Cross Country-Meet at Mountain View

Thomas Cadwalader | October 24, 2016

The meet at mountain view was a special one. (more…)

The First Pow Wow!

Paige Parchinski | October 24, 2016

  Pow Wows;  Nobody does them better! (more…)

Scholastic Team at Tri-State Tussle II

Michael Goerlitz | October 20, 2016

Lakeland’s scholastic team competed at its first tournament this year. On October 15, the team, led by Mrs. Marino, went down to Delaware Valley High School to compete at the Tri-State Tussle II. (more…)

New Teacher: Mr. Tellip

Reece Wormuth | October 20, 2016

Teaching with Tellip.


Mr. Leschak has a Mrs.!

Adrianna Vilgos | October 20, 2016

You know what rhymes with Geometry? The question, “Will you marry me?”- and that’s exactly what Mr. Leschak asked his new wife. On September 30th, one of Lakeland’s math teachers stepped up to the altar completely nerve free, said his “I do,” and became a wedded man! It took a lot of planning, but Mr. Leschak did not feel stress. He claims to only have that common wedding planning emotion when his fiancé was stressed. Though he planned the ceremony, like most grooms, he didn’t get to see the bride’s dress until the big day (but he did see the shoes!). He helped pick out the cake, which is one of the most important assets of the reception! “The cake was mostly vanilla and chocolate layered together, so you get both with each slice.  However, the top of it was banana.  It was decorated to look like a white birch tree, which is weird because white birch trees don’t taste like bananas,” Leschak tells an inside source. He recalls the entire experience feeling very natural to him and looked forward to the food. However, now that the food is gone and the wedding is over, the next big part of his relationship with his bride is “making houses and building babies.” Best of wishes to the both of them and be sure to congratulate the newlywed if you haven’t gotten a chance to already!

School-Privileged Events

Alyssa Meta | October 20, 2016

No Major? No problem! (more…)

Jermyn Day

Alyssa Meta | October 20, 2016

Even the tiny town of Jermyn can have fun!! (more…)

Lady Chiefs vs Montrose Meteors

Maria Good | October 18, 2016

When most people think of Lakeland’s biggest rival Valley View immediately comes to mind. (more…)

Lady Chiefs vs. Western Wayne

Maria Good | October 18, 2016

Western Wayne was a tough, physical team, and they were not accepting defeat without a fight. (more…)

Lady Chiefs vs. Holy Cross

Maria Good | October 18, 2016

The Lady Chiefs without a doubt dominated most of the game, controlling Holy Cross’s defensive end


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