two drawn, you were automatically reaped into the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games was a fight to death, televised live for everyone in the districts to watch. If you win the Hunger Games, you are awarded a home in the Capitol. Due to the prevailing poverty in Panem, this was a big deal. In the first movie, Primrose was the girl chosen to be in the Hunger Games. Her brave older sister Katniss took her place, leaving behind her family and love interest, Gayle. Making a new friend Peeta, who was the other contestant from District 12, the two realized they had known each other longer than they thought, and immediately bonded over their long history of helping one another.

Fast forward four movies and Mockingjay Part 2 is out - and I’ve got your recap. Katniss won the Hunger Games and broke the rule of only 1 victor returning home after refusing to kill Peeta and attempting to eat poisonous berries together as an alternative. Katniss and Peeta grew closer and were forced into the Hunger Games again, 1 year later. After being placed in a stadium with the 23 other victors that have won the Hunger Games in the past, People from District 12 saved Katniss from her soon death, but the Capitol got a hold of her new love, Peeta. They finally reunite, but there’s a catch; Peeta was brainwashed to hate Katniss, just like the Capitol does.

The 4th and final movie is a thrilling fight; Katniss and her newly made friends versus the Capitol. Katniss, otherwise known as the Mockingjay, has wanted for the longest time to kill President Snow, the man who tried to get her killed in and out of the Games, countless times. Joining an alliance with District 13 President Coin, who was secretly trying to kill Katniss in the end, was a mistake Katniss had to pay for. A familiar face to all Hunger Games fans, Finnick, ended up dying along the way (not gonna lie, I cried, as did my friends). Don’t drop those tissues yet though; nearing the end of the movie, when Peeta finally gets out of his “I hate Katniss” trance, President Coin drops a bomb on the Capitol building, where Primrose ended up dying. Rest assured though, most of us got the happy ending we wanted. The last scene of the movie showed Katniss sitting in a field, looking over her new home, with a baby boy in her arms. Further down in the field, Peeta appears and is followed by a little girl, who chases after him. Presumably, Katniss and Peeta got married (as they once foreshadowed as a publicity stunt in a previous movie) and started a family. This ending was a major sigh of relief for anyone that is Team Peeta, and to anyone who isn't Team Peeta; wait.. is anyone out there really not Team Peeta? All in all, this movie met all expectations of a fan, and is a must see for anyone who hasn't gotten around to it!

Lou Camoni Tournament

1/6/16 - McKensie Shiner

On December 26th, the kickoff of the 10th annual Lou Camoni tournament started at 6pm. The first game consisted of long-time rivals Carbondale and Mid Valley. The game was a close fight, with the lead constantly switching. After 32 minutes of hard fighting, the Spartanettes advanced to the championship game and the Chargerettes were to play in the consolation game. The next game, played at 7:30 that night, was the Lady Chiefs versus the Lady Cougars. Like last year, the team matchups were the same. The Lady Chiefs came out on top, scoring 57 to the Lady Cougars 32. In the consolation game played 2 days later, just enough time to develop a well-established game plan, the Chargerettes took on the Lady Cougars. A battle between 3rd and 4th place, the Chargerettes rose up to score the 3rd place title with a 46-39 end to the game. In the later Championship game, the Chiefs fought for a second consecutive year victory. Ever since the championship banner was taken down a few weeks earlier, the girls were on a hunt for a win. Taking on their Mid Valley rivals was sure to be a tough task, but the girls knew that if they put their hearts into it, they could win. The Lady Chiefs finished the game and were awarded their banner and a trophy, with a 36-18 win.

Mr. Freeman 3D Cell Phone Case Project

1/6/16 - Maria Good

Technology is taking over the world. Thanks to today's engineers and scientists, you can now start your car with a press of a button, talk virtually with your friends and family through facetime on your iPhone, and print three-dimensional objects from your computer. So, what is 3D printing anyway? Last I knew printing involved paper. 3D printing is the process by which three dimensional solid objects are made from digital files. In order to make a three dimensional object, the 3D modeling software first slices the final model into thousands of horizontal layers. When the file is uploaded to the 3D printer, the object is then created layer by layer, blending each layer together with hardly any visible trace of the separate layers of material. What materials are used to make the objects you may ask? Well, many different materials can be used, but the most commonly used are ABS plastic, polyamide (nylon) and glass filled polyamide. Depending on the size and complexity of the object, it can take minutes or hours to complete a single project.

As technology is constantly changing and improving, education evolves. Many districts apply to receive grants for updated technology that can be used in classroom instruction. Recently, Lakeland was granted a $27,000 3D printer from Lockheed Martin to use in Mr. Freeman’s IED and civil engineering classes. One of Mr. Freeman's projects that he arranges with his engineering classes is the 3D cell phone case. Depending on the class, Mr.Freeman starts the project between the end of November and the beginning of December. Following the PLTW criteria and of course Mr.Freeman's own twist on things, the students break up into small groups and design a cell phone case that will fit their phone. This may sound like a simple task, but the project takes around two weeks to complete. Two class periods are dedicated to taking precise measurements and sketching a design for the case. After the drawings are complete, the students have three class periods to draw their design on Autodesk Inventor. When the design is complete the file is exported to the 3D printer, the file is then “printed”. Who knows, maybe one day you will be buying a cell phone case made by one of your fellow classmates here at Lakeland High School.

The school's 3D printer, housed in Mr. Freeman's room

Elementary School Virtual Field Trip

1/6/16 - Sara Wanat

The freshman class took a field trip to the Career Technology Center in Lackawanna County. The students took a tour around the school to look at the programs that CTC offers for the students of grades 10-12. CTC offers seventeen programs that prospective students can choose from. “It was a great experience to see all of the future careers you to get an education in while still in high school,” said Lindsay Rupp, a freshman who went on the tour through CTC. Although students have the choice to attend high school, CTC is a great route to take to get an additional education in any career you wish to pursue in the future.
Students who went on the trip to the local CTC in front of the bus

CTC Field Trip

1/6/16 - Sara Wanat

The freshman class took a field trip to the Career Technology Center in Lackawanna County. The students took a tour around the school to look at the programs that CTC offers for the students of grades 10-12. CTC offers seventeen programs that prospective students can choose from. “It was a great experience to see all of the future careers you to get an education in while still in high school,” said Lindsay Rupp, a freshman who went on the tour through CTC. Although students have the choice to attend high school, CTC is a great route to take to get an additional education in any career you wish to pursue in the future.
Students who went on the trip to the local CTC in front of the bus

Cards for Safyre

1/6/16 - Maria Good

Many children wish to see toys and gadgets under their tree on Christmas morning, but Safyre, an 8 year old girl who lost her entire family in a house fire two years ago wishes only for Christmas cards.

Back in May 2013, Safyre lost her dad, David Terry, and her three siblings(all under the age three) in an arson fire. While the flames engulfed her apartment, Safyre’s father hovered over her, protecting her from the flames and breathing in the hot air, which ultimately saved her life. While Safyre did survive, 75% of her body suffers from severe burns, which led to her undergoing more than fifty reconstruction surgeries. In the process, Safyre lost her right hand, left foot, and has facial disfigurement. Although she deals with many disabilities now she is happier than ever living with her aunt, Liz Dolder. Her aunt describes Safyre as the definition of hope, faith ,and love while waking up every morning with a smile on her face.

After hearing of Safyre’s Christmas wish, Mr. Scanlon shared her story with his English and Journalism classes asking his students to grant Safyre’s wish and make her creative homemade Christmas cards.

Morgan Romanowski: Artist of the Month

1/6/16 - Aleah Snedeker

As you know each month one student who shows exceptional artistic and unique skills is awarded Artist of the Month. For the month of November, this title was received by freshman, Morgan Romanowski. Morgan is fourteen and enjoys books, cartoons, video games, and drawing. She currently takes General Art, and was assigned a tessellation project. Tessellation is a repeating shape or pattern to make a design. She was rewarded for her outstanding work on her tessellation by being featured as Artist of the Month, and received much recognition for her accomplishment.

Morgan says, “Many of my friends and a lot of the students and teachers have congratulated me on being Artist of the Month, although many weren't surprised because I'm always drawing in my sketchbooks in school.” Morgan hopes to use her talents in her future to pursue a career in art. She is interested in pursuing graphic design, with hopes to one day create logos for companies and businesses. She says, “In the future I look forward to more sketching and 3D projects because I love drawing and working with things like clay and plaster.” For now, she is working on a color wheel project, drawing different characters using different colors on the color wheel.

Teacher Secret Santa

12/22/15 - Alyssa Meta

The students that flood the halls of Lakeland are not the only ones that bring energy and spirit to the school. Our teachers, faculty, and administration are just as involved as the students are expected to be. They show their spirit by participating in spirit week, powwows, and dress down days. The newest addition to the teacher activities this year is a teacher Secret Santa.

Mrs. Marino, one of our very ambitious teachers, came up with the ingenious idea of a teacher Secret Santa. She noticed how spirited our school has been, especially as the holidays are getting closer, and decided to elaborate on it. After noticing a group of 8th grade girls picking names for a Secret Santa, Mrs. Marino thought it would be great to put one together for the teachers, faculty, and administration. One had never been done before, so she thought it would build morale and camaraderie amongst the teachers. It helped create a great atmosphere and added to the definition of TRIBE.

To make this work without having their “secrets” exposed, Mrs. Marino found an online generator. On, all she had to do was list all of the adults that were going to be involved and the site automatically matched them up. An e-mail from the site got sent to each person involved, and informed them about who they would be gifting for this holiday season. Once they found out who they received, the teachers went right to work, figuring out what they were going to give. Some of them decided to make it even more fun by following “12 days of Christmas” and leaving an anonymous gift in their Secret Santa’s mailbox each day. The final gifts and gifters will be revealed on December 22, the same day as the Faculty Ugly Sweater Day, another way of making themselves more involved and spirited.

SH- Mariah Loughney

12/22/15 - Alyssa Meta

The idea of recruitment has always been one of the best ways to validate self confidence. You may relate this to your childhood when you’re trying to put together a game, in gym class when you’re trying to pick teams, or during high school when you’re looking to be recruited for a collegiate team. Not only does being chosen make you feel wanted and worthy, but it also validates your ability to yourself and to others.

Mariah Loughney was one of those privileged enough to be recruited and chosen by the college of her choice. She received an athletic and academic scholarship for $12,000 a year to play softball at Keystone College. With this, Mariah will be able to do what she loves, play softball, as well as attend a school that is convenient and close to home.

Everyone knows that Mariah has been an all star on the field both offensively and defensively. Up to her senior year, Mariah has been counted for a total of 42 hits, 31 runs, 31 RBI’s, 5 doubles, 1 triple, and a batting average of .297. Mariah also proved herself by being selected All Around Best Second Baseman in our division her junior year. Her high school softball career has been one to admire, but it’s time for her to take the next step.

Similar to any other high school senior, Mariah is reluctant to leave Lakeland but is more than ready to start the next chapter of her life at Keystone. Mariah said, “I have been dreaming about this ever since I was little - now I have the opportunity and I’m very excited.” If you see Mariah, be sure to congratulate her on her awesome achievement and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.
Mariah Loughney signing for Keystone

SH- Abigail Aniska

12/21/15 - Dana Beecroft

Abigail Aniska, a senior at Lakeland, has just signed a contract with Keystone College to continue her softball career there in the fall. On November 19, 2015, Abby committed to Keystone College. This coming fall she will be attending Keystone to participate in their softball program.

Abby's love for the game of softball began when she was 12 years old. She joined Lakeland’s recreational softball team and has been stepping up into bigger and better teams each year. She is currently on a travel softball team, a local Carbino team, and Lakeland’s high school varsity softball team. She has been playing for Lakeland competitively since 7th grade, and is inline for a captain position in 2106 season.

Abby has signed with Keystone to pitch for their team, as well as play outfield. prepare for this coming fall she has been training, going through running and pitching drills 2-3 times a week.

Abby says she is excited to move forward with her life and to still be able to play the sport she grew up with. She couldn’t be more excited that Keystone has found her and given her the to come play for them and attend their school.
Abigial Aniska signing for Keystone

Senior Solids: Senior Year Checklist

12/15/15 - Ami Yanochik and Kaela Jennette

It’s the second quarter and the school year is coming to an end. Seniors: here are some points to focus on for the rest of senior year.

1.) Regardless of what your plans are after high school, be sure to do your best your senior year.

2.) Make sure you take either the SATs or ACTs if you’re going to college, or the ASVAB if you’re going into the military.

3.) Always check college deadlines. It is important to stay on track and get your applications in on time.

4.) During the year, it is easy to get off track and not want to come to school at all, but you need to stay motivated throughout the year.

5.) Last, but not least, always speak with your guidance counselor throughout the school year to talk about deadlines, paths you can take, and what it takes to reach your future goals.

We're Getting Out Early!

12/15/15 - Joseph Wanat

The lack of snow and ice this time of year has been a surprise to all around Lakeland and the rest of NEPA. Wintry precipitation will soon descend from the sky and negative wind chills will wreak havoc across the valley. With the very first flake to fall (and each snowfall to follow), will come a familiar phrase throughout all of Lakeland High. Upperclassmen will utter the “We're getting out early” slogan we've grown used to. Most students will knowingly accept the joke and understand in most circumstances the statement describing early dismissal isn't true. Seventh graders, due to their unfamiliarity of high school norms, fall into the trap of the humorous rumor most upperclassmen have grown accustomed to hearing. Until learning of the hoax that the phrase implies, they spread the gleeful rant, only adding to the excited buzz in the halls.

To bring a serious situation to light, though, due to our atrocious winter climate, it is almost eminent that we have a closing due to weather conditions. This year, consequential to the teachers’ new contract, we have a new procedure regarding closings and how they are made up in order to achieve a state-regulated 180 school days. This great change accounts for why we went back to school outrageously early this year.

The way in which the 2015-2016 school calendar is organized is that there are five “built-in” snow days this school. (February 12, March 21-23, and May 27) In layman's terms, we currently will have abnormally long absences for President’s Day, Easter, and Memorial Day as mandated by Lakeland’s Board of Directors.Therefore, if there are any snow days before each of these breaks, these days will be deducted from the holiday breaks in order to make up the missed days.

As of now, the final day of school is scheduled for the third of June with graduation slated for a week later on the tenth. If there are fewer than six closings before the March school board meeting, commencement ceremonies for the class of 2016 will be initiated on the third. However, if all five of the built-in snow days are used, the district will make up days just as in previous years by adding them on to the end of the year, pushing both the last day and graduation back.

With winter coming, it is good to know that our school board has worked hard this year so that we may reach summer break as soon as possible. Though we went back an entire week earlier than usual, it will be worth it when Lakeland is out of session before any other district in the surrounding area.

A Bright Future for Lakeland Cross Country

12/14/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Lakeland Cross Country teams finished their seasons recently. This year taught the coaches and athletes alike how much dedication pays off. The season was plagued by the difficulties of few veteran returners.

The Junior High boys’ team ended the season 18 and 2 while claiming victories at the Cliff Robbins Sr. Invitational and Montrose Junior High Invitational as well. At the Vince Fedor League Championships, the combination of a cold morning and large field seemingly diverted the team from their usual high-placing pack in each race preceding. Noah Chup was Lakeland’s top finisher at the meet in 11:08. Medaling with him was Liam Osburn while his brother Luke, Nick Luizzo, and David Campell rounded out the top five for the Chiefs. The team ended up placing second in Class AA.

The Junior High girls’ team, though starting off slow with a start, finished the season with an outstanding overall record of 13 and 7. Like the boys team, the girls also claimed a second place trophy at the League Meet. However, the girls received their award in the Class A division. Sarah Uher was the top overall finisher for the Lady Chiefs, pacing a 13:24 in the championship meet. Izabella Chmil, Paige Miller, Kylah Erdman, and Anna Black brought brought in the top five spots for Lakeland.

The varsity boys, after much doubt going into the season, stepped up to end the season with a record of an even 10-10. Coach Tochelli earned his 100th career win during the final regular season meet of the year. Seniors Mike Arzie and Joe Wanat led the way and helped a young group sophomores including John Noldy, Logan Bednash, Jake Frazier, Dylan Kovaleski, and Tommy Cadwalader rise above and beyond expectations in their performances on the season. For his valiant efforts and numerous top five finishes on the season, Arzie was named a Lackawanna League 2nd Team All-star. At the District Championship meet, the team raced to an 11th place finish in the tough Class AA division which contained the two of the top three runners (Dominic Hockenbury- 1st, Matt Kravitz- 3rd) and the overall team champion (Dallas) at the PIAA State Championships.

Although no championships were won on what some consider the more important competition of varsity athletics, an influx of young talent overwhelmed the Jr. High level and pushed the teams to their best finishes in some time. The girls will continue to improve as many of the runners will return and run next year as eighth graders. Several freshman this season on the Jr. High boys’ team will be bumped into huge roles on a suddenly up-and-coming varsity team. Due to the current inexperience, but abundance of talent, the ability to play on a high level may seem like a reach. However, these athletes will look to rise up to any challenge and conquer any obstacle in their path; the future is definitely for the program is bright.

Elementary School Virtual Field Trip

12/14/15 - Maria Knutelski

Mrs. Bednash’s third grade class participated in the Scholastic Virtual Field Trip from the Wampanoag Tribe on Tuesday, November 23rd. Prior to this activity, students were learning about Pocahontas and John Smith in their Social Studies class. The field trip had to do with the first Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving was the week the activity was completed. Everyone seemed to enjoy the field trip and had the benefit of traveling back in time to see what life was like on the Plymouth Plantation. To participate, you had to go to the Scholastic Website and watch the projector. Mrs. Bednash paused the activity at times to discuss what was being talked about. The virtual trip was about two hours long, which was the perfect time so the students remained interested..

Toys for Tots

12/14/15 - Alyssa Albino

Toys for Tots is an organization that helps parents that cannot afford to buy their children presents for Christmas. It first started in 1947, and is run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve and founded by Major Bill Hendricks. They collect tens of millions of toys annually valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, nationwide. The Lakeland School District participates in this organization each year, and this year four of our seniors have taken on this task. Conner Albino, Marina Contorno, Jared Leri, and Katie Walsh are taking the opportunity to help back by doing the toy drive for their senior project. This year they're going to be helping ten families, containing twenty-five children between all of them. They are collecting toys, clothes, and monetary donations in all three schools. I recently spoke to Conner and Katie about why they chose this to be their senior project, and they both had amazing responses. Katie said,”It's a good way to give back to the Lakeland community making sure young kids’ Christmas wishes come true because some families are not as fortunate as others.” Conner followed with,"I think our school kind of acts like a family because of how close everyone is, and it would be wrong not to help a family member out when in need." The toy drive kicked off on October first and will conclude on December twenty-third. Please donate new, unwrapped toys or clothes to the boxes located around your school.

SADD State Conference

12/14/15 - McKensie Shiner

On the fifth of November, a small team of students awoke quite some time before sunrise to take a trip to Lancaster, PA. These dedicated students were en route to the 2015 SADD state conference and could not be happier or more tired. Upon arrival, the students, Senior Vice President Nic Cicio and Juniors Karlee Vaverchak, President Kerri Armstrong, Abby Samuelsen and McKensie Shiner, and advisor: Mrs. Valonis, school guidance counselor, were overwhelmed at the kindness of the staff and SADD state representatives. We first picked out a complimentary t-shirt and enjoyed breakfast while listening to some popular songs out today. The first speaker introduced a man named Lee Rubin. Rubin used to play for Penn State football, and now has an interest in public speaking. The SADD students listened to his inspiring speech, which touched on three points: identity, setting lofty goals, and embracing diversity. After listening to an inspiring story by a young lady that used to struggle with depression, an award was presented to a fellow SADD advisor that presented her the Advisor of the Year award. Breaking away from the large conference room, we were allowed to attend three group sessions. The five students first visited a room with a woman who spoke about her past drug addiction. She was accompanied by a team of state representatives who dealt with drug issues throughout Pennsylvania. When the woman (and her drug-abusing mom), were caught, she was offered a position to speak about her experiences and give young SADD students an inside look at the costly effects of drugs. She held nothing back, and took the time to answer all questions anyone had. She concluded that she is thankful for the officer (who was present), that saved her from her life-altering habit. She even opened up about her four year old daughter and how she is finally the mom that her daughter always deserved.

Afterward, the students headed to their second session with the same woman who spoke earlier about her struggle with depression. The room was so full of admiring students, many had to sit on the floor! She spoke more intently about her life, and inspired students to speak up about their struggles. Although she is not sure what she wants to do with the rest of her life, she said she enjoys her two dogs more than anything in this world, and she loves being able to communicate her struggle to the youth, and offer a helping hand to them. Closing, she had everyone in the room write down something they are currently struggling with, though some students took the opportunity more positively by writing quotes they enjoy accompanied by their struggle, or even writing about things that help them when they do struggle.

Heading to their third and final session, there was a bit of competition in the air. The students took their seats and were joined by two other students they had never met, but quickly bonded with. The two additional students brought their side to a total of seven, for the highly anticipated Jeopardy team. Asking questions about drugs, driving, and simple statistics on teen life, the two adults running the game modified the normal rules, made their own board, and ran the game. And of course, the Lakeland team, along with 2 friends they made on the way, proved their knowledge and won, getting to pick a prize from the prize table. Deciding on foldable frisbees and gym bags, they headed back to the conference room to meet up with their awesome advisor and eat lunch. The remainder of the conference was spent in that very room, playing games and dancing. The students were SAD(D) to leave, but took the opportunity well, coming home and influencing their peers every day since. Great students are what we are, and Students Against Destructive Decisions is a title we live by.

Lady Chiefs Legacy

12/14/15 - McKensie Shiner

Around the same time that the snow falls, so do our shots. This season, the Lady Chiefs basketball team is looking to have just as many upsets as last year. Although the girls have the advantage of not losing any players due to graduation, the team is small, having exactly 10 girls for some of their early season practices. The girls recently scrimmaged West Scranton and Holy Cross in a tri-tournament and proved to have good ball movement and came out on top for the win-loss ratio. The team consists of 4 seniors: Kayla Agentowicz, Taylor Flynn, Lindsay Jones, Morgan Shiner; 4 Juniors: Madison Harding, McKensie Shiner, Katie Retzbach and Brooke Estadt; 4 sophomores: Lauren Cunningham, Haley Clauss-Walton, Jordyn Flynn, and Jenn Bjork; and 2 freshman: Cheyenne Dippre, and Mikayla Marino. The team totals 14, but with a sport as physical as basketball, you must account for injuries. The girls are excited to have a number of members that played last year, and the same coaches - Coach Walton (Varsity) and Coach Kraky (Junior Varsity.)

Lakeland Elementary School DARE Program

12/14/15 - Kaela Jennette

In elementary schools all across the United States, the D.A.R.E program has a mission and a vision to “teach students good decision making skills to help them lead safe, and healthy lives, and to live in a world in which students everywhere are empowered to respect others and choose to lead lives free from violence, substance abuse, and other dangerous behaviors.” D.A.R.E stands for “ Drug Abuse Resistance Education” (program), and is partnered with schools police officers and parents, in order to keep kids safe.

In our Lakeland Elementary Schools, students in grades five and six participate in the program. Students participating in the program learn about school and internet safety, drug legalization and use, community safety, bullying awareness, education, and prevention. I interviewed Mrs. Hosie, who is formerly known as Ms. Case, and a fifth grade teacher at Mayfield Elementary. I asked her a multitude of questions about the program, and how it is run at the school.

During a D.A.R.E meeting, many different activities take place, such as role playing, anonymous questions or advice or help with D.A.R.E related issues, open discussion with Chief Joe, real life examples, and a visit from high school peer mentors. When asked what she does for her students to get them involved in the program, Mrs. Hosie said that for as long as she can remember, Mayfield’s students have always participated in the program with police chief Joe Perechinsky, of Mayfield. The teachers give their students permission slips that are sent home at the start of the school year to ensure parent approval for their children to take part in the classes. Mrs, Hosie also said that thankfully drugs and alcohol are not an issue amongst the fifth grade students, but it is important to teach them the dangers of using these substances.

Mrs. Hosie, and Mr. Tochelli, the other fifth grade teacher at Mayfield Elementary, appreciate the opportunity their students are given to take part in the D.A.R.E program. It gives their students a great foundation, and they hope it will continue to help them make healthy choices in the future, and throughout their lives.


12/14/15 - Molly Fawcett

As a TRIBE member at Lakeland High School, students are recognized for being “Brave” by receiving a TRIBE ticket. But how are students showing it? Three students that received these tickets in November have been chosen to speak on what it took for them to be recognized.

8th grader Giana Good recently was given a TRIBE ticket by Miss Lewis for volunteering to dance in a fellow student’s video presentation. “Whenever there is an opportunity to get up and dance, take advantage,” Giana said, metaphorically, when asked to advise students on how to be brave. “The TRIBE program is a great form of encouragement because the prizes at stake are pretty sweet.”

Madison Munley, also an 8th grader, had been given a TRIBE ticket by former teacher of the month, Mr. Bachak, for answering a question in class confidently. “The answer was completely wrong, but I still didn’t hold back from sharing what i thought was right with the class.” When asked on how a student can be brave, Madison said to “Keep doing you, & don’t hold back!” Madison believes that the TRIBE program had encouraged her to answer.

Junior Kayla Burns was also recognized for being brave last month. “Although I was nervous to potentially get our class behind schedule, I raised my hand in Chemistry and asked if I could have more time to work on a problem.” Her AP Chemistry teacher, Mr. Soltus, responded simply with a red ticket. “The TRIBE program is a beautiful, simply beautiful program. It makes even your simplest achievements seem important.”

Spanish Field trip

12/2/15 - Alyssa Meta

Lakeland’s Spanish Department has found a way to make Spanish fun inside and outside of the classroom. Whether it be with videos, games, or sing-along songs, our Spanish teachers always know how to keep us interested in the language. Every year, Mrs. Sledzinski and Mrs. Shayka take seniors, juniors, and sophomores to see a culture show called the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet. As in the past, the performance took place at Nanticoke High School, whose administration welcomed schools from all around our area to come and enjoy the production. Our students left Lakeland at approximately 8:30 a.m. on Friday, November 20 to make their way to Nanticoke. Although they only had time to watch one show, the students returned back to the school by 2:30 for the end of the school day. Mrs. Sledzinksi and Mrs. Shayka ended the day by taking the students to La Tonalteca and Krispy Kreme, where they enjoyed nachos, tacos, and donuts.

Each dancer in the production was native to a Latin American country like Argentina, Brazil, or Colombia. They represented their cultures by performing a dance famous in their country. Some of the dances included were the Flamenco, the Salsa, and the Rumba. The performers interacted with the audience by having them clap, sing, and dance along. At the end of the show, they brought students and teachers on stage to follow along with another traditional dance. The trip enabled Lakeland studentsto learn more about the Spanish culture while having fun.

No Smoking!!

12/2/15 - Alyssa Meta

Students of SADD during their No Smoking day
If you walked into Lakeland High School on Thursday, November 19, you would have been met with a sea of bodies in black. To raise awareness for The Great American Smokeout, a campaign launched by the American Cancer Society to challenge smokers to stop smoking the students and staff at Lakeland dressed in all black to emulate the look of “black lungs.”

The members of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) wore signs displaying statistics about the dangers of smoking, like “Cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths each year in the United States.” The idea of this was not to scare people, but simply to raise awareness.

Mrs. Valonis, SADD advisor, summed up the day by saying, "Last year, our SADD members received the TATU (Teens Against Tobacco Use) training sponsored by the American Lung Association in anticipation of the Great American Smokeout. This year, we wanted to implement some of the ideas that were discussed and continue to work towards our club's goal - increasing awareness and supporting each other to make healthy decisions. Hopefully, with the BLACKOUT, students and faculty will know that they aren't alone and are supported to quit using tobacco. We want more birthdays, less cancer!"

Listen Up: MI Ear Diagrams

12/2/15 - Madison Harding

The ear diagram drawn by MI students
The Lakeland Medical Interventions class is currently submerged in an in-depth lesson about the ear, all its parts, and all of their functions. This past week they have researched the ear extensively. They are learning about the pathway sound takes starting from the outer ear, and how it is transmitted from vibrations to neural messages. They are also learning about several different diseases and dysfunctions of the ear that can develop. After teaching all there is to know, Ms. Mayer decided to challenge her students.

Walking into class, Ms. Mayer randomly divided the students into two groups and hit them with a surprise attack announcement that they would be competing against each other on who could draw a better giant and explanatory diagram of the ear. Students not only had to draw and color all the intricate parts of the ear but also had to label the parts and explain the pathway of sound through it. Judging on who created the better diagram was up to the people of twitter. A picture of each diagram was tweeted off Mrs. Valonis’ twitter on November 25th. Liking the picture of your choice counted for one vote, and voting ended at midnight on the 26th.

After the polls were closed, and votes were tallied, results showed that “Option A” won! Members of this group included: Kyle Hallisky, Madison Harding, Sadie Morgan, Hannah Amico, and Kerri Armstrong. Their prize for winning the competition was having the privilege of downloading the Windows 10 software onto their class laptops. This will help them get assignments done more quickly and easily in the computer-based class! Both diagrams are displayed in the commons and a picture of the winning diagram is shown below.

Hot Air Balloons

12/2/15 - Isabella Demyan

What comes to mind when you think of the words “hot air balloon”? Is it, perhaps, the famous movie, The Wizard of Oz? It could be, but when you hear the words “hot air balloon”, you should think of Mr. Saxton, and Mrs. Stephens' seventh grade library class.

Every year, Mrs. Stephens and her seventh graders take on a research project. Her class covers the fundamentals of learning how to research and cite different sources. The seventh graders are responsible for researching a topic, and presenting it in some way. Last year, Mrs. Stephens and her class built boats and raced them in rain gutters. This year, the seventh graders researched hot air balloons and built them out of tissue paper and wire. Mrs. Stephens got the idea of building hot air balloons from Mr. Saxton and Mr. Freeman. Mr. Saxton owns a hot air balloon company, and actually offered to bring in his own life-size hot air balloon.

After the kids did their research, it was time for them to fly their balloons. On November 20th, Mrs. Stephens’ class gathered outside of Mr. Freeman’s and Mr. Saxton’s rooms with their hot air balloons. They used propane gas to heat the air in the balloon in order to lift it off the ground and into the air. Unfortunately, it was too windy and cold on November 20th, so the balloons didn’t stay in the air for long. On Tuesday, November 24th, however, it was just calm enough at eight in the morning for some of the balloons to take flight.

On November 24th, before the seventh graders’ hot air balloons took flight, Mr. Saxton had brought his own hot air balloon to school. He talked to the kids about how a balloon works. He also explained how there are many different shapes and sizes of hot air balloons. With each balloon, there are specific rules that have to be followed. In Mr. Saxton’s balloon, he could only go to a certain height with the balloon, and it can only fly for an hour. Other balloons can go higher and fly longer. Mr. Saxton also explained that flying a hot air balloon doesn’t involve just one person; he has a crew of four people who each have a specific job in the balloon’s flight and landing. Mr. Saxton described how he first got into hot air balloons. He said that he learned to fly a hot air balloon at a very young age. After working with Mr. Saxton and flying in a hot air balloon, Mr. Freeman also became interested in balloons. When Mr. Saxton got his balloon ready to go (although he didn’t get to fly it since he had classes to teach), the class helped Mr. Saxton and his crew put the balloon away afterwards. That morning the seventh graders got a little taste of what it takes to own and fly a hot air balloon.

Mrs. Stephens had the idea of researching hot air balloons after hearing so much about them from Mr. Saxton and Mr. Freeman. Mrs. Stephens has even been in a hot air balloon herself. When asked how she liked it, she said “It’s fun. It’s neat to see everything.” After researching and building hot air balloons, Mrs. Stephens’ seventh grade class’s work paid off. They got to fly their own hot air balloons, as well as see a real hot air balloon. That Wizard of Oz made flying a hot air balloon a lot easier than it actually is; Mrs. Stephen’s seventh grade class and Mr. Saxton can atest to that.

Coach Tocelli Earns 100th Win

12/1/15 - Joseph Wanat

Cross Country is a sport of endurance, strategy, and split-second decision making. These characteristics are not limited only to the athletes competing, but to their coaches as well. To reach any milestone, a coach must persist season after season, through the good and the bad, and prepare their athletes to be the absolute best they can be.

Coach Jason Tochelli became the third head coach of Lakeland Cross Country team following the retirement of his father, Phil, (whose namesake embellishes a plaque on the Lakeland Wall of Fame) in 2007. Heading into the 2015 season, the fifth grade teacher at Mayfield Campus had compiled 90 varsity boys’ team record wins in his coaching career. He had already matched the his legendary father's number of District titles during the 2013 season.

The 2015 season was an up-and-down year for the program. Heading into the final regular meet of the season, the varsity boys’ team had achieved a record of eight wins and nine losses. The race, held at Lakeland Jr/Sr High, was contested against Mid Valley and the much larger schools of Scranton and West Scranton. The Chiefs took 2nd, 5th, and 7th overall to claim victories over the Spartans and Invaders. The result was a .500 record on the season for the team and Coach Tochelli’s 100th win at last. This accolade reached by Tochelli, he says, would not be possible without the hardwork and dedication of his athletes.


12/1/15 - Joseph Wanat

It is quite commonplace that many high schoolers, both at Lakeland and outside alike, seek to earn a little spending money from a part-time job. Usually these jobs, involve places that pay under the table (that is without having to take out taxes) or at one of the many restaurant chains around and near the district like Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s. However, some students get the rare opportunity to work for Reaper’s Revenge.

Reaper’s Revenge, initiated just a few years ago on the outskirts of Montadale, has become the premiere haunted attraction in all of Northeast Pennsylvania and beyond. Its impeccable theatrics and scare maneuvers would not be possible without some of Lakeland’s very own students. Working every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through the weekend hours of the morning from the end of September until Halloween weekend is no easy task.

Junior Sean Sears is one such employee of the local business. He used to be a “roamer” who jump scared customers waiting in line for the attraction. This year Sears is one of the living dead at the Zombie Paintball attraction.

“It's definitely worth doing. If you're 18 and can stay up late nights it's a great job to have! They [Reaper’s Revenge] are always changing up what they do each year,” says Sears.

Due to the age restriction for employment at Reaper’s Revenge, wandering around the woods on the chilly October nights are Philip Podhyski, Mikey Taldo, and Shayne Lee. Although their persona may not apparent behind the masks they adorn. Reaper’s, nonetheless, helps to employ the youth of Lakeland School District and provide a unique opportunity simultaneously.

Class Ring Ceremony

12/1/15 - McKensie Shiner

The tradition of getting a class ring has been around for many years. The tradition began with the class of 1835 from West Point Military Academy. The students wanted a way to remember their class. On November 3rd, members of Lakeland’s Junior class received their rings from the Balfour ring company. The class ring is worn for years to come and symbolizes your best high school memories. A student can get anything they want on their ring, including: their name, the year they graduated, hobbies, and extracurricular activities. The centerpiece of the ring contains each of the 12 birthstones for every month. Students have the option to get their own, or to choose a different one. The class of 2017 are to turn their rings 17 times. Important people in your life turn the ring one rotation (towards the pinky). The last person to turn the ring turns it towards your heart and “locks it.” Students are to wear the rings toward their bodies and to turn them the opposite way when you graduate.

Mrs. Marino, the junior class advisor, helped with setting up the ring ceremony. Lakeland’s Junior class officers, Katie Retzbach, Cameron Bullet, Lucas Snedeker, and Philip Podhyski, also assisted in helping with the ceremony. The officers read about the origin of the class ring, the Lakeland Crest, and the correct way to wear the ring. The students were then called up to the stage one by one to receive their rings. To conclude the ceremony, the student’s opened their rings in unison and put them on.

Scholastic Team Places First in Small School at Ithaca Tournament

11/24/15 - Dylan Smith

The scholastic team at Ithaca Fall Brainbusters
Lakeland’s Scholastic team visited Ithaca High School on Saturday, November 14, to participate in the Brainbusters Fall Competition. Lakeland brought juniors Ty Nichols, Sal Marino, Steve Liuzzo, and Sophomore Michael Goerlitz to Ithaca, where after competing in ten rounds, advanced to the small school championship. Lakeland came out victorious in the championship round, placing first in a field of sixteen small schools that participated in the tournament. Championship at the Brainbusters tournament qualified Lakeland to participate in the small school National Quizbowl Tournament in Chicago. Ty Nichols was also recognized as a 2015 Brainbusters All Star at the tournament. 10 of these awards were given out: five to the top scoring players at the tournament, and five to one player from each of the five top teams. Lakeland looks forward to travelling to Chicago to compete on the National level in the spring.

Halloween Powwow

11/23/15 - Madison Harding

Students take selfies during the powwow
Halloween is a time for candy and scares, but more importantly spooktacular TRIBE morale. Throughout the halls of Lakeland High, the Chief spirit haunts students to make them as respectful and excellent as possible. The TRIBE Team surprised all of the students by announcing the Halloween themed PowWow at the end of the day before it would be held. There was a thrilling video released that highlighted all of the great TRIBE-like behavior and great student involvement. After all the hype from the first PowWow, it was crucial that this one would top it, and that it did.

Kids came to school the day of the PowWow ready to have fun and represent their grade. They entered the building shocked by the festive and scary decorations that filled the commons and hallways. The decor helped to build up their enthusiasm. After all lunches, the school was called into the auditorium so all of the different activities could be introduced - then students went on their way.

Students participating in activities
This PowWow featured many activities that were far different from the first PowWow. DJ Vitz was stationed in the dark and eerie commons mixing party songs and playing all the new pop hits for students to dance to. In the auditorium and main hallway were an abundance of challenging games for students to compete against each other in. Some games featured were jack o’ lantern mini golf, KaBroom, spider ring toss, and toilet paper races. Poltergeist and Ghostbusters were two movies being shown if you did not want to play any of the games. Mr. Barlow was running games of bingo in the cafeteria, giving students a chance to win cool prizes. Fall treats, such as s’mores, apple cider, and hot chocolate, were available to be enjoyed by all of the students. All around the school were multiple dress up “selfie stations” where you could take Halloween pictures!

Students participating in activities
At the end of the PowWow, all of the tickets were counted and results were announced the next morning. The freshman class prevailed this quarter and are presenting their class as a big threat when it comes to spirit week points. The current spirit week standings are posted outside of the guidance office and it is a tight race as of now. This ghouly PowWow was a success and definitely promotes spirit and friendly competition between all the grades. Good luck to all of the classes as the year goes on and may the Chief Spirit be ever in your favor.

Veterans' Day Assembly

11/23/15 - Ami Yanochik and Dana Beecroft

On November 10th, Mrs.Burke, Ms.Lewis, and the National Honor Society held an assembly to honor the veterans. The school wanted to thank the veterans for their service and show the school's appreciation for them. The assembly was held in the school’s auditorium. It started off in the morning with Lakeland’s NHS members and other volunteers holding lit candles to lead the way for our veterans. After the veterans walked onto the stage, they lead the pledge and the chorus followed by singing the National Anthem.

This year’s guest speaker was Mr.Pigeon. He talked about his experience with the Air Force. He presented each of his sons, Joe, Matt, Tommy, and Michael, with a plaque. Each veteran in attendance had their name, what branches they were/are in, and any medals they received called out. When they were all called, the whole school stood up and applauded.

The band ended the assembly by playing a series of patriotic music. Each branch of the military has a different song, so when the veterans heard their branches song, they stood up and saluted. The band kept playing until all of the veterans walked out. After the assembly was over the veterans and their families were invited to stay for refreshments in the library.

The assembly is normally run by Mrs. Burke, and this is her last year doing the assembly, She has been putting on the assembly for eight years now. Ms. Lewis will be taking over next year, and she stated, “The assembly went well and working on it gave her a better idea of everything that goes into pulling it off without any problem.”, Ms, Lewis said that, “The assembly is her favorite one of the year and she was happy to be a part of it.”

The Start of a New Basketball (Cheer) Season

11/23 /15 - Isabella Muncie

Basketball Cheerleaders are getting excited for the basketball season but are also very nervous for the Turnois Competition held every year. Captains Ami Yanochik, Kristen Hlavaty, Abby Aniska, and Amanda Imbalzano will be responsible for choreographing a dance for the competition. The competition is at the Carbondale Area High School, December 26, 2015. They started preparing for the basketball season in the middle of october, practicing stunts, cheers, and jumps for their upcoming season.

Who are the girls that are part of the Lakeland Basketball cheer team? Seniors/Captains: Abby Aniska, Kristen Hlavaty, Amanda Imbalzano,and Ami Yanochik. Seniors: Kaela Jennette, and Cheyann Borsheski. Juniors: Isabella Muncie, Kayla Pollack, Miyah Pliska, Kateri Kleinbauer, Elizabeth Golosky, Brooke Thomas, Brooke Grover, Abby Compretta, Adrianna Vilgos, and Molly Fawcett. Sophomores: Maria Good, Elisa Piraino, Danae Bertholf, Tiffini Kalt, Leah Loomis, Reece Wormuth, Ashley Mullen , Regina Tochydlowski, Annie Yurgosky, and Jessica Beecroft, Team Captains Ami, Abby, Amanda, and Kristen worked hard to prepare new members of the cheer team.

This year there is a new addition to cheer: a JV basketball cheer team, The Co-Captains of the team are Cheyann Borsheski, and Kaela Jennette. The girls who are apart of the JV basketball cheer team are freshmen Lily Anuszewski, Ashley Noone, Danielle Snyder, Kaitlyn Thomas, Sara Wanat, and Julia Cheresko,

On basketball and football cheer, they do the same things but in different ways. One example is that on basketball and football cheer, they do “Run Outs,” when the members of the team you are cheering for run through two lines made up of cheerleaders, On football, the ends of each line have two girls up in a stunt holding a sign from each end, and the football players run through the sign onto the field. In basketball, the cheerleaders will do two cheers for the basketball players to run through.. Both basketball/football cheerleaders will go to the sidelines and continue cheering. Football cheerleaders stand the whole time on the sidelines, while basketball cheerleaders sit on the bleachers and cheer, Before the cheerleaders sit and cheer, they walk under the basketball hoops and do things called “ Blah, Blahs.” Blah blahs are when the cheerleaders will jump and or stunt each time they announce a basketball player's name. In basketball cheer, they alternate performing out on the court, While in football, every time there is a time out they do a cheer and stunt. There are similarities and slight differences on each cheer squad, but both are fun for all girls on the team!

Lady Chiefs vs. Wyoming Seminary

11/18/15 - Maria Good

On October 30th, the Lady Chiefs played their first playoff game against Wyoming Seminary at Lakeland’s stadium. Winning the league a few days earlier gave the girls the confidence and motivation they needed to come out on top and advance to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, the Lady Chiefs had a slow start. The girls entered halftime with a score of 0-0, but after a quick motivational speech from their coach, they knew they needed to make something happen - and fast, in order to advance to the semi finals and ultimately get to the district championship. In the 42nd minute Rhiannon Berghauser received a pass from Sam Calachino and fired a shot giving the Lady Chiefs a 1-0 lead. In the 51st minute Taylor Flynn took it down the field and shot, giving the Lady Chiefs a 2-0 lead. Holding Sem for the rest of the game, Taylor Flynn shot again in the 79th minute giving the Lady Chiefs a 3-0 victory over Wyoming Seminary. In the 53rd minute, Taylor Flynn headed Brooke Longstreet's corner kick in making the score 2-0. In the 58th minute Taylor Flynn made almost the same exact play she made 5 minutes earlier and headed Brook Longstreet's corner into the net making the score 3-0. With only 30 minutes to play the Lady Chiefs held the Meteors the rest of the game making the final score 3-0. The Lady Chiefs will advance to the semi-finals against Montrose Lady Meteors. The Lady Chiefs will also play Mountain View at Scranton Memorial Stadium in the District 2 Class A title game.

District Championship- Lakeland Lady Chiefs vs. Mountain View

11/18/15 - Maria Good

On Tuesday 11/5 the Lady Chiefs traveled to Scranton Memorial stadium to take on their long time rivals, the Mountain View Lady Eagles, in the District 2 Championship game. The girls could not be more excited, making it to districts was the ultimate goal, and playing against their rivals made for a tough interesting game. Seeing their home crowd dressed in red, blue, and white motivated the girls for the game to come. Not only did the girls want this championship for themselves and for the program, but for the seniors especially. Knowing this could be their last game together gave the girls all the motivation and confidence they needed to win this game. Three minutes after the whistle was blown, Rhiannon Berghauser received a long ball from Jordyn Flynn, dribbled down the field, and shot giving the Lady Chiefs a 1-0 lead. However, twenty seconds later, Mountain View took the ball right back and scored, tying the game 1-1. In the 13th minute Rhiannon Berghauser received a pass from Taylor Flynn and fired a shot taking their lead back and making the score 2-1. The Lady Chiefs held Mountain View for the rest of the half, and into the second half, until the 67th minute when the Lady Chiefs unfortunately scored for Mountain View on an own goal tying the game again, 2-2. Ending the game with a tie of 2-2 led the Lady Chiefs into a ten minute overtime. In the 94th minute, Taylor Flynn passed the ball to Rhiannon Berghauser who dribbled by Mountain View’s defenders, shot and scored, giving the Lady Chiefs a 3-2 victory over the Lady Eagles. The Lady Chiefs were announced district champs. The girls could not be more excited. They worked for this moment the whole season, and beating Mountain View for the third consecutive time this year made it all the better. The Lady Chiefs then advanced to the state quarterfinals, which would be played against York Catholic.

SH Abby Chase

11/13/15 - Elisa Piraino

Abby Chase
Giving back to the community is something forgotten by many teens,but not freshman Abby Chase. Abby is currently the youngest female member of the Artisian fire department in Jermyn. Abby’s father is the Captain, assistant chief, of the department and got her involved with the cadet program seven weeks ago.

With the cadet program Abby serves as a junior firefighter and is involved in the trainings, meetings,fire preventions, and the company’s annual Good Friday fish dinner. Abby says she plans to stick with the company and eventually make a career of it!

Lady Chiefs Softball Fundraiser

11/13/15 - Rachel Decker

The Lakeland Lady Chiefs Softball team is selling Fun Pasta to support their team, as well as to help out some important charity foundations. This fundraiser will continue until November 18, 2015, when pasta sales are due. The softball program will receive up to 50% of the profits from the pasta sales. a portion of the profits go to autism and breast cancer research, or to support American troops overseas. A majority of the pasta is “Personality Pasta,”,which comes in a myriad of fun shapes. You can buy pasta shaped as princesses, pirates, ABC’s, cats, dogs, and other fun forms. There are also college themed pasta for many state schools. Meringues, holiday cookies, mac & cheese, and several soups and chilis are available as well.

All of the pasta, except for the gluten-free Tagliolini, is made up of 100% durum wheat or whole wheat and uses only “All Natural” vegetable powders for coloring, except for the collegiate pasta. It is perfect for the holidays and it has great gift boxes to take advantage of. Share the brochure on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail, and if you give the credit to us the Lady Chiefs will get 40 % of the sales if you buy directly from the company, at until December 17.

Mrs. DeQuevedo's Info Night for Seniors

11/13/15 - Ami Yanochik

On October 14th, Mrs. DeQuevedo held a parent information night for the seniors and their parents. She spoke and informed them about the Naviance system. She also explained basic timelines for college admissions and the financial aid processes.

Mrs. DeQuevedo prepared a powerpoint presentation that provided information to parents about how to assist their children throughout the college application process and make the process go smoothly. She suggested that parents should be supportive, but not complete applications for the student. Mrs. DeQuevedo shared tips for the students as well: to stay organized, stay on top of deadlines, and to apply broadly but limit applications. She then told parents how to access the Naviance site through the school website. Naviance is a program that allows students to request recommendation letters, transcripts, and take other steps in the application process without having to physically go to the guidance office. As Senior students can be overwhelmingly busy during application season, Naviance can be a helpful tool to streamline the process and make things easier for our guidance counselors as well.

The Naviance program has links to college websites like the NCAA, FAFSA, PHEAA, The College Board, ACT, ASVAB, CSS Profile, and the Common Application. Mrs. DeQuevedo believes that Naviance is an excellent tool for parents and students, who “can use it to research careers and link those careers directly to colleges while offering the opportunity to save that information,The personal and career assessments alone are invaluable. Combined with the transcript and recommendation submission and tracking processes, the system is more than complete. Any student can track their application process from anywhere at any time.”

Penguins Game

11/13/15 - Brooke Stearns

On October 28th, the Lakeland Chorus once again performed the National Anthem at a Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Penguins game. It has become a yearly tradition for the chorus to sing at one of the team’s hockey games at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Many members volunteered their time to come represent Lakeland and show their support as a member of the chorus. This experience is a great way for the members to feel what it is like to perform in such a large arena, while allowing the audience to enjoy a performance of the National Anthem. Performing in this type of setting is a great way to represent the entire Lakeland School District. Chorus members always encourage everyone to attend as a way to represent Lakeland and enjoy supporting the Penguins.

Haunted Halls

11/13/15 - Brooke Stearns

After three years, Haunted Halls was once again successfully completed at the Jermyn Borough Building. The National Honor Society spent two days setting up for the event that took place on October 25-27th. The students that took part in this event spent a lot of time planning and transforming the borough building into the spooky Haunted Halls. Mr. Soltus, the advisor of NHS this year, was directly involved in all of the organizing to help make Haunted Halls run as smoothly as possible.Throughout the entire event, there were no major problems - thanks to his eye for detail. Corey Davis, NHS President, and Collin Cooper, NHS Treasurer, also had large roles in overseeing the creation of Haunted Halls.

All parts of the Haunted Halls were run by students, whether they were a part of NHS or not. There were setup and cleanup crews, tour guides, and students running the rooms themselves. The pillars that were used to create the actual rooms were built by Tyler Jones and Joseph Wanat. The rooms had a variety of different themes, each having their own style. The themes included asylum, creepy christmas, dollhouse, and many more. Each room was run by a different group of students that used the expanses of their imaginations to make the rooms as scary and realistic as possible. Community members that came to Haunted Halls seemed thoroughly impressed by the rooms and the overall experience. Haunted Halls has once again become a successful and fun charity event run by the NHS that will continue to scare in the years to come.

Lady Chiefs vs. Wyoming Seminary

11/13/15 - Maria Good

On 10/30 the Lady Chiefs played their first playoff game against Wyoming Seminary at Lakeland’s Stadium. Winning the league a few days earlier gave the girls the confidence and motivation they needed to come out on top and advance to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, the Lady Chiefs had a slow start. The girls entered halftime with a score of 0-0, but after a quick motivational speech from their coach, they knew they needed to make something happen - and fast, in order to advance to the semi finals and ultimately get to the district championship. In the 42nd minute Rhiannon Berghauser received a pass from Sam Calachino and fired a shot giving the Lady Chiefs a 1-0 lead. In the 51st minute Taylor Flynn took it down the field and shot giving the Lady Chiefs a 2-0 lead. Holding Sem for the rest of the game, Taylor Flynn shot again in the 79th minute giving the Lady Chiefs a 3-0 victory over Wyoming Seminary. The Lady Chiefs will advance to the semi-finals against Montrose Lady Meteors. In the 53rd minute, Taylor Flynn headed Brooke Longstreet's corner kick in making the score 2-0. In the 58th minute Taylor Flynn made almost the same exact play she made 5 minutes earlier and headed Brook Longstreet's corner into the net making the score 3-0. With only 30 minutes to play the Lady Chiefs held the Meteors the rest of the game making the final score 3-0. The Lady Chiefs will play Mountain View at Scranton Memorial Stadium in the District 2 Class A title game.

Final Exemptions

11/13/15 - Kyle Hallisky

Have you ever been in a situation where your opinions have been disregarded just because you're younger than another person? Although this often happens, Lakeland’s TRIBE leadership team has considered ALL students’ requests many times this year. The idea of being exempt from a final was appealing to students and teachers, so the school's decision to exempt a student from a final has been confirmed under certain conditions.

In order for a student to be qualified for exemption, a student cannot get a write- up. Also, the teacher must agree to have their classroom be a “final free zone.” One consideration is that all 4 quarter grades and the midterm are weighed heavier, meaning that not taking a final can actually not be beneficial if your grades were low in that subject.If you get no behavioral interruptions, you will receive a pass to hand to your teacher during the final, exempting you from it. Make sure to receive no minors and majors and keep your grades up! By seeing the sign below, you can ensure that the class is “final free.”.

Lady Chiefs vs Mountain View Game 2

11/12/15 - Maria Good

The Lady Chiefs ended their regular season with a record of 8-1. Tying for first place in their division with Montrose and Mountain View, who also had one loss, a coin toss was the deciding factor of what team would get the buy and automatically be placed in the championship game. Unfortunately, the Lady Chiefs lost the coin toss, and played Thursday the 22nd against Mountain View under the lights at Dunmore stadium. The girls were excited and ready to take on Mountain View for the second time. The Lady Chiefs worked hard and held the ball on Mountain Views’ half of the field for most of the first half, but it wasn’t enough. Going into the second half of the game, the score was still tied at 0-0. For the next 40 minutes the Lady Chiefs fought for a goal, but ended the second half with a tie of 0-0. The Lady Chiefs then entered the first 10 minute overtime, still with no score. Entering the second overtime, the Lady Chiefs knew they would have to score, or they would be forced to go into a PK shootout. After playing 100 minutes of soccer with still no score, each team picked 5 girls to kick for the PK shootout. Chosen to kick for the Lady Chiefs were: Sam Calachino, Taylor Flynn, Brooke Longstreet, Kristin Hlavaty and Jordyn Flynn. The PK shootout was tied 3-3, each goalie allowing 3 goals and 3 saves. Lakeland then chose 5 more kickers for the Golden Boot round. Chosen to kick were: Aleah Snedeker,Jess Beecroft, Maria Good, Emily Sashko, and Elena Tomcykoski. The first team to score won. Mountain View took the first shot, which was saved by goalie Emily Sashko. If the Lady Chiefs made the next shot they would win the game. Jess Beecroft took a shot to the upper right hand corner of the goal and scored giving the Lady Chiefs a 1-0 victory over the Lady Eagles. The Lady Chiefs will play in the League Championship game at Scranton Memorial Stadium against the Montrose Meteors.

FBLA State Leadership Workshop

11/10/15 - Lindsay Jones

On Sunday, October 25th, six students from Lakeland’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter took a road trip to Penn State University for the FBLA State Leadership Workshop. The six students included: Dylan Smith, James Eskra, Maria Merrigan, Lindsay Jones, Cameron Bullet, and Isabella Demyan. The conference was two days long, and consisted of six workshops, along with guest speakers who opened and closed the conference. In addition to bringing together future business leaders to learn and network, another goal of the workshop was to raise money for Pennsylvania Ronald McDonald House Charities. The fundraising goal was set at 45,000 dollars. Following motivational speaker Kent Julien’s keynote address about drive and success, the students headed to their workshops. On Sunday there were four workshops that were each 42 minutes long. There were a myriad of workshops that covered many topics in business and personal success. Some of the topics covered were: dressing for success, finance, online security, the future of business, women in business, and leadership. There were even some fun workshops like an FBLA BizBowl, a Money Marathon, and a workshop that talked about life working at Google. After the four workshops all the FBLA chapters checked-in to their hotel rooms, and went out for dinner. Lakeland’s FBLA chapter headed to Champ’s for a quick dinner, then went back to the hotel to relax.

On Monday, the conference continued. The opened the day with guest speaker, Jason Lucash. Lucash is one of America’s top entrepreneurs, so it was interesting to hear his input on success in the business world. After his message, some students went out for breakfast, but most went to their final session which was an hour long. Following the final session student’s headed back to President’s Hall for Shark Tank which was hosted by Jason Lucash, who was previously on ABC’s Shark Tank, and was successful because of it. Four groups of students from other schools thought of a new product and presented it to the judges and all of Pennsylvania’s FBLA members in attendance. After all groups presented their ideas, 500 students voted on a winner. To end the conference they announced the winners of the gift baskets that were donated by multiple FBLA chapters. Lakeland’s basket was donated by Nibbles & Bits. Following the gift basket auction they announced the amount of money raised from the workshop for the Ronald McDonald House.

Throughout the conference the Lakeland FBLA members were able to connect with other members from other schools around the states, and create new relationships. Lakeland hopes to attend the FBLA state workshop next year and bring new students along so they can too learn about the business world.

Student Assistance Program

11/9/15 - Alyssa Meta

Looking for help? Do you have a friend that may need help? The SAP team can help! According to Lakeland’s official SAP brochure, the Student Assistance Program is a systematic process using techniques to mobilize school resources to remove barriers to learning. The SAP program includes school staff and liaisons from community alcohol and drug and mental health agencies.

Lakeland’s SAP team consists of Mrs. Trichilo, the school nurse, Mrs. DeQuevedo and Mrs. Valonis, the school counselors, Mrs. Keen and Mrs. Massino, teachers, Mr. Pivirotto, the assistant principal, Officer Rapoch, the school resource officer, Mr. Laskosky, from NHS Human Services, Mr. Villano, from Lackawanna Drug & Alcohol, and Mrs. Carroll, our school truancy liaison. Because the Student Assistance Program is a state program, the group of 10 leaders had to go through state training in order to have a position in the program. The team works to help schools identify students who are experiencing academic or behavioral difficulties that act as barriers to their success in school. Their goals are to help students get back on track, remain in school, and succeed. Along with directly helping and supporting the student, the SAP team also works to offer support for the students’ family.

In order to express your concerns about a student, you can refer them via the school website or by submitting a form into one of the Student Assistance Team Referral Boxes located around the school. Referrals are totally confidential and anonymous and can be submitted by teachers, peers, parents, or community members. If you have any concerns at all, the SAP Team highly encourages referrals, according to one of the team members, Mrs. Trichilo. Once they receive the referral, the team follows up by asking the teachers, guidance, and principal if they have seen observable changes in the student because they cannot act without hard evidence. After that, they share the information with the students’ parents to notify them about the referral and see if they’ve noticed anything different at home. Following that, the SAP team could recommend a mental or behavioral assessment. If a student is referred, they have the choice of going through with the process or not. If the student chooses not to accept help, the team does nothing at all. Last year, the Student Assistance Program received 57 referrals, and so far this year, they’ve received 20 referrals, Some groups that are included in the program are “Normal, But Bumpy,” a group for 7th and 8th graders who are having a rough time adjusting to high school, and a “Smoking Cessation” group for identified smokers. Each group usually last about 10 weeks. Mrs. Trichilo said, “We are proud of our SAP team. We feel like we are making a difference one student at a time.”

Girls' League Championship Game

11/9/15 - Maria Good

Once again the Lady Chiefs made their way to the League Championship game for the second year in a row. Coming off a win from Mountain View, the girls were hoping for a different outcome than last year when they played Mountain View in the league championship last year. The girls knew they had to be first to the ball and give a 110% effort in order to win. The girls got off to a slow start, but with only 20 seconds left in the first half Sam Calachino received a pass from Rhiannon Berghauser and shot giving the Lady Chiefs a 1-0 lead over the Lady Meteors at the half. The girls knew not to get too comfortable with their lead. They needed to put another one in the net fast. About 20 minutes into the second half Jessie Cunningham fired a shot giving the Lady Chiefs a 2-0 lead. Keeping the lead the rest of the game, the Lady Chiefs were crowned the champions of their league. Now onto playoffs!

Students Trustworthy at Lakeland

11/6/15 - Dana Beecroft

Some people find it really hard to be trustworthy. Trustworthy means to be relied on or dependable. Being trustworthy shows good character. Many kids at Lakeland have good character because they are trustworthy. Here at Lakeland we have T.R.I.B.E tickets. Each ticket has the meaning of what T.R.I.B.E stands for, Trustworthy, Respectful, Involved, Brave, and Excellent. They are given out to students by faculty and administration if they notice the student has done something that demonstrated T.R.I.B.E. ideals. Next to what T.R.I.B.E stands for are little boxes to mark what part of T.R.I.B.E they performed. Then, the tickets are to be put in a bucket and collected each week. Out of all the tickets I picked four that were marked trustworthy. These four students, Collin Clauss-Walton, David Fazio, Emily Pollack, and Michael Arzie. I asked them a few questions about why they received their “trustworthy” ticket.

Out of the many students to get a T.R.I.B.E ticket, Collin Clauss-Walton’s ticket was the first to get picket for trustworthy. Collin received his ticket from Mr. Vadala. He received it for being quiet in his class. Collin thinks that T.R.I.B.E is awesome, he believes being trustworthy is handing homework in on time. Collin knows his classmates can be more trustworthy like him if they follow the B.Y.O.D and listen to their teacher's directions.

David Fazio, an 11th grader, was the second ticket to be picked. David got multiple trustworthy tickets from different teachers. He says he mainly got them from being nice to his teachers and helping other students who have gotten in trouble. David thinks T.R.I.B.E is a great program so far, and believes it is working for most students. He believes to be trustworthy is to behave and respect others. He believes his classmates can be more trustworthy like him by not cheating on tests, doing their homework, and always telling the truth.

Emily Pollack, a 7th grader, was the third ticket to be chosen. Emily received her trustworthy ticket from Ms. Allan. Ms Allan gave her her ticket for returning a lost T.R.I.B.E ticket. Emily thinks being trustworthy means to be more responsible. She believes her classmates can be more trustworthy if they act more responsible.

Michael Arzie, a 12th grader, was the last to get picked. He received his ticket from Mrs. Pietryka for being honest with her. Michael thinks T.R.I.B.E is a great program. Michael believes being trustworthy consists of completing all tasks and completing them in a way the other person asks you to. He thinks that his classmates can be more trustworthy if they do what their teachers ask them to do. Michael also believes they should never take advantage of their teachers.

Trustworthiness is a great thing to achieve. Congratulations to these four students who are cooperating with the T.R.I.B.E program, keep it up!

Morgan's Movies

11/6/15 - Dana Beecroft

Morgan Shiner, an LHS senior, has won the NEPA Football Best School Spirit Video Award. Since the beginning of football season, Morgan has been video taping all of the football games here at Lakeland. She has been collecting some of the football team's best moments, their biggest games, and their pep rallies.

Morgan’s video on the Valley View football game and pep rally won The Best School Spirit award. She highlighted how big of a rivalry game it was for the football team and captured some of their best plays. Also, Morgan included Lakeland’s student sections showing school spirit for the team, they were shaking pom poms, chanting for the team, and holding up signs. Another video Morgan made for the school covered homecoming weekend. She introduced everyone that was on the homecoming court and presented clips of the homecoming game and the dance. She highlighted who won homecoming queen and king as well. At the end of the year, Morgan plans to make one huge video out of all the football games along with other senior moments and activities that will occur throughout the year. She hopes to play the video for the seniors on the night of graduation so they can all look back at the memories that were made.

Lakeland vs. Honesdale

11/6/15 - McKensie Shiner

With the season’s end nearing, the Chiefs are met with a difficult task: make the best of the rest. Most of the team is normally made up of seniors, which triggers high emotions towards this time every season. The boys wore their hearts on their sleeves in this recent game against Honesdale. Though the Hornets scored first in this game, it was apparent that the Chiefs would make a comeback. After Honesdale scored their first 7 points, Eric Ferko showed the Hornets how the Chiefs were coached to play. Collin Cooper kicked the extra point, tieing the game. Starting the second quarter, senior, Zach Polito, caught a 37 yard pass from the Chiefs’ junior quarterback, Jake Gross. Again, Cooper kicked the extra point, as he did after every touchdown, and the Chiefs gained a 7 point lead. Soon after, Lowry ran 1 yard for another Chief touchdown. With a 14 point lead, the Hornets snuck in one more touchdown but did not receive the extra point. Stuck at 13, The Chiefs soared past them with a final score of 49 points. Late 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter scorers include: Garth Estadt (92 yard kickoff return for touchdown along with a 4 yard touchdown run). Ferko, again, (for a 2 yard touchdown run), and Gross (for an 11 yard touchdown run). The Chiefs played a hard game, bringing them closer to the district playoffs in a few weeks.

Mr. P

11/4/15 - Adrianna Vilgos

Commonly known as "Mr. P", the newest teacher in town wins the award for "Lakeland's Most Difficult Name to Pronounce". We've all had our fair share of mispronouncing names, but trying to say his name definitely takes the cake! Aside from wondering how to say his last name, if you've ever wondered what Mr. Piwowarczyk teaches at Lakeland, how he came about doing what he does for a living, or what he does in his free time, then you're in luck.

First things first. HOW DO YOU SAY THIS MAN'S NAME?! In a recent interview, Mr. P had explained that the best way to describe how to say it "P-WOW-R-SICK". Now that that's out of the way, what exactly is it that Mr. Piwowarczyk teaches at Lakeland High? He is the new ILSP (integrated learning specialist program) teacher for juniors and seniors. Something about being a teacher just stuck with him. He knew this was what he wanted to do every since his senior year in high school. To pursue his dream, Mr. Piwowarczyk attended Marywood University for a year. After settling on this college, he had a quick change of heart and switched to Cortlan for his associate's degree. To get his bachelor's degree in social sciences of education concentration, he once again changed colleges and transferred to Ashford U, but then decided to add another college in the mix (for good measure, I suppose) and King's college was the place. He attended King's just long enough to get his complete teacher certification and then he was OUT. Good for him, he finally became a certified educator on earth! Eventually, Mr. P figured out his one thing against the human race was the fact that everyone takes everything so seriously. To avoid being one of these overly serious individuals, he relaxes with a nice cup of iced coffee from Dunkin, his current favorite being pumpkin!

He has a blast teaching at Lakeland, with the help of the amazing faculty and their helpfulness and kindness, and the participation of his awesome students! One thing he has learned along the way is to be kind, caring and understanding in order to be a top notch teacher, however, it's hard to be all of those things when your classroom is a million degrees, but he holds up well. That being said, the heat in his room and the issue of it getting hotter as the day progresses is his only complaint as a teacher.

Aside from teaching, his alternative dream job would be to be an Olympic throwing coach for track and field. For now, he's content with just being an average, everyday teacher like the rest of his coworkers. Mr. Piwowarczyk is allergic to pets. He doesn't have any for that reason alone, meaning his life must be pretty boring when he isn't working, right? WRONG. In his free time, he coaches football and track and field for Western Wayne High School (gasp!! What a traitor!). At the end of the day, he wouldn't want it any differently, and would certainly NEVER run for president because he's too young and it's too pricey! What a guy!

Cavalcade of Bands

11/4/15 - Isabella Muncie

On Wednesday October 14th, 2015, Lakeland High School hosted a Cavalcade. This Cavalcade was put together by two seniors, RJ Bonham, and Anthony Whitelavich. RJ and Anthony put the cavalcade together for their senior project. I spoke with Bonham about why they decided to organize a cavalcade to fulfill their project requirement. “We put it together for our senior project because we are both in band and we like cavalcades. We haven't had one at our school for a few years so we thought it would be a good idea.” He added, “It was tough to organize, [and] there was a lot of work to do. We had to get information together to send to all the bands we had to design and order shirts make the schedule for the event coordinate with administration at the school, and the band parents and assign band members jobs to do at the event.” Rj said that the day of the event went almost exactly as planned. There were ten bands, including Lakeland, and everyone's performance was excellent. Everyone who is a part of band looks forward to cavalcades because you get to see all the shows and celebrate music and all of the hard work each band put into their show. All the money they have collected will be donated to Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, They raised $1,000. They didn’t have a goal but they raised way more than they expected. Rj has been apart of lakeland marching band for 5 years, and plays the snare drum and is the leader of the percussion section. Anthony has been a part of lakeland marching band for 6 years he plays the trumpet and he is the brass section leader.

Three Screen Assembly, Be Amazing!

11/3/15 - Isabella Muncie

This year’s three screen assembly theme was BE AMAZING. Everyone wants to be amazing- we talk about it, desire it, and even make an effort everyday to be it. At the end of the day, though, not too many students follow it. Those who do amazing things are passionate about what they do, and are inspired to perform at their very best. They learn how to self-discipline by working hard and managing their time wisely. and won’t be caught doing bad things such as smoking , doing drugs, or drinking alcohol- because they are aware of the negative consequences that those things bring into your life. Amazing people don’t let bullies and criticism hold them back from achieving their personal goals. They know their limits, and they don’t blame their limits on their failures. Amazing people learn from their mistakes and move forward, reaching their full potential. BE AMAZING! is a program that will encourage students to strive to be their personal best each day and leave behind legacies they can be proud of each day.

Chiefs get Snapchat Geofilters

11/3/15 - Madison Harding

The lakeland chiefs snapchat filter
Snapchat is a popular social media app that allows users to chat through pictures. The app is booming with popularity among teens and even spreading to the adult community. There is a feature called “My Story,” where you can post a picture that everyone you are friends with can see. There are frequent updates coming out that add new and fun aspects to the app all the time!

Recently, the company started to allow independent artists and designers to submit original filters to be used as overlays on pictures taken in specific locations. On the website, they can choose how widespread the area in which the filter can be accessed.. Lakeland has two original filters of its own. Cassidy Jenkins, a Lakeland alumna, created the first filter which says “The Tribe” and features feathers. The other filter was submitted by Jessica Kozlosky and displays “Lakeland Chiefs” over two arrows. When students in our school and other schools see one of the filters being used, it promotes Chief pride and The Tribe spirit!
The lakeland tribe snapchat filter

Lady Chiefs vs. Mountain View

11/2/15 - Maria Good

On Thursday, October 8th, the Lady Chiefs took on the Lady Eagles at home. The Lady Eagles are a long time rival of the Lady Chiefs, and having not beaten them in 5 years, the girls’ knew it was going to be a tough game. Frankly, this was one of the biggest games of the year and in order to win the lady chiefs had to work hard and score fast. As soon as the whistle was blown the Lady Chiefs were on fire. Ending the first half, with no score, the Lady Chiefs had possession for most of the game. They were working hard and stringing passes together, they just needed to put the ball in the back of the net. After a stressful first half, Taylor Flynn received a perfect cross from Corah Krantz and scored giving the Lady Chiefs a lead of (1-0). With only a one goal lead over the Lady Eagles the girls knew they had to finish the game by playing tough defense and driving the ball up field. Keeping the lead the rest of the game, the Lady Chiefs defeated the Lady Eagles (1-0).

Lakeland vs. Dunmore

11/2/15 - Cody Rupp and McKensie Shiner

The team on the sidelines
As football season carries on, the Chiefs only have a few games left. One of those was Dunmore, played on October 16th. The first quarter was a hard-fought 12 minutes for both teams. The Bucks had a 90 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. Five minutes after that, the Bucks regained the ball and scored another touchdown, a 2 yard run. The Chiefs answered with an 18 yard touchdown by Michael Lowry, and the extra point was kicked by Collin Cooper. An uneventful second quarter led the teams into the locker room with a thirst for action. In the third quarter, Babcanec ran a whole 70 yards to give the Chiefs a touchdown, with Cooper finishing the drive with an extra point. Dunmore hustled for another touchdown run, and with the stakes remaining high, Dunmore scored one last touchdown in the 3rd quarter. The Chiefs continued to fight, but didn’t come out on top. With one last touchdown by the Bucks in the 4th quarter, the Chiefs couldn’t make a comeback. The final score was 33-14. After a tough loss, The Chiefs are keeping their heads up to take on Honesdale next week.

Boys' Soccer Quarterfinals vs. Holy Cross

11/2/15 - Maria Knutelski

On Thursday, October 29th, the Chiefs pulled out to win 2-1 against the Holy Cross Crusaders. The boys had a slow start, which was unusual for them. In the first 40 minutes of the nail biting game, the Chiefs were down 1-0 . Fans were on the edge of their seats and were hoping the Chiefs could come back and put the ball in the back of the net. Graeme Nichols was the first to score for the Chiefs. The go-ahead goal was from Lucas Snedeker which led the Chiefs to a victory. Michael Besten and Jerry Borosky both had assists. The semi-final game is Monday, November 2nd against Montrose.

Boys' Soccer First Round of Playoffs

11/2/15 - Maria Knutelski

The Chiefs worked hard all season to earn the #1 seed in this year's playoffs. Last season they lost in the semi-finals and are looking to make it to the district championship game this year and stay unbeaten. The first round was played on Tuesday, October 27 at our home field. The Chiefs have played Riverside previously, defeating them 13-0. The boys racked up the goals in this game also, beating the Vikings 14-0. Michael Besten had a hat trick and Ethan Cortes had two goals and two assists. Senior, Collin Cooper, also added two goals to help lead the Chiefs to a dominating victory. Other scorers include Graeme Nichols, Lucas Snedeker, Jerry Borosky (2 goals), Jack Flynn, Shayne Mizok, and Armen Rissmiller. The boys will continue on to the quarterfinals on Thursday to play Holy Cross.

Artist of the Month

10/30/15 - Aleah Snedeker

Every month, one remarkable student who demonstrates outstanding artistic abilities is chosen as Artist of the Month. For the month of September, the talented Celine Twardzik won this award.

Celine is currently taking 2-Dimensional Art, and was assigned a project based off of a picture of her favorite person. “I had a lot of people in mind for this project but eventually decided to use a picture of a musician I took at a concert I went to the week before the assignment”, says Celine. Celine began by making a sketch, and then painted the picture on a piece of distressed cardboard from the art room. After completing the project, she was rewarded with Artist of the Month because of her exceptional artwork and talent. Celine says, “Other than receiving the title, you do receive positive recognition from your peers and from past and present teachers, which is the greatest thing any artist can ask for.” Celine is a very passionate artist and truly deserves this amazing title. She plans on attending Marywood University as an art major with hopes of someday being an art teacher. Celine describes herself as “...a quiet, underground kind of person [who can] never seem to describe what kind of artist [she is], because [she has] yet to find an art style that is aesthetically pleasing to [her].” After this big accomplishment Celine continues to work to keep producing more astonishing artwork. She has lots of personal projects in mind, but is trying to manage to find time to complete them. Celine was well-deserving of Artist of the Month, demonstrating excellent hard work and determination.

James Eskra Awarded Scholarship

10/29/15 - Alyssa Meta

Some people at Lakeland tend to forget that academics are just as important as athletics when it comes receiving scholarships. Being the quarterback of the football team or being a track star isn’t the only way to be recognized. Students who are very hardworking and dedicated may be considered for an academic scholarship or award. To receive a Bausch + Lomb Honorary Science Award, you must show science and math achievements that are above and beyond, as well as impressive GPA scores in Science courses. One of Lakeland's’ counselors, Mrs. DeQuevedo, contacted Mr. Soltus about the opportunity for a student to receive this scholarship.

Mr. Soltus, a member of Lakeland’s Science Department, proposed the idea that the student who receives this award should be in an AP science course. He thought that “those students pushing themselves in AP courses would be most worthy for the scholarship.” The department completely agreed with Mr. Soltus, allowing him to begin his search for the most deserving student.

James Eskra, who was a Junior in Mr. Soltus’s A.P Chemistry class at the time, was selected for the scholarship. Mr. Soltus believed that James showed “impeccable lab work” throughout his AP Chem course. The fact that James was interested in attending Rochester University finalized Mr. Soltus’ decision. He submitted his recommendation to the Guidance Department, and Mrs. DeQuevedo finished it off. When he found out that he had received this scholarship, James Eskra was ecstatic. He knew that being chosen meant that Mr. Soltus thought that he was the most worthy. With receiving this scholarship also comes a better chance of being accepted into Rochester, which has only a 36.4% acceptance rate. To be given a $40-80,000 scholarship for a school that is ranked 49 in the U.S. University Ranking 2015, is incredible. If you see James Eskra, be sure to wish him your congratulations on his awesome achievement!

Powderpuff Game

10/27/15 - Alyssa Meta

the 7th and 8th grade game
It’s been two weeks since the infamous Powder Puff games have taken place! Between the concession stand and admission sales, the event was a successful fundraiser for the junior class. Students, teachers, and families piled into the bleachers on Saturday, October 10, in the freezing cold to support students from every grade.

The seventh and eighth grade game started off the night with some aggressive blocks and high-speed touchdown runs. The seventh graders represented themselves in light grey t shirts as the eighth graders wore royal blue and eye black. The seventh grade ended up beating the eighth grade 18-12- talk about an upset! Following that game came the freshmen against the sophomores. The freshmen were all “decked out” in black and pink, while the sophomores sported light blue and eye black. We knew it was going to be an intense game when the sophomores ripped through their sign that said, “Sophomores! It Ain’t fresh Out Here man.” They ended up shutting down the freshmen, 35-14. Once the hype from that game died down, the hype for the junior/senior game rose up. When the juniors ran through their sign that said “Seniors, Bring 17 On” and the seniors through their sign that read, “Beat the Jealous Juniors,” the tension between the two grades rose even higher. The both teams kept the same colors that they identify themselves with for spirit week; juniors in green and seniors in red. The juniors lost all confidence as the game progressed. Both teams played very well and very hard, but the seniors were more prepared. They ended up making the game a shut-out, beating the juniors 28-0.
The seniors entering the field.

There’s no need to worry though, because every grade received spirit week points, even if they lost. Winning grades received 2 points and losing grades received 1. It wasn’t about who won or who lost, or about who received the most points, it was about who had the most fun. After all, it was a FUNdraiser! The juniors successfully hosted an event that raised a lot of money and got a lot of people involved. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped to make Powder Puff a great night, and of course, congrats to the winning teams!
the 9th and 10th grade game
All images credit: Mrs. Sledzinski.

Lakeland vs. Dunmore Freshman Football

10/27/15 - Riley Arthur

The freshman football team took their first loss against Dunmore on Monday after being undefeated the whole season. The tough loss ended with Dunmore leading with 14 and Lakeland trailing behind with 6. One of the captains, Antonio Spataro said, "We can't afford little mistakes in a big game. It was a tough game. We know what the loss feels like, and we don't want to feel like that again." The freshman team plays again at home on October 27, against Honesdale. Make sure to come out and support the boys on their path of redemption!

Senior Night: Daniel O'Brien Scores

10/27/15 - Madison Harding

The Varsity Boys’ Soccer Team’s senior night game got off to a good start on Wednesday, October 7th. Not only did it start well, but it ended with an outstanding and unforgettable victory. The score at the conclusion of the 80 minutes was 13-0, which is phenomenal in itself, but to make it even better, an extra minute was added to the clock and senior, Daniel O’Brien, was put in the game! Because he is 20 years old he is technically not allowed to play in a regulation game, but he would definitely get his chance at a shot on goal. All of the fans for both Riverside and Lakeland cheered him on as he dribbled past defenders. He gave one powerful kick that rolled right into the goal, past the goalie. His teammates and players on the other team rushed towards him with celebratory high-fives and the spectators all clapped and cheered with support. Daniel was the center of attention and ecstatic, carrying a big smile on his face. After the game Daniel along with his father, and senior Graeme Nichols were interviewed and featured on WNEP. The team was overjoyed that they could give Daniel the chance to score and contribute to their victory.

Haunted Halls Preview

10/26/15 - Kyle Hallisky

Members of the Lakeland National Honor Society will be putting on “Haunted Halls” this year at the Jermyn Borough Building. The dates for this year’s event are October 26th , 27th, and 28th from 7 to 9:30. The cost will be $5, and will include a walkthrough of the haunted maze.

The students have been working hard to set up the event. Groups of 3-4 students each have chosen their specific theme and will be constructing a room according to that theme. Students will be building their sets on October 24th, and 25th. Tour guides will accompany each group going through the maze. Some of the themes this year will include Graveyard, Wrong Turn, Asylum, Creepy Christmas, Haunted Dollhouse and Haunted Laboratory. The funds from this year’s event will go towards future expenses and a charity of the NHS’s choice. Please come and support!

Arzie, JH Boys Pace Season

10/23/15 - Joseph Wanat

If you were to look at the Cross Country teams this year, you would probably have quite a difficult time in picking out someone that you know. In fact, only three varsity runners competed previously: Michael Arzie, Lainie Sarnoski, and Joseph Wanat. Arzie, a senior, is the only person to compete in the sport all six years. Nonetheless, all runners are exerting their best efforts, to drive the teams’ successes, especially on the Junior High level.

The varsity boys are looking to end the season .500 if unable to achieve a winning season after suffering heavy losses to graduation and going 17-4 last season, the third best record in program history. Arzie, who has finished consistently atop the standings in each league race, is followed closely by Wanat and newcomers John Noldy, Logan Bednash, Jacob Frazier, Tommy Cadwalader, and Dylan Kovaleski.

Junior Lainie Sarnoski is the lone varsity girl and has been improving steadily as the season progresses. “It's a really exhilarating experience and a lot of people are really missing out,” said Sarnoski. As Districts creeps closer, she hopes to claim a berth to the PIAA State Championship in the Class A division.

The high-powered Junior High boys' team has "pack run" its way to winning many meets thus far including the Cliff Robbins Invitational and the Montrose Jr. High Invite. Eighth grader Noah Chupp, who is new to the team this year, leads the young group, and is followed closely by the stable of freshmen, Lucas and Liam Osburn and Nicholas Liuzzo as well as seventh grader, David Campbell, who rounds out the top five. They look to capture the League championship title contested at the end of the season, located on Lakeland’s very own XC course.

The Junior High girls are also having one of their best seasons in the past several years. Eighth graders Emily (Duffina) Keen, Shane Witko, and Isabella Chmil along with 7th graders Kylah Erdman, Sarah Uher, Maegan Bednash, Melina Bertholf, Paige Miller, Anna Black, and Alyssa Catanzaro all contributing, the girls’ have already won several meets this season and placed second at the Montrose Invitational.

The season has already had its ups and its downs. However, as the season wanes towards the finish, it is hard to say that these inconsistencies will retire. Willpower shall be tested and hard work will be rewarded in the end.

Body in Motion Field Trip

10/23/15 - Kyle Hallisky

Members of the Lakeland High School's AP Biology, Honors Anatomy, and PLTW science classes, will be attending the Body in Motion Exhibit in Times Square. The students are being rewarded for their hard work and excellence. The science classes that are going on the trip have been learning about the body systems and how they work. The Exhibit shows what they really look like, by taking donated bodies and preserving them to be put on display.

The exhibit presents Anatomical studies in a different way. The bodies have been donated for medical research for all to see. The bodies take months to get ready. This is because they undergo a process called plastination. The water and fats in the body are replaced by plastics. It should be an interesting and valuable learning experience.

Lakeland vs Montrose

10/22/15 - Cody Rupp and McKensie Shiner

The Chiefs recently faced the Montrose Meteors. Within the first few minutes of the game, Eric Ferko, Chiefs fullback/middle linebacker, declared a high scoring game with an 11 yard touchdown. Two short minutes later, Cy Babcanec ran for 70 yards to accomplish another 6 points for the Chiefs. Lakeland’s starting quarterback, Cody Rupp, then completed a 2 point conversion. Following the 2 minute pattern, Garth Estadt caught a 79 yard pass from Rupp, setting up Collin Cooper to kick the extra point, perfectly. The Chiefs kept the plays going throughout the second quarter, starting with Garth Estadt running 54 yards for another touchdown. Cooper kicked another extra point and the boys were in their glory. Babcanec bolted past defense for 57 yards, scoring yet another touchdown for himself. Within the last few minutes of the second quarter, quarterback, Cody Rupp ran 34 yards to give the Chiefs a comfortable lead. The Chiefs came out of the locker room, well prepared to take the win 40 minutes back home. Familiar name, Estadt, ran 42 yards for a touchdown early in the 3rd quarter without any plays following. With 22 seconds left in the 3rd, Meteors’ player, Tims, scored the team’s first touchdown. Saravitz kicked for the extra point, but the Chiefs knew they had the game in the bag already. Bylotas ran 36 yards for the Chief’s final touchdown, and Cooper kicked for the extra point. Montrose’s Dovin had the last touchdown of the game. Final score: Lakeland 53, Montrose 13.

Teal Pumpkin Project

10/21/15 - Cody Rupp

The Teal Pumpkin Project is a new project introduced to encourage kids to have a safer Halloween. The project was first introduced by the Food Allergy Research and Education program (FARE). The purpose of this project is to encourage all kids with food allergies to be reminded to check their goodies. F.A.R.E says the purpose of the teal pumpkin is to raise awareness of food allergies and to promote the inclusion of all trick-or-treaters during the Halloween Season. Teal pumpkins are being left out all over the country to raise awareness. The project was introduced in 2014. Last year, households from all 50 states and even 6 other countries participated in this project by leaving teal pumpkins on their porches. This year, it is reported that 100,000 households in the country have pledged to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project. For more information or any additional questions you may have, full information could be found at

Building Connections to the Environment

10/21/15 - Maria Good

In September, Mr.Beautz took 8 of his 8th grade students to Lackawanna State Park to partake in the Aquatic Study portion of the Building Connections to Environment field trip. The Building Connections to our Environment Program was designed to provide experiential outdoor learning opportunities for students which address both the Environment and Ecology, and Science and Technology Academic Standards.The students spent the day at Lackawanna State Park learning about watersheds and water quality, through biological and chemical water studies. The students were also given the opportunity to paddle in kayaks on the lake. While paddling the lake, they learned about all of the different types of wildlife living below them. The students also experimented with different chemicals and watched as they were mixed with water to morph into a colorful liquid. The experiment was used to demonstrate what effect harmful chemicals could have when mixed with the water in the lake. The instructors had the students test the lake water for harmful chemicals, only to find out that the lake was a perfectly clean, safe environment for the animals. Later, the students ventured out of the lake and explored the rocks and muck to search for tadpoles and crayfish. Many students had the chance to see the fish and critters living around the lake close up. Concluding the trip, the instructors showed the students a model of the community. The students were instructed to dump different spices and liquids on the model to demonstrate how harmful pollution really is to the land. The field trip was a great opportunity for the students to explore outside of the ordinary classroom and to get up close and personal with the wildlife living around them.

Scott Pep Rally

10/21/15 - Ami Yanochik

On Friday, September 25th, the Scott Elementary school came to the high school to attend a pep rally put on by the cheerleaders, football players, drill team and marching band, in the High School Auditorium.

The rally commenced with cheerleaders doing one-man stunts while the rest of the squad danced to the hey song. The cheerleaders then showed everyone their hello cheer and the A- team from Jr. Chiefs also performed a chant and a cheer, which they did at their cheer competition. The football team and the cheerleaders also performed a stunt together, where Luke Pettinato and Mariah Loughney were the flyers.

The high school students played games with each grade level. Kindergarten played musical chairs, The 1st graders got to wrap the captains of the varsity football and the captains of the A-team football team, which then they had to pull away from each other. 2nd graders that got chosen had to place a cookie on their forehead and without their hands, had to get the cookie into their mouths. The 3rd graders put fireman hats on, which had a plate of peanut butter on it and they had to bounce a ping pong ball off the ground and get it to stick on the plate. A couple of the 4th graders had to have partners and they tried to pop balloons together. The 5th graders played a game called coconut smoochie, a game that requires partners that have a ball in between them and without using hands, get the ball up to their faces, and 6th graders participated in a jump off.

The cheerleaders showed a jump and the students that were picked had to try and jump like the cheerleaders. Kristen Hlavaty showed everyone what a toe touch was and what an all around the world was, Abby Aniska did a herky, Elena Tomcykoski did a hurdler, and Kayla Pollack did a pike.

After all the games were played, the drill team performed one of their dances, the YMCA, and the students followed them.

The pep rally ended with the band playing “Chiefs,” and the cheerleaders and drill team danced while the football players walked out. The football team made two lines and the students walked through and gave the football players high fives, a great depart from their fun-filled day.

Are you involved?

10/21/15 - Kaela Jennette

What does it mean to be Involved? In regards to the behavioral matrix, being involved is prevalent in all parts of our school. In the hallway, being Involved is putting trash and recyclables in the correct place. In the learning environment, or classroom, being involved is doing your own work, actively participating in all activities and assignments, and helping and encouraging others. Being involved in the cafeteria is seen as working together to keep the cafeteria clean and being welcoming and open to making new friends. Make sure to be mindful of other's privacy in the lav and locker room, have appropriate audience participation in the auditorium, and utilize your electronic devices appropriately to engage in learning in the virtual environment with regards to the BYOD policies. Students were given a paper to fill out to see what they did to get a tribe ticket for being involved, and how they felt about it.

The first student that got back to me was Breanna Frazier, a seventh grader. Mrs. Swika gave her an Involved ticket for answering a question in English class. When asked what she thought about T.R.I.B.E , and what being involved means to her, she said, “ T.R.I.B.E is making students want to have good behavior. Being involved means to participate, do your work, ask questions, or simply have school spirit.” Lastly, when asked how students can be more involved, Breanna said, “ Students can be more involved by wanting to learn, because if you don’t want to learn, then you won’t be participating or doing your work.” The second student that got back to me was Sophomore, Leah Loomis. Leah was given her involved ticket by Mrs. Riddell for answering a question in math class. When asked what she thought about T.R.I.B.E. and what being involved meant to her, Leah said, “ T.R.I.B.E is working really well. Answering questions in class or being spirited in and out of school.” When asked how to get students more involved, she said, “ More days where we are supposed to dress in Chief colors,” referring to T.R.I.B.E Thursdays. The third person was freshman Alec Bryla. He received his involved ticket from Mrs. Castrogiovanni for studying in homeroom. When asked what he thought about T.R.I.B.E and what being involved means to him, Alec said he thought T.R.I.B.E was alright, and that being Involved meant putting in extra effort. He also said students can be more involved by trying harder, and doing their best. The fourth and final person who had gotten back to me was senior, Chelsee Sherer. She got her ticket from Mr. Pivirotto for participating in the PowWow. When asked what she thought about T.R.I.B.E and what being Involved meant to her, Chelsee said being involved is “actively participating in school activities. T.R.I.B.E is rewarding us for things we should already be doing, but it’s getting the ‘bad kids’ to join.” Finally, when asked how students can be more involved, Chelsee said, “students should participate more often, and not be a ‘party pooper.’”

From all of these students, I learned what each of them thought about T.R.I.B.E and their suggestions as to what might help get more students involved. From the four students that got back to me with answers, they all seem to really like the program, and enjoy doing what they can to be involved. Are you involved? More importantly, Are you part of the T.R.I.B.E?

Hyde Park Field Trip

10/21/15 - Rachel Decker

On October 15, 2015 there was a field trip to Hyde Park, New York. Every year, students among Mrs, Burke’s advanced English courses have the opportunity to come for this enriching experience. This year it was chaperoned by Mrs. Burke, Mrs. Stephens, and Mr. Freeman. It was a delightful tour of a national historic site, Frederick Vanderbilt’s mansion. It is a memorial in tribute to the Gilded Age rather than any attestment to the rich of the past. The estate is a clear example of the trends and changes in the late 19th century. Back then, it was popular to copy the Europeans namely the monarchs. Mrs. Louise Vanderbilt even styled her bedroom off of the Marie Antoinette chamber in The Palace of Versailles. Most of the decorations were all imported from Europe with many intricate wood work and amazing detailing. The mansion was rich with history, from the many tapestries to the statues that lined the walls. All of the rooms were roped off, so it only allowed for a peek into them. The preservation of the mansion was extensive in that all windows and flash photography were prohibited, to forbid letting light in. The tour was through the front doors, up to the second floor, and then down into the basement which had the kitchen, wine cellar, and the male servant’s quarters. After the tour, students were led outside, and many were graced with the fantastic view of the Hudson River. Once on the grounds and after the tour, you could easily picture what it might have looked like. Yachts and boats trailing the harbour, servants coming and going, and several ladies and gentlemen entering the grounds by carriage. The trip to Hyde Park’s Vanderbilt Mansion was overall very informative and extremely fun and interesting.

Homecoming Powwow!

10/21/15 - Madison Harding

Since the first day of the 2015-2016 school year, TRIBE has been drilled into students’ and faculty members’ brains. Kids appear to earning TRIBE tickets for their positive behavior left and right, and the program seems to be the best change Lakeland has undergone in some time. The inaugural TRIBE “powwow” promised to celebrate all the trustworthiness, respectfulness, involvement, bravery, and excellence exhibited by Lakeland students. Videos were made, tweets were sent, and the anticipation grew. The first PowWow of the year, and of Lakeland history finally occurred. The TRIBE team has been gearing up for this event since the start of the program and was absolutely determined to make it a success. They made sure to keep it a secret to anyone who wasn’t involved in the planning. The friday before the week of the PowWow there was a pep rally where a preview video was shown and tweeted out to announce the event. Some students had doubts, but the majority were hyped for the event.

The morning before the powwow was quite hectic. Both student and faculty members of the TRIBE team prepared for the day’s activities by setting up games in the area outside of the gym. The cheerleaders held a short pep rally to anticipate the homecoming football game that would occur later that night, and then Mrs. Valonis announced the specifics of the PowWow. Students rushed outside to be the first in line for each activity.

Once outside students rushed into the many exciting features of the PowWow. The four food vendors set up: Nina’s , Manning’s Ice Cream, Rita’s Italian Ice, and Doc Popcorn, seemed to be the biggest hits of the day. Hungry kids who were not interested in patronizing the food vendors had the option of a free hotdog or hamburger made by “Chef Pivirotto.” Beyond food, students enjoyed fun and games such as can jam, giant jenga, ping pong, corn hole, etc. The Army had a pull up bar and basketball hoops set up, and an adult-sized bouncy house was set up for anyone to jump in! Different water balloon activities and tug of war took place on the soccer field. The games weren’t just something to do, however, they were all part of friendly competition. Participating in an event earned you one ticket, and winning was worth three tickets. Buckets for each grade were set up in the middle of all the commotion to collect all the tickets.

After the afternoon of rewards and great music by “DJ Vitz,” the seniors were announced the winner of the PowWow! They claimed the TRIBE trophy and flaunted it to the underclassmen. The fun wasn’t over though: students and families were invited to come back after school and enjoy the events until right before kick-off of the football game. All of the positive behavior and energy of the first PowWow was captured by a drone taking videos. There was no better way to successfully kick start a great homecoming weekend!

Homecoming Pep Rally

10/21/15 - Ami Yanochik

On September 25th, the cheerleaders, football players, drill team, and band put on a pep rally to showcase the homecoming court and current fall sports. The pep rally started with the band playing the “hey song.” Some cheerleaders were doing “one-mans,” a stunt where a cheerleader holds another member up in the air by herself. The other cheerleaders and the drill team were dancing, as the football players walked in and sat down.

The cheerleaders got into two lines and the homecoming court walked through them. The princesses: Riley Arthur(freshman), Emily Chervanka(sophomore), McKensie Shiner(junior), followed by the senior court: Georgia Verrastro, Corey Davis, Kristen Hlavaty, Taylor Morgan, Kaelyn Slangan, Aki Glover, Cody Rupp, Garth Estadt, Nic Cicio, and Luke Pettinato, all made an appearance on stage. Senior, Kristen Hlavaty, said she “was honored to have been voted for by her class and was happy when it was announced that she is on the court.”

After announcing the court, the cheerleaders performed their hello cheer. When the cheer was over, they got into two lines again.Then the fall sport captains ran through when their names were called. After the sports were named the drill team performed one of their field show dances.

The microphone was handed over to Mrs. Valonis and she explained what was going to be at the PowWow. She then told us the order in which the students went out in and told us about our good behavior and how it will be rewarded.

Lady Chiefs vs Forest City

10/21/15 - Maria Good

On Monday, September 28th, the Lady Chiefs traveled to Forest City to take on the Lady Foresters. It was a nice, cool fall day, with perfect conditions for a soccer game. The Lady Chiefs took 24 shots in goal the whole game. Scorers include: Sam Calachino, assisted by Taylor Flynn, Taylor Flynn, assisted by Lindsey Domonoski, Lindsey Domonoski, assisted by Jessica Beecroft, Jessica Beecroft, assisted by Elena Tomcykoski, Elena Tomcykoski, assisted by Kristen Hlavaty, Elena Tomcykoski, assisted by Taylor Flynn, Kristen Hlavaty, assisted by Elena Tomcykoski, Brooke Longstreet, assisted by Taylor Flynn, Corah Krantz, Jordyn Flynn, assisted by Sarah Mihalick,and Maria Good, assisted by Brianna Krzan. The Lady Chiefs dominated the field, only allowing 3 shots on goal throughout the whole game.

Lady Chiefs vs Dunmore

10/21/15 - Maria Good

On September 1st, the Lady Bucks traveled to Lakeland Stadium to take on our Lady Chiefs. The Lady Chiefs practiced hard all week, preparing for a close, competitive game. They anticipated Dunmore to come out with as much speed and competitiveness as last season, but in order to win, the Lady Chiefs had to be faster and stronger than their opponent. It was a chilly fall night, the girls’ first night game of the season. Taylor Flynn, assisted by Maria Good, one minute and fifty-two seconds into the first half, scored the first goal- giving the Lady Chiefs an early lead. In the eighteenth minute of the first half, Taylor Flynn received a pass from Rhiannon Berghauser, shot, and scored to make the lead 2-0. Going into the second half, the girls were very happy with the 2-0 lead they had over the Lady Bucks, but were reminded to keep working hard and not get too comfortable. Twenty minutes into the second half, Taylor Flynn, assisted by Lindsey Domonoski, scored again making the score 3-0 and also giving her a hat trick for the game. With twelve minutes left in the second half, Dunmore scored on an indirect kick- making the score 3-1. The Lady Chiefs quickly bounced back, and Jessie Cunningham, assisted by Rhiannon Berghauser, scored the last goal of the game, making the final score 4-1, another Lady Chiefs victory.

Student Council

10/20/15 - Isabella Demyan

When you think of student council, you probably think: self-sufficient, motivated, smart; someone who wants to make a change. Lakeland’s Student Council is no exception. With this group of hard workers, there is no doubt that it will be an exciting year for Student Council and Lakeland High School as a whole. The new advisors, involvement, and Spirit Week are going to make this year a success one for Student Council.

There was a big shift in leadership this year for Student Council. As you may know, Mr. Shayka has been the advisor of Student Council for the last few years. However, Mrs. Valonis and Mrs. Sledzinski decided to step up and take over as co-advisors. Mrs. Valonis is one of our school’s guidance counselors, and is involved at Lakeland as SADD advisor and a member of the TRIBE team. Mrs. Sledzinski is a Spanish teacher at Lakeland, and is on the TRIBE team as well. Both advisors feel that they could improve Student Council through finding ways to combine the efforts of Student Council and TRIBE, and told me that the students themselves are their favorite part about being the Student Council advisors. “They have so much to offer and this position allows me the opportunity to help and watch them reach their individual and group goals that benefit the entire student population”, Mrs. Valonis said.

A major challenge for any club or organization is getting kids involved. Since Student Council is a committee for the entire student body, it focuses not only on committee members, but getting everyone involved at Lakeland. The Council is doing many things to connect students with each other as well as their teachers, including the selection of a teacher-chosen student of the month and a student-chosen teacher of the month. Student Council is also implementing a Transition Committee for new students. These new students are going to have orientation tours, as well as a same-age peer to guide them and check in on them during their first year at Lakeland. Student Council is also in charge of the seventh and eighth grade dance, and a new Valentine’s Day Sadie Hawkin’s dance. Since Student Council is about making a change inside and outside of our school, the council is planning more volunteer opportunities for students to get involved in the Lakeland community.

Inarguably, the biggest Student-Council run event at Lakeland is the annual Spirit Week. As the years go on, Spirit Week gets more and more competitive, and people find more ways to gain points. Homecoming attendance was counted last year; the grade with the most participants got the most points, and it went down from there. Two new additions this year are the Powderpuff Game and the Powwows. The grade with the most tickets at the end of the Powwow gets the most points, and they would be scored the same way as Homecoming. For Powderpuff, the winning team gets a certain number of points, and the losing team gets less. In addition, Student Council’s goal is to make Spirit Week points more visible and accessible to the students throughout the year. The students are going to be able to go somewhere in the school and see Spirit Week standings posted throughout the year.

There is a lot going on in Student Council this year. Between student and teacher of the month, the Transition Committee, and Spirit Week, the members of the council will certainly be very busy. With the council having new advisors, it's a transition for everyone, but that won't stop the members of Student Council from getting things done to improve the student body here at Lakeland.

Riparian Buffer Project

10/20/15 - Madison Harding

Saturday October 13th, Mrs. Graham headed a project to help brighten up our community. Along with NHS members and members of her freshman biology class, Mrs. Graham showed up bright and early at The Joe Terry Civic Center to finish planting a Riparian Buffer along the branch of the Tunkhannock Creek, which runs behind the building. With arms filled with shovels, pails, and other gardening necessities, students arrived eager to work and earn community service hours. Volunteers planted assorted perennials like Bee Balm, Native Butterfly bushes, Jim Dandy Ilex, Aronia “Autumn Magic”, Panicum verticillata “Shenandpah”, and Veronica “Blue Balm” Sparkleberry. Most of the plants were red, white, and blue to represent our school colors. Mrs. Graham hopes to get another grant to continue planting in the spring.

Lakeland vs. Lackawanna Trail

10/19/15 - Cody Rupp and McKensie Shiner

The Lakeland Chiefs got hyped on October 2nd to suit up for yet another football Friday. This game, their opponent was Lackawanna Trail. Trail was coming out off of a big upset against Meyers, in which they won. This game would not be a cake walk for Lakeland. They knew Trail would be energized from that win and would be ready for another upset, but the Chiefs shut down any bid early in the game. It was Lakeland’s fullback Eric Ferko that set the tone for the Chiefs, with the first score of the game from 3 yards out. Lakeland’s Collin Cooper capitalized on the extra point, making it 7 to 0. The score remained 7 to 0 at the end of the first quarter. This looked like it had the makings of being a defensive game, but Lakeland went on a run.

Michael Lowry set the tone for the second quarter. Lowry took a handoff and dashed 71 yards for a touchdown. On the next drive, Lowry took another handoff from 26 yards for yet another score. The score was 21 to 0 at this point. On trail’s next possession, they were starting to put a drive together and move the ball. Then, Trail’s drive was silenced when Lakeland’s Eric Ferko intercepted a pass and took it 34 yards for a touchdown. The score heading into halftime was Lakeland 28, Lackawanna Trail 0.

Coming out strong in the 3rd quarter, Ferko ran 76 yards accomplishing his 2nd touchdown of the game, along with Collin Cooper scoring the extra point, raising the score 28-0.

Another long run for the Chiefs started the 4th, Cy Babcanec breezed by Trail's defense with a scoring play- 87 yards later. The extra point was good, again, and the Chiefs were now up 35-0.

Trail managed to score one touchdown late in the 4th quarter, ending the game 35-7.


10/13/15 - Rachel Decker

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB, is being held for free at Lakeland Jr./Sr. High School on the 23rd of October at 8:00 a.m. This is a test used to identify one’s aptitude in the military. It is a timed test that has four important areas that are used to determine possible military ability: arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, and mathematics knowledge. It is very important to do well in those categories, however; there are other areas that the examiners look at for occupational specialties. Assembling objects, mechanical comprehension, auto and shop information, electronics information, as well as general science are also included in the test. Each section of the test is timed individually and broken into different subtests. There are also several websites that offer additional information and practice tests for anyone looking to prepare for the ASVAB. The websites are listed below:

About the ASVAB
Official Site of the ASVAB

Recycling Competition

10/16/15 - Lindsay Jones

Miss Washenko's Current Issues in Science classes have recently been given the responsibility of the recycling project at the Lakeland High School. The classes will be collecting the recycling bins from each classroom periodically throughout the school year. Along with this, they have decided to help out the National Honor Society's "Haunted Halls." Haunted Halls will include rooms such as: "The Graveyard", "The Wrong Turn", "Insane Asylum", "Creepy Christmas", "Haunted Dollhouse", and "The Haunted Laboratory." The Current Issues in Science classes have organized a competition that asks students to create a decoration that will correspond to a room's theme. The only catch is- your decoration must be made out of recycled or upcycled goods. The winner will receive a "special lunch" for their entire homeroom that he or she represents. You can either make your decoration individually or in groups within your homeroom. The decorations will be collected in homeroom on October 22nd, and a winner will be announced the following week. The attraction will take place on October 26th, 27th, and 28th at the Jermyn Borough Building. Further rules and criteria for the project are listed in your homeroom. Best of luck!

SAT Test Prep Naviance

10/13/15 - Alyssa Meta

ATTENTION: You may have heard talk about how you need to receive a certain score on the SATs in order to be accepted to certain schools. If you prepare and study for the test, you should not have a problem with that information. Since recently noticing a drop in SAT scores, our high school is doing everything they can to help us succeed. What better way to do that than to help us study? On Saturday, October 24th, our guidance department is holding a Test Prep session in the high school library at 8 a.m. for grades 9-11. If you are interested in jumping at the opportunity, register through the email that either Mrs. Valonis or Mrs. DeQuevedo sent to you. Even though the session will be approximately three hours long, the practice test is free, and you are highly encouraged to attend!

The practice exam will be done through Naviance and will mock the old SAT. The session will help you study in the most efficient way possible. After completing the test prep session you will receive feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, as well as test strategies to help you in the future. You can either take the test from start to finish, or you can focus strictly on your weaknesses. In addition to the test itself, there are flashcards and practice problems available to you. There is also a game center that will make studying as fun and as easy as possible. Also, you can save your progress so you can learn at home and at your own pace. If you can not attend this study session, or you don’t have enough quiet time at home you can stay after school during the “homework supervision time” in the library to work on it. Mrs. Valonis or Mrs. DeQuevedo can also give you a pass if you wish to go down during a study hall. If your school is willing to help you have a successful future, take advantage of it!

Homecoming SADD Bake Sale

10/13/15 - Rachel Decker

SADD had their second annual bake sale during the homecoming game on Friday, September 25th. Last year’s bake sale was very successful and they attempted to make more money this year. SADD was striving to beat their initial record of $396, and they surpassed it with a grand total of $432. SADD has an event outside of school every month in which members must at least participate in at least one throughout the year. For this year's bake sale, they could have either donated something or helped run the stand. Those who ran the stand did so for half an hour. Alyssa Meta, Cassie Stracham, Emily Borosky, Emily Sashko, Mia Bomba, Kerri Armstrong, and Morgan Ruddy were the seven members that ran the stand. The SADD members wanted everyone to be able to enjoy their baked goods, so they had a variety of items that were specifically catered, even for those with allergies and dietary issues, such as items that were peanut and gluten free. SADD’s executives are Kerri Armstrong: president, Nic Cicio: vice-president, Morgan Ruddy: secretary, Karlee Vaverchak: treasurer and social media representative.

Many students that are members of SADD participated. Some of the members who donated are listed here:

Name Food
Abby Samuelsen Brownies
Cassie Stracham Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies
Sara Wanat Tye Dye Cupcakes
Georgia Verrastro & Zoe Link S’mores Bars
Ami Yanochik & Kristen Hlavaty Peanut Butter Cookies
Lindsay Jones Candy Kabobs
Maria Merrigan Rice Krispie Treats
Emily Sashko Nutella Cookies
Haley Clauss-Walton Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mia Bomba & Lauren Cunningham Cupcakes
Maddy Harding Pumpkin Rolls
Jennifer Bjork Chocolate Chip Cookies
Aleah Snedeker Chocolate Covered Apples
Julie Yadlosky Peanut Butter Cookies
McKensie Shiner Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes
Kerri Armstrong Dirt
Emily Borosky Cinnamon Rolls
Rachel Winkler Pumpkin Cupcakes
Dana Beecroft Oatmeal & Pumpkin Cupcakes
Karlee Vaverchak Dirt
Carolyn Cortes Rice Krispie
Marina Contorno Brownies
Meghan Fawcett chocolate covered pretzels
Isabella Demyan Cookies
Maria Good Ricotta cookies
Alyssa Meta chocolate covered pretzels
Dylan Reeves Brownies
Morgan Ruddy Cheesecake Brownies

Lakeland vs Nanticoke

10/13/15 - McKensie Shiner and Cody Rupp

The Lakeland Chiefs played the Nanticoke Trojans on September 25th- better known as the 2015 Homecoming game. Being the Chief’s highest scoring game this season, they tacked on another win to their record. All of the hype from previous afternoon activities- the pep rally and the powwow, highly influenced the boy’s performance. Cy Babcanec set the tone for the game by scoring the first touchdown, a 37 yard run. Also in the first quarter, Michael Lowry ran for 1 yard touchdown, along with Collin Cooper kicking both PATs afterward. Our own Lance writer and quarterback of the football team, Cody Rupp, threw a 39 yard pass to teammate Nick Setta, adding another 6 points to the scoreboard. To end the quarter, Lowry had another run to the end zone, for 19 yards this time. Collin Cooper made 2 more PATs, as he did every time he got up to kick. In the third quarter, Babcanec ran for a 22 yard touchdown and Rupp threw a 2 point conversion pass complete to Setta. The game quickly came to an end, but the Chiefs wrath didn't. In the fourth quarter, Nanticoke player, Wrubel, had a 1 yard touchdown and teammate, Lukowski, kicked the extra point. Tyler Bylotas also had a 70 yard touchdown and Wesley Strong kicked the PAT this time. This game showed the Chiefs' the value of teamwork and greatly prepared them to take on Lackawanna Trail on October 2nd.

Boys' Soccer Defeats Mountainview

10/13/15 - Ty Nichols

On October 1st, our boy's varsity soccer team set out to defeat the Mountain View Eagles on the pitch. In 2012, the Eagles won the Class A state championship; in 2013, they were runners-up. Last season, we drew 1-1, but were not able to pull off the win. This year, we wanted victory- and we were confident we could get it.

The game went scoreless for over thirty minutes, with each team showing great effort and creating good opportunities but failing to capitalize. That changed in the 33rd minute, when outside midfielder Jerry Borosky received a ball from Ethan Cortes and gave us the first goal. About three minutes later, Cortes got a goal of his own. Collin Cooper put in a third goal after receiving a ball from Tyler Prudente with less than a minute remaining in the first half.

Going into halftime with a comfortable three-goal lead over Mountain View was great, but work still had to be done. Both teams came out hard, much as they had at the beginning of the game, and no more goals were scored until Lucas Snedeker capitalized on a ball from Cooper in the 74th minute. Six minutes later, the whistle blew, and we officially had our jubilant first win over the Eagles- also handing them their first regular-season shutout since 2010.

Powderpuff Preview

10/10/15 - Alyssa Meta

Come support the junior class on Saturday, October 10th, by attending the Powderpuff games they are hosting as a fundraiser. Powderpuff is when a group of girls, who are coached by a group of boys, play football- in our case, flag football. The first kickoff starts at 5, when the seventh grade team will face the eighth grade team. Following that will be the ninth and tenth grade game. Lastly, the game of the night will occur, the juniors vs. the seniors! The ongoing rivalry between the two grades will make the game one you just can't miss. Also, the winner of each of the three games will receive spirit week points for their grade!! Admission is $1 for anyone who is not playing but would like to watch. If you would like to attend and support the junior class, or just support your own grade, please do! We hope to see you there!

Annual Three Screen Assembly

10/7/15 - Isabella Muncie

Every year, the school invites Campus Life, a program ran by Camfel productions, to present a three screen assembly. As you walk into the auditorium, you see three big white screens on the stage and a title that describes the theme of the assembly. They have 5 categories, which teach: personal excellence, personal responsibility, goal setting, respect, and valuing others. The goal of presenting to schools is to build character within the students, reduce bullying within schools, help students face real challenges, help students with contemporary issues/ solutions, and make them excited to do so within their school everyday. This year’s assembly is to be held on Monday October 26, 2015.

Homecoming Dance 2015

10/6/15 - Kaela Jennette

The music slows down as everyone makes space, and turn to see our 2015 Homecoming Queen and King, Georgia Verrastro and Aki Glover, share a dance together. The court follows and soon after, everyone is slow dancing around them, creating a warm, romantic mood. Homecoming is traditionally non-formal, although the members of the court always look extravagant. This year’s dance took place in the LHS commons, with refreshments in the cafeteria, and music provided by DJ James Johnson, hired by Senior Class Treasurer Collin Cooper. Homecoming is an opportunity for students from grades 9-12 to dance, have fun and earn spirit week points. Spirit week points are given to the grade that has the most students in attendance at the dance. With spirit week points at stake, students are very eager to attend such events so that they can win. Homecoming was a great time for chaperones and students, who are excited for the school’s next dance- Semi!

Woodshop Donation

10/2/15 - Aleah Snedeker

Every year Mr. Freeman’s woodshop students make adirondack chairs as one of their main projects. This year, their projects came to life even more, thanks to the American Legion Dickson City Post 665. Two weeks ago, the commander of Post 665 donated four gallons of MinWax Stain, valuing at around $29 per gallon. The woodshop does not provide stain, so the students were very grateful for the generous donation. Richard Craig was kind enough to bring them to Mr. Freeman’s house as a thank you gift to him and the students. Last year, Freeman’s Intro to Woodshop class fixed tables for the veterans of the American Legion.

The American Legion Post 665 honors veterans and believes in helping others in the community. They are the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization. They are in charge of the American Legion Baseball which promotes good behavior, they hold a scholarship award program for schools like ours, and they do so many things to help veterans with anything they need. Doing things like donating stain to our school captures the whole-hearted nature of the American Legion and the selfless acts that they perform daily.


10/02/15 - Kyle Hallisky

Get ready, because the PSAT is back! The PSAT is a standardized test given to high school sophomores and juniors. The test is admissioned by the college board and will be given here, at the Lakeland High School. All Juniors who are interested in taking the test must sign up by October 5th. There is a $15 fee for juniors, but sophomores are pre-registered. The test will be given on October 14th, which is quickly approaching. The PSAT takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete and measures reading, writing, language, and math. Also, the test prepares you for the SAT, whose score is accepted by more than 2000 schools and universities.

Why take the test, one might ask? According to the Official Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT, It allows you to start getting ready for college and enter scholarship competitions, and your final score from the test can help you see which AP courses you might be ready to take. The PSAT prepares you for many tests that will help you on your college admission journey.

Many new improvements have been made to this year's PSAT. This includes no penalty for guessing, and the scale for scores now range from 320 - 1520. The reading section is a series of 5 passages with 47 based passage questions, the writing section includes 4 passages with 44 based passage questions, and the math portion includes 2 test sections adding up to 48 questions. Good luck to anyone partaking in this year’s PSAT! For more information refer to this powerpoint

Valley View Pep Rally

10/2/15 - Dana Beecroft

Lakeland’s biggest rivalry football game was against Valley View. In order to promote school spirit for this game, the captains of cheerleading, football, band, and drill team went to the administration to get permission to put on a pep rally. In honor of the big game, they felt it was necessary to spread their excitement to the entire school. The student body gathered in the auditorium Friday, September 18th and participated in all the cheers and chants that were performed.

The football players started off the pep rally by charging through a “beat the cougars” sign. Nick Setta, a football senior, led the football team into one of their chants to get the school excited. They were surprised with a cougar pinata, which the senior football players got to hit and threw the prizes out into the crowd.

The cheerleaders welcomed the school to the pep rally by dancing to the hey song. Then they made an announcement about the game. They reminded everyone where it was, what time, how big of a rivalry game this was to us, and that the game was a white out. They entertained the crowd by performing a few skits about the football players.

The band and drill team helped along by dancing to and playing our schools favorite band songs. They kept up a positive attitude throughout the whole pep rally which really helped everyone to be excited. The band's songs got the whole school dancing along with the drill team.

To end up the pep rally an english teacher here at Lakeland, Mr. Barlow, gave the school one of his famous pre football game speeches. Every year for each pep rally Mr. Barlow is chanted up to the stage to give a speech. He helps the football players to stay determined and focused for the game. He proclaimed,“I’ve never known a respectable farmer who let a cougar on their land”.At this, the assembled students cheered with excited anticipation for what was slated to be the game of the year.

LHS Financial Aid Night

10/2/15 - Alyssa Meta

One of the biggest struggles that families come across when it’s time for students to continue their lives outside of high school is money. If you think you “can’t afford this” or you “can’t afford that,” think again! Whether it be from the state or from the school you are looking to attend, financial assistance is always available to you. You just have to be willing to look for these opportunities and jump at them when given the chance.

On Monday, December 21, junior and senior students and their parents are encouraged to attend Financial Aid Night in the Lakeland High School auditorium from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The guest speaker in attendance will be Linda Pacewicz, a representative from the Pennsylvania High School Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA). She will be relaying all the information and deadlines you will need to know about grants, student aid, and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Ms. Pacewicz will be a great resource for any questions or concerns you might have regarding your or your child's future. Mrs. Valonis, one of our school counselors who organized the whole event said, “It is a valuable evening program hosted by the Guidance Department each year that provides students and families with information needed to help them plan and prepare for the expenses of college.”

Semi 2015

10/1/15 - Maria Good

It’s nearing winter again, which means the sophomore class has been actively preparing for the annual semi-formal dance. Semi 2015 will be held on Saturday, November 14th, from 4-9:30 at Genetti's Manor in Dickson City. This year's theme is “A Night in Paris," making the color scheme: black, white, and pink, (however, that does not mean you have to dress according to the colors.) Tickets will be sold for $35 per person and include a dinner buffet (chicken, roast beef, lemon butter fish, mashed potatoes, penne pasta with vodka sauce, vegetable, salad, rolls and assorted desserts). A candy buffet and photo booth are also included in the ticket price. Pictures will be taken by Oak Tree Photography, and EJ the DJ will be in charge of music. If you are looking for local limo services or flower boutiques, contact:

Nasser Limousine Service- 121 Adams Avenue, Scranton PA, 18503 - (570) 457-1830

Petal Pusher- 89 Main St, Childs, PA 18407 - (570) 282-0101

Debbie’s Flower Boutique- 600 Washington Ave, Jermyn, PA 18433 - (570) 876-3461

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Miss Owen at

Girls' Soccer vs. Forest City

10/1/15 - Maria Good

On Monday (9/28) the Lady Chiefs traveled to Forest City to take on the Forest City Foresters. It was a nice cool fall day, perfect conditions for a soccer game. Overall, the Lady Chiefs took 24 shots on goal the whole game. Scorers include: Sam Calachino (Taylor Flynn), Taylor Flynn (Lindsey Domonoski), Lindsey Domonoski (Jessica Beecroft), Jessica Beecroft (Elena Tomcykoski), Elena Tomcykoski (Kristen Hlavaty), Elena Tomcykoski (Taylor Flynn), Kristen Hlavaty (Elena Tomcykoski), Brooke Longstreet (Taylor Flynn), Corah Krantz, Jordyn Flynn (Sarah Mihalick), Maria Good (Brianna Krzan). The Lady Chiefs dominated the field, only allowing 3 shots on goal throughout the whole game.

Students Accepted into PAWS Program

9/30/15 - Madison Harding

Penn State Worthington and many of the other branches of the Penn State Main Campus school offer a program called “PAWS” for high school juniors and seniors who plan on attending college. In this Pre-College Academy, students will learn college writing, project presentation, library research, and much more. Two students from area schools are chosen to attend the program. Dana Hachan and Michael Arzie were the two seniors selected from our school.

To hear more about our successful Chief students I sat down with them to discuss the program and how eager they are to start. Dana said, “We will attend the program classes for a few hours each day to work on our normal college student assignments, then return to school for the rest of the day.” Continuing to discuss PAWS, Dana emphasized her enthusiasm: “I’m very excited to experience the campus-life and meet new people!” Michael Arzie gave some insight on what he is looking forward to the most with the program. He said, “I can’t wait to see what it is like to be taking classes on a college campus, and prepare myself for my future education.” They will make connections with the students from other schools, and be able to get an insight on what it’s like to be in college. Both are hopeful to complete the program successfully.

Boys' Soccer vs. Montrose

9/29/15 - Maria Knutelski

At our home field on Thursday, September 24th, the boys soccer team was 100% ready for their game against Montrose. The Chiefs didn’t give the Meteors a chance to get on the scoreboard, ending the game with a 6-0 win. The first goal for Lakeland came 8 minutes into the game from Michael Besten. Collin Cooper scored not long after, followed by Lucas Snedeker making the score 3-0 by the half. Besten and Snedeker each added another goal and Ethan Cortes scored the final goal of the game. The Chiefs are 3-0 and look to stay undefeated into upcoming games against Forest City and Mountain View.

Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science

9/28/15 - Dylan Smith

In the halls here at Lakeland, students share not only an awareness, but an appreciation for the strong science programs at our school. This strength can undoubtedly be attributed to the passion, fervor, and dedication of those who teach science at Lakeland. One of those faculty members, Ms. Mayer, along with Mrs. DeQuevedo, are further enriching an interest in science by advising students who want to participate in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science, or PJAS. Students involved in PJAS will have the opportunity to conduct scientific research in an area of their choosing and then present their research to a board of scientists in the spring.

The Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science is an organization in the state of Pennsylvania designed to encourage and broaden interest in scientific topics and provide junior and senior high school students with opportunities to conduct scientific research. Ms. Mayer and Mrs. DeQuevedo are advising students in grades 7-12 interested in participating in the PJAS competition this year. Ms. Mayer said that her ultimate hope for PJAS is to ”to get more students involved in pursuing the STEM college majors and careers.” According to Ms. Mayer, the type of first-hand experience students will get in PJAS help them to visualize themselves pursuing such careers. She told me that “The type of experience... afforded by the PJAS experience far exceeds anything that is possible to replicate during the traditional science class period each day.” Involved students will perform legitimate scientific inquiry in the form of a research project. Students choose their own area of research, and do almost all of their work independently. The young scientists will then put together presentations to be given, first at the Regional competition at Wilkes University in March, and then, if they progress, at the State competition at Penn State. Students who give exceptional presentations and score well at the Regional and State competitions are eligible for cash prizes, scholarships, and may even be given internship opportunities for their research.

Get Tribed

9/25/15 - Dylan Smith

Are you in the TRIBE?
Are You in the Tribe? asks the back of a Lakeland T-Shirt, celebrating the 50th season of its esteemed football program. This shirt was screened and sold at the high school during the 2010 football season, five years before the school implemented the TRIBE positive behavior support program. The TRIBE program was introduced at the the beginning of this school year, but faculty members have been putting the program together since the end of the 2014-2015 academic year. Mr. Scanlon, Mrs. Valonis, Mrs. Hauenstein, Mrs. Longstreet, Ms. Mayer, Mrs. Sledzinski, Mr. Pivoroto, Officer Rapoch, Mr. Kameroski and Mrs. Marino worked with administration over the summer to develop TRIBE, which is a PBIS, (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support) program designed specifically for the Lakeland community.

The goal of TRIBE is to reinforce good behavior around the school. The behavioral reinforcement focuses on five key areas, the five letters of the word Tribe. Trustworthy, Respectful, Involved, Brave, and Excellent are the five attributes recognized and positively reinforced by the new PBIS program. TRIBE exists as a system that encourages and supports behavior that falls under these five categories, as per the tribe behavioral matrix, which focuses on specific behaviors in so-called “hot spots” throughout the school. Students are encouraged, however, to carry the TRIBE qualities outside of their school environment and into the greater Lakeland Community.
The behavioral matrix for the TRIBE program
Source: p. 32 of the Student Handbook

The backbone of the TRIBE program is the method of reinforcement, known around the school as tribe tickets. Students receive tribe tickets for displaying behaviors concordant with the TRIBE guidelines and behavioral matrix. Each teacher is given a supply of these small slips of paper, which can be filled out and handed to students to reward their Trustworthy, Respectful, Involved, Brave, or Excellent behavior. At the end of each week, the tribe tickets are entered into a drawing. Twenty tickets are pulled, (ten from the junior high, ten from the senior high classes), and those whose names are drawn receive prizes, such as gift cards to Dunkin Donuts or school merchandise like water bottles or backpacks. These students have their names entered into a larger drawing as well, and will be eligible to win bigger prizes later in the month.

Another important element of TRIBE is the yet to be realized idea of “pow-wows.” Pow-wows will be school-wide activities or celebrations throughout the school year to recognize the positive behavior and attitudes of Lakeland students. Organizers will refrain from revealing specific details of the pow-wows in order to ensure high attendance and encourage a feeling of surprise and excitement around the events. The first pow-wow was teased in this (link to video please) video released by the Lakeland Tribe twitter account, in which it was announced to take place during the week of homecoming.

The development and implementation of the new program stemmed from a need to ease the transition of students as they entered the high school. District Administration sought to develop a continuation of the PBIS procedures that were already being utilized in the elementary schools, as students who had gone through years of the program were graduating to the district’s high school. Administrators approached faculty at LHS about building the bridge between positive behavior reinforcement in elementary school and in high school. After a presentation by faculty from West Scranton High School about their own PBIS program, Lakeland faculty members responded with interest. A small group of faculty members was selected by administration to, after a series of four PBIS training sessions, develop a program for the Lakeland community. I spoke with a member of this group, Lakeland school counselor Mrs. Valonis, about this process.

“The whole process is data driven,” Mrs. Valonis said. She told me that the faculty team looked at disciplinary records from last year in order to determine the problem areas, which would eventually become the “hot-spots” of the behavioral matrix. They then sat down to have “honest discussions about expectations.” It was important to them to develop behavioral expectations that both teachers and students could be held accountable for. “It’s not a kindergarten thing to be appreciated for doing the right thing. It feels good to be acknowledged. No one can take that feeling away from you,” she said. “These aren’t just expectations for school; these are expectations in life transitions.”

Like most members of the TRIBE team at Lakeland, Mrs. Valonis is a relatively new member of the faculty. The 2015-2016 academic year will be her third at the school. When speaking of her inclination to become involved in the TRIBE curriculum, Mrs. Valonis heavily referenced her early impressions of Lakeland. As a counselor who was new to the school, Mrs. Valonis saw an immediate need to build strong relationships with students. She asked herself, “What can I do, as fast as possible, to get them to trust me? TRIBE is opening this up to the entire school.”
Are you in the TRIBE?

Lady Chiefs vs. Elk Lake

9/24/15 - Maria Good

This past Monday (9/21) the Lady Chiefs played their first league game against Elk Lake. It was a very long, quiet bus ride down, as the girls were very focused on preparing themselves to come out strong and start their season with a victory. Jessie Cunningham scored the first goal leading the Lady Chiefs (1-0). Not long after that Jessica Beecroft scored the second goal (2-0). Lindsey Domonoski scored the last 2 goals for Lakeland making the final score 4-0.

9 Ways to Get Hyped for Homecoming

9/24/15 - Molly Fawcett

The idea of “Homecoming”, whether it’s the dance, the court, or the energy that surrounds it, is undoubtedly a perfect opportunity to be completely filled with school spirit and also have an immense amount of fun. However, it's important that this week is lived to the fullest by all of LHS. In order to help you make the most of this major week this year, here are 10 things you absolutely can not miss out on during it.

1. Get to Know Your Court

Everyone knows what the homecoming court is, but do you really know your court? One way to get involved in this intense competition is to learn about who you’re voting for. With the heart-wrenching, award-winning autobiographies in the main hallway, you can get an inside look into who these honorable students truly are, so be sure to take a quick pause during the day and do some research on who is representing the crown. However, to really become invested in your court, a preview of the entire body is featured in none other than the Lakeland Lance. The article is a must-read, and will absolutely get you pumped for the end of the week.

2. Buy a Ticket in School

This one is extremely important. Not enough emphasis is even put on the word “extremely” to describe how important this one is. Buying a ticket to homecoming in school will not only get you into the dance ever-so-speedily, but buying your ticket during school will get your grade spirit week points! Yes, even in these early stages of this school year, you have an opportunity to earn points for probably the only week that is more exciting than this one. Who would pass up that opportunity? The tickets are $10 and are sold in the commons during the 2nd and 3rd lunch periods.

3. Wear Red!

The homecoming football game this week is a red-out, so if you’d like to have the most school spirit you can physically achieve, wearing red to this game would probably get you there. The cheerleaders will actually be selling red homecoming shirts at the game! The shirts are $10 and will be a pretty popular shirt throughout the stands, so buying one would be a fantastic idea. Also, it’d be highly recommended for you let everyone you interact with know to to wear red too.

4. Sit in the Student Section!

The student section is absolutely the place to be during this week’s game. There is no better way to get yourself filled with spirit than being part of Lakeland’s “Bleacher Creatures”. This football game, being a pretty important one, will feature an exclusive section of the stands overflowing with students, face paint, and chants to cheer on our football team. It really is a great experience being with all your classmates rooting together, and proving to be the best student section in the entire history of student sections.

5. Attend the Pep Rally

Every year, on the Friday of homecoming, our school puts on the best pep rally of the year. Sometimes it's the only one of the year, but the TRIBE spoke this time and got us another one! (Shout out to us for being the best ever!) Anyway, the goal is to get everyone in the audience involved by playing games with volunteers, specific sports and clubs, or everyone sitting in the room. Obviously, if you’re attending school on Friday, you’ll technically be attending this pep rally regardless. However, it's highly encouraged you not only be there, but get super involved, because this is a prime opportunity to get hyped.

6. Tweet it Up! Hashtags!

Honestly, the lovely app we all know as Twitter is one of the best ways to keep that Chief spirit up. Teachers and students both use this an outlet to express #chiefpride. Making everything that has to do with homecoming into a hashtag, retweeting everyone that does the same, and adding the football emoji are much more effective than they seem. For an example, the rest of this description will be written in hashtags. #homecomingsgoing2rockurworld #chiefSPIRIT #Bethere #OrBSQUARE #LETSgoRED #2k15


It's hard not to get hyped for the pow wow. A surprise celebration for having spirit is obviously going to be bursting with spirit. So attending the pow wow and staying there for as long as you possibly can is definitely a fantastic idea. Yes, this one basically speaks for itself.

8. Watch Your Queen Be Crowned

During halftime of our #REDOUT game on Friday, our homecoming court is going to display their beautiful selves for all of us to admire, and the homecoming queen will be announced and crowned. This is going to be one of the moments you’ve been getting hyped for! So if you’re anywhere but the student section to get a perfect view, you better book it (and I’m not talking about a magazine!) up there.


Another one that speaks for itself. By the time you get to the homecoming dance, you’re hoping to already be hyped from all the previous festivities. Here the homecoming King will be crowned as well. But to be honest, the easiest way to get hyped for homecoming is to talk about homecoming! Everything about the dance is going to help get you hyped, but you knew that. #Havefun!

Lakeland vs. Valley View: The Rivalry Game

9/24/15 - Cody Rupp and McKensie Shiner

The National Anthem being played before the game
The Lakeland Chiefs and the Valley View Cougars were set to renew their records on Friday, September 18th. With both teams ranked in the top ten, the two backyard rivals were ready to have a showdown. Not to mention the ongoing war between “Valley Who” and "The Farmers,” both team’s students sections were the biggest they’ve been all season. Valley View was predicted to win by 3, but things ended differently. This game was one of defenses, allowing Valley View to get off to an early lead with a touchdown run by Scott Wasilchak from 3 yards out. An uneventful first half led the game into halftime with Valley View leading 6 to 0. The Cougars stopped the Chiefs in the second half, and Lakeland had -5 yards in the second half. The score remained 6-0, until Valley View intercepted a pass and returned it to the redzone. The next play, Wasilchak ran the ball into the endzone again to give Valley View a 12-0 lead. The final score was 12-0.
Part of the student section cheering on the team

Lakeland Vs Old Forge

9/24/15 - McKensie Shiner and Cody Rupp

The football team during their game against Old Forge
The Chiefs' second game of the 2015 season was a highly anticipated game against Old Forge. Playing on their home field for the second week in a row, the Chiefs really put up a fight. Although the Blue Devils scored 13 in the first quarter, the Chiefs fans would not give up on their boys. In the second quarter, sophomore, Cy Babcanec ran a 3 yard touchdown, and with 7:41 left in the quarter, the Chiefs were trailing by just 7 points. The boys were not defeated going into the locker room and proved it when they came out to start the third quarter. Again, Cy Babcanec ran a touchdown, just a yard longer than the last one. At this point, the Chiefs were tied with the Blue Devils, but soon after, the Blue Devils scored again. As the opposing team kicked off, they fumbled, causing us to score a touchdown, ending the quarter 20-18. In the 4th and final quarter of the game, Cody Rupp, quarterback and staff writer of the lance scored a 29 yard touchdown. Unfortunately, the Blue Devils scored again also, taking home the win with a final score of 27-24. After this loss, I talked to junior running back/ offensive linebacker, Michael Lowry. Lowry told me that his personal goal this season was "just to help my teammates in any way I can.” Reflecting on the loss, he stated, to be successful "we need to cut down on mistakes and minimize injuries as well as we can.” Michael is one of the many dedicated members of the team who wants to focus on how to utilize their talented players in the best ways possible. Taking on Valley View, the school’s biggest rival, next The Chiefs were more full of energy than ever.

Boys' Soccer Season Opener

9/21/15 - Maria Knutelski

The Chiefs’ first regular season game was September 16th at Polonia Park against Holy Cross. The boys were off to a good start when Ethan Cortes scored off of a pass from Lucas Snedeker, who also added two goals. Graeme Nichols made the score 4-0 giving the Chiefs a big lead over the Crusaders. Cortes scored two more goals, making that a hat trick for the freshman starter. Collin Cooper had two assists and Jack Flynn had one. Lakeland kept the Crusaders scoreless, winning the game 6-0.

Boys' Soccer vs. Elk Lake

9/23/15 - Maria Knutelski

On Monday, September 21st, the Chiefs were ready for their first home game of the season against Elk Lake. Goal number one for Lakeland came from Collin Cooper. Ethan Cortes also scored, making it 2-0. Elk Lake came back and scored two goals in reply to ours, making the score tied, with both teams having 2. Michael Besten scored the go-ahead goal to give the Chiefs the lead. Cortes scored the last goal for Lakeland, ending the game with a 4-3 win, making the team 2-0.

Football Cheerleaders

9/22/15 - Kaela Jennette

It’s the last five minutes of the third quarter and things aren’t looking good for the Chiefs. The crowd is half asleep and the boys are almost out of motivation. As soon as the voices of the football cheerleaders erupt from the track, with the help of their coaches Ms. Allan and Katie Zaleski, the girls “strive for perfection” to pump up the football players and crowd. Every sharp move they hit and the cheers they yell resonate through the full stadium and fill the fans with the Chief pride they need. “ Go Chiefs,” the girls yell as our team recovers the ball and scores a touchdown, winning the game!

The Lakeland football cheer team is full of energetic and athletic girls who love to help encourage our boys. The team consists of: Coach and Assistant Coach, Ms. Allan, and Katie Zaleski, Captains and Seniors: Georgia Verrastro and Dana Beecroft, Ami Yanochik, Cheyann Borsheski, Christine Anzelmi, Abby Aniska, Kristen Hlavaty, Maria Merrigan, Mariah Loughney, Juniors: Cameron Bullet, Isabella Muncie, Kateri Kleinbauer, Miyah Pliska, Katie Retzbach, Elizabeth Golosky, Elena Tomcykoski, Kayla Pollack, Adrianna Vilgos, Molly Fawcett, and Sophomores: Elisa Pirano, Maria Good, Reece Wormuth, Leah Loomis and Ashley Mullen.

The Lakeland cheerleaders not only cheer for our boys at games, but they are also involved in other events at school like: pep rallies, fundraisers to support their squad, lending a hand at community breakfasts and dinners for donations, helping with Christmas events at the Scott Hose Company, and many more. No matter the task, our girls are always ready to help!


9/22/15 - Ami Yanochik

Many Junior and Senior students will be taking the SAT this fall, but some may not know about the ACTs, another testing option for those planning to apply to college. The ACTs are a achievement test which measures what a student has learned in school. The test has up the five components: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and there is also an optional writing test. According to, the test will take about 3 hours and 30 minutes if a student takes the optional writing. The website states that the test is 215 multiple-choice questions, and that there is a break between the two sections.

The ACT is different from the SAT because while the ACT testes more of what a student has learned, the SAT is more of an aptitude test, testing reasoning, and verbal abilities. On ACT Student, there are test preps to help prepare you for the ACT. Also,other test preps that will help you prepare for the ACT is Kaptest, Number 2, and Sparknotes. The dates for the ACT are November 6th, December 12th, January 8th, February 6th, March 4th, and April 9th.

Taylor Flynn presented with scholarship

9/21/15 - Maria Good

Taylor Flynn, a senior at Lakeland
Lakeland Senior Taylor Flynn was awarded a $500 scholarship at the Jamie Kotula tournament on Labor Day weekend. Eleven scholarships are awarded to one player from each participating team that demonstrates the best spirit while playing the game. All scholarships are granted through the Jamie Katula Foundation and can be funded toward any college of his or her choice. After high school Taylor plans on attending college and pursuing a major in engineering. As much as Taylor loves soccer she does not plan on playing in college, since she is pursuing a difficult major and plans to focus on school and maintaining good grades. However, she says club soccer teams are always an option. Some of her accomplishments from the past three years include: three time Lackawanna league division 3 first team all star, 2013 division 3 MVP, and member of the 2013 Lackawanna league regional team. In addition to soccer, Taylor is a member of the basketball and track and field teams, SADD, secretary of Student Council, NHS and Vice President of Mu Alpha Theta.

NHS Tutoring

9/21/15 - Rachel Decker

The National Honor Society is once again offering a free peer tutoring after school. Every year, NHS members have the privilege of helping out both peers and underclassmen. It is an enriching experience to help guide those who are in need of tutoring become better with every session. Many students also have different ways to approach studying, which helps the students to find a better way to learn.The one-on-one style of tutoring is also an invaluable resource. The tutees get to have someone who is completely focused and devoted to themselves. In a classroom, the teacher is not always able to help those who are having a hard time understanding and keeping up. This is a way to supplement your class time with someone who can supervise your homework and studying to ensure you can keep pace.

The tutoring is supervised in the high school library by a teacher who is able to ensure students are on task. The times available are Mondays-Thursdays from 2:45-3:45 p.m. Any student may request to be tutored in any of their subjects. The tutors are the members of NHS, juniors and seniors who all have great achievement in their scholarship. They will help to forge better study habits, to increase comprehension, and to overall better prepare them for their classes. To request a tutor, you must fill out a form on Mr. Soltus’ website. Then you must click the National Honor Society link. After printing and filling out the form, you must turn it into the main office. They will then contact you either by school email or phone, After which, they will set a schedule that works for everyone. Tutoring is only available to those given a tutor. Parents/ guardians will be required to provide transportation home. Also, on any half days or days of early dismissal the tutoring session will be canceled.

The "R" In TRIBE

9/17/15 - Jordan Art

TRIBE is the Lakeland way. Trustworthy, Respectful, Involved, Brave, Excellent are what TRIBE stands for, but the letter that should be considered the most important is the "R," Respect is very important. Not only do we respect each other and our teachers, but other people also respect us as a school. You have to be respectful to be successful. In the classroom if you ever need one more point to get an “A” or a chance at extra credit, and you ask the teacher who you were previously disrespectful to, they aren’t going to help you. Be a part of the tribe and be respectful, and you’ll be rewarded in the long run!

NHS Meeting Overview

9/17/15 - Rachael Decker

Members of the National Honor Society met for the first time this school year September 3rd in the commons after school. Topics up for discussion included upcoming NHS-run events throughout the year, as well as community service and fundraising opportunities. The meeting began, however, with the introduction of the Society’s new leadership, which is made up of the executive committee as well as returning advisor Mr. Soltus, who took the position after a two-year hiatus, during which Mrs. Hauenstein filled the role. The members of the Senior executive committee are Corey Davis, president, Caleb Morgan,vice-president, Taylor Morgan, secretary, and Collin Cooper, treasurer, The executive committee is assisted by Junior representatives Alyssa Meta and Isabella Demyan.

Members discussed several fundraisers and upcoming community service. The society plans to try a Krispy Kreme fundraiser this year, and is eagerly anticipating the return of Haunted Halls>. The Haunted Halls fundraising event had been a hit in years past, when NHS would put on a haunted house for the community in the Jermyn borough building. This year Haunted Halls will be be October 26th-28th at either the Jermyn Borough building or here at Lakeland. It will likely be a lot of fun to decorate in the theme of Halloween, so donations of time and decorations are very much appreciated.

Tutors and Teaching Assistants are beginning to be assigned throughout the year as well. Every year, members of the National Honor Society take part in a peer-tutoring program to help out students in the school who need extra assistance with their coursework. Additionally. NHS provides services for teachers who need help with paperwork or grading. These programs will continue throughout the year as a way for members of the society to help the community and live their lives adherent to the pillars of NHS membership.

Afterward, NHS bylaws were discussed. These bylaws can be found at Mr. Soltus's website. As always the NHS members are to uphold high standards with thoughts of their character, scholarship, service, and leadership in mind.

Mayfield Pep Rally

9/17/15 - Dana Beecroft

On Friday, September 4th, the Lakeland cheerleaders, senior football players, band, and the drill team went down to the the Mayfield elementary school to put on a pep rally. The Mayfield elementary school has a new program called S.W.P.B.S. Their teachers and faculty decided the kids have worked so well with their new program that they deserved an award, so the pep rally was established. Some of the children were asked to share what each letter in S.W.P.B.S. stood for; School Wide Positive Behavior Support. Then they were asked to share their "Chief promise." Prizes were given out to those who participated.

Beside handing out prizes and toys to the younger students, the high school students came to the school for a reason- That reason being to promote school spirit for their good behavior. The cheerleaders got students involved by doing the "Chief Rumble" with the football players and the drill team. Then, our "Miss Chief", Kaelyn Slangan, and the drill team performed one of their dances from their field show. The cheerleaders also performed a few of their cheers and dances.

Whenever the high school comes to an elementary school, the younger children get very excited to meet the older kids that they look up to. Many children like to meet the football players, so the captains: Garth Estadt, Cody Rupp, Antonio Cerminaro, Corey Bednash, and the rest of the senior football players interact with the kids by talking and dancing with them.

Not only did the football players and cheerleaders interact with the students, so did the band, along with the drill team. The high school band directors, Brooke Stearns and Tyler Jones, helped everyone get involved by playing the songs they danced along to. The drill team danced to the songs that were played, making the young students even more excited!

Hosting this pep rally for the children was a great opportunity. They got to see how well their good behavior the first two weeks paid off and realized that- if they keep up their good behavior with their S.W.P.B.S. program they can receive more pep rallys or treats.

T.R.I. Brave E.

9/17/15 - Karlee Parry

The Lakeland High School recently brought together a program called TRIBE. Trustworthy, Respectful, Involved, Brave, and Excellent are the 5 factors that encourage students to show positive behaviors. You may be wondering, what exactly does being brave mean? Bravery is something not many people achieve, not because they physically can’t, but because they don’t have the courage to. In this generation, everyone is afraid to show their true feelings because they believe people are going to judge them. If one person showed an act of bravery, it might start a chain reaction. For instance, if you saw a new student sitting alone at lunch and you sat with him/her, your friends might notice and also join. Can you imagine how happy that would make that new student? It doesn’t just have to occur in the school either! You can show bravery in a store, at work, or anywhere else you may go. If a woman were to drop everything out of her purse and everyone else walked by her, but you were the one with the courage to help her, you are being brave. This proves that you don’t need a special skill to be brave, you just have to do what is right.

New Teachers Around the School: Miss Washenko

9/16/15 - Lindsay Jones

A few weeks before the school year began Lakeland hired a new science teacher, Miss Washenko. Miss Washenko teaches three classes at Lakeland which include Biology, Biology Practicum, and Current Issues in Science. Her enthusiastic demeanor makes her classes much more enjoyable for the students. While she was born and raised in Throop, Miss Washenko attended Mid Valley High School then furthered her education at Wilkes University where she graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in Biology. She is currently one class away from earning her Master's in Online Teaching as well. When asked what motivated her to teach she said jokingly, "My love of stationery!," but then in all seriousness she stated, "I love working with people and teaching connects science and people which allows creativity and curiosity to collide." Miss Washenko desired to teach biology because it had always held her attention and she believes it is more fascinating and relevant than people give it credit for. "The interdependence between parts of life leaves me speechless, and the ethical debates that arise leave me charged with much to say," she said. Although she does have much to say on such debates, Miss Washenko chooses to allow students to freely discuss issues while facilitating a thorough examination of both sides of an issue.

Before coming to Lakeland, Miss Washenko worked at a few high schools but most recently she was working at Penn Foster, an online school based out of Scranton, for almost five years. When asked what makes Lakeland different from the other places she has taught she stated, "The faculty really collaborates to make the learning environment the best for all students and I love how everyone is involved in activities inside and outside of the classroom." This statement brought us to talk about the new program Lakeland has implemented called TRIBE. Miss Washenko said that she loves the idea of the program and thinks it is "TRIBE-tacular!" She likes that the schools feels unified and has helped everyone, students and teachers, get on the same page. While looking ahead into the rest of the school year Miss Washenko hopes to get to know the students and faculty as well as solidifying her part in the tribe. She is very excited to be a Chief!

Outside of the classroom Miss Washenko claims to be the "eternal bridesmaid", she is almost always involved in someone's wedding. If she wasn't a teacher she would definitely want be an event planner, and surely has enough practice. Her favorite show to watch on television, although hard for her to admit, is Pretty Little Liars. Watching all of the episodes with her are her pomeranians, which she claims to have a "house-full" of them. When getting out of the house Miss Washenko enjoys going to concerts and to the movies, specifically horror movies. She loves to take on all types of projects and has a love for all things tie-dyed. Although Miss Washenko is now a Chief, back in high school she was Miss Spartan, and was also Vice President on her graduating class. Now, she is the secretary of a hunting club, despite the fact that she does not hunt. She does enjoy going to her family's hunting cabin in Bradford county, "It is deep in the woods and needless to say, no service is a beautiful thing," she said. Other places Miss Washenko loves to visit is New Orleans, especially during Mardi Gras. Her next stop to travel will be Nashville, Tennessee. Miss Washenko also stated that last year she had made a visit to the USA Science and Engineering Festival, where she got to see her favorite scientist, Michio Kaku live. "He has an uncanny ability to draw in an audience and explain hard-to-understand concepts without effort," she said. Finally when asked what advice she would give to students wanting to pursue a degree in science she replied, "Solidify your interests, doing as much research now as you can will enhance the pay off later. Talk to your teachers about your goals; they have picked up some things along the way that they can share."

Homecoming Preview

9/16/15 - Ami Yanochik and Dana Beecroft

For many years, seniors at Lakeland have had the privilege to vote for the members of the homecoming court. In their respective homerooms, each senior votes for five girls and five guys from the senior class. The five guys and five girls with the most votes are nominated for the homecoming court. The nominations for this years 2015 homecoming court are Georgia Verrastro, Kaelyn Slangan, Kristen Hlavaty, Corey Davis , Taylor Morgan, Luke Pettinato, Garth Estadt, Cody Rupp, Aki Glover, and Nic Cicio. The nominees have three weeks to provide a picture and summary of themselves, which will be displayed in the homecoming ballot box. Student have the opportunity to read their summaries and decide who to vote for. In three weeks, a homecoming King and Queen will be elected by the whole school, and the titles will be announced at the Homecoming Dance and football game, respectively.

Students are expected to dress up for the dance, but homecoming is more casual than the Winter Semi-Formal or Spring Prom. Guys will usually wear a pair of khakis or black pants, with a button up shirt and an optional tie; girls a shorter, more casual dress. Members of the court will dress more formally; girls wear longer formal dresses and the guys wear suits.

The homecoming football game is September 25th at home, during the halftime show the queen will be announced. On September 26th, the homecoming dance will be held at the high school, during which the king will be announced. This year's homecoming dance is being counted for spirt weeks points, which are determined by percentage of a given class in attendance. Ticket prices are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Jaime Kotula Tournament

9/16/15 - Maria Good

Image Credit: Chris Dolan
This past weekend, the girls’ soccer team participated in the 5th annual Jamie Kotula tournament held at Marywood College.The tournament serves a fundraiser in memory Jamie Kotula, a past member of Holy Cross High School, who died in a car accident about five years ago, Jamie was seventeen. Money raised goes to the Jamie Kotula Foundation, which uses the money to award eleven scholarships. The Scholarships are awarded to one member of each team in the tournament who demonstrates the most school spirit.

Image Credit: Chris Dolan
The Lady Chiefs’ first game of the tournament was Saturday morning against Valley View, a long time rival of our school. After losing to the cougars last year in an exhibition game, the girls wanted revenge. An early goal, scored by Taylor Flynn, helped boost the team's confidence and set the bar high for the rest of the game. Rhiannon Berghauser and Sam Calachino also assisted Taylor Flynn to score two more goals, which resulted with a win, advancing them to move on to the semifinals the following day. On Sunday morning, the girls played Lake Wallenpaupack. With two goals by Taylor Flynn and Sam Calachino, the team moved on to play in the championship game against Valley View that evening. With two goals, one by by Taylor Flynn and one by Marina Contorno, the girls defeated Valley View twice, something that has not been done in years. Needless to say, it was a very successful weekend for the Lady Chiefs as they took home the championship trophy.

Image Credit: Chris Dolan

Girls' Soccer Preview

9/11/15 - Maria Good

With soccer season approaching, the Lady Chiefs have been practicing non-stop, preparing for another great season. They ended their last season with a record of 9-3 and were runner ups in their division and at Districts. With only 3 losses against Mountain View, the girls had a very successful season compared to the previous year, where they lost the first round of playoffs and ended their season very early. Only losing one starter (Cassidy Jenkins), the team is hopeful they will be better than ever and take home both the league and division titles this season. Returning Starters include: Taylor Flynn(Senior Captain), Kristen Hlavaty(Senior Captain), Lindsay Domonoski(Senior Captain), Elena Tomcykoski(Junior Captain), Brooke Longstreet(Sop), Rhiannon Berghauser(Sop), Maria Good(Sop), Emily Sashko(Sop), Kerri Armstrong(Jun), and Karlee Vaverchak(Jun). Other returning players include Sarah Mihalick(Sen), Marina Contorno(Sen), Carolyn Cortes(Sen), Brianna Krzan(Sen), Morgan Ruddy(Jun), Aleah Snedeker(Sop), Jordyn Flynn(Sop), Cassie Stracham(Sop), Corah Krantz(Sop), and Jessica Beecroft(Sop). Newcomers include: Alyssa Albino(Fr), Jessie Cunningham(Fr), Cheyanne Dippre(Fr), Lily Anuszeski(Fr), Samantha Caputo(Fr), and Gabriella Comes(Fr). The Lady Chiefs will play Scranton Prep at their field this Wednesday at 4:15.

Lakeland Football Preview

9/11/15 - Cody Rupp

It’s time, once again, for another Lakeland Football season to kick off! The chiefs started their season with a home opener against Northwest- August 4th, 2015. Lakeland, which is coming off of their 4-6 record from last season, looks to rebuild their team and get back to the playoffs- something the team knows best. Last season was the first time in 13 years the chiefs failed to make the post-season. With some seniors graduating, Lakeland did not lose much on the line. They return four starters for this season. Among those returning are Antonio Cerminaro and Corey Bednash, who are both seniors and also captains this year. Lakeland also posses a one-thousand yard rusher, Mike Lowry.

T.R. Involved B.E.

9/09/15 - Rachel Decker

Being involved is a major part of being a Tribe member. There are many expectations of the Tribe program to be upheld by the students to show their involvement in school. The student handbook has a matrix of examples saying what you should do and how you should act. Places such as the hallway, classroom, cafeteria, lavatories, locker rooms, auditorium, and on the internet are all places mentioned. To start off, try to do a few of these if not all: participate in the classroom, help out your peers, welcome new students and teachers, keep the cafeteria clean, be mindful of others, and promote our school through your devices. Be involved. Be T.R.I.B.E.

Chiefs Football Season Opener

9/9/15 - McKensie Shiner

Friday night lights on the freshly painted football field are finally back! As a student of Lakeland High School, now is the time of the year where you see everyone in a good mood- and after the season opener of the 2015 season, that’s a proven fact. The Chiefs took on Northwest Area, a school that traveled about an hour to get to our home field. Chiefs fullback, Eric Ferko, made his impression on the Rangers by scoring the first touchdown of the season in the first quarter. Collin Cooper, the Chiefs new kicker, made every point after touchdown (PAT) in the game, excluding one. The Chiefs led 7-0 starting the second quarter, Ferko being the only scoring player of the first quarter. Putting up a fight, Jake Gross, the Chiefs relief quarterback threw a perfect pass to the left corner of the endzone to be caught by linebacker, Zach Polito. The Rangers were not having all of the restless running by the Chiefs though, and scored 7 points themselves. Rob Bomba, tight end, ran a total of 60 yards across the field to the end zone ranking up the lead by 14 points, 21-7. The Chiefs and the Rangers end the 1st half, retreating back to the locker rooms. The Chiefs were not giving up in the 3rd quarter though, as senior, Garth Estadt caught an interception. Only a blink later, sophomore, Cy Babcanec scored a touchdown leaving the Chiefs with a 21 point lead. Nearing the end of the 3rd quarter, Gross ran for a touchdown and made it safely. The Chiefs ended the 3rd quarter with a 28 point lead. Polito scored another touchdown, while Northwest Area did also. Many proud members of the Lakeland community left the game ecstatic with the win over Northwest Area. Final score- 42-14!

Boys' Soccer Kotula Tournament

9/9/15 - Maria Knutelski

A hallway during the 2015 Open House
On the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, the Chiefs headed to Marywood to participate in the Jaime Kotula Kick-Off Classic tournament. They faced North Pocono for their first game. Freshman Ethan Cortes scored the first and only goal of the game. TJ Arendt saved a penalty kick to keep the Trojans scoreless. The Chiefs secured the win 1-0 and advanced to play Western Wayne early Sunday morning. The Chiefs were hoping to add another win to the books on Sunday. The game was scoreless at the half until Ethan Cortes scored giving the Chiefs a 1-0 victory over the Wildcats, allowing them to advance to the championship game Sunday night. Under the lights on Sunday, the boys were anticipating a 3-0 weekend. The Trojans were up 4-0 after the half and the first goal for Lakeland came from Graeme Nichols. Wesley Strong added another goal making it 4-2, but sadly the Chiefs came up short ending their weekend with a record of 2-1.

Seniors: TJ Arendt #00 (C) , Collin Cooper #2 (C), Caleb Morgan #22, Graeme Nichols #10 (C), Armen Rissmiller #36, Wesley Tuffy #1 (C)

Juniors: Logan Clauss-Walton #23, Ty Nichols #24, Lucas Snedeker #15

Sophomores: Caden Arendt #25, Michael Besten #8, Devin Diehl #16, Shane Novitsky #6, Wesley Strong #14

Freshmen: Jerry Borosky #12, Ethan Cortes #39, Zach Diehl #9, Mason Erdmann #7, Jack Flynn #21, Matthew Fisher #27, James Gogas #29, Shayne Mizok #8, Matthew Phillips #5, Tyler Prudente #18, Gary Snipes #4, Christian Swatt #26, Alex Wormuth #11

Starters: TJ Arendt, Wesley Tuffy, Graeme Nichols, Collin Cooper, Caleb Morgan, Lucas Snedeker, Michael Besten, Wesley Strong, Mason Erdmann, Jerry Borosky, and Ethan Cortes

Returning Starters: TJ Arendt, Wesley Tuffy, Graeme Nichols, Collin Cooper, Lucas Snedeker, Michael Besten, and Wesley Strong

Open House Night

6/3/15 - McKensie Shiner

A hallway during the 2015 Open House
On September 2nd, just a week and a half into the school year, members of the Lakeland School District hosted the 2nd annual “Open House Night” at the high school. Students, teachers, school board members, school counselors and other interested individuals were present.

A hallway during the 2015 Open House
Along with every staff member of the high school being present, many students could be found running informative stands, serving pasta to benefit the band, or selling baked goods like the drill team and our very own Lakeland Lance members.

A hallway during the 2015 Open House A hallway during the 2015 Open House A hallway during the 2015 Open House
A variety of club members had their very own stand, decorated with student’s artwork or their own artwork. Surveying the stands, teachers were appropriately placed alongside their co-workers who instruct the same subjects. Looking down on the table, parents and community members saw course syllabi, copies of any books students would be using, worksheets, project examples, and any other work a student may be approaching in the future. Teachers sat at their stands for over two hours to answer the questions and reflect on any questions or concerns about that specific class. The open house was not only a beneficial way to raise awareness for school clubs, but to make the community more knowledgeable about the involved members of the Lakeland staff.
A hallway during the 2015 Open House A hallway during the 2015 Open House

Hallway Highlights 2

6/3/15 - Joseph Wanat

Many individuals exemplify what it means to be a Chief every week at Lakeland Jr./Sr. High School. They are committed to their academics and helping their communities. This column will periodically demonstrate some of their accomplishments.

Alyssa Raciborski

Alyssa Raciborski, one of the top scholars of Lakeland’s class of 2015, will be attending Saint John’s University in Queens New York this coming fall. Not only was Raciborski accepted into St. Johns, Alyssa will also be rewarded with a full tuition scholarship from the institution for her impressive academics. Through her tenure at Lakeland, Alyssa has been a member of Students Against Destructive Decisions, Mu Alpha Theta, and Treasurer of the National Honor Society.

She says about her expectations of college, “I'm just going to take it as it comes to me. We'll see what happens."

Alyssa plans on continuing her education in the field of actuarial science .

Brooke Stearns

Junior Brooke Stearns moved on to Regional chorus after a robust performance at the District competition, where she sang “I Will be Earth” by Gwyneth Walker and “Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen” by Johannes Brahms which is German for "How lovely is thy dwelling place".

“It was honor to move on in the competition,” Brooke told me. At Regionals, Brooke said she enjoyed singing a piece by Eric Whitacre called “The Seal Lullaby.” Brooke, unfortunately, didn’t make it to the State competition this year.

Brooke is a member of the National Honor Society, drama club, chorus, a scorekeeper for track and field, and one of the newest reporters of the Lakeland Lance. She is also a member of Lakeland’s band and qualified for District band by playing a piece at District 9’s Band Fest at Marywood University in January.

Dan Brown

Dan Brown, a senior here at Lakeland High School, is a member of our undefeated boys track team. Apart from the amazing accomplishment of being a member of an undefeated team, Dan Brown has recently made an individual accomplishment for himself. With the length of 42 feet, 5 inches, he has been added to the rankings as the 5th best Triple Jumper in our school’s history. Even though this would be perfectly sufficient for any bystander, Dan Brown is looking to continue to creep higher and higher up the rankings to finish off his senior year.

State Champion: Armen Rissmiller

6/3/15 - Tyler Burns

On May 19th Armen Rissmiller competed at the Pennsylvania statewide computer fair, where the winners of local computer fairs across the state participated in an elevated level of competition at Dickinson College in Carlisle PA. Armen took first in the entire state for his animation, taking home not only a trophy but also a nice $150.00. Rismiller won at the local level with his entry in animation, Inner Workings of a Mechanical Watch. At the state computer fair he took it to the next level. Armen improved on his original video, and the hard work impressed the judges.

“It was a good time,” Armen said while recounting his experience, “To be completely honest I chose it because it amplified my strengths and hid my weaknesses, while still being interesting and having a high level of complexity. I’m glad to judges felt that way as well.”

Armen plans to continue his computer fair career next year, but he will be doing a different category, “I wanted to try something different. I could still be successful by doing the same basic thing, but there’s no fun in that.”

A Student Teacher to be Remembered

5/27/15 - Izabella Chmil

Miss Cynthia Leonard studied at Lakeland High School as a student teacher for 12 weeks, from late February to mid-May. She attends the University of Scranton and is on her way to becoming a certified English teacher for 7-12th graders. When interviewed, Miss Leonard said she has had a wonderful time student teaching at Lakeland, and it was beneficial for her to experience teaching a classroom. She said “It was especially helpful to experience a wide range of grades and ability levels.” One lesson Miss Leonard says she will take away from this experience is, "You are going to face a new challenge each day, but each challenge can always be overcome." Her observations all went well, and, fortunately, some of her favorite lessons took place during her observations. As much as we hope she will be happy with her new job as an English teacher, we will all miss and always remember Miss Leonard!

Chemical Changes in the Science Hallway

5/27/15 - Brooke Grover

Almost everyone at Lakeland knows Mrs. Sanderson as a 10th biology teacher, a position she's held for three years. Starting next year, however, Mrs. Sanderson is making the transition to life as a 7th grade life science teacher. "7th grade is what I always wanted to teach," Mrs. Sanderson said. I asked her what she is going to miss about 10th grade."Preparing for the keystones," she joked. "I'm gonna miss all my favorite memories and hope to make new ones. I hope I can bring to the 7th grade a better understanding of what they need to know in order to do well in 10th grade." I also asked her where she sees herself in 5 years. Her response was very relatable: "The beach in Florida, but only if I win the lottery." We can all agree that 10th grade biology is losing a very special soul.

New Teachers around the School: Mrs. Ruddy

5/16/15 - Lindsay Jones

During the 2014-2015 school year there have been a lot of new faces around the school. In the fall Lakeland welcomed back special education teacher Mrs. Ruddy.

Mrs. Ruddy had worked at Lakeland prior to leaving to work at Pocono Mountain West campus, but twas kindly welcomed back to Lakeland by all the faculty and staff this year. “Their continued support reminds me daily why I couldn’t resist applying at Lakeland a second time.” Also while living so close to Lakeland, Mrs. Ruddy hopes to become much more involved in the Lakeland community in years to come.

Earning her Bachelor’s of Arts degree at Lycoming College in Literature and Masters at Wilkes University in teaching English as a second or foreign language, Mrs. Ruddy realized she would enjoy working with students of all different abilities and backgrounds.

When asked what motivates her to teach she said, “My desire is always to help and support students in being successful in their education, all while being a positive influence in the student’s lives.”

Although Mrs. Ruddy loves teaching here at Lakeland, if she could have any other job she would want to work in the fashion or photography industry, but her ideal job is just being a mommy to her son or other future children.

At home Mrs. Ruddy loves spending time with her son Tyler, who is almost two years old. “I am a bit obsessed with him, which is why my favorite job is being his mommy, hands down.” Along with her son, she has two dogs. Bailey, a cockapoo and Zeus, a boxer.

One day Mrs. Ruddy hopes to travel the world. “I want to travel to Europe and explore areas referenced in Shakespeare’s plays or his own biography,” she said. Mrs. Ruddy would also love to travel to Disney for her fifth time someday and take along her son when he is old enough so that he could remember and enjoy the experience.

When she does have free time outside of teaching and being a nurturing mother, she enjoys watching TV shows like Dateline, 19 Kids and Counting, and The Following. Her hobbies used to be shopping but now she enjoys decorating their new home and spending time with her family.

When ending the interview Mrs. Ruddy had a few fun facts about herself. She said, “I am a very superstitious person and I also have an extra bone in my right foot that only 2% of people have.”

As you can see, Mrs. Ruddy is a very friendly and optimistic person. She enjoys teaching her students at Lakeland and guiding them to be their best. She is a great teacher, as well as a person, and we are glad to have her back at Lakeland!

Scholastic Bowl Nationals

5/6/15 - Tyler Burns

From April 24th-April 26th, the Lakeland Scholastic Bowl Team competed at the Small School National Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. The team, consisting of Tyler Burns (12th grade), Thomas Dastalfo (12th), Curtis Reeves(12th), Armen Rissmiller(11th), and Ty Nichols(10th) placed 38th at that national championship and had a record of 3-6 at the tournament.

The Small School tournament is run by NAQT, or the National Academic Quiz Tournament. The matches consisted of two nine-minute rounds, during which questions were asked in a tossup format. The questions were then followed by three bonuses, potentially leading to a 90 point swing for every question. It was a format we had never seen before, but the team was able to adapt to the format.

Not only did the team do well as a whole, but the individual participants also performed well at a national level, with three of the teams member placing in the top 100 players and Ty Nichols placing in the top 50, ranking 47th at the competition.

The team is hopeful about returning to the tournament next year, with both Ty and Armen as remaining members of the team. Additionally, on top of the returning “A” team members, the team is looking to be filled by members of the current “B” team who also have experience performing at Scholastic tournaments. “I think that we will definitely be able to match our performance or exceed it,” said Armen Rissmiller, who will be taking the reins as captain next year. “Now that we’ve seen how well we can do, we will put in a lot more effort.” One thing's for certain, with the returning members and the well of talent in the younger grades, the team’s future is looking bright for years to come.

Mock Car Crash

5/5/15 - Brooke Stearns

The SADD Club on the day of the Mock Car Crash
On May 5, in anticipation for Prom that coming saturday, Christine Anzelmi and Sarah Mihalick joined up with the SADD club to complete their senior project of putting together the annual mock car crash. A dangerous car crash is simulated every year before prom to warn students about the dangers of driving under the influence. This year the crash told the story of a drunk student, Nic Cicio, who crashed into the car of Caleb Morgan, his wife Corey Davis, and their infant child. Nic also had Marina Contorno, Kristen Hlavaty, and Lindsey Domonoski in his car. Everyone except for Nic and the child tragically died in the accident.

The SADD Club on the day of the Mock Car Crash
The mock car crash joined together the local police and fire stations to realistically simulate the procedure of an actual car accident. The two cars were almost completely taken apart to extract everyone inside. During the extraction, a police officer administered a sobriety test on the driver (Nic) and determined that he had been driving under the influence.

The SADD Club on the day of the Mock Car Crash
A local attorney spoke about the charges Nic would be facing for his mistake. According to the law, Nic was go to prison for at least 12 years, but probably longer because a child was involved in the accident. A short film, “The Price of 2 Beers”, produced by students at Lackawanna College, was shown to further demonstrate the dangers of underaged drinking. The film portrays a group students get into a fender bender after drinking, and then face major consequences for even drinking underage. The driver faced the highest consequences. He had his license suspended, had to pay a fine, and take a class about not drinking and driving. The entire presentation emphasized that our choices don’t just impact ourselves. Nic had decided to get behind the wheel of a car after driving and changed the lives of many people. He didn’t just take away the lives of 5 people, he forever changed the lives of everyone they knew and loved. Drinking and driving is nothing to be taken lightly. The power to make the right decisions is one only you yourself can make, so choose to make the right one.

Holocaust Symposium

5/5/15 - McKensie Shiner

On Cinco de Mayo, most sophomore students at Lakeland High School were learning about the Spanish holiday or participating in the recent SADD sponsored mock car crash. While these students were expanding their minds at school, a group of sophomores embarked on an intellectual journey down the highway to the Hilton Scranton & Conference Center for the 27th Annual Teen Holocaust Symposium.

Joined with other schools from Pennsylvania and one from New York, the students were on a mission to take in as much information as possible. Beginning a few minutes before 9:00, there were a few guest speakers, including Mary Ann Answini, the Symposium Coordinator, Susie Connors, the Master of Ceremonies, and Alan Moskin, a liberator, who was a Former Staff Sergeant in the 66th Infantry in General George Patton's 3rd army. Alan Moskin told a heartbreaking story, going into depth about his time in combat. Losing some of his infantry friends, Alan was faced with struggles during and after the time of the holocaust. Just a rookie by the nickname of "college boy,” Moskin spoke for roughly an hour explaining the horrors he faced and the day he stepped foot in the first concentration camp he had witnessed. Quite a moving speaker, he closed by asking all of us attending to do him a favor. He pleaded that we share his story and share all stories and knowledge of the holocaust because we are the last generation of people to have such an inside view of the tragedies and horrors that shaped the few people's lives who survived.

After listening to his moving speech, we broke into group sessions, having a chance to hear first-hand stories from survivors. I was with a man named Michael Herskovitz, who was born in Czechoslovakia in 1929. In 1944 when Germany invaded his city, his hard working parents lost their own grocery store. When the Germans took his neighbors and family to Auschwitz, Herskovitz was separated from them on the first day. Moving from Auschwitz to Mauthausen and Gunskirchen(both concentration camps in Austria), Herskovitz had given up hope. One day, he awoke to gunshots. Instead of seeing the all familiar German troops, he saw the smiling faces of British troops. Sadly, he was reunited with his uncle who found out that Michael's parents and younger brother had not survived. Herskovitz not only left me with that story, but with the words "Hate hurts you more than it hurts the person you hate. We need to eliminate all of the hate in this world."

After getting another inside look at the Holocaust, we were entertained by a talented group of actors performing the play Lida Stein and the Righteous Gentile. The plot is as follows: It focuses on the relationship between Lida Stein, a Jewish teenage girl, and her best friend Dora Krause, a German teenage girl. The play probes issues from the perspective of teenagers, both Jewish and non-Jewish, who are swept up in life altering decisions about friendship, politics, and family loyalty in difficult times.

This year's Holocaust Symposium was truly a life changing experience, and I hope that everyone took a piece of the time era back with them to pass down to future generations.

Sophomore Class Trip

4/29/15 - Alyssa Meta

At the end of April the sophomore class took a bus trip to Washington D.C. to visit our nation’s capital. Their visit consisted of three days and two nights, each rigorously planned and activity-filled. The first ever overnight trip ever embarked on by a sophomore class at Lakeland, the trip was definitely a success. When the students first arrived, they made their way to the Newseum, where they spent hours learning all about the history of the United States. Afterwards, as they stopped for lunch, the students made their way past Ford’s Theatre and the house in which Abraham Lincoln lived. To pass some time before their last stop of their first night in the capitol, the students played Frisbee, football, and just enjoyed the beautiful weather in front of the National Mall. They then hopped on a trolley that took them to all of the incredible monuments of D.C. in an event called Monuments by Moonlight. When it became too dark to see, they made their way back to Virginia to their hotel to get some rest before the next day, which was sure to be just as eventful.

The class started the second day of their trip at Arlington Cemetery, where they solemnly looked upon the 612 acres of graves. While there, they got the opportunity of watching the changing of the guard and the laying of two wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. After the cemetery, the class made their way to the White House. Waiting in line for an hour and going through 3 security checks was definitely worth it once they finally managed to make it inside. Although the President and First Lady were present, they did get to see the “First Dogs”, Bo and Sunny. After touring the Obama Residence, the class made their way back to the hotel to get ready for their Riverboat Cruise. The group of students then made their way to the Riverboat where they had dinner and a dance.

On the third and final day of the trip, the class started at the Holocaust Museum and then split up to visit various Smithsonian Museums. Although they had much more planned for their last day there, the class ended up leaving Washington D.C. ahead of schedule due to the below freezing temperatures they encountered. Nonetheless, the sophomores class enjoyed their trip and will definitely remember it forever.

Lakeland Baseball vs. Holy Cross

4/27/15 - McKensie Shiner

The boy's baseball team during their game Monday
On a cold and rainy Monday night, The Chiefs continued their successful season with a game against Holy Cross. Leading off for the Chiefs was senior Josh Natale. Jared Bomba, a senior as well, followed, hitting a double into right center field. Shane Rivenburgh, with 1 RBI, made it safely to first base. Matty Hayes, freshman, hit to left center with 1 more run in for the team. Then was Sean Pittack putting up a fight in the batter’s box, followed by Nico Piraino with a single and 2 RBIs. Closing the inning in the starting lineup of the game was Michael Romano.

Brad Richards pitching
In the bottom of the 1st inning, the Chiefs took the field. The first 3 outs of the game consisted of: a pop fly to right field caught by Jordan Art, a pop fly to center field caught by Jared Bomba, and a third out by strikes from our pitcher Brad Richards. Wrapping up offense in the 2nd inning unexpectedly quick, the boys made up for it on the field. With Brad striking out 2 more batters, and Jordan Art with another phenomenal catch in right field, the top of the 3rd inning was over. A daring batter who was safely at first base decided to go for a steal to 2nd base, but Josh Natale, playing shortstop, turned the play for an out. Brad Richards struck out a few more batters to add to his list, and the positions were switched again. Nico Piraino led off the 4th inning with a single hit to left field. Dominic Verrastro, who started the game catching, hit a line drive to left field also. Making an appearance in the batting order was talented senior, Christian Selvenis. Another great hit by Jared Bomba was a double with 2RBI. Making the 4th inning as breezy as it was outside, Brad struck out another batter and Josh Natale turned a double play. With the Chiefs at 5 runs and the Crusaders at 0, many astounding plays finished the game. Jordan Art hitting a single and stealing 2nd base, Dom Verrastro with a single, Nico Piraino with a single and an RBI, were only a few highlights. Jordan Mishihowsky pitched the last two innings of the game, contributing two infield fly pop catches. Jared Bomba, Shane Rivenburgh, Matty Hayes, and Jordan Art all finished the game with hits, leading the team with an 8-0 win and a step closer to another District Playoff Championship!
The boy's team coming in from the outfield

Your Clan War Has Come To An End

4/23/15 - Joseph Wanat

Lakeland’s annual Spirit Week, Clash of Classes, has recently come to a conclusion. It was hard-fought by each of the classes and their fates were heavily reliant upon the Olympic Games finale. After the winners of the teacher baby portrait contest and Pennies for Pasta money (which raised $1453.03 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) were announced, the Seniors and Juniors were neck and neck going into the afternoon.

The students and their teachers convened in the gym after the third lunch period. Each grade, in their colorful attire, paraded into the meeting place, each with a signature entrance. Everybody bolstered their classmates as they competed in various head-to-head challenges, such as a water balloon toss, Knockout and Tug-of-War. The underdogs of the week, the 7th graders, who were in third place, hoped to have an upset of the ages, as the upperclassmen have taken the spirit week title for as long as anyone in the school could remember. The Sophomores seemingly dominated each of the games and it appeared as though they could pull ahead to win the week-long competition. Deafening screams, chants, and cheers roared as the midday madness continued. Members of the marching band, though in different grades, came together to play the school's fight song as well as pump-up tunes such as Seven Nation Army.

When all of the games came to an end, no one was quite sure who came out on top. The anxious anticipation s ended when Mr. Shayka announced the winners and the Seniors stormed onto the basketball court, claiming the Meoni Trophy and spraying Cherikee Red soda all over. The final standings were as the following:
6) 8th Grade
5) 9th Grade
4) 10th Grade
3) 7th Grade
2) 11th Grade
1) 12th Grade

Scholastic Bowl 2015

4/22/15 - Tyler Burns

Already taking the silver for the “NEPA High School Challenge,” and the gold for the NEIU bracket of Scholastic Scrimmage, the Lakeland Scholastic Bowl Team is aiming for a much higher distinction. The team, coached by Mrs. Marino, is attending its second national championship tournament in five years during the weekend of April 24th. The competition is the “Small School National Championship Tournament,” or the SSNCT, and is being hosted in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Scholastic Bowl team is a group of students who compete in academically focused competitions where questions are asked in a variety of subjects. The format of the actual competition can range greatly, as can the location. This year, the team competed at WVIA, the Radison Hotel in Scranton, Mountain View High School, and even went as far as Cortland, New York to compete at TC3, a community college in that area.

The team going to the SSNCT consists of five members. Tyler Burns, Curtis Reeves, Thomas Dastalfo, Ty Nichols, and Armen Rissmiller. However, there are many other members of the Scholastic Bowl team, most notable a “B” team consisting of Graeme Nichols, Michael Goerlitz, Nicholas Catanzaro, Sal Marino, and David Drazdouskus. At the NE PA High School Challenge, members of the “B” Team made it to the semi-final match.

The team qualified for the SSNCT by their performance at WVIA Scholastic Scrimmage, and is hoping to do well at national level. As the team captain, I believe that we will be facing stiff competition, but nothing we can’t overcome. I have seen repeatedly what the team is capable of, and I know exactly what we can do, and I know, that at the very least, we will do Lakeland proud and be able to hold our heads high knowing that we made our school look great.

Talent Show

4/15/15 - McKensie Shiner

A vital part of this year's spirit week was the talent show. Every year there is an in-school talent show and an out of school talent show. Usually, a talent and a lip sync are chosen to represent each grade with one other act that isn't counted as spirit week points. The night show takes place in the all familiar school auditorium and contains some acts that were also performed in school.

Opening the show was Tyler Jones on drums and Craig Wahy on guitar, as well as singing. They called themselves "the Red Suns." They played a few rock songs to kick it off the talent show. Adam Chesar of 7th grade followed, sticking with the rock theme by singing "Twenty One Guns" by Green Day. Another 7th grade talent was Leo with an astounding improvised drum solo. Alyssa Price followed him singing the songs, Viva La Viva and Weightless. To switch it up, Sarah Demyan and Taylor Novitsky stunned everyone with their amazing dance performance to a mashup of the songs Wrecking Ball and Grenade. Sam Searles of 9th grade sang 2 songs, Baby I Love You and This Is Me. Also a freshman, Colton Fazio sang to Walk The Moon's new hit song, Shut Up and Dance and showed some more of his talent by performing a dance afterward. Regina, another freshman, proving to be very talented, sang the song All I Want by Kodaline . Moving on to the sophomores, Adrianna Vilgos performanced to the song Let It a Rock/Double Dream Hands. Brooke Thomas sang All Falls Down from Chaplin. Isabella Chmil played the classical Fur Elise by Beethoven. The junior talent, and talent show winners of the in school show, Ami Yanochik, Dana Beecroft, Abby Aniska, Kristen Hlavaty, and Georgia Verrastro who choreographed a whole dance that involved painting the famous word on their bodies, Harder Faster Better Stronger, was a well deserved win. The Osbourn brother duo, Liam and Luke, sang the song Agony from the newly released musical, Into The Woods. Grant Meserve and Mason Erdman, another duo of the show performed Riptide by Vance Joy. After being asked to perform last minute, and having all but 10 minutes to choose a song and prepare to perform, Paul Forbes is no stranger to Lakeland High School. As a senior, Paul's talent is known throughout the school and proved to remain as he sang and played the song Rude by Magic! Closing the show was the familiar band, Jake and the rippers consisting of Jake Fortuner, Dom Tolerico and Sean Cunningham. They performed to many genres by famous artists consisting of Elvis, Led Zeppelin, and Nickelback. This year's talent show was full of serious talent, Conrats to everyone who had the courage to perform!

Mini Mock

4/15/15 - Cameron Bullet

Every Wednesday, a group gathers in Scott Elementary to prepare to prove Harper Marmalard either guilty or innocent of committing a murder. But this is not a real murder and Harper Marmalard is not a real person, because this group is mock trial. Mock trial is a club where trials are simulated and young people play witness and lawyers in hopes to get the verdict they’re fighting for. Here at Scott Elementary, kids grades 4-6 are able to sign up for mock trial, run by local attorney Patti Rieder, and play witnesses and lawyers themselves. They begin the year learning about the law system, getting the roles they are going to play and build a cause for their side of the trial. At the end of the year, they celebrate their hard work by putting on a trial in the Lackawanna County courthouse and eating a dinner at Red Robin. Good luck to everyone participating in the club this year!

Dream Destroyers

4/11/15 - Jordan Art

Since they were in 8th grade, the Dream Destroyers have been the team to beat.The dodgeball team consists of Tony Harding, Sean Pittack, Kayla Agentowicz, Connor Albino, Taylor Flynn, Luke Snedeker, Graeme Nichols, and Caleb Morgan. This year they were challenged by a team of 8th graders. The team of eighth graders was undefeated going into the championship game, and surprisingly the Dream Destroyers had one loss. In the final game it came down to Tony Harding and eighth grader Jerry Borosky. Harding pulled it off though, leading the Dream Destroyers to yet another championship.

Lakeland Students Compete at SkillsUSA

3/30/15 - Tyler Burns

This week, a couple of Lakeland students get to show off the skills they have learned at the Career Technology Center at a state level event. Every year, an organization known as SkillsUSA has competitions at the local, state, and national levels which seek to promote a skilled workforce in America.

At this year’s district level competition, two students from Lakeland took home the gold; Alex Boyarsky for Crime Scene Investigation, and Alex Oestel for Masonry. Both of these events are quite different, and show the range of careers one can participate in as a CTC student. Crime Scene Investigation is what it suggests, with one having to look for various clues around a crime scene and actually frame the scene itself. Masonry is obviously a little different, and this year’s challenge saw contestants having to law 12” and 8” bricks to build a small structure.

Both of the contestants agreed that it “felt pretty good,” with Alex adding that he “feels accomplished and proud that he won again.” Alex previously won districts last year, and hopes that he can place third or higher this year, possibly even going to nationals in June.

Minute to Win It

4/7/15 - Brooke Grover

Students compete during the Minute to Win It Competition during Spirit Week

Students compete during the Minute to Win It Competition during Spirit Week
During Spirit Week, the students were able to relax and enjoy some activities at the end of everyday. On April 7th, Mr. Shayka organized the activity "Minute to win it," which is based off of the game show. In order to select participants, Mrs. Shingler and Mrs. Sledzinski helped select students from each grade to join in the contests. Once selected, students competed in various challenges, such as Face Cookie, Hanky Panky, and Caddy Stack, just to name a few. The activities consisted of funny and exciting challenges. At the end of the day, the seniors, juniors, and sophomores were all tied for the top spot with the total points of 18. The assembly was very fun and exciting to watch and to participate in and truly revealed School Spirit.

Hitting the Ground Running

4/2/15 - Joseph Wanat

Although basketball season in the rear-view mirror, we’re still lucky to see the temperature rise above freezing. Through the cold, many athletes have been hard at work maintaining the dynasty the school has formed through its track and field program.. It’s no surprise that the track and field team began its pre-season conditioning the week before Christmas, as a norm instated when Art Davis became boys’ head coach in 2012. The boys and girls varsity teams, each fresh off of District championship, are hungry and willing to do what it takes for more. Many of these runners, jumpers, hurdlers, and throwers participated in indoor meets held at East Stroudsburg University and Baptist Bible College earlier this year.

The varsity boys’ team is anchored by seniors Mark Arzie and Nathan Morgan, who have both been part of the team since their freshman year, Davis’s first year as coach. Each was a part of both the state-medaling 1600m and 3200m relay teams and qualified in an individual event (Arzie-800m, Morgan-1600m). Along with Arzie and Morgan, the entire 1600m team is returning, with juniors Collin Cooper and Garth Estadt in the remaining two relay positions. Estadt also qualified for the state championship meet in the long jump, and even broke the school record in doing so. The 3200m relay will have Nick Setta returning, but will need to find a replacement for Adam Davis who graduated in June. The boys’ team is also looking for people to step up in events after losing two of the best hurdlers in the area, Gavin O'Donnell and Chet Anuszewski, and sprinter Tim Hackenberg. The team is looking to receive help from former junior high throwers after an inconsistency in the field last year.

The varsity girls’ team, led by reigning coach of year, Linda Stephens, is poised to have similar success. The team returns with senior Cassidy Jenkins, who has been to States each year since she joined the varsity team her freshman year. Jenkins is looking to improve her medalling performances in the 100m and 300m hurdles from last season. Sophomore Brooke Estadt medaled in the long jump with 7th place and qualified in the triple jump. Additionally, fellow sophomore Madison Harding qualified for States in the high jump. However, the girls may run into trouble with their distance events, in which depth is thin at best.

Each of the junior high teams are challenged this year, with freshman being lost to the varsity teams. However, both teams are receiving a large number of 7th grade recruits that will do their best to replace and hopefully even surpass their predecessors’ abilities. The boys should do well in the distance events, even though they lost freshman Cy Babcanec to varsity. Freshmen Sam Morgan, Shane Keen, as well as 8th graders Nicholas Liuzzo and Lucas Osburn will fortify those events. Logan Bednash, a freshman, will be looked to for leadership in the hurdles and sprinting events. On the girls’ side, Lilly Anuszewski and Sara Wanat, both 8th graders, are coming off a successful season, during which they both medaled at the Phil Tochelli Junior High League Meet. They will be looking to help with distance events much like their varsity counterpart. Both of the teams are in desperate need of throwers and will look internally, as well as outside recruitment, for those who can perform in the field events to gather scarce points where they are able.

The season looks to be a promising one for each of the school’s four Track and Field teams this upcoming year. The dedication of the athletes over the long winter months should and will be rewarded when the hit ground running in late March, the start of the journey towards glory that can only be achieved through their persistence. For information about meets, school records, and etcetera, please visit

Lakeland track team at winter conditioning earlier this year Photo credit: Mr. John Swarts

Dress Code

3/25/15 - Brooke Grover

With the warm weather of spring approaching, the enforcement of dress code has now become a daily process, during which which teachers check to make sure that students are in compliance with the dress code.

"Having a dress code enables us to have a set standard; what students wear should not interfere with their education," says Mr. Pivorito, Assistant Principal. If students are caught out of dress code, there are a couple of disciplinary actions that can take effect. Some students may be able to cover the problem with a sweater or scarf, depending on the situation. Others students who are unable to fix the problem are sent to ISS. Having a dress code addresses safety​ ​and visual assurance that something like clothing isn’t distracting students from the education at hand. All students are expected by Administration to follow and pursue the dress code, whether male or female. Most of the students said that they “like wearing whatever they want as long as they're not yogas." Another student says, "I like that I can wear anything in my closet and I'm happy with the dress code as long as I don't have to be in uniforms." As a more extreme measure, some teachers say that we should just go back to uniforms. "Only khaki pants and collared shirts of any color," says one teacher. But as of right now, Mr. Pivirotto says that there will be no uniforms in the near future.

The current dress code is as follows:

shorts/skirts must be fingertip length, even if wearing leggings/stockings underneath

if wearing yogas/leggings, the shirt/dress worn must be fingertip length all the way around (cardigans that open in the front are not permitted with these pants)

nothing sleeveless; all shirts must have some type of sleeve falling beyond the shoulder

head bands are permitted; bandanas, hats, wigs or any head covering are not permitted

shirts should extend from the waistline to the collarbone, covering the entire torso;

nothing revealing ­ top, bottom or middle

St. Patrick's Day Parade

3/30/15 - Brooke Stearns

On Saturday, March 14, the Lakeland Marching Band had the honor of performing in the 4th division of Scranton’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. The band is always very excited to march in the parade, as it does so annually. Every year offers a high energy level from both the band and the spectators at the parade. Despite the unfavorable weather this year, the band still managed to find a way to play through the chill and rain. While other groups turned around and went home, Lakeland’s marching band donned ponchos, to protect the woodwind instruments, and marched on. According the band’s director Miss Flanagan, “It was the best they ever sounded and everyone did a great job even though it was raining and cold. We still had fun.” The band was very happy to put on a performance to please everyone that braved the rain to come out and enjoy the parade.

Senior Day 2015

3/27/15 - Tyler Burns

In any group, especially a class, a sense of comradery is incredibly important among the group’s members. Such a bond is perfectly exemplified by Lakeland’s Class of 2015’s senior day, which occurred on March 13th. Senior day occurs once a year for every graduating class, and provides the seniors with the opportunity to have day full of competitive games and other events.

This year’s senior day was marked by fun, a large selection of activities, and a great sense of competition. Senior students put together teams to compete in a series of games in the school’s gymnasium. The teams, each endorsed by a teacher, competed for a senior day trophy for the first time. Senior day teams competed in a total of four sports: volleyball, dodgeball, frisbee football, and hockey. Ultimately, the “Phelps’ #Kings” took home the gold for senior day. In addition to the sporting events, several video game consoles were set up in the morning, and a movie was shown in the auditorium. For the most part, these events lasted until lunch, where a large selection of wraps were available. Finally, to highlight the day, a hypnotist performed in the auditorium for the senior class, and even hypnotised a few of the seniors on stage.

Senior council organized the Senior Day event, and the day’s activities were planned by the Secretary of the class, Thomas Dastalfo. Thomas stated that a lot of time went into planning the event, with the “dedicated class officers meeting every week.” He stated that, “Mrs. Graham was a fantastic help as well, and the input we received from our classmates was valuable.” Thomas was pleased with how senior day went and said he believes the class was pleased as well. Brian Swatt, the class president shared a similar sentiment, and added that “It was great how more than just sports were incorporated into the day, and this kept kids involved and from wasting time.”

Boy's Baseball Preview

3/27/15 - McKensie Shiner

As the winter sports season comes to an end, some boys are trading their basketballs for bats and their high socks for even higher socks. This 2015 baseball season has everyone waiting with anticipation and high hopes. After losing many of the graduating seniors that made up most of their Varsity team last, year the boys are working hard to keep the streak going.

This season, 8 seniors are listed on the Varsity roster and are looking for a season of success. These talented boys are: Shane Rivenburgh, Josh Natale, Christian Selvenis, Jeremy Polovitch, Jared Bomba, Mike Tomcykoski, Jordan Misihowsky, and Bryce Petrunich. A junior, Sean Pittack has been a vital part to the team's success . Sophomores Michael Romano, Jordan Art and Brad Richards are no stranger to the Varsity team, since they have been a part of it since freshman year! New members include freshmen Matty Hayes, Nico Piraino, and Dom Verrastro. Sure to bring success to the team, many boys are playing double roster, meaning that they will play for both JV and Varsity. The double roster players are: John Wanas, Christian Cicio, Billy Lavelle, Connor Albino, and Zach Polito. Working hard to make an impact, the boys successfully help each other to pull out win after win. After going to district playoffs two seasons in a row and coming home with a victory both times, the baseball team has surely impressed in the past. With their first scrimmage approaching, the boy’s have been conditioning for weeks to take on Bristol. With 10 new members added to this year's varsity team, the team has a wide variety of players to beat the odds. The Chiefs have proved to consist of talent of all ages.

Spirit Week 2015: Clash of Classes

3/26/15 - Joseph Wanat

Students, 7th graders and seniors alike, are highly anticipating this year’s Spirit Week as we are well into the third quarter and reaching the home stretch of the school year. The annual occurrence, hosted by Lakeland’s Student Council, has shown a dramatic amount of participation and competitiveness in the past few years.

Every class is eagerly awaiting the chance to get their hands on the Michael Meoni Trophy after a hard-fought week of challenges of physicality, mentality, and natural talent. Clash of Classes, based off the popular game Clash of Clans, has been chosen as theme of this year’s Spirit Week. The glorious week of contention this year will be held April 6th through 10th, right after students return from Spring Break. Each grade will battle it out in a battle for spirit-week points in order to see which class ranks supreme. Points will be given out for participation in dressing up for an assigned theme for each day of the week. Also, each class will be given a chance to score points in various head-to-head challenges.

Several innovations have been made to this year’s agenda. All five days of the week have an event planned, compared to only four days being used to their full potential in past years. On Monday, rather than the once beloved Mr. Big Chief, a kickoff pep rally will be instated. Tuesday’s activity is completely new to the Lakeland scene: during a PM Activity period, Minute to Win It games will be played for a chance to earn coveted spirit week points. Students will be selected randomly in a Hunger Games style drawing to participate in the competition . Wednesday’s Scholastic Bowl has an added twist this year as well: the winners of the two preliminary rounds will face off against each other as well a team of teachers for a chance a bonus points for their grade. An integral part of spirit week, dress up days. have been amended this year as well. As usual, those who dress up will reward their grade with points. However, new this year, the best-dressed from each homeroom will be asked to be presented to a group of faculty judges. The judges will select the “best of the best” in order to award bonus spirit week points.

With all these changes, we are sure to have a level playing field for the pursuit of the Meoni Trophy. In all certainty, the games will come down to the wire again as they did last year. Best of luck to all classes! Remember to play hard and with integrity.

The spirit week schedule is as shown below:

Monday, April 6th
‘Mericuh Monday - “Dress in your country finest.”
Event: Kickoff Pep Rally (Auditorium)
Grades: 7-12 [PM Activity Schedule]

Tuesday, April 7th
Character Day - “Dress as your favorite character.”
Event: Minute to Win It (Auditorium)
Grades: 7-12 [PM Activity Schedule]

Wednesday, April 8th Wealthy Wednesday (Formal Day) - “Dress up your attire.”
Event: Scholastic Bowl (Auditorium)
Grades: 7-9 [Periods 1 & 2]
Grades: 10-12 [Periods 3 & 4]
Championship Match (Auditorium)
Grades: 7-12 [PM Activity Schedule]

Thursday, April 9th
Throwback Thursday - “Dress in the fashion of past times.”
Event: Talent Show (Auditorium)
Grades: 7-12 [Periods 3 & 4]

Friday, April 10th
Color Day - “Wear your class color. Show class pride!”

  • 7th- Royal Blue
  • 8th- Charcoal Grey
  • 9th- White
  • 10th- Green
  • 11th- Red
  • 12th- Black

Event: Olympics (Gym)
Grades: 7-12 [Periods 7 & 8]

Lady Chiefs Softball Preview

3/25/15 - Alyssa Meta

The Lady Chiefs Softball team has been working hard 5 days a week in the high school gym preparing for the start of their season. Due to the non-Spring weather outside, their first exhibition scrimmage had to be played inside of a dome. Being inside doesn’t stop them from being the best. The team's starting lineup consists of freshman, seniors, and everything in between. After losing 6 seniors last year, 2 of which had starting positions, there was room for remaining players to step up and fill their spots. Coach Brian Wagner and Assistant Coaches Bill Krenitsky and Ralph Baldanucci believe that the Lady Chiefs are bound to have an amazing season and possibly even make it to the District game. From what I’ve seen, the team has been meshing really well this year and will hopefully have a bright future together. Talent will win them games but teamwork is what can get them to the championship.

PA Regional Computer Fair

3/25/15 - Ty Nichols

On March 19, many of today’s technologically-oriented youth competed in the annual NEIU Regional Computer Fair. Each participant created a project in one of six categories: Animation, Computer Fair Logo, Digital Movie, Graphic Design, Programming, and Web Page Design. The projects were judged, with the most excellent from each category moving on to the state competition in May. Two students from Lakeland High School participated - Armen Rissmiller and myself. I constructed a website designed to provide computer programming tutorials titled Python for Mammals.

Armen created an animation titled Inner Workings of a Mechanical Watch, in which he describes a watch’s function as the parts of the timepiece move on screen. It is available for viewing on Youtube. Armen told me he put in about 30 hours into creating his animation. “It’s not as good as I wanted it to be, but yes, I am happy with it. I’m going to improve it before I submit it to the state competition,” he stated.

After the students set up in the morning at Keystone University, they split into smaller groups and went to Harris Hall, where they learned about a few new technologies from teachers from Forest City. First demonstrated for us was Auramsa, an app in which one can create a picture which will be remembered as a ‘trigger’ for a 3D object to appear on the screen. This technology is an example of Augmented Reality, and is predicted to become more widespread in both entertainment and advertising. The next demonstration was a short explanation and use of green screen techniques, using another app called Green Screen, which is only available for iOS. The students created fake news reports with various natural disasters behind them. The third component of the day’s sessions was a student-led tour of the Keystone campus.

After students completed those three activities, they partook in lunch provided by Keystone, and then convened for the awards ceremony. Armen Rissmiller was awarded first place for his expertly-done work in animation, and I received second place for my website.

New Teachers Around the School: Mrs. Kotchick

3/20/15 - Lindsay Jones

There is new life in the science hallway! Just after Christmas, Lakeland hired a new science teacher, Mrs. Kotchick, who teaches 7th grade Life Science. Before coming to Lakeland she taught 10th grade biology at Delaware Valley High School. She enjoys teaching because she loves to see her students have their own "aha" moments. Johnny Anzelmi, one of her students, said, "I really like Mrs. Kotchick because she takes time to explain each lesson so we all understand it."

Mrs. Kotchick grew up in Dalton, and pursued her degree at Susquehanna University. Mrs. Kotchick says she is motivated to teach science because, ”It is just tangible and makes sense. There is usually an answer for every ‘why’ or ‘how’.” Although she loves science and teaching kids, if she could have any other job she would want to own a bike tour company. "People would be able to experience the beauty and history of far off lands or even our local treasures," she said.

Outside of the classroom Mrs. Kotchick is just like any ordinary person. Her favorite TV shows are Scandal and Downton Abbey. She said her favorite foods are, "Potato chips on salty days or a coconut layer cake on sweet days." She owns a ten year old Spinone Italiano (a sporting dog) named, Matilda. Mrs. Kotchick enjoys outdoor hobbies like biking and running, along with domestic hobbies such as baking and decorating. Her favorite item to bake is a "crazy birthday cake" for her kids. "It's difficult but I love to see their faces when the cake is revealed," she admitted. Another fun fact about Mrs. Kotchick is that she is a triathlete, which consists of swimming, cycling, and running over various distances. Like any parent, she loves to embarrass her children by singing and dancing in public.

Mrs. Kotchick loves to travel as well. Of the many places she has visited her favorites were Australia in 2002 and Paris in 2004. "I loved Australia because of all the outdoor activities there, and the Australians are overly kind and generous," she said. " I was also able to watch an olympic water polo match while I was there, and it was unreal." Mrs. Kotchick enjoyed Paris because it is just the opposite of the U.S. She said, "the culture was so different and the food was amazing, it was just a treat to experience."

When asked what advice she would have for a student that wants to pursue a degree in sciences she said, "There are many different opportunities in the field of science, you need to get out there and talk to people and ask many questions. You can find a new opportunity every day in this field. Just don't give up."

Lakeland College and Career Fair

3/20/15 - Tyler Burns

One universal purpose typically held by high schoolers is to advance to the next stage of their lives. As we make a general shift away from trades and family traditions as careers, students may find themselves asking : “What comes next?” The Lakeland College/Career Fair aimed to answer that very question, as representatives from various career paths and higher education institutions were present Wednesday to educate students about the possibilities that lie before them after their four years at Lakeland High School.

9th, 10th, and 11th grade students were called out of class throughout the school day on Monday to the gym, where a slew of representatives from both colleges and careers waited for them. Four year institutions, two year institutions, trade schools, the military, as well as various careers and resource organizations all were represented at the fair. Geographically, schools ranged from Franklin and Marshall in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to St. John’s University from New York City; a local representative from The University of Alabama was also present. A lot of mingling also happened between students and career representatives. Career presentations were varied and numerous, with individuals from the legal, medical, professional, technical, journalism, engineering and service field providing much needed guidance and much wanted answers.

Mrs. Valonis, one of the main organizers of the fair, said she hopes that “each student that participated walked away with valuable insight, knowledge, and excitement that leads them into a particular field.” Additionally, she stated that the “alumni really rallied this year,” to have something for every student. Mrs. Valonis believes that with input from representatives, the fair can and will continue to grow and improve in subsequent years, and will continue to be valuable for all students. Mrs.Valonis is “thankful for the administration, school board, teacher, maintenance and cafeteria support to make the event the success it was.” Lakeland students assuredly learned many valuable lessons that will help them going forward with college searching, their careers, or whatever they choose to do, lessons made possible by the opportunity the fair presented.

Hallway Highlights

3/14/15 - Joseph Wanat

Many individuals exemplify what it means to be a Chief every week at Lakeland Jr./Sr. High School. They are committed to their academics and helping their communities. This column will periodically demonstrate some of their accomplishments.

Joshua Strong

Senior Joshua Strong is the recipient of a $1,000 scholarship from the Comcast Leaders and Achievers® Scholarship Program. Josh was chosen because of his leadership skills and commitment to community service.

“I enjoy working with my church,” says Josh. “Last year, we organized a fundraiser to build a school in Haiti and raised over $30,000.”

Josh plans to use the money to attend college in the fall and study biochemistry and endocrinology. Josh is a member of the football and track teams, FBLA, Student Council, Mu Alpha Theta, the National Honor Society, and is a Senior Class Officer.

Ty Nichols

Sophomore Ty Nichols, along with the rest of his class, received the results from this past fall’s PSATs. The PSATs are a test used by high school students to practice for the SATs they take as juniors that colleges look at in the application process. Ty received a score of 217 out of a possible 240 on the exam. Ty said he was very pleased with the result although he took little to no time in order to study for them

Ty is a member of the soccer team, scholastic bowl team, Student Council, and is the webmaster for the Lakeland Lance.

Christina Kosch

Senior Christina Kosch recently received admission to as well as a large scholarship from Washington and Jefferson College near Pittsburgh. She received $18,500 annually in aid for her education, which Christina will resume in fall.

“I wasn't expecting that much at all, especially considering what other colleges offered me.”

Christina plans on studying neuroscience when she arrives on campus next fall. Christina is currently the president of SADD, member of Student Council and the National Honor Society.

Cheerleading Tryouts

3/13/15 - Brooke Grover

Tryouts for next year’s Junior Varsity, Varsity Football, and Varsity Basketball cheerleading squads were held earlier this month. This year thirty-three girls tried out in total: eleven eighth graders for the Junior Varsity squad and twenty-two girls to fill the nine open spots on Varsity Football and the eleven spots on Varsity Basketball. The girls were judged by three former college cheerleaders who also have many years of coaching experience. The judges’ scores were added to each candidate’s physical and written test score which were combined into one overall total score. Ms. Allan, Lakeland’s cheerleading coach, said that she was “extremely satisfied with everyone,” and that she “wishes we had room on the squads for everyone but unfortunately we are limited to the amount of cheerleaders on the track and the court." She referred to tryouts as being a “bittersweet day," as she read off the numbers of the girls who made a squad. Ms. Allan hopes that the girls that didn't make will try again next year and never give up.She says that "It was nice to see that school spirit is coming back. Hearing girls choose both squads makes makes me feel like both basketball and football squads are coming together. I can't wait to coach all squads, along with my assistant coach Stephanie Anuszewski.”

I also spoke to girls who tried out this year such as sophomore Isabella Muncie, who made varsity basketball as a freshman and tried out for varsity football this year. She said that "this year's tryouts went pretty well. I felt a lot better this year since I had experience on basketball, but it was still very stressful because there was so many great girls trying out, so it was in between stressful and fun." I also asked Freshman Reece Wormuth how tryouts for her went for her first year trying out. She said that, "Tryouts weren't as hard as I expected because we went over the cheers and dances multiple times each day. By the time Saturday came around I knew everything very well. We had a lot of "mock tryouts" too, so once you got up in front of the actual judges it wasn't bad at all because you knew what to expect!"

Congrats to all the girls who made the cheer squad this year!

Lakeland v. Abington Heights: Mock Trial District Final

2/25/15 - Dylan Smith

Friends, parents, teachers, and other supporters of Lakeland’s Mock Trial team gathered in Courtroom #4 of the Federal Courthouse in Scranton last Monday to watch the final round of the district competition. In the final round, Lakeland faced off against Abington Heights. Abington and Lakeland certainly have a history: Lakeland lost to Abington in last year’s district semifinal round. After that victory, the Abington mock trial team went on to defeat Scranton Prep in the district finals, won the regional competition, and ultimately finished in the first round of the Pennsylvania State Mock Trial competition for 2014. After the loss last year, the Lakeland team even helped Abington prepare by flipping sides and scrimmaging them before the final, and has since become familiar,if not close, with the members of Abington’s team. This didn’t stop either team, however, from giving it their all in this year’s District final. Lakeland’s prosecution team presented a nearly airtight case against Abington’s defense. Abington managed to to outperform Lakeland throughout the trial, however, and the jury ultimately ruled in favor of the defense, thus bringing an end to Lakeland Mock Trial’s eventful and successful run.

Agentowicz Scores 1000 Points

2/25/15 - Alyssa Meta

Kayla Agentowicz with the Lady Chiefs Basketball Team
Image Credit: Mr. John Swarts
Kayla Agentowicz, a junior here at Lakeland High School, recently scored the 1,000th point of her basketball career. To say Kayla deserves this honor would be an understatement. She has been working extremely hard since as far back as she can remember. Kayla plays basketball all year round, bouncing back and forth between school ball and travel ball. It was during a game against Mid Valley that Kayla scored 28 points to reach her 1,000th point. Kayla claims she was confident that she could do it and wasn’t nervous at all. I guess she was right. Because Kayla is always working hard to help her teammates score, they returned the favor in that game, giving up their own shots to help Kayla to her accomplishment. When asked how it felt when she hit that foul shot to reach her 1,000th, Kayla replied “I was overwhelmed with joy and ecstatic to have finally reached it.” She plans to play basketball in college and, unsurprisingly, is already being looked at by schools. Congratulations are indeed in order for Lakeland junior Kayla Agentowicz.

Career Technology Center

2/25/15 - Tyler Burns

“When are we ever going to use this?” is a cry that many of us hear often throughout our time in class. Usually, the answer isn’t direct. However, there is a place where everything you learn happens in practice, and has a direct application to your school. This place is the Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County (CTC) , and its mission is a bit different than the traditional high school.

At Lakeland, every student is invited to take a trip to the CTC as a freshman. Once there, the students will see the variety of fields that the CTC partakes in. While they may not participate in the standard seven credit academics that most of us are accustomed too, the students of the CTC learn valuable skills that will be necessary for a trade they pursue later in life.

If a student chooses to go to the CTC their last three years of highschool, they can choose a variety of different programs. The CTC has courses available in everything from collision repair, to welding, nursing, and even the culinary arts. Paul Beaudoin, a senior at both Lakeland and CTC, believes that “[The program] is a good way for kids who want more hands on type of skills, just to sit behind a desk all day. It’s a good way for a student to mix up their day.”

It is not a decision that should be made lightly, however. Going into the program means there is a chance you will not be able to take courses you want to during your time in high school. It is a huge trade off, but it can be worthwhile. The bureau of labor statistics shows that welders make an average of $37,000 a year, which is comparable to many jobs a four year degree would qualify you for. Brian Bentley, another senior in the program, stated that “It is good to be going to school for something you actually want to go for.” And Paul stated that he chose the program because “he wanted to learn a skill that extended beyond the classroom.”

Lakeland Mock Trial Beats the Cougars

2/23/15 - Dylan Smith

The Lakeland Mock Trial team went up against Valley View in the district Semifinal round last Thursday. In their third trial of the season, Lakeland presented their defense case for the second time. Valley View’s prosecution proved more challenging than Prep’s, however. The cougars’ opposing counsel, led by Valley View Senior Matt Cornell, was prepared with many disruptive objections during the Defense’s case in chief. After arduous arguing between Cornell and Lakeland senior Tyler Burns, the presiding Judge Shurtleff of Wyoming County, ruled on the objections, which often meant ruling in Cornell’s favor. Matt and the rest of Valley View’s lawyer team managed to keep out evidence and testimony significant to the defendant’s case in this manner. Despite these challenges, however, the Lakeland team managed to keep its composure throughout the lengthy duration of the trial. The witnesses managed to hold their own on cross, doing their best to turn around opposing counsel's questions to support their own case theory. Curt Reeves ended the performance with an expertly delivered closing argument, which may have heavily influenced the jury, who ultimately returned a verdict in favor of the defense.

Once Upon a Mattress - Review

2/23/15 - Dylan Smith

“I like you Fred! I like you!”
Once Upon a Mattress - Dauntless singing of Fred
Image Credit: Mr. John Swarts

Lakeland Curtain Club’s latest production, Once Upon a Mattress, premiered Friday, February 20th, at Lakeland High School. Showcasing both veteran cast members and newcomers to the stage, the show did more than just entertain, but succeeded in captivating its audience with its whirlwind of comedy and charm. The talented cast brought the musical’s characters to life, and put on a memorable production that not only made the audience feel good for a few hours, but invited some warmth and optimism into the long and bitter winter we’ve all become too familiar with.

The true delight of the play was its cast of playful characters. The memorability of these vibrant characters can no doubt be attributed to the dedication and talent of the cast members who so effortlessly depict them on stage. The characterization of Princess Winifred, played by Lakeland senior Sarah Demyan, was nothing short of flawless. Sarah’s portrayal of the indelicate, and occasionally obnoxious, princess from the bog was spot-on. As the play’s lead, Sarah skillfully focuses the audience’s attention, while relying on the reaction of the play’s other characters to establish her presence on stage. Most notable of these is her relationship with Prince Dauntless, who is played by junior Caleb Morgan. Sarah and Caleb glided through the story-book castle sets throughout the performance, whimsically marveling in each other’s company, as though there was nowhere they’d rather be. Caleb’s Dauntless is naive, pitiful, and incredibly in love with Winifred, whom he endearingly calls Fred by the end of the play. The good-natured and lovable Winifred is foiled neatly by Corey Davis as Queen Aggravain, Dauntless’s controlling mother, who takes simple pleasure in being an unpleasant, overbearing, and downright malicious tyrant. Partnered with the mysterious Wizard, Aggravain is the clear antagonist of the show. The final piece of the puzzle is Tyler Jones’s performance as King Sextimus. Tyler’s slapstick Sextimus is seriously fun to watch. Sextimus, the de facto comic relief among an already jovial cast, was thoroughly hilarious, cleverly pantomiming his lines and exaggerating his actions to the amusement of both the audience as well as the other characters. Once Upon a Mattress - The King, Jester, Minstrel, and Lady Larken
Image Credit: Mr. John Swarts

Supporting roles play an integral part in the play as well. The play starts off with the Minstrel, played by Molly Fawcett, who recounts the story of a princess, who, despite the efforts of a vicious queen, is deemed fit to marry a Prince. As Minstrel in the court of King Sextimus, Molly narrates the plot of the play.. Much of the serious emotion of the performance is derived from the stories of secondary characters. The Wizard, portrayed by Michael Nally, is the perfect partner in crime to Davis’s Aggravain. Together, Nally and Davis are a delectably dislikable duo. The sorry ordeal of Lady Larken, played by Brooke Stearns, is woven into the fabric of Winifred’s tale as well. Larken is an unmarried maiden whose pregnancy threatens her own reputation, as well as that of the honorable knight, Sir Harry, played by Liam Osburn. Once Upon a Mattress - Sir Harry and Lady Larken
Image Credit: Mr. John Swarts
The urgency of Larken and Harry’s situation is matched only by the somber Jester, portrayed by Isabella Demyan, whose sentimentally sad “Very Soft Shoes” anchors the second act just as the play reaches its climax. Isabella’s Jester is lithe and lanky, energetically dancing around the stage in her colorful costume. Demyan choreographed her own dance for “Very Soft Shoes.” I was enchanted by her performance, which was enhanced only by the soothing sound of her voice, a voice as soft as her very soft shoes.

All in all, Once Upon a Mattress took a swerve away from more recent productions by the Lakeland Curtain Club. Shows like Little Shop of Horrors and Guys and Dolls presented a more serious tone, focusing on the struggles and gritty reality of life and love. On the other hand, Once Upon a Mattress is, in essence, a fairy tale. The playful tone of the show was perfect: cleverly delivered lines and lighthearted characterizations resulted in a fun show that, while lacking a true emotional direction, still offered a compelling tale vividly illustrated by its captivating characters. The Lakeland Curtain Club provided us with another great production this year, and as we say goodbye to some senior stars, we congratulate them, as well as the entire cast, on a job well done. Once Upon a Mattress - Sir Harry and Lady Larken
Image Credit: Mr. John Swarts

Girl's Basketball: Lady Chiefs vs. Lady Royals

2/20/15 - Joseph Wanat

Lakeland’s girls faced Holy Redeemer on what would turn out to be the final game of their season at James M. Coughlin High School in Wilkes Barre. In attempts to keep their District championship hopes alive, the Lady Chiefs did all they could in order to keep the game as close as possible. Their efforts came short, as they could not put up enough points to match Redeemer’s sum of 80. Kayla Agentowicz led Lakeland with 22 points and Katie Retzbach had 10 to end the Chiefs’ season.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Flynn, Taylor 0 0 0 0 0
Jones, Lindsay 1 1 2 1 4
Estadt, Brooke 4 0 0 1 9
Agentowicz, Kayla 9 2 2 2 22
Harding, Madison 2 0 2 0 4
Loughney, Mariah 0 0 0 0 0
Retzbach, Katie 4 0 0 2 10

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 5 13 8 23 49
Holy Redeemer 28 17 20 15 80

Cast and Crew Prepare for "Once Upon a Mattress"

2/20/15 - McKensie Shiner

As tech week came to an end for the full cast and crew of the Lakeland High School’s 2015 play Once Upon A Mattress, I spoke with sophomores Jordan Houston and Miyah Pliska about the upcoming performance and their roles in the production. Jordan is a member of the crew, and Miyah is a part of the show’s cast. This year is Jordan’s first year as a member of the stage crew. She is tasked with moving sets between scenes and having the next set prepared before the curtain opens. She is not in this alone, though, with other members such as Rj Bonham, Autumn Zintel, Morgan Ruddy, David Hudak, Taylor Morgan, Abby Samuelsen and Leah Noldy lending a helping hand in this laborious task. With all hands on deck, there is still one struggle. Jordan said “Act 2, Scene 7 is definitely the most difficult in the play. We have to set up a scene that requires a large bedroom and all of the mattresses.” After a week of hard work, Jordan says the stage crew is ready to perform.

As a member of the drama club since 7th grade, Miyah is too. Miyah Pliska has taken part in the following plays in her time at LHS : Footloose, Guys and Dolls, Little Shop of Horrors. Her part in Once Upon a Mattress is a “lady in waiting.” Miyah’s character, along with 5 other ladies, played by Brooke Thomas, Adrianna Vilgos, Emily Killiany, Casey Smith, and Kayla Burns, are waiting for the prince to get married so they can do so as well. Miyah’s biggest struggle this season was trying to balance cheer with drama club. Her favorite scene is one called “Swamps of home.” This scene includes the 6 ladies in waiting trying to convince one of their friends to not return home. Miyah has been attending music rehearsals for the play since November of 2014. Both of these girls have worked very hard in this year’s production. This reporter wishes them the best of luck!

Lakeland Mock Trial Advances

2/19/15 - Dylan Smith

Lakeland’s Mock Trial team has emerged successful from the regular season of the District competition this year. After knocking out powerhouse Scranton Prep in the first round, Lakeland's team went on to secure a second win against Western Wayne, and is going on to compete against Valley View in the semifinal round of the district competition.

In the first round of the district competition, Lakeland Mock Trial got paired against Scranton Prep, a team well known for winning district titles year after year. The last time Lakeland faced off against Prep was in the 2012 district final round, from which Prep emerged victorious and secured the district title. Prep went on to win the state title that year as well, eventually finishing 11th in the National Mock Trial competition. This time, however, the verdict was different: Lakeland triumphantly overcame Scranton Prep. As the two teams presented their case, it was clear that Lakeland’s defense team, consisting of lawyers Tyler Burns, Curtis Reeves, and Dylan Smith, with witnesses Elisa Piraino, Taylor O’Leary, and Anthony Whitelavich, was much more prepared and polished than Prep’s prosecution.

For round two of the competition, Lakeland flipped sides to present its Prosecution case against competitors from Western Wayne. Lakeland’s prosecution team, consisting of Lawyers Tyler Burns, Isabella Demyan, and Curtis Reeves, and witnesses Dan Brown, Cameron Bullet, and Annie Yurgosky, easily defeated Western Wayne, displaying once again their superior mastery of the case materials as well as their familiarity with objections and the rules of evidence. After securing two victories in the regular season, Lakeland will move on to the Semifinal round of the district competition, in which they will compete against Valley View on February 19.

Girl's Basketball: Lady Chiefs vs. Blue Knights

2/17/15 - Joseph Wanat

In the first round of District playoffs, the Lady Chiefs faced the girls of Wyoming Seminary at home. Behind Kayla Agentowicz’s 23 points, Brooke Estadt and Lindsay Jones scored 12 points apiece as Lakeland cruised to an easy victory to begin postseason play.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Flynn, Taylor 0 0 0 0 0
Jones, Lindsay 5 2 4 0 12
Estadt, Brooke 6 0 0 0 12
Agentowicz, Kayla 9 5 5 0 23
Harding, Madison 0 4 6 0 4
Retzbach, Katie 3 0 0 1 7

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 8 12 10 17 47
Wyoming Seminary 16 16 18 8 58

Girl's Basketball: Lady Chiefs vs. Lady Eagles

2/13/15 - Joseph Wanat

In the final game of the regular season, the girls of Lakeland faced the Lady Eagles of Mountain View. The Lady Chiefs got out to a quick start, doubling the opposition’s score in the first quarter and outscoring them for the remaining three. Kayla Agentowicz took over the game, scoring almost half of Lakeland’s points with 31. Madison Harding had 10 of her own in the victory.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Flynn, Taylor 2 2 4 0 6
Jones, Lindsay 3 0 0 1 7
Estadt, Brooke 4 1 3 0 9
Agentowicz, Kayla 12 6 6 1 31
Loughney, Mariah 0 2 2 0 2
Harding, Madison 4 2 3 0 10
Meta, Alyssa 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 16 15 14 20 65
Mountain View 8 11 11 11 41

Girl's Basketball: Lady Chiefs vs. Chargerettes

2/11/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Lakeland girls recently played Carbondale on the road. The game started out close with the Lady Chiefs leading by one after the first quarter of play. By the second quarter, the lead had diminished and Carbondale outscored Lakeland by at least two points each quarter until the game’s end. Kayla Agentowicz led the trying efforts of the Lady Chiefs with 16 points in the loss.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Flynn, Taylor 0 0 2 0 0
Jones, Lindsay 0 2 2 0 2
Estadt, Brooke 4 0 0 1 9
Agentowicz, Kayla 7 1 4 1 16
Harding, Madison 2 1 2 0 5
Retzbach, Katie 2 2 2 0 6
Loughney, Mariah 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 9 8 7 14 38
Carbondale Area 8 12 9 16 45

LaSalle Blue and Gold Tournament

2/9/15 - Dylan Smith

LaSalle Blue and Gold Invitational
Image Credit: Twitter: LaSalle Mock Trial
Early last month, members of Lakeland High School’s Mock Trial team traveled to La Salle University in Philadelphia for the 5th Annual Blue and Gold Invitational tournament. For the first time in tournament history, the event was expanded to two days and was held this year on January 10th and 11th. Twenty-eight Mock Trial teams, most from the Philadelphia area, competed in four rounds over the two days of the tournament. Each team was given a codename used by tournament coordinators, used to refer to the team for the duration of the tournament. This year, the codenames followed a theme: each name was the title of a Nicholas Cage movie. Lakeland's codename was The Ant Bully.

Lakeland went went up against Snake Eyes, a team from Jenkintown, as the Defense in round one. Tyler Burns, Curtis Reeves, and Dylan Smith represented the Defendant, “Harper Marmalard”, played by Taylor O’Leary, who faces a charge of First Degree Murder in the death of “Mandy Pepperidge.” For round two The Ant Bully was forced to flip sides. Lawyers Burns, Reeves, and Isabella Demyan represented the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as the Prosecution against a team from Lenape. The trials were each scored by two judges, and the teams were ranked using the scores from each round. Lakeland’s team came out of the first day with two victories and prepared to face more challenging opponents in the remaining two trials.

The third round of the tournament woke the mockers up early Sunday morning. As the defense again, Burns, Reeves, and Smith, along with their witnesses Taylor O’Leary, Elisa Piraino, and Anthony Whitelavich presented their case against Nazareth's prosecution. The weary-looking team was unable to win over the judges in round three. Round four put the prosecution team of Demyan, Burns, Reeves, and witnesses Daniel Brown, Nick Catanzaro, and Annie Yurgosky against a strong defense from Central charter. The team presented a strong case, but ultimately was defeated by Central Charter, a team that would go on to place 2nd in the entire competition.

Curtis Reeves, Best Attorney
Although tired after a busy weekend, the team still had the closing award ceremony ahead of them. The Ant Bully did not place in the tournament, but Curtis Reeves won the best overall attorney award. Reeves was called to the stage to receive an honorary gavel for his accomplishment.

Girls' Basketball: Lady Chiefs vs. Spartanettes

2/5/15 - Joseph Wanat

The night of February 5th was special for two separate reasons. The first of which was Michael Arzie’s senior project in which he collected non-perishable food items in order to donate them to the Montdale Food Pantry. In turn, the donors received free admittance to the game. The second occasion of the night was Kayla Agentowicz scoring her 1,000th point. Kayla, in total, scored 28 point in the game, her 28th being the thousandth of her entire varsity career. It seemed the feat was improbable after Mid Valley’s team began to double team her in the fourth quarter. However, Agentowicz drew a foul and the 1,000th came on a second of two free throws with 42 seconds remaining in the game. The Lady Chiefs won the game 45-36 in the end.

Kayla Agentowicz with her team, celebrating her 1,000 varsity point
Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Flynn, Taylor 1 0 0 0 2
Estadt, Brooke 2 0 0 1 5
Agentowicz, Kayla 11 6 8 0 28
Harding, Madison 0 1 2 0 1
Retzbach, Katie 3 1 2 0 7
Meta, ALyssa 1 0 0 0 2

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 15 9 14 7 45
Mid Valley 3 9 6 18 36

Boy's Basketball: Chiefs vs. Vikings

2/4/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Lakeland boys were coming off a five game winning streak coming into Tuesday night’s game versus the Riverside Vikings behind the production of recently named Athlete of the Week, Tony Harding. Unfortunately, poor shooting in the third quarter allowed the Vikings to open up a 20 point lead on the Chiefs. Harding led scoring for Lakeland with 15 points while Patrick Clauss-Walton contributed 10 of his own.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Natale, Josh 1 1 2 1 4
Petrunich, Bryce 3 2 2 0 8
Reeves, Curt 1 0 2 0 2
Rivenburgh, Shane 0 0 0 0 0
Harding, Tony 7 0 4 1 15
Clauss-Walton, Pat 4 0 0 2 10
Brown, Dan 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 10 10 7 12 39
Riverside 10 16 22 12 60

Girl's Basketball: Lady Chiefs vs. Vikings

2/3/15 - Joseph Wanat

At Riverside, the Lady Chiefs started off the game strong, outscoring the Lady Vikes 30-12 in the first half. Kayla Agentowicz scored a game high 27 points to lead Lakeland and Brooke Estadt had 10 points of her own in the win.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Flynn, Taylor 1 0 0 0 2
Jones, Lindsay 1 0 0 0 2
Estadt, Brooke 6 0 2 2 14
Agentowicz, Kayla 12 3 3 0 27
Harding, Madison 3 2 2 0 8
Retzbach, Katie 2 0 0 1 5
Loughney, Mariah 0 0 0 0 0
Flynn, Jordyn 0 0 0 0 0
Meta, Alyssa 0 0 0 0 0
Clauss-Walton, Haley 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 11 19 22 6 58
Riverside 10 2 14 13 39

Boy's Basketball: Chiefs vs. Crusaders

1/31/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Chiefs played another close game as they faced the Holy Cross Crusaders in Dunmore on Saturday night. With five seconds left in regulation, the Crusaders’ Rob Torre made a 3-pointer to force overtime. In OT, it remained a close game as both defences played tight and most of the scoring was done from the free throw line. In the end, Lakeland pulled off the upset 47-45. Tony Harding and Patrick Clauss-Walton led the Chiefs’ scoring with 14 points apiece.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Natale, Josh 1 2 5 1 5
Petrunich, Bryce 3 2 4 1 9
Reeves, Curt 0 3 4 0 3
Rivenburgh, Shane 1 0 0 0 2
Harding, Tony 7 0 3 0 14
Clauss-Walton, Pat 5 2 6 3 14

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OT Final
Lakeland 13 8 9 13 4 47
Holy Cross 15 13 4 11 2 45

Boy's Basketball: Chiefs vs. Bucks

1/29/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Chiefs began their 2015 Coaches VS Cancer campaign in a division rivalry game against the Dunmore Bucks. The gym, as well as the apparel and accessories of the players, coaches, referees, cheerleaders, and student section members were adorned in pink to show their support. An almost uneventful first half ended with Lakeland up 20 to 12.The second half was a rollercoaster ride for the ages in comparison. The Bucks increased pressure on the defensive end and caused the Chiefs to turn the ball over several times to the point where they had a 10 point lead. The Chiefs buckled down with three minutes to go and narrowed the margin to 4 points. Patrick Clauss-Walton banked in 3-pointer with 10 seconds to go. Immediately after, he dove to foul Dunmore’s John Williams who could’ve had an easy layup or dunk because he was behind each of Lakeland’s defenders. On the one-and-one, with the distractions of Lakeland’s cheerleaders and student section screaming and stomping on bleachers, Williams missed his shot. Lakeland gained possession and took it down court where Bryce Petrunich hit a game-winning 3-pointer from the corner. Petrunich ended with 11 points total. Tony Harding led the Chiefs in scoring with 25 points. Free throw shooting was key for Lakeland as they went 12 for 17 from the line after their poor efforts there in the two teams’ previous matchup. The Chiefs will go on to play the Holy Cross Crusaders Saturday on the road.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Natale, Josh 0 0 0 0 0
Petrunich, Bryce 4 0 1 3 11
Reeves, Curt 1 0 0 0 2
Rivenburgh, Shane 0 1 2 0 1
Harding, Tony 7 9 12 2 25
Clauss-Walton, Pat 3 2 2 1 9
Brown, Dan 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 7 13 6 22 48
Dunmore 9 3 19 15 46

Girl's Basketball: Lady Chiefs vs. Lady Devils

1/28/15 - Joseph Wanat

Number nine ranked Lakeland faced number ten ranked Old Forge in a Lackawanna League Division III game. The game was close throughout and resulted in three overtimes. Kayla Agentowicz scored a game-high 27 points, including the game-tying 3-pointer with three seconds remaining in regulation. In a game that tested each teams endurance, Brooke Estadt scored 16 points and had five steals in the overtime periods and Katie Retzbach added 11 points for the Lady Chiefs, each helping to give Lakeland the win at the end.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Flynn, Taylor 0 1 3 0 1
Estadt, Brooke 7 2 4 0 16
Agentowicz, Kayla 12 2 3 1 27
Harding, Madison 2 4 6 0 8
Retzbach, Katie 4 1 2 2 11

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OT OT2 OT3 Final
Lakeland 12 9 11 15 6 4 6 63
Old Forge 17 5 11 14 6 4 0 57

Girl's Basketball: Lady Chiefs vs. Crusaders

1/28/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Lady Chiefs suffered their second straight loss by 20 points to Lady Crusaders of Holy Cross. A 12 point scoring margin in the third quarter allowed the Holy Cross girls to break open the game. Kayla Agentowicz led Lakeland scoring with 15 points and Katie Retzbach had 10.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Flynn, Taylor 1 0 0 0 2
Jones, Lindsay 0 0 0 0 0
Estadt, Brooke 3 0 0 0 6
Agentowicz, Kayla 5 5 6 0 15
Harding, Madison 2 1 4 0 5
Retzbach, Katie 4 0 0 2 10
Meta, Alyssa 3 0 0 0 6

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 16 12 5 11 44
Holy Cross 22 15 17 10 64

Girl's Basketball: Lady Chiefs vs. Crusaders

1/28/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Lady Chiefs suffered their second straight loss by 20 points to Lady Crusaders of Holy Cross. A 12 point scoring margin in the third quarter allowed the Holy Cross girls to break open the game. Kayla Agentowicz led Lakeland scoring with 15 points and Katie Retzbach had 10.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Flynn, Taylor 0 0 0 0 0
Jones, Lindsay 1 1 2 0 3
Estadt, Brooke 2 2 2 0 6
Domonoski, Lindsey 0 0 0 0 0
Agentowicz, Kayla 8 1 1 3 20
Loughney, Mariah 3 2 2 0 8
Bjork, Jennifer 0 0 0 0 0
Cunningham, Lauren 0 0 0 0 0
Harding, Madison 0 0 0 0 0
Flynn, Jordyn 1 1 2 0 3
Meta, Alyssa 1 0 0 0 2
Clauss-Walton, Haley 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 2 12 17 11 42
Dunmore 25 19 13 5 62

Boy's Basketball: Chiefs vs. Blue Devils

1/27/15 - Joseph Wanat

At Old Forge, the Chiefs had a close one against the Blue Devils throughout. Tony Harding led the charge with 23 points in aiding the team to a divisional game victory.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Natale, Josh 2 3 8 0 7
Petrunich, Bryce 1 0 0 0 2
Reeves, Curt 1 0 0 0 2
Harding, Tony 10 3 6 0 23
Clauss-Walton, Pat 0 0 0 0 0
Clauss-Walton, Pat 3 0 0 1 7

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 13 13 10 5 41
Old Forge 11 6 12 9 38

Lakeland Basketball: Doubleheader VS Carbondale

1/22/15 - Joseph Wanat

With a looming snowstorm in the area Wednesday causing many local schools to dismiss early, many basketball games were forced to be postponed and rescheduled. The agreement between Lakeland and Carbondale Area High Schools led to both the boys and girls teams playing back-to-back the following night.

Game 1: Chiefs VS Chargers

The Chiefs got out to a great start against the Chargers, allowing the opposing team to score only 2 points in the first quarter. This defensive stance created the momentum for the Chiefs that lasted throughout the game and carried them to a victory. Tony Harding led scoring with 14 points while Patrick Clauss-Walton had 11 and Josh Natale had 10, contributing to the winning effort.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Natale, Josh 4 1 4 1 10
Petrunich, Bryce 2 0 0 1 5
Reeves, Curt 1 4 6 1 7
Rivenburgh, Shane 3 1 2 1 8
Art, Jordan 0 0 0 0 0
Harding, Tony 3 8 12 0 14
Clauss-Walton, Pat 4 3 4 0 11
Brown, Dan 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 17 8 14 16 55
Carbondale 2 17 14 11 44

Game 2: Chiefs VS Chargerettes

The Lady Chiefs followed with a great game against the Chargerettes in the second game of the double header. Ironically, both Lakeland teams finished with 55 points in their wins. Kayla Agentowicz had a great night, scoring 24 of her team’s points while Brooke Estadt added 10 of her own.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Flynn, Taylor 0 3 5 0 3
Jones, Lindsay 1 0 0 0 2
Estadt, Brooke 4 2 2 0 10
Agentowicz, Kayla 9 5 8 1 24
Harding, Madison 2 3 6 0 7
Retzbach, Katie 4 1 2 0 9

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 15 9 16 15 55
Carbondale 9 13 2 15 39

Boy's Basketball: Chiefs vs. Eagles

1/20/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Lakeland Chiefs boy’s basketball team had a great game against the Mountain View Eagles the night after their female counterparts squared off. The Lady Chiefs won by quite a large margin. Unlike the girls, however, the Lakeland boys had a close one on their hands throughout the first half. The Chiefs pulled away in the second half and cruised to a 62-49 win. Tony Harding led the Chiefs attack, scoring 22 points while Shane Rivenburgh had 16 and Curtis Reeves had 13.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Natale, Josh 1 0 2 0 2
Petrunich, Bryce 2 0 0 2 6
Reeves, Curt 6 1 1 0 13
Arendt, T.J. 0 1 2 0 1
Rivenburgh, Shane 7 0 0 2 16
Harding, Tony 10 2 4 0 22
Clauss-Walton, Pat 1 0 0 0 2
Glover, Aki 0 0 0 0 0
Art, Jordan 0 0 0 0 0
Brown, Dan 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 14 14 20 14 62
Mountain View 11 13 12 13 49

Girl's Basketball: Lady Chiefs VS Eagles

1/19/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Lady Chiefs had a great game at Mountain View, where they blew out the Lady Eagles 63-43 on Monday night. Four of the five starters had over 10 points. Kayla Agentowicz led with 21 while Brooke Estadt and Katie Retzbach had 14 apiece and Madison Harding had 10 points in the overwhelming win.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Flynn, Taylor 0 0 0 0 0
Jones, Lindsay 2 0 0 0 4
Estadt, Brooke 7 0 4 0 14
Agentowicz, Kayla 9 3 5 0 21
Harding, Madison 2 6 8 0 10
Retzbach, Katie 6 2 2 0 14

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 20 13 18 12 63
Mountain View 4 17 13 9 43

Boy's Basketball: Chiefs vs. Spartans

1/16/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Lakeland Chiefs faced the Mid Valley Spartans for the third times this season on their home court. Much like the preceding games, Mid Valley blew out Lakeland, winning 64-30. The Chiefs were led by Patrick Clauss-Walton, who had 14 points including two 3-pointers while no other Chief scored more than six.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Natale, Josh 2 2 3 0 6
Glover, Aki 0 0 0 0 0
Petrunich, Bryce 1 0 0 0 2
Reeves, Curt 1 2 3 0 4
Arendt, T.J. 0 0 0 0 0
Rivenburgh, Shane 0 0 1 0 0
Art, Jordan 1 0 0 0 2
Harding, Tony 0 2 6 0 2
Clauss-Walton, Logan 1 0 0 0 2
Brown, Dan 0 0 0 0 0
Clauss-Walton, Pat 6 0 1 2 14

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 10 5 13 2 30
Mid Valley 20 21 14 9 64

Girl's Basketball: Lady Chiefs vs. Spartans

1/15/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Lakeland Lady Chiefs played a well-fought game against the Mid Valley Spartanettes on the road. It was their second close game in a row after beating Riverside in overtime. The game came down to the final seconds, but the Lady Chiefs lost by a single point. Kayla Agentowicz led Lakeland with 16 points.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Estadt, Brooke 4 0 4 1 9
Agentowicz, Kayla 8 0 2 0 16
Harding, Madison 2 1 1 0 5
Retzbach, Katie 2 2 2 2 8
Flynn, Taylor 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 13 13 8 4 38
Mid Valley 8 11 10 10 39

Student Council Holiday Festivities

1/14/15 - Joseph Wanat

Student Council Teacher Breakfast
Image Credit: Twitter: LHS Student Council
Much like Santa and his elves at the North Pole, the Lakeland Student Council has been busy this season to make spirits bright. As a result, several activities ensued.

The Lakeland Student Council began planning their activities at their early December meeting. The first event to come out of it was a Glove Tree. Students were asked to bring in hats and gloves for those not as fortunate. Under the discretion of some teachers, students were given the opportunity to be awarded bonus points for contributing gloves or hats to the tree. After the collection finally ended, the total of 145 items were collected for donation.
Student Council Glove Tree

The second item on the Council's list (yes, it was checked twice) was a faculty appreciation breakfast. On December 23, the final school day before Winter break, members of the Council woke up early to begin setting up for the breakfast before the sun even broke above the horizon. These dedicated members prepared platters of bagels, danishes, fruit, and other breakfast fare as early as 6:30, an entire hour earlier than the school day's start.

With the holidays wrapped up (no pun intended), Student Council will be planning even more events for the remainder of the school year. One such event may be a movie night held at the school pending the outcome of survey sent through students' e-mails early last month.

Girl's Basketball: Lady Chiefs vs. Vikings

1/13/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Lady Chiefs faced the Lady Vikings at home Tuesday night while the boys’ teams from each school faced off at Riverside’s home court. It was a close game throughout despite the box score being lopsided each way in the different quarters. The game went to overtime after Katie Retzbach missed a would-be game winning contested jump shot from the free throw line with a second left. In overtime, Lakeland turned up the heat, and outscored Riverside 11 to 6 in order to come out with the win. Kayla Agentowicz led scoring for the Lady Chiefs with 27 and Madison Harding added 13 of her own in the prevailing team’s effort.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Flynn, Taylor 0 0 0 0 0
Jones, Lindsay 1 0 0 0 2
Estadt, Brooke 4 1 2 1 10
Agentowicz, Kayla 10 7 9 0 27
Harding, Madison 4 5 7 0 13
Retzbach, Katie 3 2 3 0 8
Meta, Alyssa 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OT Final
Lakeland 18 3 14 14 11 60
Riverside 9 16 15 9 6 55

Boy's Basketball: Chiefs vs. Vikings

1/13/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Chiefs took on division opponent Riverside in Taylor on Tuesday night. The Vikings went up 33 to 9 in the first half before turning to their JV players to close out the game. Tony Harding led the Chiefs with 19 points while Bryce Petrunich and Patrick Clauss-Walton had 10 apiece in the loss.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Natale, Josh 0 0 0 0 0
Glover, Aki 1 0 0 0 2
Petrunich, Bryce 5 0 0 0 10
Reeves, Curt 1 0 0 0 2
Art, Jordan 0 0 0 0 0
Harding, Tony 7 4 5 1 19
Clauss-Walton, Pat 5 0 0 0 10
Clauss-Walton, Logan 0 0 0 0 0
Rivenburgh, Shane 0 0 0 0 0
Brown, Dan 1 0 0 0 2
Harding, Tony 7 4 5 1 19
Hayes, Matt 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 4 5 20 16 45
Riverside 20 13 18 9 60

The Hunt is On

1/12/15 - Jessie Kozlosky, Staff Writer

December 23rd marked the occurrence of Lakeland Jr./Sr. High School’s 2nd annual QR Code Scavenger Hunt. It was started last year by Mrs. Stephens and Mrs. deQuevedo in an effort to provide a fun alternative to students not wishing to participate in the school’s traditional volleyball tournament. With last year’s being highly successful and well received, it was no surprise that it happened again this year.

Students were given the opportunity to register teams of four members for the scavenger hunt. Upon receiving their first clue in the form of a QR code, twelve teams set out from the library and scattered throughout the school to complete various holiday related tasks such as singing songs, reenacting scenes from A Christmas Carol, making and delivering Christmas cards, and helping bake cookies. Educational challenges such as book trivia, playing Christmas songs, and naming the fifty states were also among the activities. There were twenty-five stations in total, each run by a different teacher, offering a stunning amount of entertainment and variety to the participants..

Tickets to a Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders game were awarded to the team that finished first. In addition, a set of letters received at each station during the hunt could be unscrambled for the chance to win an additional prize.

Once all the teams completed the hunt and returned to the library, generously donated prizes from Penn State, Arcadia University, Wilkes University, and a multitude of other colleges were raffled off. Students were given the opportunity to eat rest, relax and socialize after the hectic and fun challenge they went through before the bell to dismiss them for winter break rung.

It seems that the QR Code Scavenger Hunt has become, as many events have, a highly anticipated and popular Holiday happening at Lakeland, and is a welcome addition to the school’s growing list of festive activities. It can only be hoped that it will return for another fun and certainly fantastic occurrence in 2015.

Lakeland Student Chosen as Artist of the Month

2/17/15 - Alyssa Meta

Jessica Kozlosky is a junior here at Lakeland and was lucky enough to have been chosen for the April 2015 Artist of the Month spot for the Times Tribune Artist of the Month Contest. This is a contest that is open to any high school student in Northeastern Pennsylvania. With over 300 entries a year and a lot of tough competition, Jessica was ecstatic to find out that her drawing of a mother Mallard duck with her three ducklings near a pond was able to win her the April spot. If you see Jessie, be sure to congratulate her on the incredible win!

Boy's Basketball: Chiefs vs. Crusaders

1/9/15 - Joseph Wanat

Poor free throw shooting tormented the Chiefs as they faced the Holy Cross Crusaders at a Friday night home game. Lakeland shot 56% from the line, going 19 for 34. Holy Cross, meanwhile, shot 69% from the stripe. Tony Harding led the Chiefs with 18 points and Patrick Clauss-Walton had 10 in the divisional game loss.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Natale, Josh 1 1 4 0 3
Petrunich, Bryce 2 0 0 1 5
Reeves, Curt 2 3 6 0 7
Rivenburgh, Shane 0 1 2 0 1
Harding, Tony 3 12 16 0 18
Clauss-Walton, Pat 4 2 6 0 10
Brown, Dan 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 12 11 13 8 44
Holy Cross 17 19 11 14 61

Students Take an (un)Expected Journey to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

1/8/15 - Dylan Smith

Eternally cemented in the now rich lore of fantasy fiction, J.R. R. Tolkien and his masterful works The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings stand as legends, loved by literature nerds and fantasy aficionados young and old. The Lord of the Rings towers above other literary works of its kind as a masterful, richly crafted epic with captivating and endearing heroes battling omnipresent and mysterious evils in a vividly imaginative fantasy world, all against a backdrop of an elaborate mythology. Tolkien's paramount work, while cherished since publication, gained an even greater audience following its adaptation into three extremely popular movies, directed by Peter Jackson in the early 2000s.

The Hobbit, however, a much slimmer volume with a much narrower scope, was Tolkien’s original tale. It chronicles the quest of a quiet hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, as he gets dragged on a quest by a group of dwarves seeking to reclaim their home. It is in this book that Bilbo stumbles upon the infamous Ring of Power, created by the ominous “Lord of the Rings” himself, the dark lord Sauron. More than a decade after releasing The Fellowship of the Ring, Peter Jackson returned to Middle Earth with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first of a planned trilogy of movie adaptations of Tolkien’s work.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is the the final installment of the Hobbit trilogy. On December 17th, senior students from Mrs. Burke’s Literature classes as well as a few juniors from Mr. Barlow’s A.P. Composition class attended a private screening of the movie at Regal Cinemas in Dickson City. Curtis Reeves, a senior, told me that the film, which he called “a modern representation of a great literary piece,” was “enjoyable as an action flick” and “especially educational for fans of Tolkien,” of which he considers himself to be. Reeves added, however, that “Peter Jackson took it too far,” saying that adding plot lines and characters not in the book was “forced and cringey.” Taylor Flynn, a junior, disagreed, telling me she felt that “[The filmmakers] kept to the heart of the book even though new things had been added.” Taylor told me she enjoyed the movie and said that, to her, it was “an example of how important and special friendship is.” Tyler Burns, a senior, spoke highly of the movie as well, calling the visual effects “stunning.” and the acting “phenomenal.” He continued, saying that the movie “surpassed all expectations,” and that watching it has even inspired him to purchase the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He called the field trip itself “engaging for all,” and added that it was “especially rewarding for those who are large fans of the franchise.”

FBLA Regional Conference

1/6/15 - Tyler Burns

On January 6th members from the Lakeland Chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) attended and competed at the regional conference which was held at The University of Scranton. FBLA is an organization which strives to teach high schoolers about the business world, as well as give an avenue for students to make connection with other students, business leaders and companies.

Every year January our regional chapter of the organization hosts a conference. Traditionally, the conference is held at Keystone College, but the venue was switched this year to the University of Scranton. The conference serves multiple purposes, with the primary purpose obviously being to convene, discuss, and network with other members of FBLA. However, the conference is also given a much more competitive flavor, as some students will compete in categories which serve to test their oratory skills and ability. Additionally, all of the students on the trip have competed at some point along the line, with most of them having taken a test about a specific category the previous month. The awards and rankings of the competitors are given out at the conference.

The competitions range from Public Speaking, to Networking, to of course, numerous business categories. If one does well enough in a specific category, specifically fourth place for tests, or first place for performances, they can move on to the state or even national competition. This year, Lakeland will have the largest representation at the state conference since 2012, and has a good mixture of returning veterans as well as FBLA greenhorns.

Thomas Dastalfo, FBLA President and three time state contender, says “It feels good to see our chapter producing so many winning students,” and believe that “we will surely be competitive at the state competition.”

The excitement is near universal among the competitors; Cameron Bullet, a sophomore and first time state contender is “happy to go down to Hershey and represent Lakeland.”

The state contenders are as follows:

Cameron Bullet - Agribusiness (4th)
Shane Rivenburgh- Agribusiness (1st)
Nathan Morgan - Business Calculations (2nd)
Tom Dastalfo- Computer Problem Solving (4th)
Joey Snedeker- Cyber Security (1st)
Tyler Burns - Economics (2nd)
Cassidy Jenkins- Help Desk (2nd)
Aleah Snedeker -Intro To Business(4th)
Alexis Bertholf - Securities and Investments (4th)

Boy's Basketball: Chiefs vs. Bucks

1/6/15 - Joseph Wanat

For the second straight game, the Chiefs had a nail-biting game right down to the buzzer. This time, the Chiefs, ranked ninth by the Times Tribune, came up short against the Dunmore Bucks. The Chiefs had a strong showing in the final quarter of play, putting up 20 points to Dunmore’s 13, but their efforts were not quite enough. Tony Harding led scoring with 18 and Bryce Petrunich had 11 in the loss.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Natale, Josh 2 1 2 1 6
Petrunich, Bryce 4 1 2 2 11
Reeves, Curt 1 0 2 0 2
Harding, Tony 7 4 6 0 18
Clauss Walton, Pat 2 2 5 0 6
Rivenburgh, Shane 2 2 2 0 6
Brown, Dan 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 7 9 13 20 49
Dunmore 11 13 15 13 52

Lakeland Cross Country: Season's end

1/4/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Lakeland cross country season officially came to an end on November 1st, the date of the PIAA state championship meet. The year offered adversity for the Chiefs, adversity which was caused by issues that were not present during the previous season. One recurring problem for all four XC teams was a number nagging injuries that plagued runners throughout the year. The team, however, did receive an overwhelming number of first time members that helped to lessen the burden. “I joined because my friends were doing it and they said it’s really fun. I knew that joining would be good for me because I’d be around good kids and they would help me become better at the sport and as a person,” explained sophomore TJ Gavin, one of the newcomers.

The varsity boys team, while coming off a season that ended in the winning of the District 2 Championship - a feat accomplished only by one other team in the program’s history - faced yet another obstacle in moving from PIAA Class A to Class AA. This change results from the school’s rising male attendance rates from previous years. The “move” caused the Chiefs to face bigger schools in District competition than they had in previous years. The bigger schools provided greater competition in a race in which only the top two overall teams and the top ten individuals make it to States. The boys still took up the challenge and ended the season 17-4. At Districts, with the overabundance of talent in Class AA, the Chiefs finished 8th. Unfortunately, senior Mark Arzie, who made states each year since becoming a member of the varsity team as a freshman, placed 13th and missed qualifying for the state championship meet by one position.

Fellow senior Nathan Morgan finished 7th individually in the race and was the only boy from the team to advance to States. “The combination of all my work over six years was able to be shown in one final race and I got the opportunity [to make it the past three years].” In Hershey, at Parkview Cross Country Course, heading into the final stretch of the race, Morgan was placed 12th. Trudging his way up “Poop-Out Hill” and sprinting to the finish, “[he] felt a surge.” “I don’t know where it came from,” said Morgan, “but I used it to pick myself up some places.” He actually ended up passing five other competitors and ended up placing 7th, coincidentally the same place he was at Districts. This effort earned Morgan a state medal for his second straight year. The medals and other accomplishments in the sport qualify him for a spot on the Lakeland Wall of Fame. “I think it’s pretty awesome. There’s already all the people on the Wall of Fame that are definitely some of the best athletes that ever went to this school and to be able to possibly become a part of that is an awesome achievement.”

The junior high boys team, following the upgrade in classification like their varsity counterpart, also had a very good season. Even with Liam Osburn, once one of the teams best runners, out with a bone contusion, the team had a very good showing for the year. Led by freshmen Samuel Morgan and Shane Keen and 8th graders Lucas Osburn and Nicholas Liuzzo, the team raced to a 13-4 record. The team placed 3rd in Class AA with Morgan and Lucas Osburn in 9th and 28th places respectively.

Heading into the season, the varsity girl’s team had a full team of six members going into the first race. This accomplishment allowed the girls’ team to win their first meet in several years. The ability to score as team was soon lost when Samantha Harrison, Katie Retzbach, and Brianna Stangline were sidelined with injuries. Due to the loss of comrades, any meet at which the team did not have at least five runners would have to be forfeited. As a result the team finished 4-15. At Districts, the Lady Chiefs were to a season low of three runners and were unable to compete as a team for placing.

Brooke Estadt, in her second year of cross country, finished 8th at Districts for the second consecutive year. Estadt earned a berth at the state championship meet for the second straight year, where she placed 51st in the Class A race. “It’s a great honor to have made it to states my freshman year and to come back my sophomore year. Even after having bad races at Districts both years, I was thankful to make it to states. Making it to and competing in states are probably the most stressful things, especially when you know something is on the line.” said Estadt when asked about her season.

The junior high girls team also had a full team going into the season, but that did not last for long. Led by lone veteran, Sara Wanat, the girls started strong. Wanat was soon lost for the season after a hip injury. Leaving a group of seventh graders, the junior high girls team faced similar consequences to that of the varsity team. With only four runners competing, their record fell to 2-16 after having to forfeit scoring in each meet.

Now that it is in the books, many will agree that it has been a great season despite the uprising problems throughout. Graduation will hit hard this year with Mark Arzie, Alexis Bertholf, Dan Brown, Sam Harrison, Nathan Morgan, Michael Nally, and Brian Swatt all leaving. Nonetheless, the team will have to make do as they have in similar situations in the past.

Boy's Basketball: Chiefs vs. Blue Devils

1/4/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Lakeland Chiefs were supposed play the Old Forge Blue Devils at home on Saturday, January 3rd. However, due to an unexpected snowstorm, the game was postponed until the next day. The Chiefs started the game out slow, falling behind 10-2 after one quarter of play. The team then put up better numbers, scoring at least 10 for each of the final three quarters. The Chiefs pulled out a 41-40 win in a fight to finish. Josh Natale and Tony Harding led scoring for the Chiefs with 11 points apiece.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Petrunich, Bryce 1 0 1 0 2
Reeves, Curt 2 2 5 0 6
Natale, Josh 4 1 2 2 11
Harding, Tony 3 5 6 0 11
Clauss Walton, Pat 1 0 0 0 2
Rivenburgh, Shane 3 1 2 2 9

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 2 19 10 10 41
Old Forge 10 6 12 12 40

Annual Christmas Concert

1/1/15 - Lindsay Jones

On December 22nd, members of Lakeland’s chorus and put on their annual Christmas concert the high school faculty and students. Performances included a mix of modern and traditional holiday songs for all to enjoy. The chorus sang a selection of songs including Do You Hear What I Hear, Carol of the Bells, Holiday Cheer, Sing Noel, Merry Christmas to All, and even a song in spanish, A La Nanita. Chorus members, Kayla Burns, Molly Fawcett, Amelia Ealo, Michael Nally, Brooke Thomas, and Brooke Stearns each featured solos throughout the performance. Following the high school chorus, the 7th and 8th grade chorus sang Believe from the movie The Polar Express. Kayla Burns, a sophomore, said, "After a lot of practice, we had a really great performance and fun doing it." Chorus members are looking forward to the performance of the school play, Once Upon A Mattress, whose cast borrows many talents from the members of Lakeland’s chorus.

Following the chorus, Lakeland’s concert band performed the songs, Once Upon A December, Variant On An Old English Carol, and Patapan. The junior high band played Do You Hear What I Hear, and the jazz band played You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch, Jazzy Christmas, and Now Rock Ye Rested Gentlemen. The band gave an entertaining and engaging performance and the concert as a whole was a great send off to winter break.

Pete Turonis Holiday Classic

12/28/15 - Joseph Wanat

The Chiefs at the Turonis Holiday Classic
Along with the Holiday season, another tradition arises each year in the form of the Pete Turonis NBT Bank Holiday Classic. The annual tournament is held each year between Carbondale Area, Lakeland, Mid Valley, and Valley View's basketball teams and cheerleading squads. This year's tournament was held at Carbondale Area High School on December 26th and 28th.

Game 1: Chiefs VS Spartans

In a rematch of the Cal King Tournament championship game, the Lakeland Chiefs once again faced the Mid Valley Spartans. The Chiefs started out strong, but the lead soon slipped from between their fingertips after a big second quarter by the Spartans. The final score was 70-43, Mid Valley. Patrick Clauss-Walton led scoring for the Chiefs with 16 points while Tony Harding had 14.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Natale, Josh 0 0 0 0 0
Glover, Aki 0 0 0 0 0
Petrunich, Bryce 4 0 0 1 9
Reeves, Curt 0 0 2 0 0
Brown, Dan 0 1 2 0 1
Arendt, T.J. 1 0 0 1 3
Harding, Tony 5 4 4 0 14
Clauss-Walton, Pat 7 2 2 0 16
Clauss-Walton, Logan 0 0 0 0 0
Rivenburgh, Shane 0 0 0 0 0
Hayes, Matt 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 8 6 16 13 42
Mid Valley 12 25 20 13 70

Game 2: Chiefs VS Chargers
The Chiefs at the Turonis Holiday Classic

On the second day of the tournament, the Chiefs faced the Carbondale Area Chargers for the first time this season in the consolation game. The winner claims third place overall. The game was close throughout the first half. The Chiefs pulled away in the second half to go up almost 20 points. Tony Harding had 20 points while Patrick Clauss-Walton had 13 and Bryce Petrunich had 11 in the win.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Natale, Josh 1 0 1 0 2
Petrunich, Bryce 3 3 5 2 11
Reeves, Curt 2 0 0 0 4
Arendt, T.J. 0 0 0 0 0
Harding, Tony 8 4 7 0 20
Clauss-Walton, Pat 6 1 3 0 13
Clauss-Walton, Logan 0 0 0 0 0
Rivenburgh, Shane 2 0 0 0 4
Brown, Dan 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 11 18 12 13 54
Carbondale 17 5 6 8 36

After both the consolation and championship games, the all-star team for the tournament was named. Each team has one representative who had the best performance during each of their team's games. The honoree from Lakeland was Patrick Clauss-Walton, after a strong showing with his scoring, rebounding, and blocking abilities throughout the Winter Classic.

Cheerleading Competition
Chiefs Cheerleaders at the Turonis Tournament

Another tradition to go along with the basketball games held at Turonis is also one of the most prestigious cheerleading competitions in the area. The competition, held between the schools that contest in basketball, requires that each squad perform a cheer and a dance routine which are then scored by a panel of three judges. The Chiefs placed second out of the four, losing to only Mid Valley, who won their fifth straight title.

The Lakeland Lance Launches

12/23/14 - Dylan Smith

Students are well into their second quarter coursework. Winter sports teams are plunging into their ongoing seasons. The bulk of everything to happen during the 2013-2014 academic year looms ahead, promising triumphant success as well as toil and monotony. A year that’s sure to shape all of our lives has only thrown at us a mere fraction of all it’s got. It’s in this climate, of all that’s happened and all that’s yet to happen, that a new presence in and around Lakeland has emerged. We proudly present to you: The Lakeland Lance.

Many, upon reading this, may find themselves surprised that we’re already in the tough, long, cold winter of the 2014 - 15 school year. But none can say that the first half was uneventful. No, many of the things that are so stereotypically High School have already occurred. Football games, pep rallies (well, one pep rally), the homecoming dance, with it’s popularity contests and dateless disorder on the dance floor, have come and gone, leaving many of the students at Lakeland with an impression that the best that this school year has to offer has left them in the dust. Seniors find themselves startling close to their departure from this place forever; soccer players, football players, cheerleaders, band and drill team members have completed their final seasons. They’ve shone in their respective accomplishments, and have now reached, and passed, the dreaded season’s end.

Although much of the news here at Lakeland is sports, and, for the time being, that means basketball, mostly, most of what happens at Lakeland is not sports. Academic achievements are not rare at Lakeland High School. Quite the opposite: Lakeland students with impressive and even exceptional academic statuses are typical. Students here receive scholarships from prestigious schools and perform well on standardized tests. Academic achievement can come in many forms, whether it be grades or test scores or scholarships or success on a scholastic team. The coming months are rich with opportunities for academic accomplishment, as Reading Team, Mock Trial, Watershed, and Envirothon begin to get under way. These teams consist of the best of the best in terms of academics here at Lakeland, and they will surely impress us with their performances this year.

There’s no shortage of artistic expression at Lakeland either.

As far as student life goes, the 2014-2015 school year has a lot left for us. Students will toil through the winter months, focused on their studies and activities to the backdrop of winter sports, concerts, and finally Once Upon a Mattress in the early spring. Beyond that, students will look forward to the closer-than-it-seems Prom, splendorous and youthful, a suggestion that High School and all that comes with it can last just a little longer. Spring brings with it a fresh breath, a new hope, and inarguably the best week here at Lakeland: Spirit Week. During the famed Spirit Week, students will rally together with their classmates in a competition that rivals the legendary Olympic Games of Ancient Greece. Class against class, Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen, and the 7th and 8th grades will face off against each other in a week-long race to accumulate the most Spirit Week points, secured through various events and themed dress-down days throughout the week. Finally, the contest culminates at the heavily anticipated Spirit Week Olympics, where participants from each class compete to outperform each other in wild and celebrated physical feats. The entire school gathers in the gym to frantically cheer their own class on as the spectacle plays out, each student waiting for the winner of Spirit Week to finally be announced at the end of the games. The trophy is presented, and the victorious class erupts in a deafening roar of excitement, proudly uniting on the court and parading out into the halls.

All of this and more awaits us this year at Lakeland. The Lakeland Lance promises to be there every step of the way, to capture every satisfyingly picturesque High School moment while we still have High School moments to capture. The staff of The Lakeland Lance will there along with you, remembering the days at Lakeland as they pass. We will be there, reporting on them, capturing them, preserving them, and maybe even making them a little more interesting along the way.

Dylan Smith, Executive Editor

Boy's Basketball: Chiefs vs. Red Raiders

12/22/14 - Joseph Wanat

The Chiefs took a hike to Blue Ridge on Monday night. They got off to a hot start, doubling their opponents score in each of the first two quarters. Tony Harding had a big game dropping 20 points with Curtis Reeves supplementing an additional 9.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Petrunich, Bryce 2 0 1 0 4
Reeves, Curt 4 1 3 0 9
Rivenburgh, Shane 3 0 0 1 7
Harding, Tony 7 4 5 2 20
Clauss Walton, Pat 3 1 2 0 7
Natale, Josh 0 0 0 0 0
Brown, Dan 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 11 10 7 19 47
Red Raiders 5 5 13 15 38

Homecoming 2014: Kickoff to Spirit Week

12/17/14 - Contributing Writer Brian Swatt

Homecoming is a tradition held by Lakeland High School where we as a school nominate a Homecoming Court and elect from the court two individuals who we feel are deserving to bear the honorable title of Homecoming King or Queen.. Homecoming kicks off at the Homecoming football game.At the always exciting game, it is announced who has won Homecoming Queen. The homecoming Queen is crowned during half-time. The day after the game we host the Homecoming dance, during which the Homecoming King is crowned. The tradition of Homecoming creates a lot of excitement and spirit among the students in our school. Even past alumni of Lakeland High School return to celebrate this tradition. This year the Homecoming football game was October 3rd, and the dance was on October 4th.

The 2014 Homecoming Court consisted of 6 girls and 5 guys. The girls of the Homecoming Court were Courtney Parchinski, Emily Bevilacqua, Taylor Novitsky, Leah Milewski, Hannah Stracham, and Annamaria Calzola. The guys of the Homecoming Court were Josh Natale, Michael Gavalis, Jeff Burton, Josh Strong, and Daniel O’Brien. Out of all of these great candidates, Daniel O’Brien and Emily Bevilacqua were elected as 2014 Homecoming King and Queen.

The Class of 2015 hosted Homecoming 2014 with a theme of “Kickoff to Spirit Week.” The class officers believed this would be a great theme to center Homecoming around because there is so much excitement built around spirit week and we wanted that same excitement built around Homecoming. The goal for each class in grades 9-12 was to bring as many people from their class as they can to the Homecoming dance to earn spirit week points. This theme was a huge success for Homecoming this year because it created school spirit, excitement, and motivation for students to come to the Homecoming dance. We had a total of 198 students attend the 2014 Homecoming dance which is a significant number compared to other years. On the behalf of the Class of 2015, I would like to thank everyone who came to the Homecoming dance and I hope you had a great time as well. I would also like to thank our Homecoming co-chairs, Christina Kosch and Leah Milewski, and our Senior Committee. Without their efforts, Homecoming would not have been as great and successful as it was.

The results for how many students from each class attended and the 2015 Spirit Week places are as follows: 1st- Seniors, 51 students, 44%; 2nd- Freshman, 48 students, 40%; 3rd- 44 students, 39%; 4th- Sophomores, 45 students, 36%. Keep in mind that the results were based off the percentage of how many students attended from each class. See everyone at Spirit Week 2015!

Lakeland High School Educates Students Young and Old

12-16-14 - Alyssa Meta

Here at Lakeland, the main concern is education, not only of the Junior and Senior High students, but that of preschoolers as well. Lakeland High School offers a preschool program for young children in the area. This year, there are 18 preschoolers who come to the High School on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, where they are accompanied by a “big buddy” who is either a Junior or Senior in the school’s Parenting class, chosen as an elective. There are 40 students taking Parenting this year, in which they are learning how to take care of a child, react to and take care of certain situations, and about fine and gross motor skills in children.

The preschoolers first arrive at the school at 8:30. Along with the rest of the school. their day begins with Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. Before the class turns into fun and games, the preschoolers learn a new letter of the alphabet each day and make progress with counting their numbers in preparation for their future Kindergarten year. Just like in any other preschool, the kids get to have snack time and usually watch a movie. For the majority of the day, however, the students participate in an arts and crafts activity. It is their Big Buddy’s job to come up with a new project for them each day that they are there. After arts and crafts, the preschoolers get to take a walk down to either the commons or the gym and run around and play games until it is time for them to leave at 11:30. The Parenting class, taught by Ms. Gretchen Allen, is both educational to the preschoolers and the High School students at Lakeland. The class aims to teach High Schoolers students how to take care of a child and prepare preschoolers for kindergarten and elementary school in the years to come.

Boy's Basketball: Cal King Tournament

12/13/14 - Joseph Wanat

Game 1: Chiefs vs Knights
The Lakeland Chiefs (1-1) took on the Lake Lehman Knights (0-2) in the kickoff game to the 2014 Cal King Tournament held at Lackawanna Trail High School. Josh Natale returned to action for the first time this season and provided some much needed breathers for the starting five. Tony Harding led the team with 18 points while Curt Reeves added 10 in a win that advances the Chiefs to the tournament final against the Mid Valley Spartans.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Petrunich, Bryce 2 2 2 2 8
Rivenburgh, Shane 2 0 1 0 4
Reeves, Curt 4 2 2 0 10
Harding, Tony 7 4 5 0 18
Clauss Walton, Pat 2 5 5 0 9
Natale, Josh 0 0 2 0 0
Art, Jordan 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 10 11 15 13 49
Lake Lehman 4 9 18 9 40

Game 2: Chiefs vs Spartans
On the second night of the 2014 Cal King Tournament, the Lakeland Chiefs (2-1) matched up against the Mid Valley Spartans (3-0) in the tournament’s championship game. The Chiefs couldn't get anything going in the first half, falling behind 5-20 after the first quarter alone. The Chiefs fought for the remainder of the game, but the deficit was too large to overcome. Tony Harding had 14 points and Bryce Petrunich contributed 10 in the loss.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Petrunich, Bryce 5 0 0 0 10
Rivenburgh, Shane 1 0 3 0 2
Reeves, Curt 0 1 2 0 1
Harding, Tony 6 2 2 0 14
Clauss-Walton, Pat 1 2 2 1 5
Art, Jordan 0 2 4 0 3
Clauss-Walton, Logan 1 1 1 0 3

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 5 10 13 10 38
Mid Valley 20 12 15 13 60

Student Athlete Accomplishments

11/12/14 - Joey Snedeker

The Lakeland sports program this year is boasting with exceptional athletes that have an undeniable drive to succeed and push themselves to the very end. Lakeland’s athletes have been awarded for their hard work and determination with awards and recognition around the area.

Lakeland’s very own Nathan Morgan (Senior) has been awarded for the amount of work he has put in this season and over the past years he has been present on the cross country team. Nathan’s placement in states runs solely on his great times and determination to be the best. Nathan’s personal best for this season is 16 minutes 45 seconds and he constantly strives for a better time.

Nathan said that he thinks the season was very successful even though they may not have won every race. He knows that the team worked very hard and Nathan says that what matters most. Morgan went on to say how great the cross country team was to be a part of and the only downfall was the fact that the team was moved up into a higher division so the competition was much steeper.

Morgan is looking forward to running in states but is nervous about the weather reports. The cold weather and chance of snow puts out a challenge for Nathan. Although there is cold weather Morgan knows he can push past whatever obstacles get put in his way!

Another Lakeland student, Michael Tomcykoski, has set the bar high for next years soccer squad when it comes to scoring goals. Michael had a miraculous total of 31 goals in this years season and an astonishing 12 assists. Michael was a main part of the successful season the boys soccer had this year.

As a result of Michael’s impressive season he was was awarded with an All- State award for his position at forward. This is the second time a player from Lakeland has been selected All-State, the last being Casey Albino. Michael was also selected for Division 3 player of the year, along with first team forward and UNICO cup team member. The UNICO game will be played following the end of soccer season.

Other players on the soccer team have received awards also; Junior Graeme Nichols was awarded with first team midfielder. Senior Tommy Dastalfo was awarded first team defender. Senior Brandon Donahue was also awarded with first team defender. Freshman Mike Besten was awarded with second team forward. Sophomore Lucas Snedeker was awarded second team midfielder. Junior Wesley Tuffy was awarded second team defender. And lastly, Terrance Arendt, Junior, was awarded second team goalkeeper.

The Lakeland Varsity Girl’s soccer team had an outstanding season this year as well, advancing all the way to the finals but just coming short of victory. The two powerhouses of the team were senior Cassidy Jenkins and junior Taylor Flynn. Cassidy has been a member of the soccer program here at Lakeland since 7th grade and the same goes for Flynn. Both players strove for success this year and achieved nothing but that.

All student athletes take not only sports very seriously but most importantly school. When speaking to these individuals it clearly became known that school comes before sports regardless of the occasion. Lakeland breeds success not only only in the classroom, but also on the field. Go Chiefs!

New Teachers Around the School: Ruth Flanagan

11/12/14 - Jessie Kozlosky

As you may know, we have a few new faces teaching here at Lakeland High School. Staff writer Jessie Kozlosky sat down with our new music teacher and band instructor, Ruth Flanagan, to get to know her and ask her about her first few months working here at the High School. Miss Flanagan had previously worked as a music teacher at our Scott and Mayfield elementary campuses.

Kozlosky: How many years have you been working at the Lakeland School District?

Flanagan: I’ve been working here for nine years.

Have you ever taught anywhere else?

Yes, I’ve subbed at Wallenpaupack and Honesdale.

This is your first year at the high school, right? What do you think of it so far?

I love it here!

How different is working at the high school than at the elementary schools?

It’s very different. When teaching at the elementary schools, you have to be aware of everything that’s going on, and it can be more stressful there. Here at the high school, I can talk to students at a normal, adult level.

Do you have a favorite instrument?

Yes, the flute.

What instrument do you wish you could play?

The guitar.

What instrument do you think is the hardest to play and learn?

Definitely the trombone. When playing, you have to move the slide to a certain position to play different notes, whereas on other instruments, there are clear differences for where to play to hear a desired note.

What do you think is the hardest part about learning or teaching a new song?

I think the hardest part is getting the rhythm down, followed by fingering.

What are the hardest songs you’ve ever learned and taught?

The most difficult song I’ve learned is Flight of the Bumblebee. The hardest song I’ve taught is a Pirates of the Caribbean Medley.

Do you have a favorite band or musician?

Bon Jovi.

What are your favorite music genres?

Classical, Pop, and Country.

If you could have any job in the world besides your current one, what would it be?

I’d like to be a meteorologist.

If you were given the opportunity to be a really huge, mega hit musician or band member, would you accept it?


Jessie: Have you ever had a student with perfect pitch?

I did. It was very cool.

Do you have perfect pitch?


Do you have any pets?

Yes, a Shepherd and Sheltie mix named Major.

What are your favorite books?

Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Divergent.

What are your favorite TV shows?

Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead.

Do you have a favorite movie?

Beauty and the Beast.

What are your favorite foods?

My favorites are mashed potatoes, pizza, chocolate, and ice cream.

What hobbies and activities do you enjoy?

I like to crochet and solve puzzles.

What advice can you give to musicians and people learning an instrument?

Practice, practice, practice; it will make you a better musician. If you don’t, you won’t get anywhere, even if you have all the talent in the world.

Boy's Basketball: Chiefs vs. Sabers

12/8/14 - Joseph Wanat

The Lakeland Chiefs (0-1) took on the Susquehanna Sabers (0-1) at home on December 8th. Facing similar circumstances as in their first game, the Chiefs had a close one on their hands throughout the first half.

In the second half, the offence was sparked by a fast break slam dunk by Tony Harding. The defence then went to hold the Sabers to seven points each of the final two quarters. Harding and Patrick Clauss-Walton scored 15 points apiece in the win.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Petrunich, Bryce 5 0 0 2 12
Rivenburgh, Shane 1 0 0 1 3
Reeves, Curt 4 1 4 0 9
Harding, Tony 6 2 2 1 15
Clauss Walton, Pat 6 3 5 0 15
Art, Jordan 0 2 2 0 2
Brown, Dan 1 0 0 0 2
Glover, Aki 0 0 0 0 0
Arendt, T.J. 0 0 0 0 0
Laborde, Rodney 0 0 0 0 0
Hayes, Matt 0 0 0 0 0

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 15 13 19 11 58
Susquehanna 11 9 7 7 34

Football Season Recap

12/6/14 - Lindsay Jones

Coming into the season the Lakeland football squad had a lot of determination. They worked hard and put in a substantial amount of time into their practices in the summer and throughout the season. They started their season off with a 4-­2 record but ended it on a four game losing streak with a final record of 4-­6. This was certainly not what they intended, however in the games that they lost, four out of six of them they had kept the final score within seven points and gave each team a tough and competitive match­up. Although the team had more losses than wins, they played their hearts out for the entire 48 minutes of each game and never let their intensity diminish.

With a lot of sophomores getting playing time, it put the building blocks in place for a successful program in the future. Jake Gross, sophomore, was able to get a look at the competition in the varsity level. "It was a lot of stress at first with a different level of competition, I had to adjust a lot," Jake said. "But finishing the season, I knew what I needed to improve on and I feel like I became a better player."

On offense Michael Lowry, sophomore, finished the year with 1020 yards rushing and a total of 10 touchdowns, which is impressive for his first season on the varsity squad.

Junior Antonio Cerminaro finished the season with 24 tackles and is looking for improvement in the season to come. Antonio has high hopes for the entire team next year as well. "I think we will have a strong team next year with more experienced players in the starting lineup," he said.

Jeff Burton, senior captain, was a hard worker on and off the field. He put in a lot of effort during the off season by working out and lifting. He was a true leader and helped build team chemistry throughout the football season. He had a total of 89 tackles which made a huge influence on their defensive game. As a piece of advice for the team next year and years to come he said, " Make sure you work hard in every practice, and play every game as though it was your last." He also said, "What you do in the offseason, affects how you play in the season. If you put your time into working out and lifting, you will perform much better than if you didn't put in any time at all."

After a rather bumpy season, with its ups and downs, the Chiefs know what they may need to work on for seasons to come. The team can improve a great amount with skills they already have in players returning next year. They have some exceptional players that are young and will only become more talented in the coming season.

Along with the seniors leaving, it only leaves examples of leadership, commitment, and dignity for the juniors to follow. But whether we win or lose Lakeland will always hold their heads high with Chief pride.

Boy's Basketball: Chiefs vs. Cougars

12/5/14 - Joseph Wanat

The Lakeland Chiefs boys basketball team officially opened their season at home on Friday December 5th. To start off the year, they faced the Valley View Cougars. The Chiefs were anticipating this season, as they had lost only three seniors to graduation.

The opening night lineup included seniors Patrick Clauss-Walton, Bryce Petrunich, Curtis Reeves, Shane Rivenburgh, and junior Tony Harding. All of which played for a majority of the the game. Senior Dan Brown and sophomore Jordan Art occasionally came in for relief when head coach Ron Petrunich decided it was needed that the team go to the bench. These two were relied upon heavily for substitutions considering an injury to senior Josh Natale that left him sidelined and the inexperience of the freshmen that make up a large chunk of the varsity squad.

Alex Rodway caused mayhem in the Chiefs’ defence, scoring 17 points for the Cougars. In the mean time Harding led Lakeland’s scoring with 20 and Petrunich added 9 points. However, the contributions came up short for the Chiefs as they fell to the Cougars 59-42.

Lakeland Stats

Player Fields Goals Free Throws Made Free Throws Attempted 3 Point Field Goals Total Points
Petrunich, Bryce 3 2 2 1 9
Rivenburgh, Shane 1 0 0 1 3
Art, Jordan 0 0 0 0 0
Brown, Dan 0 0 0 0 0
Clauss Walton, Pat 2 0 0 0 4
Reeves, Curt 3 0 1 0 6
Harding, Tony 7 4 5 2 20

Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Lakeland 12 14 4 12 42
Valley View 25 13 10 11 59

Flying High

12/4/14 - Joseph Wanat

AP Physics with their catapaults
Image credit: Lakeland SD twitter
Since its institution in 1974, Lakeland Jr./Sr. High School has been renowned locally for its successful sports programs. It’s important to note, however, that the members of these celebrated teams are every bit scholars as they are athletes. This statute is effectively exemplified by the amount of student athletes enrolled in the rigorous Advanced Placement classes offered at Lakeland. One such class that many seniors choose to take is AP Physics C Mechanics, taught by Mr. Michael Soltus. As part of the AP Physics curriculum, the catapult project was intended to teach students about projectile motion. The students were instructed to form teams for each to construct their own full-sized catapult. The only criteria required were that the apparatus had to fit through the classroom door and it couldn't be over two meters tall during operation.

On November 14th, the students proudly marched their fierce machinery onto the High School campus and prepared for testing, which consisted of eggs being catapulted across the school’s student parking lot. The team of Alexis Bertholf, Dan Brown, and Christian Selvenis (top right) destroyed their competition, rifling their egg for a distance of a whopping 84.30 meters. Their egg had just under five seconds of hang time. “We had a lot of fun building our trebuchet (a specific catapult type) and it was really fun competing against the other teams,” said Brown about the project. Tommy Dastalfo, Brandon Donahue, and Taylor Novitsky's team (bottom left), with the help of their contraption, launched an egg a distance of 26.10 meters. The third and final of team of Brandon Domonoski, Cassidy Jenkins, and Hannah Stracham (bottom right) had their catapult fire an egg 12.63 meters from the starting point.

These students demonstrate the epic academic achievement abundant at our school. It takes time and commitment in order to take and do well in an Advanced Placement course such as AP Physics. The students’ hard work will not go unnoticed when applying to colleges as such classes make a transcript really stand out.

New Teachers Around the School: Laura Mayer

12/1/14 - Alyssa Meta

As you may know, we have a few new faces teaching here at Lakeland High School. Staff writer Alyssa Meta sat down with our new science teacher, Laura Mayer, to get to know her and ask her about her first few months working here at the High School.

Along with a renovated gymnasium, bathrooms, and science rooms, Ms. Mayer is one of the newest additions to Lakeland High School. Ms. Mayer, who now lives in Nanticoke, grew up in Delaware. Sounds like a pretty big move, right? According to her, the geography of Delaware is extremely different compared to that of our great state of Pennsylvania. Along with everything there being flat, the state is 40% wetland, obviously a huge contrast to the mountains of PA.

Even though this is Ms. Mayer’s first year here with us at Lakeland, as well as in Pennsylvania, she has certainly had plenty of experience teaching. Ms. Mayer has taught in diverse levels of schools, from High School, to Middle School, to even Summer School. She’s taught in such states as Delaware, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Here at Lakeland, though, she is responsible for teaching Honors Biology, Honors Anatomy, Honors Genetics, and the PLTW Human Body Systems classes. Considering the fact that I have Ms. Mayer twice a day, this reporter can tell you that her experience and passion for teaching definitely shows.

When asked what she thinks of Lakeland in comparison to the other schools where she has, Ms. Mayer said, “Every school I've taught at has been quite different. The demographics of the student population differed the most, but when it comes down to it, I go to work everyday to make sure my students get the absolute best science education I am capable of providing, which makes my day to day responsibilities similar no matter where I teach.”

This was incredible for this reporter to hear because it is very rare to find a teacher who actually enjoys her job and is honestly there for the better of the students. “I am loving every day here at Lakeland,” she told me, “You guys, the students, make my job so incredibly rewarding. Outside of the classroom, I really enjoy the sense of community at Lakeland.” It’s nice to see that other people, outside of the student body, think that our school is as great as we do.

I really wanted to know what motivated Ms. Mayer to choose the particular job of teaching and why she chose Biology. I found out that being a teacher was not her original plan going into college. Her undergraduate degree is in biology, not teaching, just because she finds the subject of Biology to be incredibly exciting. Ms. Mayer decided to become a teacher after teaching a few classes at her University and realizing how much she loved being able to share the exciting subject with other people.

Ms. Mayer said that if she could have any other job, she would want to be a Community Planner specializing in school-community relationships. She is very keenly interested in the way communities and schools shape each other.

Instead of making this interview with Ms. Mayer too serious, I threw some trivia questions into it. Ms. Mayer said that her favorite moment in science is currently the research progress being made on the inner workings of the human brain. If she were to make her own discovery and win a Nobel Peace Prize for it, Ms. Mayer said, although it’s cheesy, she would “want it to be the secret to motivating all people to approach each new person and situation with an open mind and an open heart.”Staying on the scientific note, she also stated that if she could sit down with any scientist it would be the anthropologist, Margaret Mead. When asked what the most interesting thing her students have dissected, she answered with, “We've only dissected sharks so far this year, but stay tuned for the fetal pig dissections this month!,” while also talking about the lovely smell of dead fish that lingered in the hallways.

When it came to the less serious questions that I asked Ms. Mayer, I found out that, like any normal person, she is obsessed with chocolate and anything covered in it. She said that her favorite movie is Monsoon Wedding and that she could reread the book Fugitive Pieces a couple hundred times. I guess you could say that she doesn’t really distract herself from work, considering Ms. Mayer doesn’t own a TV. She is an avid backpacker and seems to enjoy travelling through the National Parks here in America. Also, if time and weather permit, she enjoys scuba-diving.She has one pet, a “too-smart-for-her-own-good mutt.”

I ended the interview by asking Ms. Mayer what kind of advice she could give students who want to pursue a career in science. She said, “Don't let anyone discourage you. No one knows what you are capable of except for you. Also, you have to put yourself out there, try the "hard classes" and read the challenging books. Science is all about failing a million times just for the chance to succeed once and change the path of civilization. Failure is a part of the process, do NOT let anyone tell you that you should give up.”

Getting Into Sketchy Business

11/23/14 - Joe Wanat

album cover
Image credit: Sketchy Business
Playing guitar is nothing new for Lakeland junior Domnick Tolerico. Dom, along with fellow band members Matt Bednash, Alyssa Corey, and Rich Robinson, make up Sketchy Business, (formerly known as Kids in a Sandbox). Together, they have been writing songs and performing at local eateries and other venues for nearly three years now. All this time they have been singing covers of their favorite artists’ songs while incorporating originals of their own along the way. Tolerico explains, ”Our inspiration comes from anything that catches our attention.” On Halloween, Sketchy Business released their first studio album, Cellar Door. “I love being able to make the excuse that I’m going to the recording studio,” Tolerico told me when I asked about his favorite part of making an album.

Cellar Door tells a story of a man named Jack who has lost all sanity. Tolerico says his favorite song from it is Hot and Bothered because he ”loves the upbeat feel to it plus [he] can picture it being a radio hit.” Currently the album’s availability is limited to family and friends of the band members as they ponder going into larger digital markets such as iTunes. If you are interested, you can listen to the album for free at Bandcamp.

Domnick Tolerico tells us he plans to, “just keep playing as much music as I can, mastering my craft, and reaching a spiritual connection with music and all of my surroundings.” We can certainly expect to be seeing him release more music in the near future.

Lady Chiefs Make Their Mark

11/19/14 - Madison Harding

The Lakeland Lady Chiefs Soccer team had an overwhelmingly exciting season this year! After the early end to last year’s season, everyone on the team, new members as well as returning players, knew that they had to strive to make it further in the playoffs. During the regular season games they had an outstanding record of 7 wins, and 1 loss to Mountain View. They also locked down the Lackawanna League Division III soccer title, although achieving this impressive record and title was not an easy task at all. A lot of hard work and tremendous effort at practice and during games was put forth to contribute to their success.

As some people may know, the Lady Chiefs are under a new coaching staff this season; head coach Paul Sotak and assistant Mrs. Davis. Senior Cassidy Jenkins said “I was hesitant going into my senior season with new coaches, naturally, but definitely was not doubting their ability to improve our team. They proved to everyone that they have the coaching ethics and capability to put the Lady Chiefs back on the map!” The fact that the girls made it to the District Championship game shows that the new coaches are pushing the team in the right direction.

Although the girls lost the district championship game to Mountain View, and ended their full season with a record of 9 wins and 2 losses, they were very successful and showed that they are contenders for the years to come. Jenkins also said “My senior season went better than expected. We had ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade this team for anything. I can’t wait to hear about all of the victories next year!” Overall the Lady Chiefs’ season was something to brag about and next year’s season is highly anticipated so watch out Mountain View!! GO CHIEFS!!!

Red Jersey Curse - Broken!

11/11/14 - McKensie Shiner

Friday, October 3rd, wasn’t just another Friday night of football; it was Lakeland High School’s annual homecoming game. The Lakeland Chiefs took on the Montrose Meteors. There was a twist though: our boys were wearing, not their usual white or blue jerseys, but red ones. Ever since our school purchased the red jerseys, the team lost every time they were worn onto the field. Many people walked into the game and, seeing the boys warming up in the red jerseys, had all of their hopes crushed. To everyone’s surprise, at this year’s homecoming game, the curse was broken! After four dominating quarters, the Lakeland Chiefs left with an outstanding score of 48-0, as well as the satisfaction of breaking the curse.

After roughhousing for what seemed like an eternity, The Chiefs scored a touchdown just before the first quarter ended, still with no score from Montrose. The fans were growing hopeful. Early in the 2nd quarter, the Chiefs scored another touchdown. With sophomore Jake Gross in as quarterback, The Chief’s score continued to rise. Catches and runs by seniors Mike Didato, Josh Natale, junior Garth Estadt and a touchdown from freshman, Cyril Babcanec, had the tables turned. With four touchdowns including every PAT in the second quarter, third quarter started with the Chiefs leading 42-0. They put up a fight in the 3rd and 4th quarters, scoring yet another touchdown, and holding off the Montrose defense. The 4th quarter finally ended. There was not a more relieved person than any Lakeland student that night. The Lakeland Chiefs beat the Montrose Meteors with a final score of 48-0.

Fall Fest

11/11/14 - Tyler Burns

The word “family” often arises in the lexicon of both students and faculty within the Lakeland School District. There is a definite connection between all of us here, and we have a district full of people that are willing to help out and go the extra mile whenever it is needed. However, a lot of the examples are not always visible or evident. Designated a fundraiser, the Lakeland Student Council recently hosted Fallfest, an event that was much more than that. Fall Fest aimed at bringing together the community, both young and old.

Fall Fest was an event that had been discussed for a long time; the initial concept dates back to the 2012-2013 school year. However, the ball didn’t really get rolling until Alexis Bertholf, current Student Council President, recently took office. Under her leadership, the event was put together in a matter of months, and showed what the Student Council was truly capable of.

Fall Fest consisted of a variety of fall themed events and attractions. First and foremost, there was a 5K run/walk in the early morning, with the festival running concurrently. Tyler Paulino won the men’s race in 19:39 while Misty Duchnik won the female’s equivalent in 25:17.

The festival itself consisted of activities such as arts and crafts, various games, apple bobbing, and attractions like a bounce house and even a dunk tank. Additionally, there was also a fantastic and diverse food stand, music playing during the entire event, and a Walking Dead trivia contest.

Lakeland Cross Country A Family Affair

11/11/14 - Joe Wanat

For Lakeland Cross Country, the 2013 and 2014 seasons were two of its best. This success would not be possible without the influx of newcomers that decide to step up and take on the sport each year. Many of these newcomers, oddly enough, foster what has become somewhat of a family tradition within the team. The 2014 XC team has 6 families: The Arzies, Keens, Morgans, Nowaks, Osburns, and Wanats.

The Arzie boys form what can be called the backbone of the boys varsity team. Mark (12th grade) and Mike (11th) have earned the 2nd and 3rd spots, respectively, every race this year.

The Keens, Shane (9th) and Emily (7th), or Duff and Duffina McCrackin as they are called by their teammates, have both contributed significantly to their respective teams.

During meets, competitors can have a hard time telling the Morgans apart. Nathan, a senior, has continually paved the way for the varsity boys team throughout the year. Caleb, a junior and the middle Morgan, has been battling a bad hip for year and has been trying his best to make it back on the course as soon as possible. Samuel Morgan, a freshman, has been leading the junior high boys team to a great season by placing highly in every race this season.

Although some find it hard to tell the Morgans apart, the Nowaks present an even greater challenge. Identical twins, Jonathan and Michael, both in seventh grade, have provided the depth the junior high boys needed to have such a successful season. While twin brothers playing the same sport may be strange enough, both twins play the trumpet in the school’s band as well.

The Osburns, Liam and Lucas (both in 8th grade), provided a great start for the junior high boys each race earlier this year. However, Liam suffered from a bone contusion and is out for the remainder of the season. Lucas, though, continues to claim the second spot on the team every race.

The Wanats, Joseph (11th grade) and Sara (8th) have helped their respective teams as well. Sara, however, was lost for the season after a reoccurring problem with her hip.

Together, these team members. help to give the team a family dynamic and make Lakeland’s Cross Country Team much more than simply a group of students who like to run. They are brothers and sisters, out there to bring home the gold.

Revenge for Montrose

11/7/14 - Wes Strong

After a stalemate game against Dunmore, Lakeland Varsity Boys, with a 9-0-2 record, went on to face Montrose (10-1-0), when they matched up on Saturday at the Scranton Memorial Stadium for the Division Championship game. Lakeland stood as Montrose’s only loss (2-0), and, as Lakeland walked off of the field at the end of the match, it would remain that way.

18 minutes into the first half, Mike Besten assisted Mike Tomcykoski with a shot that deflected off of a Montrose defender into the net. Lakeland led the game for a time, playing like the winners of the match until Kyle Watkins of Montrose netted a header that came from a corner kick given by Nick Henry at the 29th minute. This put the game at a 1-1 draw with 11 minutes to go until halftime.

Second half started slow for Lakeland and strong for Montrose. After the Lakeland Goalkeeper, Terrance Arendt, unintentionally carried the ball outside of the box for a punt, a free kick from the 18 yard line was awarded to Montrose. The ball was passed back by Montrose player Giovanni Amato to the 30 yard line, giving teammate Troy Ely a first time shot, making a goal at the 66th minute.

With Montrose starting to control the second half, Lakeland received few chances for goal scoring opportunities.

A penalty kick was given to Montrose at the 79th minute, but Terrance Arendt kept his composure and stopped the kick.

Though Lakeland had beaten Montrose once, earlier in the season, Lakeland failed to perform on this occasion. The game ended at 1-2, with Montrose taking home the Division III Title.

Lakeland Student Council: PASC State Conference

11/4/14 - Joseph Wanat

Several members of the Lakeland Student Council were recently chosen to serve as delegates for the Pennsylvania Association of Student Council’s State Conference at Altoona Area High School. Student council president Alexis Bertholf and secretary Katie Retzbach along with delegates Collin Cooper, Brooke Estadt, Stephen Liuzzo, Ty Nichols, and Joseph Wanat represented the Lakeland organization at the Conference, and attended with their advisor Mr. Derek Shayka.

The student ambassadors spent November 6th, 7th, and 8th in Altoona learning about leadership and ways to improve our school by attending workshops led by other students, three speeches given by motivational speakers, and by collaborating with other delegates. “I really enjoyed getting to hear all the awesome speakers and their messages,” said Bertholf, who attended the PASC Gold and Advanced Gold workshops the previous two summers. “I also was glad I got to see so many of my friends I met at camp again,” she explained.

Junior representative Joseph Wanat even had the opportunity to present one of the several workshops presented during the second day of the event. He presented a workshop on the topic of advertising effectively while successfully incorporating the Dr. Seuss theme of the conference into his presentation.

Now that the student ambassadors are back at Lakeland, they look to share their ideas with the student council body and administrators that may benefit the school as a whole. "It's a nice opportunity [for the delegates] to network and collaborate with other like-minded students from across the state," says Mr. Shayka,"It gives them an opportunity to expand their leadership skills through the presentation of workshops and to help show other schools to know what we do at Lakeland."